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Hyundai Accent Hatchbacks



  • muffin_manmuffin_man Posts: 865
    I was very impressed. I've done a lot of research on the Accent, which I originally did out of boredom. But as I read more about it, I sort of became attached to it, so now that I'm back in the USA, and car shopping I had to go test drive.

    (the truth is, what originally got me interested was hearing about people buying Accent L's for $6995 and such)

    Anyway, the throws were long, the seats were comfortable, the acceleration was about as good as my automatic 91 Accord LX (two cars ago, a car which I really liked), I liked the interior, two friends fit in the back seat with no problem during the test drive, the salesman was very pleasant, the ergonomics were great, overall I was very pleased. Later in the day when I was testing a Celica GT (Auto, because they had no manuals), I found the Accent to have more get up and go.

    All that said, I would definitely recommend the Accent to a friend, and the main reason that I'm not getting one is because I just don't know if I feel safe in such a small car. (the car I really want is the MR-S, which is about the same size/weight, but it's worth a greater risk of bodily harm to drive a sports car)

    I want the Accent, at the prices they are going for now, it's a steal, and I am sold. That said, I'm probably going to buy the Civic Si because they are dealing on 2002's now like nobody's business (and I loved driving it).

    The only reason I'm not getting the MR-S is because of the storage space. I just don't think I can make it with that as my only car.
  • mpynempyne Posts: 120
    are these prices real!!!!!

    i tried to look for accents on the internet but dealerships here dont have prices or cars listed on their website. carsdirecr price is around 9k.

    please let me know if this price is for real..

  • muffin_manmuffin_man Posts: 865
    I've seen them advertised for $6995, and people on this forum have gotten them for it. I am sure that if you went to a Hyundai dealer right now you could probably get that price, especially because they are clearing out the 2002's.
  • perry40perry40 Posts: 94
    Wow ... $6995 US = $10,886 Cdn ... they're going for over 15,000 Cdn here!!! You Americans are getting a sweet deal!!!
  • pulgopulgo Posts: 400
    Here in British Columbia they are selling for $ 12975 Cdn. Bargaining should bring the price down a bit.
  • 5spd5spd Posts: 38
    The $12975 canadian one comes with what kind of equipment, auto tranny ? a/c ? I heard that they don't offer the 10 year power train warranty in Canada, isn't that the case ?
  • pulgopulgo Posts: 400
    The price mentioned is for a basic 5 speed Accent, no A/C. Price includes PDI and delivery.
    Not bad, eh? (it's about US$ 8370, a little less if you are a good negotiator).
  • I bought an Accent (stripped L-- ie, manual, no AC) in northern California for $6360 2 months ago. See my earlier post for bargaining, pricing etc. I'm seeing advertised prices of $6875 recently for the same vehicle. I'd agree with the earlier poster that as the '03s arrive, '02 pricing should become even more competitive.

    Mine currently has about 5K miles on it, as well as added cruise and AC. I've been very pleasantly surprised with the car's performance and features. Love that lumbar support on the driver's seat! Getting about 38mpg on the freeway. The acceleration is great-- better than the Camry I drive for work-- and not sure what the top speed is, but I know it's over 110 mph. It's much too early to say, but it certainly seems like a good value in a small car to me. Two thumbs up from this reviewer/driver.
  • muffin_manmuffin_man Posts: 865
    I saw one advertised today for $6488. Man are these amazing deals. I really wish I could justify buying one. Darn!
  • perry40perry40 Posts: 94
    The price I quoted earlier of $15,000+ Cdn. is for a 2-Door GS with Auto, AM/FM/CD and is in St. John's, Newfoundland ... I'm sure the 5-spd is a tad cheaper, but still nowhere as cheap as $10,668 (equiv. $6800 US) or the $12,000 Cdn. price quoted from British Columbia ... we're getting ripped here ...
  • lngtonge18lngtonge18 Posts: 2,228
    My friend reported to me that the horn quit working on my 00 Accent. If anyone remembers, I had that problem before and rectified it by replacing the horn relay, but I find it hard to believe the new relay failed so soon. Has no one else encountered this? I'm beginning to think there is a contact issue with the airbag hub. By the way, the car now has about 26,700 miles on it.

