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What about VW TDI engine?



  • lucien2lucien2 Posts: 2,984
    yup, it is available in both the GL and GLS. Have no idea about availability, though.
  • drkdrk Posts: 2
    TDI Turbo Longevity -
    I presently drive a 1996 Audi A4 Quattro (2.8 V6), and am planning a move back to VW, as much as I enjoy the performance of my A4.
    I've leased a 1995, then a 1997 Jetta, and pounded on them both relentlessly with no trouble. Now I want a diesel.
    Is anyone using Turbo Timers (made by HKS for Toyota Twin Turbo Supras, Toyota MR2 turbos and other similar vehicles) in their VW TDI motors to ensure that oil flow is not interrupted to hot turbo bearings after running the engine a bit, then shutting it down?
  • loungerlounger Posts: 32
    drk, I wouldn't worry about the longevity of the turbo. My father owns an 85 Audi 5000 turbo with nearly 200k miles. Modern turbos are designed to last the lifetime of the engine. If you have any worries, just use synthetic oil. If you are still curious about Turbo Timers, try asking in the news group. There are quite a few diesel aficionados there.
  • JDMJDM Posts: 2
    I'm looking for information on the performance of the VW 1.9 TDI engine. I'm very interested in purchasing a Jetta diesel, but I live in Michigan and was told that diesels perform poorly in the Winter. The person I spoke with said that diesel fuels thickens up in the cold weather and causes poor or non-starting conditions. I'm also told that the #2 diesel fuel sold in the states is inferior to the grades sold in Europe and this also causes problems. I'mm looking to purchase within 2 weeks and now the wife is getting cold feet on the diesel. I would appreciate any help on this. Thanks. JDM
  • govugovu Posts: 62
    Take a look at the rest of the posts on this list. There are also some links to some other places. Every TDI owner I've met -loves- his or her car, it seems. All of the raving has gotten me over my doubts.

    By the way, have you been able to find a TDI that you can get in two weeks? That seems to be the biggest problem with them. I've been on top of the NB waiting list since February, and my dealer hasn't gotten any TDIs in during that time.
  • JDMJDM Posts: 2

    I've not actually seen a NB TDI in my area. Only Golfs and Jettas. I spoke with the dealer in Michigan and he said that TDI's are hard to come by. All dealers compete for vehicle allocations. No factory orders like domestic car companies. You just need to find a dealer in your proximity that has clout VW NA.

    Has anyone who has owned a TDI had to use fuel additives, like Stanadyne products. Does VW recommend any or do they have their own?
  • odyceeodycee Posts: 33
    A friend at work just bought a Jetta TDI last week at Bob Lewis San Jose. He said there is plenty of TDI at this dealer. The dealer sold 30 cars on the same day he bought his car. This is a high volume dealership and you won't be ripped off as much. He bought his car for $19.6K + taxes+license, about $1200 over invoice.

    I'd not buy car outside of state because when you register you'll have to pay penalty + taxes unless you lied that you just bought it used last week. I got away with it because my dad live in that state and I register it there and drove 7000 miles quickly in order for CA consider it a used car. You can do it but a bit more messy. Good luck.
  • zmanzman Posts: 200
    Hey, all of you New Beetle TDI owners. I just put down a deposit on a '99 NB TDI that my dealer says is coming in three weeks. My question is whether this engine is more or less environmentally friendly than its conventional gas-powered counterparts. I know it gets better gas mileage, but does this engine spew out pollutants at a higher rate? I've tried to find info on the internet, but I can't seem to find anything.
  • loungerlounger Posts: 32
    zman, check out Fred's TDI page.
    It's loaded with info and links.
  • mghurlemghurle Posts: 9
    I've got a quote for a Golf GL TDI for $303 over invoice from a dealer in Georgia. Does anyone out there have any experience on the price factor? Is this as good of a deal as it sounds, or has anyone else gotten better? I live in St. Louis, and the dealers here won't come lower than $700 over invoice; I wonder about the rest of the U.S. (p.s. getting to another city to pickup the car is no problem, I work for an airline; so no extra cost in the trip!)
  • loungerlounger Posts: 32
    Have any of you checked out the vw newsgroup,
    There are some die-hard diesel fans there. I like the idea of a diesel, but with gas as cheap as it is, I don't think it will fly here. The newsgroup members are often writing about how happy they will be when gas prices shoot up.
  • zmanzman Posts: 200
    Thanks lounger. Fred's TDI page was great, and I feel even better about the purchase because of the relatively good emissions figures. Now if I can figure out where I can buy "bio-diesel" fuel. Fred's says it is available in "limited geographical areas." Anyone out there have experience with this stuff?

