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2013 and Earlier - Audi Q5 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • mingfangmingfang Posts: 1
    I leased mine from DCH Millburn Audi. My salesman was Andrew Woolcock. He was very knowledgeable and professional. I now had my Premium Plus + MMI for a week and am very happy with it; No issues at all.
  • dkny1dkny1 Posts: 8
    Thanks mingfang. can you tell me how much for the car ? (sticker price ) and did they gave you any discount? NO navi? .
  • gelo1225gelo1225 Posts: 2
    Hey rubinjos,
    Congrats on the purchase! I'm also looking at the 2010 q5. I'm thinking premium plus most likely. I also live in michigan. How much did u pay for the car (msrp/invoice) and what dealership did u go through? did you negotiate with a lot of dealerships before pulling the trigger? this will be my first new car and am excited for the experience.
  • telebumptelebump Posts: 12
    My local dealer (and the only dealer in 500 miles) has pretty much zero stock on Q5's right now so I am considering putting in an order for a 2010. How much room for negotiation is there on a pre-order like that? I am looking for a prestige trim. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Also, do people expect that demand will be less with the 2010 (or inventories better?)
  • rubinjosrubinjos Posts: 9
    I got the q5 for a couple of grand under MSRP. Went through Audi Dealership in Rochester.
  • alexgp11alexgp11 Posts: 8
    sozo, just saw a black Q5 with S-line on the highway yesterday, finally. I am a guy that needs to see the real deal, not a computer image. The car looks very sharp, a completely different story than without the S-line. Almost night and day. Still, I have decided to wait until 2010 for a decision. Enjoy yours!
  • kerryjthkerryjth Posts: 67
    The VW CC claims to have TOUCH SCREEN.. Why cant AUDI do it for Q5 ... really annoying
  • audirs4audirs4 Posts: 13
    The S line really does make the difference on the Q5. If I got a Q5, it would have to be S line.

    The 2010's have a differnt wheel pattern, though. It's just like the 19 inch pattern on the 09 A4 with the tri-spoke. Very sharp looking.

    Dealers have very little inventory and this is one hot car for Audi.
  • kerryjthkerryjth Posts: 67
    I keep hearing the Q5 is hard to get BUT it is not true according to an Auto Industry trade rags all luxury SUV/Crossovers are moving slow and Q5 is no exception ....... seems NO cars are scarce in this economy...

    I went to a dealer in NY who said Q5 was hard to get BUT I drove in back of their lot and there were 6 of them behind a lot of Q7s...

    My 2 cents is I would NOT buy now BUT wait a while and there will be more incentives and hungrier sales managers as the inventory builds... . do not settle for less than $400 under INVOICE in this economy

    Good Luck...
  • alexgp11alexgp11 Posts: 8
    audirs4, looking forward to seeing those live!
  • audirs4audirs4 Posts: 13
    if you offer 400 under invoice, many dealers will gladly show you the door.

    There might be some parts of the country that have extra Q5's around, but many dealers are sold out of 09's and waiting for the 10's to come.

    The Q5's with navigation (especially prem plus' in that 45-46k range) are the most popular and seem to be the hardest to get.
  • Thats funny.. I ran into the same thing. Coming out of a BMW lease, I was really accustomed to the very attentive, high end customer service. Not the case at Audi. Went to 2 dealerships and it seems to be an Audi thing to be aloof and not very friendly. VERY different than BMW. I would have loved to have stayed with BMW just for their amazing customer service but they just couldnt offer a car like the Q5. The X5 is inferior in every way to the Q5 and more costly to lease.
  • kerryjthkerryjth Posts: 67
    Audi culture is one of aloofness and Audi 1st Customer 2nd... They do not get Customer Service... My only caution in leaving BMW for Audi is my q7 spent a lot of time in the shop and it was a nightmare, My service guy tells me it was a fluke and audi has given me incentives(which may actually work) to stay BUT the question is DO I REALLY WANT THE HASSLE - life is too short ...

    BTW I test drove a Nissan Murano and was quite impressed - nice ride, handling and even a GREAT TOUCH SCREEN NAV system that blows AWAY the Audi Q5 version ... Fully loaded I had dealer down to $35K...

  • kerryjthkerryjth Posts: 67
    You overlook 1 fact ...

    RECESSION !! The SUVs over $40K market has all but dried up... High PRICE & GAS MILEAGE are killing it

    There will be plenty of 2010 Q5 inventory pretty much across the country... and just like all of us in business some profit is better than NO profit ...

    and yes at $400 under invoice the dealer is still making a profit not as nice as the FAT one they are used to but still good !

