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Audi Q5 Lease Questions



  • Hi I'm looking to lease a Q5 with Premium Plus package in south Florida area. I contacted one dealer and they told me the RV for 12k m/year is 49% and the money factor is 0.00045. Is that right? I've seen recent posts in the forum saying the RV should be 51% and MF at 0.00022. I'm a little confused, any help will be greatly appreciated. Also if anyone can recommend a dealer (no need to mention name if that's against the forum policy) it will be greatly appreciated as well. Thanks,

  • Does your payment amoutn inlcude taxes? I was at an Audi dealership today and I'm looking at a premium plus with nav for around $650 per month. I'm in Washington state and our taxes are a bit higher, but your payment seemed pretty attractive.
  • Hi Jack. The numbers that you mentioned are a little different than what I have seen. Audi's current buy rate lease money factor and residual value for a 36 month lease of a 2009 Q5 Premium Plus with 12,000 miles per year are .00022 and 49%. Perhaps the dealer is attempting to mark your truck's money factor up slightly to add additional, hidden back-end profit to your deal. Another possible explanation for part of the difference is that AFS will waive its security deposit requirement in exchange for a .00015 money factor increase.

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  • jayriderjayrider Posts: 3,602
    If tire rotations are not covered, get the dealer to include 3 complimentary ones to seal the deal. Can't imagine they wouldn't agree.
  • jayriderjayrider Posts: 3,602
    Bommarito or Plaza? If you are paying full msrp there may be some room to get the cap down using their money. Some dealers on the net are posting $1000 off on line.
  • art234art234 Posts: 99
    Can someone give me the Prestige numbers--15K 36 mo?

  • sananasanana Posts: 14
    Does your payment include any down payment? I am also in Washington state and there is not that much information on the web for Q5 leases here. I am totally new to this lease world and trying to get an idea of a fair lease deals... :confuse:
  • I was at the dealership again and was able to get the payment down to $680 with audi care, 15K miles, and 36 months. The down payment is $5K. I can't seem to find anything better. I bet it could be negotiated to $660.
  • sananasanana Posts: 14
    Thanks for the info. I am not quite sure but doesn't 5K down with 680 monthly seem a bit high compared to the other prices that are posted here?
  • alvallejoalvallejo Posts: 10
    Hi Car Man. How about this offer? I'm definitely sure he can come down but Iet me know if Getting the Prestige for $580 or Prestige SLine for $650 is realistic. I do have a voucher to get Audi Care for free so let me know if I should keep that in my back pocket in negotiating, or present it up front. I'm also a Costco member so I could get the Costco discount on it too..

    I got the AudiCare Voucher by attending the Audi Driving Experience for the Q5 which was a 3 hour event where I beat up the Q5 in a closed driving course. Loved the way the car took the beating I gave it!

    Q5 Prestige w/SLine package
    MSRP: $51,650
    Selling Price: $48,540
    15K/36 mo. Lease
    $768/mo w/$3,947 at signing.
    42% Residual - .00022 Money Factor

    Q5 Prestige w/20" Wheels
    MSRP: $50,300
    Selling Price: $47,280
    15K/36 mo. Lease
    $699/mo w/$3,947 at signing.
    44% Residual - .00022 Money Factor
  • freedmanfreedman Posts: 2

    just got this offer...Q5 Premium plus
    45125 Manufactures price
    43985 Dealer discount price
    36 months
    15000 miles
    3000 down
    682.00 including tax per month