  • loungerlounger Posts: 32
    Your welcome, zman. But I think you should really thank Fred. The only thing that comes to my mind about bio-diesel, is that I remember something about the use of rapeseed oil, which I think is the same as canola oil, as a fuel in Europe. I doubt that it is available stateside.

    Try doing a search at or try asking the vw newsgroup that I mentioned above. There are probably diesel newsgroups as well. I am new to newsgroups. If you are new as well, I recommend you observe their etiquette if you don't want to be flamed. The best way to learn is by observing. If all else fails, ask Fred.
  • jagat1jagat1 Posts: 31
    Hi.I'm new to this thread and interested in a Golf TDI automatic.My understanding is autos start to trickle unto dealers.

    Any TDI auto owners out there,Southern California(LA) in particular? What are your "real world" experiences/
    driveability? Your buying experience/s i.e. invoice>>retail?
    Appreciate your inputs greatly!! 8-)
  • alextalext Posts: 63
    I'm waiting on a Golf IV TDI manual here in Van Nuys. I called VW of Van Nuys and they said they wouldn't be available until this fall.
  • BwummerBwummer Posts: 46
    I was changing jobs and got away from the boards for a while. Let me catch up.

    Post #23 -- No kidding?! I'm not really a Financial Analyst, that's only my job title. :) My point is simply that you're better off saving money (by any available means) and paying cash -- or at least a big down payment -- than buying less car than you really WANT.

    For the rest -- see my earlier posts. It's got the same starting and heating capabilities as either of my gas burners. And I'll reiterate. It's a DIESEL, dummy. It has very different torque (spoken: "Acceleration") characteristics than a gas engine.

    Say you're cruising at 45 behind some fuddy-duddy in his Buick, and the speed limit is 55. How would you pass him? In my V8 (gas) Mustang, I'd drop into second gear, rev to about 4000 rpm, and smoke him. Try this in a diesel and you will find yourself in the shop with a dead engine. Instead, shift into 4th gear, get your rpm to about 1800, and floor it. You'll take off. Maybe not quite as fast as a Mustang, but hardly sluggish. Still, the average driver's instinct is to rev higher for more acceleration, which is the opposite of what a diesel IS DESIGNED to do. IMNSHO (that's not-so-humble opinion), anyone who complains about the TDI should go buy himself a Viper or learn how to drive a diesel. There's no middle ground.

    I drive a fairly high performance car, and a diesel. I'm sure not a professional, but I don't call either of them sluggish. But I don't drive them the same way, either. And, if you shift properly, your TDI won't run out of juice until about 90mph. Do you need to go any faster?
  • ejsejs Posts: 36
    >And, if you shift
    >properly, your TDI won't run out of juice until
    >about 90mph. Do you need to go any faster?

    VW must think so, or they wouldn't have built a spoiler that automatically deploys at 93 mph. :)
  • BwummerBwummer Posts: 46
    Point taken! But that's on the Turbo Gas Model, not the TDI. Besides, it's probably a safety issue (lift from aerodynamic effects).

    HOWEVER -- if I really want to drive that fast, the Beetle (with or without TDI) wouldn't be my choice of a vehicle. Ferrari 550 Modena (top speed about 190) would fit the bill nicely. And it only costs about 20x what an NB does!
  • turkeybirdturkeybird Posts: 3
    Thanks for the great postings. Has anyone had experience with a TDI/automatic transmission combination? How does the TDI fair when passing other cars, etc., when it's combined with the auto. trans.?

  • turkeybirdturkeybird Posts: 3
    ...One more question: how different is the price of diesel #2 and unleaded gasoline?

    Thanks again.
  • turkeybirdturkeybird Posts: 3
    My apologies for cluttering up this group... I just found out that VW is not yet producing the TDI/Auto. trans. combination for the NB. Has anyone heard what their intention is regarding this combination?

