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2013 and Earlier - Audi Q5 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • rubinjosrubinjos Posts: 9
    I am getting real close to pulling the trigger on a Q5 Presitge Package w/ no other options. Pricing has not come out, but I am guessing that it will not chage a whole lot (may go up a little because Side Assist is being added as Standard for Prestige Package). There has been some talk about people getting these 2009 Q5s for very little over invoice. This is hard for me to believe considering they are becoming very scarce (It is really hard to find a Prestige out there). I have not started negotiating w/ dealer. Should I have any problems breezing into dealer and ordering a 2010 Q5 for invoice (or a little over). I am in Michigan so they may be having trouble selling these. What else should I ask for? - two payments, any incentives (I have a BMW -Conquest incentive?) What about paying the ad fees - are they mandatory? Any advice that will save me $$$ is greatly appreciated!
  • oooooooo Posts: 5
    This was in Florida. It does not include tax, title, or $600 doc fee.
  • telebumptelebump Posts: 12
    Do you know when the 2010's are coming out, and what changes they will have from the 2009's? I have not been able to find an 09 in the setup I want so I am looking for the 10's to come out. Thanks!
  • ccjw511ccjw511 Posts: 23
    salesman told me the car will be available around another 2 months and there is nothing change on 2010.
  • rubinjosrubinjos Posts: 9
    Your sales guy is wrong about no changes on 2010s. There are several changes. For example, Side Assist is standard on Prestige. Different rims on S-Line; Plus - hybrid may be available later in 2010. keep that in mind. I am also impatiently waiting on 2010 pricing and availability
  • rubinjosrubinjos Posts: 9
    Just put in an order for a 2010 Q5 Prestige today! Black (exterior) on Beige (interior) - thank God Audi decided to add the Walnut inlays as an option on the beige interior cause the Almond would not have worked out. Cant wait to take delivery of this fine Auto!
  • wigglewiggle Posts: 2
    First a quick thanks to others on this forum for your insight in helping me negotiate a deal. Picked up a dealer demo Q5 yesterday. Premium Plus, MMI Nav plus pckg, ibis white, cardamom beige w/1400 miles. Paid $39,300. I'll sleep well....
  • mikumiku Posts: 2
    I've been looking at a car very similar to this...what city did you buy in?
  • wigglewiggle Posts: 2
    San Diego
  • slikrik98slikrik98 Posts: 1
    just bought a Q5 w/ PP, MMI, and 19" wheels package, black/black, in Chicago for $45000. 36mo finance to take advantage of the 2 months payments from Audi Financial (36 is as low as they'll let you go). 2.9% APR.
  • dkny1dkny1 Posts: 8
    Hi to all . anybody can help me w/ a good dealer in the tri-state are? . Looking for prestige or + Maybe provide me w/ name of good salesman.
    For the people who already own one : how satisfy are you?. any mayor issue ?
  • sozosozo Posts: 4
    Just ordered a loaded Q5 S-Line - all options (B&O sound, Drive Select, Advanced Key...) except Side Assist (now I learn above that it will be standard on my 2010 - more bells & whistles, literally) and rear airbags. Black on black but hoped for other colors than those currently offered for 2010. Also would have ordered TDI if offered like in Europe. Only difference to European version is no choice on seats (there are 3+ leathers offered there and the S-Line gets 'sport seats' with additional support and 'S-Line' embossed on the seat back), and about USD $40K less on same equipped model. Had a Q7 TDI in Switzerland - beautiful car and quick! Q5 drives similarly only more nimble, obviously, due to size. Prefer looks and interior of Q5. Bought at Audi Manhattan. Rare combo so no stock and had to order. Sept. can't come quick enough!
  • rlm51rlm51 Posts: 21
    I've visited the nearest Audi dealer twice ... and not once have I been greeted or otherwise approached in any way. Don't know if this is "normal" behavior (or an Audi status thing?) but certainly enough to turn me into a BMW or Lexus customer.

    This was at McDonald Audi in Littleton, Colorado, where I went looking for a 2009 Q5, white/tan, Prestige.

