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2013 and Earlier - Audi Q5 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • dogpatchdogpatch Posts: 2
    Hi authrd. Looks like you got an incredible deal!! Can you refer me to your dealer? I'd be eternally grateful!!!
  • tvevans1tvevans1 Posts: 2
    Ween57, how may miles per year? Does the $497 include tax? Keep in mind the Audi Care package increases the residual value by 1% so it's a pretty good deal.
  • authrdauthrd Posts: 5
    Thanks, dogpatch. I have been driving my 2011 2.0T Q for a couple of weeks. Beautiful ride, very quiet, feels very safe when driving, listening to Siruis on my B&O system is incredible :-)

    BTW, Dealer was Bell Audi in Edison, NJ
  • authrdauthrd Posts: 5

    I love driving it, can barely hear the engine even when drive up a ramp. And I am glad I did not compromise on the 3 things I really wanted: prem plus, nav and B&O..

    I ended up getting 2-year (up to 85k miles) extended warranty as on the road came close to 47k (includes everything: tax, registration, ext warr,etc)
  • staren937staren937 Posts: 3
    I'm confused. Invoice as configured on your car looked like $41.3k so your base price should have been $41k. How did you get from there all the way up to $47? My total out the door price was $49.3k (for 3.2 w/ nav / b&o / rear airbags / floor mats) including all taxes / fees (and I live in Chicago so not a cheap tax environtment).
  • authrdauthrd Posts: 5
    I think I mentioned that I chose 2-yr extended warranty (that came to about $2500)...add sales tax, 4-yr registration...
  • This board has been somewhat helpful even though it's hard to find the 2.0T Q5s now.

    2011 Q5 2.0T
    - Premium Plus
    - Audi MMI Navigation Plus
    - 19" Five-Arm Wheels
    - All weather mats w/ trunk liner
    - Wheel Locks
    MSRP - $44,395 (technicaly it was $44,815 because they threw in the mats on the order.)
    Invoice - $41,348
    Got - $42,500

    They "say" they are only making just shy of $400, but I calculated more like $744 becuase shows a $408 ad fee for my area with Audi.

    Not happy with the deal, but only 3 dealrships in an hour radius had the car I wanted regardless of color... and only 2 were willing to deal over the phone. Trued to through in Audi care or any after purchase items, but no dice.

    This car has like a lot life of less then 1 week. especially with the P+ w/ nav option. mine had all the wrappings and was filthy coming from the port. My dealer sold almost all the 2.0T P+ models since 2 weeks ago when they arrived form port. 1 left now.

    I wish to add... if I were some loving dad who wanted to get a lux car for the college bound kid or just simply doesn't have a wife who like creature comforts. The base 2.0T is a great deal since the dealers had a boat load more of those and were willing to make a better deal.
  • ween57ween57 Posts: 7
    10,000 miles per year. $497 is the total monthly lease payment including tax. I got it from Jack Daniels up in Paramus NJ. I walked out of the dealership paying $3,500. I haven't had the 2.0t out on the highway much yet but after a few more days driving it i'll write up a review. So far its a great car although I opted not to get a ton of extra bells and whistles to help contain the cost. I will also upload some pics soon too.
  • bnlitinbnlitin Posts: 2
    I am looking to buy a 2011 Q5 3.2L with Navigation, Bang &Olufsen Audio.

    My local dealer is Stevens Creek Audi (San Jose, California) and they have a few 2010 models leftover.

    I got the following quote from Costco Auto Program for a Q5 2011:

    * Engine/Fuel:
    * 3.2L/195 Gas V6
    * Transmission:
    * Tiptronic Speed Automatic
    * Door/Body Style:
    * 4 door
    * Drive Type:
    * All wheel drive
    * Manufacturer Code:
    * 8RB5EL-2

    Selected Options:

    Available options may vary. Please check with your Authorized Dealer Contact for specifics.


    Total= $44,603 (without Tax, Title, or Registration)

    Is this a good price? Are there any differences between 2010 and 2011?
    Also, is there any advantage to the more expensive Metallic paint?
  • snakiebite1000snakiebite1000 Posts: 11
    edited August 2010
    I calculated off of Edmunds that your MSRP is $47,895 and your invoice is $44,603. So I am asusming you are getitng this at invoice pricing. Since Audi usually doesn't give much of a holdback to the dealers, I would say this is as good of a price as you are going to get.

