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2013 and Earlier - Audi Q5 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • 41,049 out the door ! WOW

    How much under MSRP did you get ....

    I get a MSRP of $42,915 add tax etc....

    Did you get 10% + off MSRP ?

    Did you do supplier program?
  • manupmanup Posts: 24
    I was able to get $1,300 off MSRP,+ cash for clunkers, $1,000 off from Audi incentive, $200 off for junk value on clunkers deal. Timing was perfect in my case I guess. I tried to get more off MSRP but that was as good as they would go. As I had ordered the car they knew I was not likely to walk...I thought a good deal but not super great... California sales tax and License fees are "hefty".
  • I was able to get $1,300 off MSRP,+ cash for clunkers, $1,000 off from Audi incentive, $200 off for junk value on clunkers deal.

    Not a bad deal....but, no Navi??? A must have IMHO.
  • manupmanup Posts: 24
    Correct, no Navi.
  • crvexcrvex Posts: 23
    picked up the car today, love it!

    got it $1850 below MSRP. The dealer also gave me fair price for my trade-in

    I think i should be able to do better if i push it harder. But I decide to give the dealer more profit because they provide a very pleasant car buying process.
  • I am getting 2010 Q5 pemium plus + nav + audi care + whel locks + floormatsa for $48K out the door in ohio;

    Do you guys think this is a good deal...Anyone having the Bank & Olsen audio system think its worth paying $850 for it??

    Let me know your thoughts.

  • I think that $48K for that is very very high. If you build that car on it comes out to $45,195 so you should be able to do even better than that elloween.
  • paul - It's costing me $45K excluding tax, title, registration;

    If I include tax, title & registration its coming to $48K.
  • i agree with you! I ended up getting the Q5 premium plus, despite everything and the transmission its defective!!!! its jerks between gears and not only that, Audi corp of america are trying to deminish the problem, they already changed the transmission computer and they have no clue whats wrong with it, Not worth the problem, dont buy it. I got a great deal, really good, but for what am going through... not worth it! Very sad as I thought Audi was the way to go... Am in LA.
  • To all you happy buyers of Q5's, I envy you, as I have a premium plus from Rusnak Pasadena, great looking car, great deal but with a transmission defect that makes it jerk between gears, very uncomfortable... after four attempts and only 2800 miles the car still has a problem and they have already replaced the computer that regulates how the transmission works (mechatronics) It is not considered a safety issue but its truly annoying and I hear of the same thing happening to an A4.
    Audi its offering to keep trying to fix it but they dont even know what they are going after.... so its truly disappointing as Audi its supposed to be a great make with good attitude but its proving itself not so good.
    Just for all, as a warning.... FYI. And if you have a similar problem please let me know. Thanks!!
  • Just came back from a Audi dealer & gave me the following

    2010 Q5 36 month/10 miles
    Premium pkg
    Panorama sunroof
    music interface
    Rear side airbags
    Heated front seats

    gave me $4000 dn. incl tax,sec,1 month & fee

    Is this a good deal?
  • not bad but you can crunch them a bit more, i have 2009 premium plus, 2500 down, first month included and all fees, $559 a month, hole value went under 40k, held my ground on i want it and dont have more budget than that. good luck as i have mention yesterday, mine the transmission is defective and am going through hell to get this solved!.
    tell them same deal but the prem plus.
  • hey jake, its been a while since you posted but if you have not gotten the Q5 yet, you can work a much netter deal man, crunch those people to the last cent. make sure you test drive the one you are getting, mine has problems as its was shipped and special ordered and never drove it, did the tests on others that were no problem. once you sign that lease its hard to make them be as nice as before, am thinking :lemon:
  • Update: I signed yesterday. Eventually. All said and done I am getting a Q5 Premium Plus, Quartz Grey, Cinnamon interior, MMI, 19" wheels, B&O stereo, Floor liners, wheel locks and Audi Care for $43,815 (tax, title, fees extra).
    All of the people I dealt with yesterday were great. They really tried to make up for this long and annoying process.

