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2011 Hyundai Sonata



  • I just bought the Sonata 2011 SE and it is great and the warranty cannot be touched.I have owned Nissan Altimas since 1999 with the latest being a 2003 both new.Very little maintenance on them but I switched to a Hyundai because of the nice body design on the 2011 SE and the included features-heated outside mirrors, standard, six air bags, highest crash test ratings, 199 horsepower and highest mileage for a 4 cylinder non hybrid motor, etc, etc-I recommend it highly.
  • j2jj2j Posts: 147
    edited March 2010
    Usually, it's a good idea to wait out the 1st model year or at least wait 6 months into production of a new gen/model.

    Considering that the Sonata has been available in Korea for some time, it seems to be a safer bet than if Hyundai had released the Sonata to all of its markets at the same time.
  • syitalian25syitalian25 Posts: 303
    edited March 2010
    It's true that only a few fringe manufacturers still limit the powertrain warranty to 36000 like Bentley and Lotus, but most mainsteam competitors only offer a 3yr/36000 mile warranty and 5yr/50000 mile powertrain. These include Honda, Nissan, Toyota, Volkswagen, and Ford. Even Mercedes maxes out at 5yr/50000 - which I think is crazy.

    If their products break down so much less than the supposedly crap quality Hyundai's, why wouldn't they offer a better warranty? Wouldn't it end up costing them less in the end with fewer repairs necessary? Very few other manufacturers offer anything much better.

    Chevy/Dodge/Chrysler/Jeep have 3/36K bumper to bumper and unlimited powertrain. Maybe this is their apology for the Cobalt, Aveo, Avenger, Sebring, and every other horrible car they have made under $25K. Even with those brands, the bumper to bumper warranty on a Hyundai or Kia is 40% longer, and you get unlimited roadside assistance for 5 years, on top of usually paying less to begin with. - - rranty
  • prigglypriggly Posts: 642
    Does the Infinity upgraded audio system sound much better than the Dimension system?

  • m6userm6user Posts: 3,174
    edited March 2010
    only a few fringe manufacturers still limit the powertrain warranty to 36000 like Bentley and Lotus

    Yeah, that's what I thought. I don't think too many people cross shop Bentley and Lotus versus Hyundai.

    GM powertrain is 5yrs/100k and I think Chrysler stopped that lifetime powertrain warranty business cause Fiat didn't like it. I think Mitsubishi is the only other(besides Kia of course) to offer a similar warranty to Hyundai. They went to that a few years ago when they just about went out of business here in states to build some confidence.

    If you remember, Hyundai began offering this warranty when the Excel totally bombed and Hyundai was the laughing stock of the automotive world in the US. I'm wondering if Hyundai will eventually scale back their warranty since confidence is building in their product and they might not need it to convince people to shop them. The bean counters don't usually like to keep those liabilities on the books and that is what a 10 yr warranty is.
    I too am waiting on the Sonata Turbo. I plan on purchasing it around Oct.
  • syitalian25syitalian25 Posts: 303
    Yeah that is definitely why Hyundai started the warranty originally, but it would look pretty bad for them to retract it. And I think consumer confidence is still one of the weakest points of the company, particularly among people who haven't owned a Hyundai recently. There are old school people who will only buy American cars because they think the quality is above and beyond the Asian brands, and they can't get over the image Hyundai had in 1985 (rightfully so) as being a cheap, unreliable brand.

    Other manufacturers have used the same tactic to increase confidence, and it has worked. But if 50/100 Hyundais (theortically) needed a repair in the first 100,000 miles but only 30/100 Toyotas needed the same, wouldn't that be a big cost advantage to Toyota? I think Honda, Toyota, and the like are simply stingy and have no problem charging more money for less value because "Hey it's a (insert overpriced manufacturer name here)".
  • m6userm6user Posts: 3,174
    edited March 2010
    None of these companies are offering a longer warranty than the big players because their products are better. They may as good or better, but that's not why the warranties are being offered. It's because they have to generate confidence to sell cars.

