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2013 and Earlier - Audi Q5 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • Does anyone know the best Tier 1 financing rates available right now through Audi? I've seen 2.9% and 1.9% (both for 72 months) posted on two dealership websites, and am waiting to hear back from dealer I am negotiating with. Thanks.
  • As a follow up to my prior post, I've been told I don't qualify for Audi's top finance rate because my prior car loan was for a smaller amount, so I don't have a "comparable loan" on my credit report. Does this sound legitimate, or merely an attempt to charge me a higher rate than that currently offered by Audi?
  • jimbresjimbres Posts: 2,025
    Why don't you check with your credit union? My CU (I'm in NY) is currently quoting 1.99% on 60 month loans & 2.49% on 61 to 72 month loans. The final APR may be lower than that because the CU rebates loan interest at the end of a good year; credit unions aren't allowed to book profits.

    I'd rather give my loan business to my CU, anyway.
  • boltsdynasty

    Current Tier 1 Financing is as follows:

    12 mo - 1.9%
    36 mo - 1.9%
    48 mo - 2.4%
    60 mo - 2.9%
  • zguzgu Posts: 10
    Do you have any deductible on extended warranty?
  • Hi Kmchzstk,

    2.0T premium plus + MMI navigation,
    invoice price = 32736+3906+2790=39432

    Since you paid less than invoice, is your 42,209 the OTD price? Or it is just the price without title and tax?

  • After weeks of negotiations, I just closed the deal on a new Q5 2.0T premium plus. Ended up getting the dealer down to $1750 off MSRP, and had to call ten different dealerships just to get that. This site was extremely helpful. Thanks to carman and everyone else for all the help!
  • Signed a contract today fro $1500 under MSRP at Acura of Burlington (Boston area). I know it's a couple hundred more than the True Market Price, but still -- I think we got decent deal, considering that I've read many accounts of Boston area dealers not willing to go less than $500 under MSRP (in fact that was this dealer's going in position, with our first offer being at $2000 under MSRP).

    One thing that I'm uneasy about is that the dealer claims that Audi can raise the MSRP between now and the time we take ownership (we have to wait ~3 months for our Q5 to get built and shipped here), in which case I will be responsible for the difference. Is this legal for them to do, or should they be bound by the MSRP in effect at the time the contract was signed?
  • Yes, where did they get this deal?? Did they write back to you offline or something??
    Looking for the same...
    Hoping for white w/blk interior but happy with any color, just best lease price!
  • I'm located in St Louis and spent the past two weeks checking all the car buying services for the best price (Amex, consumer reports, cars direct, capital one, etc.). Actually ended up with the best deal using true I didn't even know they had a zag partnership and didn't even have to sign up for anything. I did, however, have to play around with different zips from different nearby major cities to get the best deal. Ended up with an msrp of $48,280 and a dealer in Chicago giving me $2,000 off right off the bat. True car puts this in the "great" price range so I couldn't be happier. 3-4 months and I'll fly up there to drive mt new baby home. I highly recommend investigating the different group buying services and experimenting with different zips if you are willing to travel a little to get the best deal. It should cost me less than a hundred bucks to get up there. Not bad when I couldn't get any of the three dealers in St Louis below $500 off MSRP!
  • Wow! Thanks VinnieVegas!
    Everyone in CA is not budging on the MSRP. I've been looking up and down the state. I think 1200 over MSRP is best people here seem to do.
    I just found out I need to turn in my current car this weekend so now I'm in a pinch.
    Thanks for your tip! I do feel better to know I would have needed to go to Chicago, which I would have LOVED to have planned!!, but doesn't fit in with the current scope of things.
  • hmsq5hmsq5 Posts: 5
    edited February 2011
    Bought mine at a local Boston dealer in the past 2 weeks.

    black/black 2.0 prem plus w/o navigation:

    MSRP 40,275
    Invoice 37,909
    Price paid with $1500 loyalty incentive- $37,164.
    Finance 2.4%, 48 months. I'm a tier 1.

    no car is worth waiting 4-5 months. Mine was at the port in RI and dellivered within 1 week.
  • avery1avery1 Posts: 373
    It was down to the Q5 and the XC60. Q5 a slightly better drive but the XC60 much better value. I test drive the Volvo late in the game so it might be a good fit some of you. It seems to me that Audi is creating an artificial scarcity to keep the prices up. Hopefully I won't regret the decision.
  • hmsq5hmsq5 Posts: 5
    I drove the q5, xc60 and others. while the volvo is fairly composed on the highway, it is fairly rough on the streets. i felt every small bumps and potholes much more on the xc60. the q5 readily outhandles the xc60. alot of smart people pay $$$ for the q5, they all can't be that obtuse.
  • avery1avery1 Posts: 373
    I have a vacation place in the mountains one mile down an unplowed road with a creek that overflows the bridge at times in the spring so there were other factors in my decision to get the XC60 that most don't have. If I didn't have this place the decision would have been much more difficult. I agree the Q5 is a better driving machine.
  • openedopened Posts: 10
    Finally got what I was looking for:
    MSRP: $40,275
    Negotiated price: $38,500 2011 Audi Q5 2.0 Premium Plus no navigation.
    Trade in car and the rest finance for 72 months 3.25%
    Did I get a good deal?
  • I have been researching Audi prices and seems like the MSRP for Premium Plus is a minimum of $43,500 at all dealers I have seen in CA. The Audi website says the Premium Plus base model MSRP should be $39,400 but I have never seen that price at any of the dealerships here. Is there a reason for the prices to be higher here?