    Something to remember when you negotiate.
    I'm getting the Audi Care thrown in to help with the questionnaire that you will receive after you buy the car. The dealership owner told me how important it is to the dealership. The important questions deal with a) would you purchase there again and b) would you recommend a friend.
    Basically, let your dealer know that it would help you answer Questions 2 & 3 if you were given (what you are looking for).

    Sorry to hear about peoples problems with their cars.
  • that's a great deal paul...where did u get this deal from?
  • Hey guys, wondering if you guys thought this was a good deal, working out a deal for a Q5 with Prestige and drive select MSRP is 49,000. I'm getting it for 49,500 excluding tax,title and fees.

    What do you think and is Audi care worth it to get for the 740?
  • Oops I meant that the invoice was 49,000 and I can get it for 49,500, the MSRP is approx 52,600.
  • Alex-

    Where did you get your car? Who was your salesman, etc. What exactly was the MSRP and selling price and what did you get in the car as far as options.


  • I'm considering purchasing either an Audi Q5 or a Lexus RX350. What factors prompted you to choose an Audi Q5 over the Lexus RX350?

    I look forward to your responses.

    Thank you!

  • elloween,
    I got it at Audi Brooklyn.
  • DCM,
    I went with the Q5 over the Lexus for a few reasons.
    1) All of the recent reviews (that I have seen) have put it ahead of the Lexus.
    2) I think it just looks better.
    3) It's petty, but my old boss (not a nice guy) had one and that soured me, perhaps forever on that car.
  • I have labored over the decision between the 350 and the Q5 for about 6 months as well. At the end of the day I went with the Q5 (on order, arriving in two weeks) because it is fun to drive and a lot better performing than the 350 imo. The Q5 drives more like a sedan and it has zest. The 350 drove fine, but it was just kind of blah in the performance area. The technology between the two is a wash imo, but I loved the bells and whistles in the Q5. The third party validation on the Q5 can't be ignored. It is rated better by just about every third party source I have seen.
  • went to hoffman audi today to drive a q5 after eliminating an infiniti ex35 from the list I am considering. liked it even more than I thought I would. told the salesman and his boss that I am not in the market til feb when my current lexus lease ends. they tell me to give them the payoff amount and maybe they can do something since they also own a lexus dealership. none of this adds up until I get home and figure out that they want to take my end of lease value [24800] and sell it on the lot for around 32-33k [[saw on that they have the same model on the lot with 36k miles [mine only has 34k] for 32951 likely with much less equipment than mine]]. so is this thinking on my part accurate: they want to clear about 7k in profit from my car and then likely stick me for 3k markup on their q5 [premium plus with nav and 19 inch rims] so its a 10 k difference in their favor. if I tell them that I want 6-7 from that taken off the msrp of the q5 is that a fair deal for both of us? or am I just dead wrong? by the way mine like theirs is a 2006 model.
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 148,546
    No offense... but, you are closer to being dead wrong... ;)

    What they can sell your car for has no bearing on your end of the deal.. There is a wholesale value of your car.. and, there is a payoff on the lease.. If the payoff is equal to the wholesale value, then they can get you out of your car for "free". They aren't making anything on that deal, and you aren't out any money.. If they then make a profit by selling your car, that still has nothing to do with your deal.... that's what they do... buy and sell cars.

    But, chances are.... your car isn't worth the lease payoff (very few leased cars are, mid-term). It doesn't hurt to have them see what they can do, but most likely, you are a few thousand upside-down, and they'll be looking to hide that in your new payment...

    On another note.... if they could make $7K profit on a used car.. they most likely wouldn't bother selling new Audis... :surprise:

    The best you can hope for... is that they can get you out of the Lexus for nothing.... then, negotiate the best deal you can on the Q5.. But, you'll probably be better off waiting for February..


    Did you get a good deal? Be sure to come back and share!

