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2013 and Earlier - Audi Q5 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • I just went to Audi in Westwood as well and they were all out. They are taking order for the 2012, but I did not really inquire too much about it. They told me to expect up to a 3% increase in price. I don't feel comfortable placing an order or putting down a deposit without knowing the price. Essentially, you would lose any negotiation power. Did they tell you how much a deposit would be?
  • ndf29ndf29 Posts: 3
    Is anyone else experiencing poor gas mileage per gallon in city driving. I love the car but am very disappointed in the gas mileage that I'm getting. I already have over 2,200 miles and it seems to be getting worst than when I first got the vehicle.
    The car seems normal in highway driving but as soon as I'm in the city it drops to between 9 and 12.4 miles per gallon.
    Any advice, I use the best premium gas, try not to use the AC.
    The car drives great, but once in a while the car when idling or slowing down to 1 mph, upon acceleration there seems to be a 2 or 3 second delay as if the car is about to stall then kicks in.
  • bespokebespoke Posts: 5
    They didn't tell me how much deposit to put down. I'm checking to see if Audi Brookline can give me a better discount off MSRP. I've checked and and there doesn't seem to be a lot of room for negotiation on the price. listed the 2011 Q5 2.0 Premium Plus with a no-haggle price of around $39K but, these dealerhips are 150 to 200 miles from Boston (and they are out of the 2011 model). I assume the prices fo the 2012 Q5 2.0 Premium plus will be around $40K or a little more. The Q5's inventory in the northeast is scarce.
  • chiro444chiro444 Posts: 17
    edited May 2011
    How much does Audicare generally cost and what does it cover?
  • bespokebespoke Posts: 5
    FYI. Just stopped by Audi of Brookline MA today and got $800 of MSRP for the 2012 Q5 2.0 with premium plus.
  • Thanks for that info. When will you negotiate the price? Do you feel like you've lost the power to negotiate, since they're already holding your deposit? That's my hesitation. Also, did you call around for the best deal/deposit/ordering structure?
  • bespokebespoke Posts: 5
    edited May 2011
    I've already placed my order with a $1,000.00 deposit. The price will be MSRP minus $800.00. The MSRP price won't be available until June or July. After the they let me know the MSRP, I can decide whether to walk away from the deal or stick with it. There's not much room for negotiation since there's no 2012 inventory (The dealership has more leverage). I basically compared two offers from two dealerships (Audi Prime Westwood vs Audi Brookline). I didn't want to invest more time to visit other dealerships since I really doubt that I can get a better offer. At least ordering a 2012 allows me to get the specific exterior and interior colors that I want plus the options that I want.
  • jcgmsjcgms Posts: 2
    A local dealer has a few 2011 2.0Ts in the 4-6K mile range for sale. According to them they were "executive loaner" cars, meaning that they were reserved for employees or used as service loaners when they ran out of regular loaners. They are all base models with bluetooth/garage opener as the only installed option. The sale price is 36,775 which is basically new MSRP. These are CPO cars.

    Any thoughts? Highway robbery or a fair price given the low availability of 2011s and the CPO status? How much room do you think I would have for negotiation?

    I would love to wait for 2012's, but unfortunately I'm in a time crunch to get a new car as our family truckster just gave out on us.

    Thanks in advance for any help.....
  • I'd skip these used ones. You can get a new 2012 with $800 off MSRP from Audi in Brookline, Ma, as an example. Looks like there would be a very small price difference between the used and new ones, especially since you're only getting bluetooth. However,you need time on your side - at least 2-3 months once you place the order.
  • jcgmsjcgms Posts: 2
    autosearching: Thanks for your reply. I used to live right down the road from Brookline Audi, I really do miss Boston.

    As an update....went to the dealer. The lowest they went before I walked out was 35,000 (down from 36775), plus $100 off Audicare (for 720). The car has 10,000 miles.

    It was SO hard to walk out, especially after a test drive. The car fits in my budget, but I feel like they're taking me to the cleaners...

    Any further thoughts?

    Waiting for the 2012's would mean I would have to rent a car until it comes, so I do have some urgency to buy within the next week...
  • CarMan@EdmundsCarMan@Edmunds Posts: 38,515
    Hi chiro444. The price of Audi Care varies from vehicle to vehicle. The MSRP for basic Audi Care coverage is $800 on the Q5. I suspect that much like the price of our vehicle, the cost of Audi Care is negotiable.

    As far as what it covers goes, according to the website it enables the holder to receive scheduled maintenance every 10,000 miles from 15,000 through 45,000 "precisely the intervals recommended by the factory."