    The prices I am getting for a Premium model (for the specific color I want) with pano sunroof is between $38,000 (from a remote dealer in SoCal) to $40,000 (from a local dealer). This is high but I am being told its either take this or wait for 3 - 5 months for a special order. Is the supply so low? Are these prices justified?

    Any help on this appreciated!
  • hmsq5hmsq5 Posts: 5
    I think the q5 are way overpriced. We can blame the hype on the automotive press. Is the q5 a nice car? yes but so are alot of other compact SUVs. If it wasn't for the $1500 loyalty incentive which brought my '11 Q5 price $700 below invoice, I would not have bought this car.

    My wife and I own a '11 RDX.. And while it's a little noisier and the interior a not as refined as the Q5; it's more agile, quicker, driver's friendly and packed with luxury features all for $8000 less.

    To your question, most NE Q5 come with floor mats and a couple of other things so this raised the MSRP.

    Paying $38,500 for a Q5 is fine but 3.25% for 72 mos is too high IMO. My dealer quoted me the same APR but I told him another dealer quoted 2.4% for 48 mos and he quickly said "Ok, I'll match it.". Audi dealership quality is still well below the standard such as BMW, ACura, cadillac, Lexus and Mercedes of the world.
  • Very interested in the Q5 and wanted to know your thoughts on purchasing a maintenance plan as part of the overall deal. I've read where some are able to get this included and some are charged the additional cost (i guess it really depends on your negotiating skills). Thanks for your time.
  • I am looking to purchase a 2011 q5 2.0 premium plus, nav., 19 inch wheels and b&o- the msrp is $44,925- what should I expect to pay? Any advice would be appreciated.
  • ccjddccjdd Posts: 1
    Hi, thank u all that provided so much info. I don't knOw shall I buy glass cOat for $900? thanks..
  • I just bought my Q5 2.0T Premium Plus through a Denver dealer and am picking it up at the factory in Ingolstadt in May. This is a great option if you combine it with a European vacation. I got an automatic 5% discount from MSRP, which saved us $2205 off the 44,105 MSRP list price. I got to order exactly what I want besides. The EDP has some extras, besides. We get a free hotel night in Ingolstadt, personal delivery, a factory tour, and a visit to the Audi museum. We get free meals the day of delivery as well. The program included 15 days of auto insurance so we can test it out on the German Autobahn. We'll drop it off in Frankfurt and Audi will ship it to the dealer for final delivery to us.
    This is a good deal for us because we were planning to go to Europe with our sons this spring. Now we get to have a great experience, save on a rental car, and save on my car price as well.
    One thing I noticed is that the salesmen are not high on this option. I'm not sure if it is because of reduced commissions or the fact that commissions are delayed. We had to ask for this and then research it ourselves. All of the information is on the Audi website. I told another woman in the showroom about it and she's going to do it as well since her husband travels to Europe for his job. After she left, her salesman told me he would rather she bought one directly.

    Bottom line, if you are patient, can wait for your car, and can combine this with a vacation, it is a great deal!
  • avery1avery1 Posts: 373
    Does Audi pay for your ticket to and from Europe? I was down to the Q5 and the VolvoXC60 and took the European delivery on the Volvo. The Audi dealer was vague when I asked if Audi had a similar program.
  • ratneshratnesh Posts: 2
    edited February 2011
    Where did you buy in CA? I'm looking for advise in and around Sacramento area. Any help is much appreciated. Looking for Q5 2.0T with Premium Plus/Nav/19/Black on Black/Bang & Olufsen. I got a quote for $42,470 (with destination and 6% Audi Supplier Discount). Anybody think I can go lower than this?
  • 2.0P+ doesn't come with rear camera, does it? I thought it was only offered with 3.2. I might be wrong. Can you confirm
  • heidicheidic Posts: 1
    Would you mind telling me which Boston dealership you got the car for that price? I'm looking for the same car and was quoted 39,700. The dealer won't budge at all!
  • bluebmxbluebmx Posts: 15
    Congratulation. I am interested in same configurations as yours. Do you mind to email me more infor on the dealer? Thanks.
  • beal06beal06 Posts: 5
    I plan to order a 2.0 Q5 with NAV, tow hitch and a few other extra features. The tow hitch is actually about $700 cheaper from the factory. Does anyone know if audi plans to increase their prices? If so, how much? It is not difficult to notice raw materials have gone up significantly in last few months. Dealer said it would probably not go up more than 1.5% because they are not making significant changes to the vehicle. Any info would be appreciated.
  • jolietjayjolietjay Posts: 3
    I just test drove a 2.0TP+ and it had the back-up camera.
  • bespokebespoke Posts: 5
    Recently test drove the Q5 at Audi Westwood MA. Since the 2011 Q5s are no longer available, the dealer offered a $500 discount off the MSRP for 2012 Audi Q5 2.0 OT Premium Plus if I place the order (2012 Q5s should be available in late summer). The MSRP is unknown but, was informed that it should only be a little higher than the 2011 MSRP of $35,200.00 for the base 2.0 OT and with Premium Plus, add another $4,200 to the base which would $39,400.00 total excluding fees (destination, tax, ...etc.). I assume the 2012 Q5 premium plus would be around $40,000 for MSRP. With $500 discount, I would be paying $39,500.00. Is this a good deal? Has anyone else placed an order for the 2012 Q5?
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