    Edmunds Moderator

  • In my opinion in your case it’d be smarter to wait until February. If you Lexus worth more than buy it out and sell it. If you get $30,000 for it it’s already more than $5,000 towards your new Q5. Simple and effective. Otherwise, yes, they will make money on your Lexus ands Q5. That’s what they do.
  • I don't think you comprehend what I posted. my car is not 'mid term' in its lease. I know for a fact that the dealer expects and marks up their Lexus cars 8000 because I was told just that by one of their arrogant sales people. you also didn't comprehend that the Audi dealership and Lexus dealership are owned by the same family. finally I know what the car is worth retail because I have done the research on it. jeez. dealers like this make money on uninformed customers which is why edmunds is included in good research. my thinking may not be accurate but I would bet is very close in this case. regardless I told them that nothing is going to happen unless the numbers work for ME. I am pretty sure that when I went for the test drive they immediately checked out my car. not the first time that happened and likely the reason the salesperson was so hot to change the tenor of the conversation once we returned to the dealer. thanks for your input anyway. I don't mind being wrong as much as I would overpaying or getting ripped off.
  • probably a good idea except I need an suv and all wheel drive. I didnt realize how valuable a good credit score is now in this market.
  • I finally paid deposit for my q5 today;

    I ordered the ibis white w/ beige interior, premium plus+ nav + b&o +wheel locks + fmats +audi care program

    got it for $45K excluding tax,title in Ohio.

    My car is being built and should be delivered 45-60 days.
  • A couple of thoughts on the numbers. I've leased a number of cars and have gotten out of the leases before the end of the term, so I have some first hand experience. I won't claim to know everything, but I think I have a very good working knowledge of the process.

    On the lease payoff, you have to keep in mind that the "real" payoff for most leases is the residual amount ($24800 for you) PLUS the total of all remaining payments. That is definitely the case for a person simply looking to get out of their lease. It is possible that a dealer can work directly with the leasing company and negotiate a price, but given the state of car leases these days, banks are not looking to take a loss on a lease. From what I've seen, on many leases with good residuals, the banks want the cars back because they will make money on them at auction since the used car market is hot right now. Not true for all cars, but for the right cars, this seems to be the case.

    The market for well maintained cars like Lexus and Acura is hot. I have seen the auction data (not readily available to the public) and the wholesale market for good quality, well maintained cars has increased over the past year. So the bank may not be eager to simply let you or anyone simply exit the lease for less than residual + remaining payments. That is the number you should be using when calculating the trade-in value of your Lexus.

    I realize that the dealer may have similar cars sitting on his lot for $32K, but they may not be selling for that. I just sold my 2004 Acura TL after purchasing it after the lease ended. I bought the car from the bank, drove it for 1 year and sold it on my own. Dealers had similar cars on their lots priced at $18K to $20K. They are not selling for that. As it turned out, I was able to sell it for my full price ($15K) with a waiting list of eager buyers I turned away. My car was extremely well maintained, full books/records and the care it had showed. What I am getting at, is if you have a car that is similar and the miles are good, etc., you are probably better off buying the car and then selling it.

    Keep in mind that at the end of a lease, at least here in Ohio, only you, the leaseholder, can buy the car at the end of the lease and you have to pay the sales taxes, etc. Only a dealer taking your car on trade can avoid the sales tax payment.

    Sorry if this went in a direction you didn't intend or not interested in, but as others have advised, you may be better off waiting until February, buying the car and then selling it on your own and making the profit yourself. If your car is truly a $32K car, I would do it and use the money on the new Audi at that time.
  • thanks for the topical and helpful information. I might just stay the course and get a car from a broker who can go the auction since I dont need ANOTHER new car lease. I have though just gotten a crazy good offer on an acura though. of course the fly in the ointment is my lease... . thanks again.
  • Hi, I've been working with a dealer here in NY (Putnam County) on a new 2010 Q5, and wanted to see if you all think it's a good deal, or if there's room to negotiate as I haven't been able to get any movement from the dealer.

    It's a 2010 Q5, meteor gray, premium plus package with panoramic sunroof, navigation, and B&O system, with their 4.9%. They came out with a price of $44,950 and won't budge.

    I feel like I should get at least another $1k on my trade-in, but they won't move on that either. The salesman mentioned that the dealership makes money if I use their financing, but I said I could get 4.65% through my bank but would be willing to use their financing if it made sense to both of us.

    I also mentioned that I'd be interested in separately purchasing Audi Care, running boards, and the DVD headrests from their separately, but that additional business doesn't seem to be incenting them.

    What do you guys think?

