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2013 and Earlier - Audi Q5 Prices Paid and Buying Experience

kyfdxkyfdx Everywhere, USAPosts: 127,831
edited January 2014 in Audi
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  • c280c280 Posts: 21
    I'm in Charlotte, NC. I test drove the Q5. The car seems bigger, looking at it from outside, especially in the front, compared to those photos (blue Q5 online) that we saw earlier. It also seems wider in the front. I questioned whether it could fit through my garage door. The trunk space is small. I drove it in pouring rain (75-80 mph) and it rides well. For a German car, the turning circle was not impressive. I like it, pretty car but not sure about the price. Audi adds the premium and premium plus which jacks up the price. The Q5 and the A4 is the same car but the A4 gives you more options with the engine and the A4 trunk is bigger than the Q5. I'm hesitant because the Q7(big brother) and the Q5 has the same engine, 3.2l V6 which is not great on gas if you are fuel conscious. I like the car but not sure about the price when you consider the pros and cons. Maybe if Audi offered the Q5 TDI in the US at a reasonable price I would seriously consider it because the TDI is more fuel efficient. Plus BMW is asking a rediculous price for their diesel X5.
  • vrooommmvrooommm Posts: 10
    I can't wait to pick it up. But I'm agonizing whether white is better than black. I liked the tan interior. :)
  • Bought a 2009 Audi Q5 a week ago from Valley Motors in Hunt Valley, MD for $1,000 off sticker price. The vehicle was not already in dealer inventory, it was ordered by me. Sticker Price was in the Mid $45,000's. :)
  • danielb6752danielb6752 Posts: 10
    Purchased a meteor gray prestige today. One thing i learned is that you cannot negotiate using "invoice price" by seeing what you see on with audi dealers. While this has worked for me with Infiniti and BMW, make sure you ASK what invoice price is before you say "invoice plus X" when negotiating. It will save you a lot of stress and money, as the dealers tack on silly charges and say they're not negotiable. Such is life when buying a hot car I guess.

    Anyway, I thought I was getting a great deal for "invoice plus $1300" but as it turns out i ended up right at the edmunds TMV number once i asked the dealer what the agreed price actually was ($48164).

    Anyway, it's home and it's great. At least I scored the free audi care from the audi drive event thanks to these forums. All you need is to get the nametag and give it to the dealer when you pick up your car. it also adds a point to your residual if you lease.
  • yvanhyvanh Posts: 8
    Do you mind sharing your financing or leasing terms?

    Basically I got an offer today for a Red Prestige and the numbers sound high to me, I ws expecting something on the $700 range and it got actually on the mid $800's, and not even for a 15K mi/yr.


    Here is what I got offered...
    MSRP: $49500 (selling price)
    Residual: 47%
    Terms: 36 Mo - 12Kmi/yr
    Money Factor: 0.00022
    Due: $2,000 ($1000 from a trade and $1000 more at signing)
    Taxes are covered with the trade and dealer "contribution"
    Montly Payment: $869 @ 36 Mo / $837 @ 39Mo
  • manupmanup Posts: 24
    Could you please tell us what the "silly charges" were that you were told are not negotiable ?
  • danielb6752danielb6752 Posts: 10
    The lease was somewhere around 800 so i said don't bother since the MF/residual values are so terrible.

    I took the 2.9 for 36.
  • danielb6752danielb6752 Posts: 10
    Aside from the destination charge, which I know and expect to be included in the invoice price...

    -advertising fees
    -port fee
    -fee for the dealer's service department to inspect the car once it arrives
    -another $~150 fee that was added to the price once I got there, though I don't remember what it was
  • cindyhan314cindyhan314 Posts: 23
    anyone recently shop around for Q5? I got a offer on a silver premium plus for $40,200. Is this a good deal or cld be better?
  • baldeglbaldegl Posts: 16
    Nice car. Switch it for the Porsche convert some sunny day.
  • missmedudemissmedude Posts: 1
    I am thinking about getting the Q5 soon but Im kind of nervous and can be easily convinced. Just wondering what is the normal outdoor price for the Q5? Prestige/ Premium/ Premium Plus? what about the fsi and the fsi s-lines? Im kind of new. So what do I do after i step on the inside? Ask for a spin? or price? Is there any steps or skills to buying an affordable q5?
  • alexgp11alexgp11 Posts: 8
    Friends, I am looking for some unbiased advice here. I am a longtime BMW owner and have always treated my cars as jewels. I currently have a 2001 X5 3.0 w/Sports Package, a real looker, and has absolutely never given me any headaches at all (in the contrary). That said, I have never owned a car for more than 5 years and we are coming onto 8 with this one now. All along, I had thought I’d make a change next year, but, with the release of the Q5 and others, plus the economy giving consumers theoretically some edge, I am considering a switch now. I am test-driving the Q5 next week and have already researched enough to know that the overall dimensions (interior and exterior) are not significantly different (although I want to witness that, as I am sure the trunk/cargo area is smaller).
    So my questions are: is it not true that Audi has a worse maintenance record than BMW (especially on the electrical side)? Would you, in my shoes, make the switch from X5 3.0 to Q5? If yes, why? If not why? (Again, I am looking for unbiased opinions here) Thanks.
  • jayriderjayrider Posts: 3,602
    Thr Q5 is an Audi in it's first year of production. Think about that carefully. Don't expect 8 years without headaches. The mercedes ml 350 may be worth considering. Prices are down and their reliability is decent. The infinity fx35 should also be on your list as well as the acura mdx. I would keep a totally open mind and schedule test drives thru the internet depts for all. Don't even talk price. Go home and evaluate your experiences. Don't forget another beemer. One last thought is the subary tribeca ltd awd. Don't laugh until you drive one.
  • alexgp11alexgp11 Posts: 8
    Thanks jayrider, good points, especially the "first-year" one. Inevitably (and as early as next year), a different engine and options may end up being available. About the Tribeca, that is my wife's dreamcar (and she just bought a Forester)... ;-)
  • phanjo33phanjo33 Posts: 6
    I think that's a good deal. I've been trying to get the premium with just panaromic sunroof and front heated seats and dealers are asking for 39800. Where are you located, cindyhan314? I'm in South Jersey.
  • rcm09rcm09 Posts: 1
    Here's the deal I got on a 09' Q5 White,Prestige,S line pkg.