    As for paint, it's more money because it's a mettalic or pearl mixed paint. Not really better... alhough some people think so. Just go with the color you like.
  • snakiebite1000snakiebite1000 Posts: 11
    edited August 2010
    I can't seem to edit my own post. Wierd. So this reply will have to do.

    Since it has been driving me nuts how people can get $500 or less over invoice, I realized a few things.

    I bought the 2011 Q5 2.0T (P+, NAV, 19" wheels, mats, wheel locks):
    MSRP: $44,395
    Invoice: $41,348
    Got - $42,500 ($1152 over invoice)

    In addition I paid for:
    - NY sales tax $3,655.63 (legit)
    - NY Inspection $10 (not sure why I need to pay for this)
    - NY Tire Waste Fee $12.50 (legit)
    - Registration Fee $228.50 (legit based on the NY DMV website for dealers.)
    - Doc fee to pay to billing $75 (Tried to tell them to take it off. but he was stubborn)

    I saw no mention of Regional Ad fees ($408 for NYC market), or prep/dock fees ($195) so instead of $1152 over invoice, am I paying $549 over invoice compared to someone who might go through Costco or AMEX?

    I consider the doc fee and inspection fee operational expenses all dealers should absorb like how I run my business (unlike what Audi or state bills the dealer), so in my eyes I see this more like $634 over invoice.

    All these pricings are all very confusing unless you get the entire deal sheet.

    Regardless, I still didn't get $500 or less over invoice like many people... The agony of defeat.
  • 2011 Audi Q5 Premium Plus 2.0

    MRSP $40,275 including destination charge
    Sale Price $38,200
    Money Factor .0019 (4.6%)
    Residual Value 49% ($19,734.75)
    Acquisition/Bank Fee $625
    Dealer Doc Fee $349
    Other Fees (such as DMV, tire, etc…) $371

    This a good deal?
    Is there a disposition fee typically? Gap coverage?
    Can I get a better MF if I put down a deposit?
    Does anyone know the August MF yet?
  • ween57ween57 Posts: 7
    I posted before but wanted to put up all the details since I have the lease agreement in front of me now.

    2011 Audi Q5 2.0T Premium 42 month 10,000 miles per year from Northern NJ (Jack Daniels Audi)

    Panorama Sunroof, Bluetooth & Homelink Pkg, Heated Seats, Ipod Cable, All weather mats. Black w/ Black interior

    MSRP $39,215
    Invoice w/Options $36,533
    Final Selling Price $37,213 (they add $195 for etching)

    My lease is based on a price $2,001 under MSRP and $680 over invoice.

    Amount due at signing $3,506 ($625 acquisition, $497 1st month pmt, $157 cap cost reduction, $371 registration, $1,537 NJ sales tax, $299 Doc fee, $7.50 tire fee)

    Rent Charge - $4,615
    Residual Value - $20,783.95

    I figured out the money factor to be .0019
    42 payments of $497.34

    How did I do here?? I am thinking I could've negotiated into a Premium Plus and maybe paid $25 a month more or so just based people posting that they are getting that car for roughly $1000 more than I paid for this one. My only regret. Otherwise the car is beautiful and I love driving it. Any input from the experts is greatly appreciated so thanks!!
  • nly1nly1 Posts: 3
    edited August 2010
    Just got my last week, on 7/29. for my wife and she like these color combo White with Beige interior. Most of Audi come with BLACK interior and I dont know why. anyway, I tried couple dealer in the SF bay area and none of them has this kind of color combo they said they could not find one like this entire US or in factory unless I have to wait for special order.

    MSRP $50.895
    Invoice $47394
    My price $48715 plus Audi care (maintainance up to 45K miles) plus TTL, total out the door is $55K, is it a good deal or not?
  • snakiebite1000snakiebite1000 Posts: 11
    edited August 2010
    So you got $1321 over invoice for Prestige, mats, and wheel locks based on your invoice.... Alot of people were getting close to $500 over invoice for the Q5 in general... but I noticed they were mostly all for easier to find premium 2.0T models were a few options thrown in. Definitely alot more of those around. I am guessing dealers were trying to lower the entry point for those wanting a Q5.