  • It’s simple if they won’t budge go to another dealership. All dealerships I visited give me $500 off right off the bat. Then negotiation starts….
  • I just ordered a '10 Q5, Black, Premium Plus, Nav, B&O for $43.7K. I had another offer at $43.4K, but went with the much closer dealership. You can definitely do better than this.
  • It seems like I am having an entirely different purchasing experience in Minnesota than others are having in other locations. The dealer up here has basically zero inventory and is doing essentially no discounting. $500 off MSRP is the best I can get. I am more particular on the trim package (prestige) but it seems like people are getting much better deals than what we are seeing up here in MN. Anyone else experiencing the same in their markets? And I already walked from one deal with them on an '09. They are firm on their price. Any suggestions?
  • telebump, the problem is that the two Audi dealers in the Twin Cities (Carousel and Maplewood) share common ownership so they have near total control over Audi pricing. I've owned two Audis previously and to get a decent price on one of them I went to Rochester to buy it after both dealers here would not budge. After Rochester the next two closest dealers are in Eau Claire and LaCrosse, WI.

    Good luck -
  • sozosozo Posts: 4
    I suppose you could run to Lexus to buy 'that' car. The problem is the Q5's are flying off the shelves. Why you ask? Because it's a VASTLY superior car to the 'mushy' RX. By the way, did you know that in Japan the RX is under the Toyota Badge - even though Lexus is there as a brand? Anyway, I have to agree with the responsiveness - or lack of - on the part of the Audi Rep/dealer...but if you want the right car...I guess it's a question of how much you want to compromise. I wouldn't on the ultimate objective: the car.
  • I would like to purchase a 2010 Q5 Prestige. I sent quote requests to several dealers in the Chicago area. None seem eager for a sale. Either they answer my e-mails with vague information like "small discount" or "a few hundred dollars off MSRP", or else they tell me they'll give me $500 off MSRP. One dealership told me I could order the Q5 for MSRP. Does anyone have any ideas, or better experiences with a dealer in the Chicagoland area? I would be willing to drive an hour or two for a better deal. Based on what I've read on this site, I'm hoping to get $1000 off MSRP. Also, is asking for the Audi Care to be thrown in a reasonable request? Thanks.
  • First of all RX outsells Q5 by huge margins and everyone knows it (well except you apparently) even Audi aware of that as you can see in their latest commercial. Secondly if Q5 is flying off the shelves then why is it a problem? Do you even read what you post?

    Both cars specs wise are almost the same; therefore only people who know nothing about cars may say that one of them is vastly superior to the other and it looks like you are one of them.

    What difference does it make under what brand they sell Lexus in Japan? None!

    From your post I may conclude that you are a liar, a troll or an Audi salesman. In any of those cases you opinion doesn’t matter to most of the people with common sense.

    Please go troll somewhere else.
  • sozosozo Posts: 4
    I should not dignify that note with a response but I am compelled.
    I did not want to write a treatise initially and was hoping readers could read between the lines,
    First, I was not comparing sales of the RX with the Q5. I was merely stating that Audi cannot keep up with demand of the Q5. Why is a good question but not for here. I know the RX is selling extremely well both from the numbers and I see them everywhere.
    I have owned over the past years (in order) a Mercedes ML 320, Toyota Harrier (or Lexus RX 300 - in Japan where I lived for 6 years - and YES, it is just a Toyota - not that that is necessarily a bad thing either but when you pay a fraction of the inflated price here in the US for 'branding' it makes you reflect), VW Touareg V6 loaded incl. hydraulic suspension (fantastic value/car!), Audi Q7 TDI (in Europe - amazing car but big), and lastly the '10 Q5 Prestige S-Line (loaded: drive select, side assist - now standard, newest 20' rims, etc.).
    The Q5 is quick, nimble, with razor handling, relatively speaking of course. Tested the RX, no comparison, sorry! (with due respect of course as this is personal preference and in the end that's the difference). Specs are specs - they belong on paper and cannot substitute for true performance and the real experience (the latter which I would say based on the list above that I possess to some degree) thus everyone should judge for themselves.
    Paid cash, 2009 price (ordered in June) and picked up 1 month earlier than scheduled (originally told I would get it mid-Sept) - thanks Audi!