    Also just mention you want to test drive a Murano... Nissan SALES are way up despite recession due to great price value and GAs mileage..
  • audirs4audirs4 Posts: 13
    Unless there is loyalty money or dealer cash, you're not going to get under invoice on a new Q5.

    Audi is one of the few brands that has no dealer holdback on cars. On the 09's, I think there was 1000 on the table for loyalty on conquest cash. I think that's gone, though.

    There's only about 2300 of dealer mark-up in a 43k price range Q5 premium plus.

    But it's not a big deal if you can buy a 43k MSRP Q5 for 41k. People are buying the Q5 because they want one. It's getting stellar reviews and press, not because it's the cheapest car out there.
  • telebumptelebump Posts: 12
    I am looking at getting a new car in the next couple months and really like the Q5, however I have been frankly really turned off by the responsiveness of the Audi sales people. I have already asked to have one sales rep switched out for another based on his rudeness, and the "manager" I am now working with is completely unresponsive. It is to the point where I have said that I want to preorder a 2010 Q5 and I can't even get the rep to call me back to give him my cc for a deposit! Three calls and two emails, no response. My second choice is an RX350, and they have an outstanding reputation and the rep has been very polite and thorough. Anyone else have a similar experience? I have a hard time spending 50K on a company I have no experience with whose people are not competent. Any thoughts would be appreciated.
  • kerryjthkerryjth Posts: 67
    thanks for the insights.. do you work for a delaler or audi hq?
  • I just wanted to mention that I picked up a 2010 Q5 Prestige with S-line package yesterday ($54,700 OTD with 7% sales tax) and contrary to the online tool Audi has, it DOES come in cinnamon interior which I might add is a very attractive interior.

    I got $1300 off MSRP without even asking (seriously, I called them up after I test drove the car on Thursday and said I would be coming in later in the day with a check and asked for them to send me the price) I didn't ask because this was the only 2010 prestige in my entire city (4 Audi dealers).

    So that is just a little FYI to all of you building a Q5 or buying one.
  • Yeah, Audi dealers are known for their arrogant attitude. Go with RX350 trust me you’ll thank me later.
  • I see 2010's building each day. Tried to buy a 2009 Premium plus locally but they had added $1,000 with audi care, nitrogen for I did not even try. Regardless, I found a 6 week old Q5 in silver/black on autotrader from a lady with buyers remorse. REgardless, I bought the car for $37,250 with less than 2,000 miles. She was happy, I am happy. The car has no issues at all. The MSRP was $42,800 so I am pretty content expecially with the 2010's coming out. The 2009's should be near invoice--why buy a 2009 with slight discount when 2010 are on the ground.
  • btmoorebtmoore Posts: 5
    I just purchased a 10 Q5 Prestige for 6% off of MSRP through the Audi Supplier program,, check with your company to see if they are part of the supplier program. MSRP is $49,675, According Edmunds Invoice is $46,256, and with the supplier program the price is 46,744. Now after a bit of negotiating I got them to add the AudiCare program for no charge which costs $740. So depending on how you look at it, out the door near or below invoice depending on how you want to look at the AudiCare I got cooked in the deal, which is better than the TMV price on a 10 (which is currently showing MSRP) and on par with the TMV price for a 09. Now I also had a clunker that I cashed for an addtional $3500 off so that made it real nice since the value for my clunker was $750.

    BTW I am located in the SF Bay area.
  • kerryjthkerryjth Posts: 67
    Sounds like the dealers see '10 inventory building .... Did you get the AUDI Customer loyalty $1000 discount too ?
  • Nice deal--what color. What does the Audi care cover beyond oil changes and tire rotations, I was offered it for $700 bucks? The oil changes are 15/25/35/45 which will cost you about $600 at the dealer. I do my own but was wondering if it covers brakes, wipers, and the like?