    Not going to figure out how much you paid for the other stuff... and any fees... but sounds like you didn't get a steal, but can't say you did badly. I would say, just about right.
  • Today I got price from my local dealer
    Q5 2.0T with Premium Plus package - $39000 deep sea blue and $38,525 for the white one. MSRP on the Q5 premium plus is $40,750. Is this a good deal? What do you think?
  • MRSP on that is $40,275, 40,515 if you throw in floor mats.
    I just got 38,200 for Black 2.0 w/ floor mats.
  • According to Edmunds 2011 Q5 2.0T in Deep Sea Blue Pearl Effect MSRP price $40,750. Should I ask for Audi care included? Or just floor mats and wheel locks
  • My bad, I missed the paint upcharge!
    I tried to get Audi care but they wouldn't go for it.
    No harm in asking for all three! Worst thing they say no!
  • I think if you got the 2.0T in deep sea blue w/ P+ for $39000, then that would be $1040 over invoice. I think you can do better. If you can get them to throw in the mats, locks, and audi care, then you are $47 under invoice (that would be super sweet on a 2011 model).

    I am fairly sure you can get them to add in the mats and wheel locks... every dealer I was working with was willing to throw those into the price. Not Audi care. I heard the cost to the dealer for Audi Care was $450 or $400. Not sure why all of them refused to add in that into the price... even the ones who were quoting me $1500 over invoice. So with just the mats and wheel locks thrown in, that brings you at $743 over invoice which would be more in line to what people consider a good deal with that option.

    Make sure the deal sheet doesn't have prep charges ($195) or regional ad fees (varies) for prices above $500 over invoice... or else you should look for a better deal.
  • Nice price hikeleader. $460 over invoice. That was the sort of price I was looking for in my area :(
  • All:
    Just concluded a very good deal tonight.

    2011 Audi Q5 Premium Plus 2.0
    Plus: Floor Mats and Cargo Mat
    Cost: $37,700 (Yes, under invoice)

    I decided that the current lease offerings from Audi were no good so I paid cash.

    Bear in mind of course that my trade my have affected this but this dealer did give me the highest trade in value of any dealer I saw.

    The transaction was VERY easy and absolutely no BS. No window etching, no visit with the finance manager, no "let me check with my manager" etc.

    PM me if you want more info.
  • Wow... that is sweet. A brand new 2011 2.0T P+ for just under invoice. You really can't beat that. Very good job. Mucho credo to you.
  • googlelovergooglelover Posts: 3
    edited August 2010
    Finaly I got my order on 2011 Q5 2.0T with Premium Plus, Black/Cinnamon, Floor Mats and Trunk Liner, Wheel Locks for $38,525 + reg plate $276.50 + appl fee $75 + tax $3419 = $42.295.50
  • Incredibly I still have another dealer trying to steal the order away for $400 more...but I'm done. Deals a deal. Goes to show you guys to be patient and pit these guys against each other. Also, if you want to lease, don't even mention it. Negotiate as a cash buyer first.
  • Hi, I've been shopping around for Q5, lightly loaded, and got a decent price, but the dealer is also adding $201 Advertising tax, $195 PDI inspection at port and some other fees. Are these negotiable? Should I try to get them removed?
  • fabmiafabmia Posts: 1
    edited August 2010
    I got the following deal on a q5 lease yesterday:

    2010 Audi Quatro Triptonic msrp 37350.00
    Premium plus 4050.00
    Navigation 3000.00
    running Board 1990.00
    19 inch wheels 800.00
    wheel lock 80.00
    Destination Charge 800.00

    Total Msrp 48095.00 Usd + Audi Total Care

    1000 Usd down plus first month payment + tag = 1800 Usd down

    660 per month plus tax 7 % ona 42 months lease - Including Audi total care.

    Let me know what you think
  • The only fees in my opinion you should pay are dealer doc fees that range from $75 to $249 and License/Registration Fees.
    Anything else is always negotiable. It's not cool for them to pass on their costs of doing business to you.
    Keep shopping around and make sure they don't include those fees!
  • I agree. Good deal. Roughly $700 over invocie. And as you pointed out, no other large fees like ads and prep.
  • I agree with hikeleader.. but keep in mind that it really depends on what you negociated over invoice. If you got invoice pricing, then I can see why the dealer might add the other fees back in to make a deal. The general feel is that if you can get $500 or less over invoice without those two fees, then it's a great deal. If supply is limited for the number of options you are asking for (like in my case), then $1000 over invoice without those fees are good deals. Can't say great, but for now, supply is tight for fully loaded 20T so what can I say.
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