    What do you think???THANKS!!
  • Hi Freedman,
    I just ordered a Blue Q5 with gray interior and 19in wheels .It is in transient from Germany. if it was not for this site and learning _I would not have gotten this deal.
    Blue prem. plus with nav and 19 inch wheels:
    agreed price is 45400
    36 lease
    15000 miles
    659,- tax and audi care in cluded
    I am turning in my A6 Avant with 56000 miles and they are paying off my loan remainder.
    thought I did not want a new so soon-what a joke:)
    I have never had Audi issues and this is my 4th one. They are sound car if taken care. :shades:
  • freedmanfreedman Posts: 2
    Hi kickerfrau
    thanks for all your info, sounds like you did a great deal how much down did you give. They are asking me to put down 3000
  • mmcg92mmcg92 Posts: 3
    Hi, I'm in Texas and am trying to understand the difference between a Premiere Purchase and a lease. If I understand correctly, with a lease I'll pay sales tax monthly, whereas with a Premiere Purchase I would pay upfront (because the title is in my name?) Am I understanding this correctly? Naturally, I'm not able to get a straight answer from the dealer finance guys..... Anything else I should be on the lookout for?

    Also, I was quoted on a 36 month/15k lease a 47% residual and a 3.27% rate on the Premiere Purchase...but not exactly sure what this means.....
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 177,089
    In Texas, you pay full sales tax on the selling price, either way.... buy or lease..

    So... those that lease pay the full tax, then if they want to purchase the car at lease end, they have to pay tax, again...

    That's why they offer (push?) the Premier program.. By putting the car in your name from the beginning, if you choose to keep the car at the end of the term, no further tax is due..

    However, if you are leasing with then intention of turning the car in, then that isn't a concern.

    Did you get a good deal? Be sure to come back and share!

    Edmunds Moderator

  • I am putting 2500 down :D
  • mmcg92mmcg92 Posts: 3
    Thanks for the info.

    So I think I'm going to go with Premiere Purchase as I'm not sure if I'll want to buy back or not...seems like a no-brainer.
  • Test drove Q5 today at the Audi Drive Experience. Was at the dealer yesterday as well, where they told me Audi was motivated to get these out on the street and was offering aggressive leasing options.

    Then i asked him to run the numbers on a lease assuming i paid the taxes upfront and he was "in the 700s" and i was out the door. what a joke! This was a premier plus with nav.

    I love this car and would be fine buying it, but i'm afraid of audi reliability if i were to keep it several years, and i also know from experience that they are relatively poor at holding their value.

    Audi's super-low residuals don't instill much confidence. if all these cars coming off lease are so cheap for owners to buy out or dealers to flip, then what protects the value of my car?
  • mbrokernymbrokerny Posts: 10
    How do the Premier Purchase payments compare to lease payments? $ up front?
  • dellysondellyson Posts: 2
    I just received the following offer:

    Audi Q5
    Premium plus package
    MSRP $41,500
    TMV $40,140
    zero down
    $590 month (including tax)
    36,000 miles

    This seems like a good deal but I may not be asking the right questions. What do you think?
  • mmcg92mmcg92 Posts: 3
    At the 11th hour, I decided to buy. Wife and I decided that we didn't want to go thru this again in 3 years. Another issues is we were changing driving habits and I wasn't sure of mileage.

    I will say that because the finance manager was pushing the Premiere Purchase on me so much, I felt a little better about buying!!! Maybe it's me, but I just don't trust those guys at all. I've gotten to the point where if they're pushing it as a good deal, I'm convinced I'm going to get screwed. :)

    BTW, the dealer I worked with was pretty flexible on pricing. Paid a good % below MSRP. It was the last weekend of the month and they had 4 of the same models on their lot (Silver, Premium Plus.)

    We LOVE the Q5, it's a blast to drive. Feel like it's much better than the 525i I just turned in.
  • Can you provide details on price and dealership? I've been thinking about the same purchase.
  • max64max64 Posts: 5
    Hey everyone, couples of things I wanted to check with you. For Q5, premium plus with navigation:

    1. Does anyone know the accurate dealer invoice for this car?
    2. What is the actual inventory situation with them? Either Audi has really messed up their distribution or the dealers have been instructed to build up the hype on the new vehicle.
    3. My goals are: buy for around 41.5K or lease for
    under $600 with tax (up to 2K down). Realistic?
  • JBaumgartJBaumgart Posts: 890
    The Q5 is rated to tow up to 4,400 lbs. Has anyone here who's been shopping for a Q5 asked whether or not Audi has their towing accessorties developed and in stock? When I bought an Audi Allroad in 2001 after they had first come on the market, it took Audi months before the two hitch was available. Also if anyone has actually towed with a Q5 I'd be interested in hearing their comments - it just seems like a pretty small SUV to be rated at 4,400 lbs.
  • yvanhyvanh Posts: 8
    Hi Car_Man, or any other person that can help.

