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2013 and Earlier - Audi Q5 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • My new Q5 was delivered on Monday, a replacement for my Crashed Crushed Cayenne.... and I am thrilled! Bought it sight unseen and without a test drive. I had driven many SUV's BMW, Lexus, Volvo, Cadillac and I have to say I am thrilled! What a little gem!! I loved my Cayenne and did not expect to like the Audi as much as I do! What a sweet ride and a sweet surprise! Va-room! :shades:
  • Congrats to all with their new Q5's. I can't seem to get one.
    It started back in July. I called place after place without a call back. I sent request after request from different sites and nothing.
    I eventually called Audi US headquarters and said that for $45k I expected to be treated better. A guy from Audi Manhattan called within 30 minutes and left a voice mail. I called right back and left him a voice mail, then, nothing.... for 3 weeks and then the no call backs started again.
    Audi Nyack just tried to sell me the 2009 stock they had. Never even mentioned the 2010's about to come in.
    Eventually started to work with Audi Brooklyn, which is a new dealer I believe.
    Signed on August 14th. I still don't have a car! They say they can't find what I want which is Quartz Grey with Cinnamon interior. With one phone call I found one at Towne Audi in Englewood, NJ. Brooklyn says that Towne told them it is sold. Towne Audi wants me to start the application process all over again and are offering worse rates.....
    Any suggestions?
  • Go with Lexus RX350 2010. Problem solved!

    THe best customer service ever.
  • I'm in the market for a 2010 q5 prem, 2 dealers in mass. told me $500 off msrp is the best we can do. 1 dealer gave me a price of $1025 drive off $609 36/10k lease with 6.25% tax on a 2010 blk blk prem roof, rear airbags, heated seats, Bluetooth, $41.075 msrp with ($2k) off, this is the best I can find.

    Any help would be great guys
  • Probably is the best customer service but after having 4 RX's, and 3 LS's, found it time to have a change and went Audi Q5.

    Will probably go A8 when the 2010's come out.

    Anybody need a 2007 LS460 with 16K????
  • "Go with Lexus RX350 2010. Problem solved!

    THe best customer service ever. "

    You may want to watch this vidoe here LOL LOL :
  • I am in the market for a LS460. Color and price please.
  • Thanks for the suggestions and comments. I should be hearing back from Audi US HQ today.
  • That is so true unfortunately, that’s the reason I want to get Q5 because everyone and their mother are driving RX350.
  • manupmanup Posts: 24
    Ordered a 2010 Q5, Premium Plus, Quartz Grey with 19'' wheels in June. Picked it up three weeks ago. I dealt with Rusnak Audi, Westlake Village, CA. They were very professional and communicated with me regarding the progress of the car after ordering.

    Had a very smooth delievery, paid $41,049, "out the door", included free Audi Care for attending the Audi Driving Experience in May. Purchased "all weather floor mats and rear cargo mat, $50.00 discount on those accessories from the dealer sales manager. I have 750 miles on the odometer, zero problems, very nice car!!!
  • 41,049 out the door ! WOW

    How much under MSRP did you get ....

    I get a MSRP of $42,915 add tax etc....

    Did you get 10% + off MSRP ?

    Did you do supplier program?
  • manupmanup Posts: 24
    I was able to get $1,300 off MSRP,+ cash for clunkers, $1,000 off from Audi incentive, $200 off for junk value on clunkers deal. Timing was perfect in my case I guess. I tried to get more off MSRP but that was as good as they would go. As I had ordered the car they knew I was not likely to walk...I thought a good deal but not super great... California sales tax and License fees are "hefty".
  • I was able to get $1,300 off MSRP,+ cash for clunkers, $1,000 off from Audi incentive, $200 off for junk value on clunkers deal.

    Not a bad deal....but, no Navi??? A must have IMHO.
  • manupmanup Posts: 24
    Correct, no Navi.
  • crvexcrvex Posts: 23
    picked up the car today, love it!

    got it $1850 below MSRP. The dealer also gave me fair price for my trade-in

    I think i should be able to do better if i push it harder. But I decide to give the dealer more profit because they provide a very pleasant car buying process.
  • I am getting 2010 Q5 pemium plus + nav + audi care + whel locks + floormatsa for $48K out the door in ohio;

    Do you guys think this is a good deal...Anyone having the Bank & Olsen audio system think its worth paying $850 for it??

