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2013 and Earlier - Audi Q5 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • shin2sx2shin2sx2 Posts: 7
    do you mind telling me which dealer in NJ was this?
    looks like you got such a nice deal.. if dealers in MD did that, i would have bought in a heartbeat... free audi care.. also.. pretty sweet!
  • ltjbukemltjbukem Posts: 31
    dch millburn
  • shin2sx2shin2sx2 Posts: 7
    I contacted the dealer, and i asked for the same deal as I told them I knew a person who got a such deal, they wanted to know which salesmen and the person's name..

    if you don't mind too much, can you email me salesmen's name and yours also?
    I'd appreciate it very much. here's my email.. [email protected]

    Thank you.
  • hope3702hope3702 Posts: 15
    When you say 0 down does this include inceptions rolled into lease as well or 0 down meaning (no cap cost reduction)...trying to compare to a deal I put together with dealer
  • roadddog53roadddog53 Pasadena, CAPosts: 7
    except that everyone's mother's sister's aunt drives the RX350, and there are 10-20 in every parking lot around town.
  • Does anyone know March figures for residual and money factor for 2010 Q5, Prestige, 15K/yr?

    Also, does purchase of Audi Care increase residual by 1%. I seem to recall that was the deal when I leased my Q7 3 yrs. ago.
  • shin2sx2shin2sx2 Posts: 7
    q5 premium plus, meteor gray, nav package, wheel locks, and all season mats
    msrp was 46020, and i got the car for 43k at DCH millburn in Jersey.

    getting delievered on the week of 5/24.

    dealer was extremely easy to deal with..unlike metropolitan DC area..
  • ltjbukemltjbukem Posts: 31
    once again, dch millburn, is selling a car for under invoice, via

    how do they do it?

  • ineedq_5ineedq_5 Posts: 1
    Question. Is 43K before Tax ?

    q5 premium plus, meteor gray, nav package, wheel locks, and all season mats
    msrp was 46020, and i got the car for 43k at DCH millburn in Jersey.
  • ltjbukemltjbukem Posts: 31
    if it was tax, that would make the price $40k, which would in all likelihood, not be possible. this dealership would not be able to stay in business if that was the case.
  • shin2sx2shin2sx2 Posts: 7
    it was before tax... but for 43k, that was the best deal I've gotten from out of all the dealers I tried to work with.. (MD, NJ, NY, DE, VA, NC)
  • Did they include AudiCare?
  • shin2sx2shin2sx2 Posts: 7
    i know the guy before me got it included, but they wouldnt do it for me? so i didnt care much..since I was getting the car at invoice.
  • ltjbukemltjbukem Posts: 31
    yep, i'm the one who got audi care included in the deal.

    a friend got a call from audi manhattan. they're in the last 3 days of the quarter and need to get cars off their lots.

    if u are in the tristate area, i suggest giving them a call to wheel and deal. looks like they are being aggressive w/ pricing.
  • rraffelrraffel Posts: 4
    Thoughts on this deal?

    Q5 Prem Plus - no additional options
    0 Down
    42 months
    601/month - taxes rolled in payment

    got this from a NYS dealer
  • soobahk1soobahk1 Posts: 2
    0 cap cost reduction. Will pay inception & MV fees up front (approx. $1800.)
  • ealazarusealazarus Posts: 23
    I was just looking at the residual for 42 months yesterday at the dealership and it made the 36/39 month option more cost effective.
  • ltjbukemltjbukem Posts: 31
    just picked up my car.

    can not emphasize how professional the dch millburn guys were. i got there at 4pm, was out of the parking lot by 4:50pm. paperwork was prepped, no extra waiting around time.

    completely recommend the buying experience at dch millburn.
  • I checked out their site and they vs. Audi Manhattan seem to be competing pretty closely with each other...prices are almost identical. How'd you do? What did you get? Thx!
  • ltjbukemltjbukem Posts: 31
    can't really take those suggested prices on websites seriously.

    dch led out w/ the best offer. audi of manhattan only offered to match when it was already too late.

    got q5 prem plus for a few hundred bucks under invoice. check the history above...
  • WOW! Are you serious? A few hundred bucks under invoice for a Q5 Premium Plus? That is amazing!!! I wished that I could get those prices around Cleveland, OH! We are nowhere close to that around here! Sigh...
  • Ah, I didn't go back far enough, will check in with DCH....thanks!
  • ac5ac5 Posts: 2
    This is what I was offered today. I'm in Northern California and considering leasing a 2010 Q5 Premium Plus. I'm new to leasing, so I am seeking your input regarding the terms of this deal - good, bad, or indifferent. I did notice that the Money Factor quoted to me was different than the one Car_man mentioned. Comments on my down payment of $5K are welcome too. Thanks in advance.