    Best wishes.
  • mghurlemghurle Posts: 9
    The difference on diesel 1 and 2 is in the additives the refineries put into the fuel for the winter months. Unfortunately, I can't remember which is sold in winter, and which one is available year-round. Here in St. Louis, unleaded is 89 cents per gallon, and diesel is selling for 92 cents. Not too much of a cost concern here.
  • corvettecorvette United StatesPosts: 5,716
    Check out for comments on the TDI/automatic. The people there seem to like it.
  • alextalext Posts: 63
    The difference between comparablt equipped gas models and diesel is about $1000. But you more than make up for it in feul economy.
  • hjwiihjwii Posts: 1
    How about the noise factor? Diesels of the past always seemed loud and obnoxious....
  • BwummerBwummer Posts: 46
    Here goes:
    1) Passing power: see my earlier posts. If you get the RPMs right (1700 or so), it's got plenty of oomph for passing.

    2) Gas prices: here in CT, diesel runs anywhere from a nickle more OR less than a gallon of unleaded regular, depending on where you fill up. But I think I'm moving to St. Louis. Gas prices up here are about $1.25 a gallon, $0.54 of which is CT State Tax. (I don't know what they do with that money -- it sure isn't road repairs!)

    3) Fuel economy: we got about 42-43 MPG in the winter. Now that warm weather's here, we're seeing high forties/low fifties. At this rate, it will take us less than a year to pay for the price difference on the TDI.

    4) Noise: this is a sweet engine! It sounds like a diesel, but it's only a little louder than the gas engine -- however, it's a LOWER note than you're probably used to, so you'll notice it more at first. It's also a little smellier (but NE emissions legal). BUT it's neither intrusive nor obnoxious. In fact, it sounds A LOT like an OLD Beetle engine! To me, that's a selling point.

    Keep the questions coming, folks! I got all the answers (I wish!!!).
  • mjb56mjb56 Posts: 170
    I agree with "bwummer", a lot of the charm of this car is in the sound. But the pickup is great and the mileage is superb. I've averaged around 43 in mostly city driving. The bottom line is it's just plain old fun. My wife is a little reluctant about the smell/smoke when it's cold but the rest of the advantages override these concerns. We have a lot of NB's in our city. (About 40 in a city of 50,000) They're not real special here but only 2 of them are TDI's (mine being one of them). To me, if you're going to have an NB, you've got to have a TDI.
  • rickroverrickrover Posts: 602
    I had my 99 GLS New Beetle (gas) in for it's 5k service the other day and my dealer had a TDI automatic Golf in stock, it was a two door GL. They had a couple of manual TDI 99 Jettas too. A sales person said the auto is not available in the TDI New Beetle yet. I'm going back to test drive that Golf, I would think an automatic TDI would be a good combo since the engine has such great low end torque. The sales guy said it was a sweet car to drive. I'm not interested in buying the Golf, just curious how it drives. I wanted a TDI Beetle but didn't want to wait for one so ended up with a gas NB -- at least I can sell my 99 NB and not get pounded on depreciation if I decide to get a TDI.
  • DovDov Posts: 24
    mjb56 wrote:

    "My wife is a little reluctant about
    the smell/smoke when it's cold but the rest of the
    advantages override these concerns."

    I thought that the new TDI's have virtually no smell or black smoke? I would be interested in hearing from TDI owners on this point.
  • BwummerBwummer Posts: 46
    I can't speak for mjb56, but my "Lady Bug" doesn't smoke (visibly, at least). It does, however, accumulate a gray "film" on the underside of the plastic cover on the rear bumper.

    As for smell, well, ALL cars smell. The diesel is just a little more noticable. It seems to linger in the air when its cold for some reason. For the record, my '98 Explorer (gas) is stinkier, but the smell goes away more quickly.

    It's certainly not a real problem, unless you're extremely sensitive to diesel exhaust. But banish the thought of your beetle belching stinky black smoke like the 18 wheeler next to you. It never has and never will.

    Consumer Reports and Motor Trend both claim that the TDI is cleaner than a gas engine with the same emissions controls, and I believe it.
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