    On another note, I bought an 03 Suzuki Aerio SX last Sunday. So far, 400 miles and I'm loving it! 145 horses was a big change over the 92 horses on the Accent. I can't get over how much power I have now. I also finally have all the power goodies I've been dying to have.
  • mpynempyne Posts: 120
    ive been doing searches on google for hyundai dealers and but none of them have new inventory listed???

    also can anyone give me a link if they are advertising the 6488 prices on the internet. i thought i could print this out and take it to my local dealer and see if they can match it.

    thank you
  • I don't know if Hyundai trades on the NYSE...The only entry I found was the one in the title. Its for Hyundai Motor Company Ltd. It looks like its an OTC stock. But I'm financially-challanged anyway!
  • Hey, I took my 2002 Accent in because the front passenger seatbelt kept locking on every minor bump. It then wouldn't unlock & extend back out. You had to take it off & let it wind back in. Anyway, the dealership said every Hyundai is like that... whatever. Has anyone else experienced this?
  • lngtonge18lngtonge18 Posts: 2,228
    The dealer wasn't lying. All front passenger seatbelts do this on all newer cars. If you lean forward at all and then sit back, the seatbelt thinks you are trying to install a baby seat and locks tightly in place. You can tell when you initiate this setting because you will hear loud clicking as it tightens down into a locked position. The only way to turn it off of this setting is to let the seatbelt fully retract. However, the belt shouldn't do this if you are just sitting in one position and not moving. But, if you are moving forward at all (such as leaning forward to get something out of the glovebox), then it's working properly. It is a very annoying feature (though useful for those who actually have young kids). Certain body sizes will make the belt more sensitive than others. My friend would get so mad at it because it would lock on him all the time, whereas it rarely locked on me (he is much larger then I am). Try to pay closer attention to when it is locking. If you are not moving and it locks simply from hitting a small bump, then it is too sensitive and the dealer should replace it. Otherwise, you will just have to learn to live with the annoyance. Anyway, you aren't alone in noticing it.
  • I currently have a Elantra GT, and was considering buying an Accent for a commuter. Someday I want to put better wheels on the GT. I was wondering if the GT's wheels would fit on the Accent. Anyone have the info? The GT wheels (tire size) 195 65 15.... I think the bolt pattern is 4X4.25.

    Any idea on what I could get a 2dr GS with A/C for? (new,5sp)
  • lngtonge18lngtonge18 Posts: 2,228
    The GT wheels will fit on the Accent, but in order to keep the speedometer accurate, you would need to use 195/50R15 tires.
  • My son's 2002 Accent Sedan (automatic trans), purchased from a dealership in Ohio, has caused him nothing but grief since he bought it in June. The transmission was downshifting hard on the freeway, the dealership said it was a software problem. They fixed something, and it started to do it again within 2 days. This time, the dealer said the transmission was shot, and they would replace the transmission. The first one they ordered was "the wrong size." After nearly a month, they are still waiting for the second transmission to come into the Parts department. The dealership won't even return their calls at this point, they only leave messages saying that they are waiting for parts. Guess this is how they can offer 10-year warranties ... just wait out the customer with poor service, and they'll trade the car in for something that actually runs!
  • lngtonge18lngtonge18 Posts: 2,228
    That kind of experience is not indicative of Hyundai. Read this forum and you won't see any complaints of transmission failure. The car got a bad happens. The dealer ordering the wrong part is a little ridiculous, but it can happen. He probably ordered the automatic for the 1.5 liter engine by accident, thus the wrong size for the larger 1.6 liter. The trannys do have to come from Korea so sometimes parts can take awhile to get here. You have a right to be disappointed and upset though. I would think that Hyundai is paying for your son to have a rental right? In most states, the lemon law allows a car to stay in the shop a max of 30 days straight, so keep that in mind. You might be able to use the lemon law and get a new car if they don't fix it soon. Sorry you had a bad experience, but please don't think Hyundai has this problem with everyone because they don't.
  • Hyundai announced on 9/9/2002 that is had misreported some of its horsepower ratings. As a goodwill gesture they will be extending the warranties of the affected vehicles. To find out if your Accent is affected, go to: and type in your VIN number.
  • inuvikinuvik OregonPosts: 134
    Has anyone tried to use Hyundai Parts On-Line?

    I have and it has been a frustrating experience. The frustration revolves around the local dealers and not Hyundai itself. I have repeatedly tried to order using this method and have tried a couple of local dealers and neither have been able to figure it out.

    Hyundai corporate has been great. I sent them a email describing my problems and frustration and I received a personal phone call. In fact Hyundai sent the parts I ordered for free to me.

    I was just curious whether or not anyone has had any luck ordering parts this way.

  • $6400 is a great price for a car. And you get so much for the money. I went to a dealer on Long Island who wanted $8400 for an L. They lure you into the dealership with ads listing L's for $5999 and then they tack on $2400 in MV fees. How they can get away with those false ads is amazing!