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  • I think it could go lower than $42,470 or that price with AudiCare ($800 value included)
  • I am from ohio. About a week ago, I went on shopping for an Audi Q5 premium+ at a local dealership. The sales woman came up with a figure for me with 6% less than MSRP (Audi Supplier Program) plus my S2000 trade in, but there were no car or car swap with other dealership. Therefore, the sales woman tried to keep my business and promoted me that 2011 price for 2012 model. On couple days later, I bought in and gotten ready to drop off my trade in, she mentions that Audi has raised the 2012 Q5 premium+ by $500, but that was not what she promotes me and attract me to the deal. They are not able to proof whether it is really coming from Audi factory. I could not find any pricing details online whether it is true or not. I passed the deal and walked out the dealership. Since, they keep calling me and asking me to reconsider without giving any incentive, no AudiCare program, not a cent drop. It seems to me that they know I want the car and purposely raise the price on me on demand. What I learnt from this lessen is never trust what the sales man promotes verbally, get them write down the deal with black ink and white paper.
  • scrikarscrikar Posts: 2
    After contacting several NJ dealers i finally got offer of $42300 OTD.
    Could you please tell me if this a good deal for Audi Q5 premium plus no nav.
    Do i need to include Audi care before making the order? Does Audi care save money on maintenance?
  • scrikarscrikar Posts: 2
    Hi there, Could you please tell from which dealer you got the above deal?
    42275+190 is your OTD?
    I live in NJ, here the best i was offered was 42300 otd for premium+ blk/cardomum no addtional options
  • bbetterbbetter Posts: 5
    what's the price before TTL? which dealership please?
  • ccgas5646ccgas5646 Posts: 7
    I was in a dealership last week discussing a 2012 Q5 2.0T with Premium Plus, Navigation and Advanced Key options. The dealer found one in a color I liked, printed out a copy of the itemized invoice (with the base price and all the options I wanted on it) and gave it to me. When I got home, I compared the invoice prices on the dealer printout to the invoice prices available on Edmunds. The invoice prices for the options were exactly the same between the dealer printout and Edmunds. The base prices, however, were different! Edmunds lists the base invoice price for the 2012 Q5 as $33,108 but the base invoice price the dealer gave me was $33,508 ... $400 more (surprise!) Does anyone know which is the correct base invoice price? Has anyone else seen an dealer invoice for the 2012 Q5? What did it say was the base invoice price?
  • bbetterbbetter Posts: 5
    This is exactly the car I'm going to order. How much do you pay over invoice? Today, I went to a dealership, they showed the invoice was still $33108. Another question: when would you get the car?
  • ccgas5646ccgas5646 Posts: 7
    The dealership I went to will sell me the car for $150 over invoice. They also have a $200 administrative fee so, essentially, they've agreed to sell it to me for $350 over invoice - and I have it in writing from the sales manager. I thought it was a pretty good deal but now I'm going to have to confront them about the base invoice price discrepancy. It sounds like the correct base invoice price is $33,108 (per Edmunds and the dealership you went to) not the $33,508 my dealer claims. I suspect my dealer either a) made an honest mistake or b) is trying to build an additional $400 into their profit by trying to slip an inflated invoice by me (hmmm ...) Has anyone else seen an actual dealer invoice for the 2012 Q5 2.0T? What did it say was the base invoice price?
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 70,273
    It's possible they have a regional advertising charge on their invoice...


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  • ccgas5646ccgas5646 Posts: 7
    Excellent point. But the invoice the dealer gave me was quite itemized ... all charges were shown individually (base, destination and all of the options on my vehicle were broken out separately.) I would think that a regional advertising charge would be itemized as well. Maybe not, though. I will certainly ask!
  • bbetterbbetter Posts: 5
    great deal. would you say which dealership you went? My dealer in NJ only gave me 650 over invoice.
  • ccgas5646ccgas5646 Posts: 7
    I am in the midwest so prices are more reasonable here than on either of the coasts ...
  • hdyl2011hdyl2011 Posts: 1
    ccgas5646, I live in Denver. Can you let me know which dealership you went? I was told by a dealer that 2012 Q5 will be available at the end of July or early August. Did you order yours or you got it from the dealer lot?
  • ccgas5646ccgas5646 Posts: 7
    I didn't have to order since my dealer found one with exactly the options I was looking for. She just had to swap another dealer for it. Apparently it has been built already (I have a VIN number) but is still in transit. It is scheduled to arrive by the end of the month.
  • uknirmaluknirmal Posts: 8
    Are the 2012 Q5s out in the market? I checked with a dealer and he said they are comming out soon. He called me and said that 2012 Q5 are released from Port to be delivered to his showroom. Has anyone got their 2012s?
  • uknirmaluknirmal Posts: 8
    Do you know if yours Q5 has rear camera installed? The dealer I spoke with said that due to recent tsunami in Japan, the cameras are backlogged. Q5s are released with prewired and the camera will be installed by end of october when they are available. Is this the case with yours?
  • q5manq5man Posts: 1
    My 2012 Audi Q5 2.0T Premius Plus arrived to port of Newark on Friday, July 8th. My dealer "New Country" in Greenwich, CT said my car will arrive to dealer on July 20th. I have not heard anything with the rearview camera issues. I'd hope he would have mentioned that, but won't know for sure until I pick my car up. I was able to get $1500 off and am sure anyone can get the same deal. It's got NAV, smart key, 19 rims, exhaust tips and splash guards. I can"t wait to get it!
  • uknirmaluknirmal Posts: 8
    Wow! yours is fully loaded. I am getting Plus with Navi. I am picking from the inventory he already has at the port. Ideally, I wanted to add smart key and exhaust tips, but I cant wait for three months. My lexus got totalled and need a car asap.

    BTW, how do you track your vehicle? Any website where you can check?
  • djung01djung01 Posts: 3
    Hello everyone. I just got mine from Audi Manhattan (NYC), it's the 2.0 Premium Plus with MMI NAVI model for 43,250, just 1,000 off base MSRP.
    Does anyone know if this is supposed to have a rear view camera? or just the radar sensor?
    The dealer told me to come back once they have camera chips available. These are short in stock because of the tragedy in Japan. Never-the-less, I really didn't know what he was talking about, lol. I just wanted my Q5 and got it.
    I sold me 2004 Honda Accord EX-L V4 for 8,300 in a private sale.

    Anyone bought a similar model? How was your price and experience with the sale and drive?
    Leasing? Financing? Just want to know how everyone got theirs. Thanks!
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