    God forbid if Hyundai were to have any kind of major hiccup like Toyota is having....long warranty or not. Not wishing it or thinking it will happen but you can just imagine the fallout. Look at what is happening to Toyota, the brand that was #1 in perception of quality and considered bulletproof. If something like that happened to Hyundai it would be a disaster. Toyota will probably pull through this thing though.
  • Thanks everyone for your thoughts. I'm going to test drive both again tomorrow and then make my final decision. I'm definilty leaning towards the Sonata.

    Thanks again!
  • I'm looking at getting the silver with grey leather. I just read someone thought it looked much better with black. My only thought is that I live in So. Cal. and the black will get really hot.

    Have you seen the grey leather on this car? How does it look?

    Would black get a lot hotter than the grey or is that an old wives tale?

  • syitalian25syitalian25 Posts: 303
    edited March 2010
    I agree, Hyundai is still on shaky ground when it comes to consumers trusting their quality. Toyota has a much longer track record, and should be able to pull through their current crisis, but I think the #1 spot is gone. I think in 5 years it will be Honda, Hyundai, Toyota, Ford, in that order, with Hyundai and Toyota pretty much tied. Lots of potential Camry buyers defect to Accord (especially the new generation when it comes) or the new Sonata. Even a Corolla buyer thinking of spending 19K could get a GLS w/pep Sonata for 20K with a lot more style and features, which might be low enough to get some sales there too.
  • shabadoo25shabadoo25 Posts: 232
    It's hard to say which would be hotter since the car was released in winter. I don't think the difference should be significant.

    I waited on a car with black leather and was about to give up for the grey when it arrived finally. I think the black looks better, but the grey looks ok, too.

    Right now, there are far more silver/grey in dealer stocks than silver/blacks. You may have to hunt for or wait on the latter.
  • m6userm6user Posts: 3,174
    Doesn't make that much difference. Lots of people in Phoenix have black interiors. The grey is still on the darker side too so it's not like it's real light or anything. I would base it on which one you like best and will continue to like down the road so to speak.
  • pcgeek86pcgeek86 Posts: 72
    edited March 2010
    Here is the first in-car clip I have posted using the Panavise 809 mount. I have an extension arm for it coming that will probably help me mount my camera more effectively. They were supposed to include it, but I called them and they're shipping me one at no charge :)

    And here's my review of the Panavise 809 mount:

    I'm gonna go shoot a night clip now.

  • ramkatramkat Posts: 23
    Has anyone fitted a HID kit yet?
  • jsmit86jsmit86 Posts: 116
    I made a deal last week to buy a Limited with Nav. My dealer usually can trade with some of the locals in the area, but since Navs are so tight, they have not been able to get the type I wanted. (Pacific Blue with Gray)
    They may have a shot at a Harbor Gray with Gray leather in the region, and they expect to get an answer tomorrow.

    I actually wanted Pacific Blue with Camel Leather and Nav as my first choice, and I may be willing to wait 2-3 weeks for that combo. I understand that Hyundai does not allow actual orders, but can a dealer request to get a specific combination of color and equipment? The dealer has been good, taking my trade, and is giving a 2010 Limited to drive until they get my car, but I am wondering if I have a decent chance of getting my first choice of color. :confuse:
  • lbg2lbg2 Posts: 6
    Anyone have any info on when more accessories will be available for the 2011's? I'd certainly be interested in a spoiler and mud guards. The Hyundai website doesn't list either as available yet.

    I'd also like to get the windows tinted, but the last job I had done at a local shop I was not so happy with. Is dealer tint necessarily any better than having it done at a local shop?
  • pcgeek86pcgeek86 Posts: 72
    My apologies ... it appears that I accidentally made the Sonata inside driving video private, rather than public. I changed it up so everyone should be able to view it, now:

    I don't know how that happened.