  • alexgp11alexgp11 Posts: 8
    "sozo" - you ordered exactly the model I am considering. Mind if I ask some questions: (a) did you get the standard tires that come with the S-line, which are 20-inch Summer Tires? Do you know if 20-inch all-season tires are available? (b) How much was the final price? Cheers.
  • alexgp11alexgp11 Posts: 8
    PS - do you have any pictures of it?
  • i think this is normal audi dealership behavior because i live in the dc area adn for the three dealerships that i've visited, i haven't been greeted once. this is also why i decided to stick with lexus
  • aquaman2aquaman2 Posts: 7
    I live in State of California(Los Angeles) and looking to lease a 2009 Audi Q5 with Premium Pkg for 36 months at 10K per year. So far, the best deal I have got is $569/month for 35 months(Audi' rebate takes care of first month) with Zero down and drive off is at $1,200. i am wondering what everyone thinks about this offer?
  • Hi aquaman2. This particular discussion is for people to talk about the prices that they have paid for their Q5s. You will probably have better luck finding answers to any questions that you have about leasing this truck over in the "Audi Q5 Lease Questions" discussion.

    I personally actually feel as though looking at vehicles' selling prices in relation to their MSRP or dealer invoice prices is the best way to tell if one is getting a good deal on a lease anyhow. The selling prices of leased vehicles are negotiable, just as if you were paying cash for or financing them. Let us know what this truck's selling price is and I'm sure that either myself or another knowledgeable community member will gladly tell you what they think,

    Prices Paid: Buying & Leasing Experiences Forum
  • aquaman2aquaman2 Posts: 7
    the MSRP is $41,350 and seeling price is sold at $39,250. how does this sound?
  • sozosozo Posts: 4
    Hi alexqp11,
    No pictures since I had to order one that will only be built from next week, but if you go to the Audi configurator you can 'see it' by building it.
    I took the 20 in. summer tires. All seasons or M&S tires are not available. I plan to prob. purchase a set of narrower rims for the winter - actually something very commonly practiced in Europe, but costly. I paid after tax and dest. charges $59k. ($54.1k before). Pricey perhaps, but my mentality is still in Europe where I would pay close to $100k for this configuration. I took the double 5-spoke rims BTW.
  • mingfangmingfang Posts: 1
    I leased mine from DCH Millburn Audi. My salesman was Andrew Woolcock. He was very knowledgeable and professional. I now had my Premium Plus + MMI for a week and am very happy with it; No issues at all.
  • dkny1dkny1 Posts: 8
    Thanks mingfang. can you tell me how much for the car ? (sticker price ) and did they gave you any discount? NO navi? .
  • gelo1225gelo1225 Posts: 2
    Hey rubinjos,
    Congrats on the purchase! I'm also looking at the 2010 q5. I'm thinking premium plus most likely. I also live in michigan. How much did u pay for the car (msrp/invoice) and what dealership did u go through? did you negotiate with a lot of dealerships before pulling the trigger? this will be my first new car and am excited for the experience.
  • telebumptelebump Posts: 12
    My local dealer (and the only dealer in 500 miles) has pretty much zero stock on Q5's right now so I am considering putting in an order for a 2010. How much room for negotiation is there on a pre-order like that? I am looking for a prestige trim. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Also, do people expect that demand will be less with the 2010 (or inventories better?)
  • rubinjosrubinjos Posts: 9
    I got the q5 for a couple of grand under MSRP. Went through Audi Dealership in Rochester.
  • alexgp11alexgp11 Posts: 8
    sozo, just saw a black Q5 with S-line on the highway yesterday, finally. I am a guy that needs to see the real deal, not a computer image. The car looks very sharp, a completely different story than without the S-line. Almost night and day. Still, I have decided to wait until 2010 for a decision. Enjoy yours!
  • kerryjthkerryjth Posts: 67
    The VW CC claims to have TOUCH SCREEN.. Why cant AUDI do it for Q5 ... really annoying
  • audirs4audirs4 Posts: 13
    The S line really does make the difference on the Q5. If I got a Q5, it would have to be S line.

    The 2010's have a differnt wheel pattern, though. It's just like the 19 inch pattern on the 09 A4 with the tri-spoke. Very sharp looking.

    Dealers have very little inventory and this is one hot car for Audi.
  • kerryjthkerryjth Posts: 67
    I keep hearing the Q5 is hard to get BUT it is not true according to an Auto Industry trade rags all luxury SUV/Crossovers are moving slow and Q5 is no exception ....... seems NO cars are scarce in this economy...

    I went to a dealer in NY who said Q5 was hard to get BUT I drove in back of their lot and there were 6 of them behind a lot of Q7s...

    My 2 cents is I would NOT buy now BUT wait a while and there will be more incentives and hungrier sales managers as the inventory builds... . do not settle for less than $400 under INVOICE in this economy

    Good Luck...
  • alexgp11alexgp11 Posts: 8
    audirs4, looking forward to seeing those live!
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