    MSRP... 51,175.00
    Invoice... 47,846.00

    I was able to get it at 200 hundred below invoice... 47,646.00 and Audi will make the first 2 payments. That does not include tax, reg. and doc fee as that is always different between states and dealers.
  • phanjo33phanjo33 Posts: 6
    Finally got mine today. Went to 2 dealership in Philly area.


    I got it for 39400(selling price, not OTD), Audi will make the first 2 payments.
    It took me about 1 week of research and 1 week of negotiating with the dealers in NY, NJ, CT, PA and VA.
    Mine is premium with sunroof, homelink (bluetooth), 6 cd changers, heated seats, music interface. I think I got $450 below TMV price and about $1000 below from average price, which I could see from
    Took about half an hour to agree on the price and waited 3.5 hours (it was hot today) for the car to be ready.
    Great car!
  • lobstergallobstergal Posts: 2
    Phan - may I ask what dealership you did wind up purchasing from? I have been shopping for a Premium or Plus Q5 and I haven't been able to back anyone off of about $45,900... All I care abut is Nav, heated seats and bluetooth...
  • phanjo33phanjo33 Posts: 6
    I went to Audi Wynnewood in PA, just outside of Philly. They had about 5 Q5s in stock in the parking lot, but they may have more in the back. I talked to them on the phone before going in then could knock off several hundred more in person. Hope you find what you're looking for.
  • yvanhyvanh Posts: 8
    We (finally) took delivery last Friday, Garnet Red Prestige. I had to hold about 3 weeks due to current re-fi process going on my house.

    The car is just amazing, nothing compared to a test drive and I like it better with the 19" wheels. The drive in S mode is just hands down better than with our current X3. The "normal" Drive mode feels a bit odd starting froma dead stop as it shifts t 2nd gear a bit too quick.

    The speech recognition software is perhaps the best I've used (especially for phone commands) and the voice commands itself get a bit tricky on Radio, but still it's super good; I personally love the suspension as it's firm but not super sport like the X3 that now feels like a rock.

    Pretty happy with the purchase. We end up financing @ 66mo, taking the 1st 2 payments on AFS
  • lobstergallobstergal Posts: 2
    Great - sounds like you got a pretty good dal Phan - did you get the Homelink and Navigation as well? Purchase or lease?
  • lvjudylvjudy Posts: 1
    Thanks for the info Phanjo! I am thinking of buying from their sister dealer, Don Rosen Audi Conshohocken. If its not too intrusive, which sales rep did you work with?
  • phanjo33phanjo33 Posts: 6
    It was a purchase.I did get the Homelink, great feature.
    Did try out the navigation, didn't like it much. Wasn't intuitive enough (Just my opinion) and it wasn't touch screen. I'm not sure why german companies don't go with the touch screen. I also test drove GLK 350 the other day and that didn't have touch-screen based navigation either. Don't know about BMW, VW and some others. Acura has one of the best navs on the market, not just my experience but I also have a profession in that area.
  • phanjo33phanjo33 Posts: 6
    I believe I'm not supposed to post names of salespersons here according to the forum policy. Once you send out the quote request thru, I'm pretty sure that you will get to the person that I dealt with in Audi Wynnewood. That's how I got to that person. Audi Conshohocken, they're also professional and great people to deal with in my experience. It's just that Audi Wynnewood was more aggressive when trying to reach a deal. But worth a try since they had many Q5 in stocks.
  • phanjo33phanjo33 Posts: 6
    Wow, I think that's a fantastic deal. Even if it's prestige and S line, which means there're more rooms for price nego, I've never heard anyone getting Q5 under invoice. At least around where I live.
  • oooooooo Posts: 5
    Looking for some buying advice in Florida. This is for a Q5 Prestige, with no additional options. Dealer is offering only $1,000 of MRSP, or $48,500 plus dealer fees. According to True Cars this doesn't seem like a great deal. Inventory seems low currently as they phase out the 2009 for the coming 2010 in the next few months. Any advice?
  • pc323pc323 Posts: 5
    You should be able to get at least $2000+ off the MSRP.
  • aw19aw19 Posts: 1
    About to finalize a lease for an Ibis White Q5 w/ Prestige package.

    Options: Side assist

    MSRP: $49525
    Sell: $48,013

    $3079.85 due at signing (NYS taxes up front and they waived first month)

    I thought I'd qualify for the Conquest reward b/c I am coming off a Lexus lease but I was told Q5 was excluded (confirmed with another dealership). Only incentive was the 1st month's pyment waived.
  • oooooooo Posts: 5
    Just bought a '09 Premium Plus with Navigation for $44,350.00. Using Audi finance so they'll pay for the first two payments.
  • pc323pc323 Posts: 5
    ["Just bought a '09 Premium Plus with Navigation for $44,350.00. Using Audi finance so they'll pay for the first two payments."]

    What state was this in and does the price include taxes, title, and doc fees, etc?
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