  • chuck1919chuck1919 Posts: 176
    Most dealers sub-contract this to a local tint shop. Of course, with the dealer "arranging" for the work you get the guarantee.
  • syitalian25syitalian25 Posts: 303
    Most tint manufacturers offer a warranty against peeling, bubbling, fading, etc., - at the least for 3-4 years and some have a lifetime warranty. Look up a few tint shops in your area and call around to compare the price/warranty before you get any work done, but I have used two random tint places with good warranties and have been very happy. If anything goes wrong, you just bring it back in and they fix it for free.
  • shabadoo25shabadoo25 Posts: 232
    No one has spotted any camel leather Limiteds yet. It could be a wait to get one of those.

    My dealer in Atlanta has a Pac Blue/Grey w/nav. Those are a little more plentiful right now.
  • cmunizcmuniz Posts: 604
    I have been told that the leather camel interiors are now being installed in Montgomery. My dealer told me I should expect my Pearl White Limited w/Nav in a week or two. Hopefully they are right.
  • targettuningtargettuning Posts: 1,371
    As a matter of fact I just saw a 2011 Limited (in silver) with a trunk spoiler on my local dealers lot last night. I looked at the window sticker to check if it was an add-on but they (the dealer) didn't show an additional cost "added options" sticker associated with it which prompted me to scan the factory sticker but I didn't find any mention of a package or added spoiler, so??? It looked OK, understated and tasteful if one likes spoilers...not me so much though. I am in south central Pa.
  • syitalian25syitalian25 Posts: 303
    I'm not sure what the spoiler you saw looked like, but the trunk does have a small flare at the end that is popular these days as a spoiler. Very understated but still sporty looking, I like it.
  • shuale_ejsshuale_ejs Posts: 93
    edited March 2010
    Signed the paperwork for my Sonata Limited w/nav this morning (will pick up on Sat) with a really nice Dealership - Ron Marhofer (ask for Pete). Nice easy transaction, much unlike my dealings with the first dealership (with whom I am fighting through the credit card company to get my deposit back). Ron Marhofer agreed to honor the price the previous dealer was giving me, without any hassle or proof of selling price.

    Model: 2011 Limited w/nav (doesn't look like i got one w/HD radio) - Does anyone know if it has HDD storage? Sales rep nor I could find any info on it so I'm assuming it does not have it.

    Color: Harbor Gray w/black interor (really wanted Silver but combo does not seem to exist in the market right now)

    MSRP: $28,300 (it came with everything)

    Selling Price: 25,927 (includes $250 Ad Fee)

    Fees & Tax: Paid upfront (to get airline miles ;))

    Term: 36 mths/15,000 miles

    Pymnt: $312/mth

    I think I did very well for myself. I am very happy with my deal!

    P.S. Everyone is paid a salary. Their pay is not based on commission! The entire experience was very very pleasant!
  • shabadoo25shabadoo25 Posts: 232
    Congratulations. I really do believe that the black is the best of the interior choices in the Limited. You will really enjoy the car, as I have been doing the last 2 weeks.

    The upgraded nav stereo definitely deletes the HD radio.

    BTW, is your salesman any relation to Jack Mehoffer? (a little joke)
  • roadie22roadie22 Posts: 6
    The nav unit does include HD radio, according to this review anyways. 2011 Sonata Review

    "If HD Radio is important, check to see that your Sonata is a recent build. Some of the first Sonatas with navigation systems didn't get the HD Radio chipsets. (First dealer deliveries were in December 2009.)"
  • fragilemnfragilemn Posts: 16
    edited March 2010
    No the Limited with Nav has no hard drive storage and yes it deletes the HD radio.
    I just went to the Hyundai site and "built" a Limited and there is specifically states it deletes the HD Radio.
  • shabadoo25shabadoo25 Posts: 232
    It says it right on the window sticker for the nav model, too.
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