    I will return now back under the rock from whence I came...
  • NET NET there are plenty of Q5s out there ..... it is a $40K++ SUV not some new HYBRID

    on Price negotiations Best advice above was GO TO ANOTHER DEALER.... and just wait them out as 2010 INVENTOIRY BUILDS

    Audi makes a good product except for a few minor cultural translation challenges i.e. cup holders placed over electronics (MMI in Q7) as an afterthought design mod...

    #1 problem AUDI has is its incompetent dealers and arrogant AUDI HQ staff...

    They need to hire a Toyota Exec to revamp Customer Service and AUDI will be unstoppabble,,,
  • Question for the experienced Audi owners out there. I have a Q5 on order awaiting delivery in the next couple of weeks, but I have been absolutely awestruck at the terrible customer service from their sales people. No returned emails or phone calls, complete lack of follow through, etc. Is their service commitment and department run similarly, or is this bad customer service just sales oriented? I'd appreciate any comments.
  • telebump,
    See message 95 from me. If you have any questions you can send me an email.
  • Yup, get used to it.
  • manupmanup Posts: 24

    See my message #103,.

    I guess it depends on the dealership and the sales person you are dealing with and the repore you establish during the process. Right off the "bat" I made it very clear about the communication aspect. I have not had to visit the service department yet but the service manager and his advisors made a point during delivery to introduce themselves to me and my wife and tell us they were available for any questions regarding the car.
  • sam159sam159 Posts: 13
    Difficult in Chicago land area.. Not sure why? I tried Audi Q5 , Acura, RX and Merc and settled with Acura.. Audi sales people in Naperville were Okay, but did not seem to want the business.. Maybe I made them feel that I just came to try one not wanting to buy..
  • Yep, Audi makes a nice product but gets little support from a very unknowledgable group of dealers. Had a very bad experience in 04 and will never return!
  • sri6sri6 Posts: 1
    planning to buy audiq5 and i live in san antonino.............i want to get quote in a radius of about 300 miles but there is no link with miles option in it...........any suggestions..........
  • Ok - the Q5 is tough to find and while most dealers are difficult to deal with, I had a completely professional experience from Anchor Audi - ask for Tom C. - I located the vehicle online and closed the deal on the phone for an inbound vehicle. Pricing was very competitive using the Edmunds guide and/or TRUECAR. Do your homework and be prepared to buy. Anchor was beyond professional - if you are not a tire kicker and ready to do the deal call them and get what you want.
  • pp2009pppp2009pp Posts: 228
    "but with a transmission defect that makes it jerk between gears, very uncomfortable... after four attempts and only 2800 miles the car still has a problem and they have already replaced the computer that regulates how the transmission works (mechatronics) It is not considered a safety issue but its truly annoying and I hear of the same thing happening to an A4. "

    Not in the Q5 (didn't like the shape of the car) but having similar (probably worse) problems in the BMW X3.

    Problems started in the 2007 6-speed Automatic Transmission built by GM and were partially fixed by s/w upgrades. Heavy, intermittent engine braking and jerky acceleration and acceleration hesitation ARE safety issues if they cause unexpected short stopping or lack of acceleration.

    FYI, the X3 has an adaptive transmission and for some people the s/w fix apparently held for the 300-500 miles it took for the car to relearn bad habits. According to the dealer, driving in Sport Drive mode (or Manual mode) takes care of the acceleration hesitation because it starts the car in 1 instead of in 2. In 2 (supposedly to save fuel) if you hit the pedal harder than the car expects it shifts down from 2 to 1 before it moves. The SA said that lots of cars are made this way causing hesitation or jerkiness in acceleration.

    If you don't get the acceleration you are expecting and you press the pedal harder then the car goes from not moving at all to moving way too quickly. Other problems exist but this one has been reported to the NHTSA OID as a safety issue by quite a large number of people.

    I'm curious to see what you are experiencing in your Audi...maybe it's just a European car thing.
  • I am finally getting my Q5 this week and I know there are some add ons like 3M front nose mask, Strike Force paint sealant, and Crystal Fusion for the windshield. All are somewhat expensive. Is there any benefit to these products or are they just high margin add ons for the dealers?
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