    Anyway, I was throughly impressed with the L at that dealer but I was turned off by the crooked dealing and left. Later that weekend, I saw another ad for the Accent GL ,5speed, AC. It was listed for $5999 at another dealer , so I decided to investigate. I was hoping that I'd get the car for $5999 , but it was more. I got the Accent GL with 5 speed and A/c for $8300 plus tax. The dealer gave me free lifetime oil changes for life and a tire and wheel damage guarantee. A great little car and free oil for the life of the car for $8300 ! Amazing!
    Word of caution : Don't over pay for your accent
    GL . Dealers don't sell cars at a loss. The dealer sold me the car(brand new) and free oil for life. Do you think he bought the car at $8300?
    I don't think so! When your haggeling with the dealer about paying $10500 for the Accent GL, just remember me. The best time of year to get this price Is at year end ,right before the new models come in. The dealers are desperate to move inventory, especially if they got lots of cars. Bought my car in AUG. 2001 . The dealer was moving cars to make room. Right about now( Sept.) is the best time to buy. Your color selection will be limited though. I had to choose between
    white and gray. Choose white. I'd like to have red or tan, but for $8300 you can't be too picky. I'm so glad I picked white. The accent in white is much better looking. The other colors look kind of cheap. White is real distinctive!
  • Drove 10000 miles so far with my Accent GL. Everything is running great. The AC/heat is unbelievable. In a couple of seconds the car is cooled by the AC. Even on the hottest days with the windows shut! The heat comes up real quick.
    The radio / speaker system is top rate. Nice crisp sounds.
    My only complaint with the accent is the suspension in the rear. It doesn't have the lift that a bigger car has. You can feel the bumps in the rear. But Hey, its a small car.
    Great mileage ( 30 +) and great warranty and great performance equals good value.
  • Hi ... just thought I'd inject $0.02 on the subject of Hyundai & Automatic Transmissions ... Had a 94 Excel that went thru 3 of them under it's powertrain warranty ... apparently Hyundai had a (fair) bit of trouble with it's Auto-boxes back in the early 90's ... wife drives a 99 Accent with 41,000 kms on it and has had no trouble with the Automatic Transmission (so far) ... I drive an '01 Accent with 20,000 kms on it and had to have corrosion cleaned off of the contacts on the Auto-tranny's Pulse Generator to prevent it from "locking" in 3rd gear (fail-safe mode) ... otherwise no problems. Sounds like you just got a lemon tranny, can happen to any make or model ... best of luck to you!
  • What are the free parts?
  • My father bought a 2000 Accent in late '99 and has not had a problem with it. In fact, he loves the car! I have found the power to be adequate, though defiantely no very high. Suspension seems a little tight, but It's a tiny car. No real tranny problems to date, in fact, only problem was a shattered air deflector from running over a shredded tire. My biggest complaint is the loud engine... It sounds like a diesel.
  • mpgmanmpgman Posts: 723
    There are dealers that will sucker you with ridiculously low prices. You go there and find out it includes college rebates, loyalty points, and the need to take outrageously high financing. I went to Lester Glenn in Toms River, NJ. This is one such dealer with the low price come ons. I'm in the showroom and I see a newspaper clipping about the first Lester Glenn customer to reach 2,000 platinum loyalty points. Guess what? All of their ad prices factored in the 2,000 point discount. Some deal. I think there are state laws on the books about deceptive advertising like this. After all, if they ask 10 grand for a car and you have a trade in worth 10 grand you get the car for nothing plus tax. Why not advertise that?
  • Not to change the topic, but has anyone heard when the new 2003 Accents will be coming out. We wanted a 2002, but even as far back as June, there wasn't one configured the way we wanted it and the dealer said we'd have to wait for the 2003's.

    Also, does anyone know if it's even an option to order a car through Hyundai like can be done with many other makes? Or is it simply "buy what the dealer is alloted?"
  • I agree with you mpgman. Its terrible that car dealers are doing that with the prices. Looking at the papers , it seems all the car dealers are doing the same thing. How they get away with that without breaking laws is amazing. I can't think of any other business that plays games with the prices. There should be a law that says the advertised price is the price you pay. Its not right that the dealers are luring people in with those prices. You can't compare prices between the dealers. Nothing will change however. Business has politicians hooked on their contributions so nothing will be done about it. The rich pay most of the taxes in this country and they get away with most any thing.
  • I'm afraid I don't know the direct answer to either of your questions. However, with respect to whether you have to settle for your dealer's inventory, you may not have to order from the factory to get the exact car you want. The dealer I bought my 2002 GS from last October was extremely helpful in calling other dealers to look for a car that matched my specifications. They found the exact car down in Rhode Island, and the salesman drove it up to the local dealership himself so I could have it on one day's notice. (Which is why my brand-new car had 92 miles on it when I took possession...)
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