  • I bought a used Premium plus 2009 Q5 with 1900 miles Saturday. The car did not fit the lady I got it from. Regardless, it was perfect and only 6 weeks old. I paid $37,250. My main story here is on my 200 mile trip home from N Texas to N Oklahoma I got 31 mpg with a tail wind. Average speed was 67 mph. Even if the trip computer is optimistic as they all seem to be by 1-2 mpg this is very good. My wife got 31 in our BMW 3 series stick following me back. Consumer reports just tested the Q5 and noted the good Highway MPG (they list 26 mpg in test), 19 overall and 13 city. 31 mpg seems too good to be true even with a tail wind! However I am very impressed with this car. ;)
  • btmoorebtmoore Posts: 5
    No loyalty cash as my other ride is a BMW, this is my first Audi.
  • btmoorebtmoore Posts: 5
    Black on black. As far as what the Care program covers, anything that is in scheduled for the 15,000. 25,000, 35,000 and 45,000 mile cycle or 5 years. So I doubt it would cover consumables like brakes.

    Here is a link to the brochure
  • mufc4memufc4me Posts: 6

    I found that my company has the Audi Supplier program available also and was wondering how that effects the price i could get for a Q5 Premium? I was going to wait till next spring but noticed in the certificate that it would expire on Jan 4, 2010 so I might make a plunge sooner. What kind of figures could I expect with the 6% off MSRP for the 2010 Q5 Premium (rough estimate total inc taxes etc)? What was your grand total for the Q5 Prestige out the door with taxes etc? $46,744? TIA
  • I bought a 2009 Prestige package the last week of July. The dealer showed me a 2009 Prestige model, which was a demo (450 miles) and must have been on the lot for a couple of months. MSRP 49.025, Invoice (Edmunds) $45,651- TMV $46,641. I called over 10 Audi dealers and they all said they had little or no 2009's and only a few 2010's in Premium Plus, and almost no Prestige models available. Most quoted $800-$1200 off sticker for 2010 models. My dealer sold me the 2009 Prestige demo for $43,800, which seemed like a great deal for the car in the current "Q5" shortage climate. Certainly as the cars are more plentiful, more deals will be available. In any case- totally thrilled with the Audi Q5! PS : A 45 minute lesson on MMI from your salesperson is essential, as this is quite an intricate system.
  • btmoorebtmoore Posts: 5
    As far as how it effects the price of a Premium, it is the same 6% off the MSRP, you could go on Audi's website and "build your own" to get the MSRP for what you want and take 6% off that price.

    I paid 46K ish before taxes etc, sorry don't have the exact numbers in front of me. I cant say what your taxes and licenses fees will be. My VLF was over $600 and taxes were another $4,500. Now that is in expensive tax crazy CA.
  • kerryjthkerryjth Posts: 67
    Not sure why but audi sales people do not promote the supplier program. I found out about it from a Nissan dealer since they offer similar program and then found out audi offers it . I have heard that if the local ausid dealer does not have the car in stock they will play games and give your car to someone that does not use Audi supplier program..

    Any one know if this is true or just rumors ?? Can I place a custome order thru supplier program ...

  • Picked up the ride today. Pretty sweet. Gettin windows tinted tomorrow and getting the tv/dvd headrest screens installed
  • dkny1dkny1 Posts: 8
    Just sealed a deal on a Q5 '09 White with beige interior premium plus , navigation , 19" wheel (much nicer) , all weather mats (front+back) , rubberized cargo liner and BARRACUDA bike holder for 42.500 . It was the last one in the dealer (floor model). I feel very good about the deal. Very nice salesman (contacted him by phone before i went there. ) Palisades Audi in Nyack , NY (by Tapanzee Bridge)
    I feel very lucky to find just the right color combo and options I wanted. ( just missed the Bang & Olufsen sound system ) :cry:
    I've been searching for month to get a good deal and i feel I got a GREAT deal.
    Good luck to everyone looking for a Q5 . Just be patient and visit a lot of dealers.
  • dwdmdwdm Posts: 9
    Congrats on your new Q5. I'm currently going thru the same dealer as well (Palisades). Did you have a smooth negotiation? Did you ask for all those accessories or did they throw it in. I tried to get them to throw in the mats but they did not budge. Did you inquire about Audi Care? Any other tips/comments regarding this dealer?