    Let me know your thoughts.

  • I think that $48K for that is very very high. If you build that car on it comes out to $45,195 so you should be able to do even better than that elloween.
  • paul - It's costing me $45K excluding tax, title, registration;

    If I include tax, title & registration its coming to $48K.
  • i agree with you! I ended up getting the Q5 premium plus, despite everything and the transmission its defective!!!! its jerks between gears and not only that, Audi corp of america are trying to deminish the problem, they already changed the transmission computer and they have no clue whats wrong with it, Not worth the problem, dont buy it. I got a great deal, really good, but for what am going through... not worth it! Very sad as I thought Audi was the way to go... Am in LA.
  • To all you happy buyers of Q5's, I envy you, as I have a premium plus from Rusnak Pasadena, great looking car, great deal but with a transmission defect that makes it jerk between gears, very uncomfortable... after four attempts and only 2800 miles the car still has a problem and they have already replaced the computer that regulates how the transmission works (mechatronics) It is not considered a safety issue but its truly annoying and I hear of the same thing happening to an A4.
    Audi its offering to keep trying to fix it but they dont even know what they are going after.... so its truly disappointing as Audi its supposed to be a great make with good attitude but its proving itself not so good.
    Just for all, as a warning.... FYI. And if you have a similar problem please let me know. Thanks!!
  • Just came back from a Audi dealer & gave me the following

    2010 Q5 36 month/10 miles
    Premium pkg
    Panorama sunroof
    music interface
    Rear side airbags
    Heated front seats

    gave me $4000 dn. incl tax,sec,1 month & fee

    Is this a good deal?
  • not bad but you can crunch them a bit more, i have 2009 premium plus, 2500 down, first month included and all fees, $559 a month, hole value went under 40k, held my ground on i want it and dont have more budget than that. good luck as i have mention yesterday, mine the transmission is defective and am going through hell to get this solved!.
    tell them same deal but the prem plus.
  • hey jake, its been a while since you posted but if you have not gotten the Q5 yet, you can work a much netter deal man, crunch those people to the last cent. make sure you test drive the one you are getting, mine has problems as its was shipped and special ordered and never drove it, did the tests on others that were no problem. once you sign that lease its hard to make them be as nice as before, am thinking :lemon:
  • Update: I signed yesterday. Eventually. All said and done I am getting a Q5 Premium Plus, Quartz Grey, Cinnamon interior, MMI, 19" wheels, B&O stereo, Floor liners, wheel locks and Audi Care for $43,815 (tax, title, fees extra).
    All of the people I dealt with yesterday were great. They really tried to make up for this long and annoying process.

    Something to remember when you negotiate.
    I'm getting the Audi Care thrown in to help with the questionnaire that you will receive after you buy the car. The dealership owner told me how important it is to the dealership. The important questions deal with a) would you purchase there again and b) would you recommend a friend.
    Basically, let your dealer know that it would help you answer Questions 2 & 3 if you were given (what you are looking for).

    Sorry to hear about peoples problems with their cars.
  • that's a great deal paul...where did u get this deal from?
  • Hey guys, wondering if you guys thought this was a good deal, working out a deal for a Q5 with Prestige and drive select MSRP is 49,000. I'm getting it for 49,500 excluding tax,title and fees.

    What do you think and is Audi care worth it to get for the 740?
  • Oops I meant that the invoice was 49,000 and I can get it for 49,500, the MSRP is approx 52,600.
  • Alex-

    Where did you get your car? Who was your salesman, etc. What exactly was the MSRP and selling price and what did you get in the car as far as options.


  • I'm considering purchasing either an Audi Q5 or a Lexus RX350. What factors prompted you to choose an Audi Q5 over the Lexus RX350?

    I look forward to your responses.

    Thank you!

  • elloween,
    I got it at Audi Brooklyn.
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