    I was just quoted the following on a 42 month lease for an Audi Q5 Premium Plus:
    MSRP: $42,940
    Initial Cap Cost: $41,940
    Residual: 45%
    Residual Value $19,323
    Rebate/Audi Loyalty: -$500
    Bank Fee: $625
    DMV Amount/Add: $553 / $16
    Adjusted Cap Cost: $38,680.93
    Term: 42 months
    Leas Money Factor: 0.00165
    Base Monthly Rental: $556.61
    Tax Rate/Amt: 9.7500% $54.27
    Total Monthly Payment: $610.88
    License Fee: $569 (how is this differnt than DMV amount)
    CA Tire Fee: $8.75
    Doc Fee: $45
    CapTax1 Rt/Amt: 9.7500% $378.70
    Customer Cash Down $5,000
    Total Working Cash $5,500
    Drive Off: $5,500

    Any constructive advice or comments are welcome.

  • my thoughts on this deal is what dealer are you talking to or did you talk to because i would like to find a deal that good. thx
  • Is the Audi Care something I should get? Or is it just another dealer add on to make $$$? Afterall, shouldn't a car just need regular oil changes in the first 42 months? I feel as if I will be paying for something I don't need and be paying finance charges on top of the amount the dealer is charging for the Audi care.
  • lmariorodlmariorod Posts: 21
    Hi. Audicare is additional monies for the dealer but you might be better off getting it rather than not. The Oil changes are with synthetic oil and I believe you get 4 of them included as well as cabin filters and general check ups, car wash and recalls if any.
    You'll possibly be eligible for a loaner, depending on your dealer. Also your residual on a lease is a point or 2 higher.

    The 5K oil change and tire rotation is free or rather paid for by Audi coporate and the others are included in Audicare @ 15K, 25K, 35K and 45K. You can think about it and get after your first free 5K that way it won't be included in your payment with interest. Try negotiating Audi care, the closer you pay to invoice the harder it is to negotitate Audicare. Good Luck.
  • deborah512deborah512 Posts: 3
    I'm also in Northern CA and am getting nowhere working with Marin dealership. Can you tell me where you got this deal? Thanks!
  • deborah512deborah512 Posts: 3
    I'm also in Northern CA and am getting nowhere working with Marin dealership. Can you tell me where you got this deal? Thanks!
  • Just picked up a new Q5 on Friday (nearly went with the Acura RDX ((more bang for the buck)) but the Audi was just so much nicer--the ride and the vehicle itself): base model ("premium") w/o sunroof (have had sunroofs in my cars for the last 10 years and can count on both hands the number of times I've used 'em)--only add-ons were heated seats and the metallic paint. Invoice on the vehicle was $36,808 and I paid $36,000 (they "threw in" all-weather mats and agreed to sell me the road hazard plan at cost--ended up not purchasing it though). Love the car. However, I was wondering what everyone thought about the deal--for what it's worth, when I gave the number to a salesperson at another Audi dealer she told me to buy it ASAP--she said it was a great price. That said, I always feel like I could have done better. Any thoughts???
  • lmariorodlmariorod Posts: 21
    No doubt that's a great price. You were probably out the door under 40K with tax and DMV fees. The rest of us were out the door at 43K plus. However having paid $40,125 for the Premium Plus and the long list of included items, I could not see getting just the "Premium".

    The Premium Plus has those awesome LED DRL that just sets the Q5 apart from all others. The Xenon lights, power liftgate, Bluetooth, Homelink, IPOD, SD card, memory seats, power folding and dimming mirrors and the Panoramic moonroof.( We loved the huge Pano roof, particularly while enjoying the trees change in the fall around the Catskills and Adirondack mountains.

    Enjoy your new Q baby, at least you'll have the satisfaction of knowing you did not pay what most of us did.
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