  • dkny1dkny1 Posts: 8
    so far it was smooth . Understand it was the last Q5 2009 in the lot!!, so I had some room to negotiate with them. Trust me they not giving nothing for free. But does'nt hurt to try. Don't show yourself too desperate and don't rush it. Make sure you get what you want.
    Just curious what are you looking for ?, how much sticker price ? how much are they offering you?..
    No audi care. just keep looking around , theres a lot of audi dealers (NY;NJ)
    I find that classic audi in white plains is giving $1.500 under sticker price on Q5 2010.
    good luck dwdm
  • Yea, I like the 2010 Cardemom Beige cause you can get the much nicer looking walnut inlays (darker). I am pretty sure that the 2009 Cardemom Beige only comes in the natural Ash inlays. One of the reasons we waited for the 2010s.
  • just tinted mine. very nice to match and a little cooler. With 2k on the car I finally gave it a full throttle and 100 mph was fast, smooth, safe, quiet and witout drama.
    I really like our Q5.
  • Where did you get your headrest tv/dvd's? The Audi dealer, or some after market? Can you share?
  • wgjoneswgjones Posts: 1
    I am looking at a 09 Q5 silver with gray interior. It is the premium plus and audi care is included. It has 900 miles on it. Right now I am at 39K even. Is this a good deal?
  • Hey guys. finally put down my deposit on a 2010 q5 in detroit area. went with the premium plus, nav and 19s. With a lil wheeling and dealing got 1800 under sticker. I'm thinking now maybe i should've just gotten a prestige for a couple grand more with the standard 19s...i guess all i'd be paying the extra for is the bang and oulffsen, side assist and keyless start...don't know if it's worth it. any thoughts?
  • Well, the wife picked up her 2010 build this past Saturday and can't be happier.

    2010, Prestige Grey Meteor w/black interior. List $50,150 Paid $47,140.00. But, the kicker was the trade.......2008 deal we could get on a trade (from other Audi's, BMW, Mercedes and also Lexus) was $28,500. Dealer gave us $30K.

    Voice recognition is the best I have seen. She misses the touch screen. But, the important thing...........she is happy..... :-)
  • My new Q5 was delivered on Monday, a replacement for my Crashed Crushed Cayenne.... and I am thrilled! Bought it sight unseen and without a test drive. I had driven many SUV's BMW, Lexus, Volvo, Cadillac and I have to say I am thrilled! What a little gem!! I loved my Cayenne and did not expect to like the Audi as much as I do! What a sweet ride and a sweet surprise! Va-room! :shades:
  • Congrats to all with their new Q5's. I can't seem to get one.
    It started back in July. I called place after place without a call back. I sent request after request from different sites and nothing.
    I eventually called Audi US headquarters and said that for $45k I expected to be treated better. A guy from Audi Manhattan called within 30 minutes and left a voice mail. I called right back and left him a voice mail, then, nothing.... for 3 weeks and then the no call backs started again.
    Audi Nyack just tried to sell me the 2009 stock they had. Never even mentioned the 2010's about to come in.
    Eventually started to work with Audi Brooklyn, which is a new dealer I believe.
    Signed on August 14th. I still don't have a car! They say they can't find what I want which is Quartz Grey with Cinnamon interior. With one phone call I found one at Towne Audi in Englewood, NJ. Brooklyn says that Towne told them it is sold. Towne Audi wants me to start the application process all over again and are offering worse rates.....
    Any suggestions?
  • Go with Lexus RX350 2010. Problem solved!

    THe best customer service ever.
  • I'm in the market for a 2010 q5 prem, 2 dealers in mass. told me $500 off msrp is the best we can do. 1 dealer gave me a price of $1025 drive off $609 36/10k lease with 6.25% tax on a 2010 blk blk prem roof, rear airbags, heated seats, Bluetooth, $41.075 msrp with ($2k) off, this is the best I can find.

    Any help would be great guys
  • Probably is the best customer service but after having 4 RX's, and 3 LS's, found it time to have a change and went Audi Q5.

    Will probably go A8 when the 2010's come out.

    Anybody need a 2007 LS460 with 16K????
  • "Go with Lexus RX350 2010. Problem solved!

    THe best customer service ever. "

    You may want to watch this vidoe here LOL LOL :
  • I am in the market for a LS460. Color and price please.
  • Thanks for the suggestions and comments. I should be hearing back from Audi US HQ today.
  • That is so true unfortunately, that’s the reason I want to get Q5 because everyone and their mother are driving RX350.
  • manupmanup Posts: 24
    Ordered a 2010 Q5, Premium Plus, Quartz Grey with 19'' wheels in June. Picked it up three weeks ago. I dealt with Rusnak Audi, Westlake Village, CA. They were very professional and communicated with me regarding the progress of the car after ordering.

    Had a very smooth delievery, paid $41,049, "out the door", included free Audi Care for attending the Audi Driving Experience in May. Purchased "all weather floor mats and rear cargo mat, $50.00 discount on those accessories from the dealer sales manager. I have 750 miles on the odometer, zero problems, very nice car!!!
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