    I got this offer today for a Q5 Prestige, this is in IL (you pay full taxes on the purchase price up-front):

    MSRP: $49500 (selling price)
    Residual: 47%
    Terms: 36 Mo - 12Kmi/yr
    Money Factor: 0.00022
    Due: $2,000 ($1000 from a trade and $1000 more at signing)
    Taxes are covered with the trade and dealer "contribution"

    Montly Payment: $869 @ 36 Mo / $837 @ 39Mo

    Given the low MF and that there is some money down, Does $850+ sounds a bit high)?
  • kickerfraukickerfrau Posts: 3
    I am getting Premium plus with nav and 19 inch wheels and 2500 down ,36 month ,tax and audicare included for 659.00.
  • crossover1crossover1 Posts: 27
    Here is what I got today:

    Premium w/moon roof, heated seats, bluetooth, and a couple of other options
    MSRP 41,350
    Zero down ($1,460 due at signing)
    w/ Audi Care included (50% residual)
    $575/Month includes 6% tax
    12,000 mile per year.

    Went to three dealers and I know this is as good as a deal can get.
  • max64max64 Posts: 5
    I have been reasearching Q5 for the past 2 weeks now. This is a lowball offer. You should be able to shave off at leat 100 off
  • huskey98huskey98 Posts: 1
    I put a $500 deposit down for a new Q5 lease from a dealer in the Los Angeles area. The car is at the port and supposed to arrive at the dealer on Monday or Tuesday. My only documentation is a handwritten summary of the lease terms on a copy of printout identifying the car and my credit card receipt.

    Does this protect me if the lease terms change for May but I don't sign my lease before May 4 (when the April leases expire)?

    Should there be any more formal documentation of a pending lease or other way to ensure the dealer delivers the car on those terms?

  • alvallejoalvallejo Posts: 10
    Hi guys,

    One Audi Dealership in NJ offered me the following for a 2009 Q5 Prem Plus w/Nav and SLine Package:

    MSRP: $48,275
    46% Residual = (47% (PremPlus residual - 2pts (SLine deduct) + 1pt Audi Care)
    Selling Price: $47,504
    $5541 Down (NYS Tax included up front about $2,000)

    Is this a good deal or am I getting killed in with the down payment?
  • crossover1crossover1 Posts: 27
    Picked up the new Q5 Premium w/ sunroof, heated seats (MSRP $41,350) today. during the signing process noticed some differences in the numbers from the original quote/offer. Monthly payment remained the same, but they played around with the numbers as follows:

    Original quote:
    Monthly Payment tax included $575.00 ($0 down)
    Residual 50% (w/ Audi Care) or $20,625
    Money factor 0.00037

    Paperwork at signing:
    Monthly Payment tax included $575.00 ($0 down)
    Residual 52% (w/ Audi Care) or $21,502
    Money factor 0.00075

    I brought this up but got a BS answer. I then decided not to disrupt the sale, but I want to complain to Audi. Understand the only impact to me is $900 more at the lease end value, but it is a matter of not allowing a dealership to get away with dishonest practices. Any advice on how to go about this.
  • jayriderjayrider Posts: 3,602
    Your payments with 0 down are the same. Am I right in assuming that the only penalty you incur is if you buy the vehicle at lease end? If so wouldn't worry. You shouldn't buy it anyway. Nice car but it is an audi and the first model year. Just walk away and buy a fiat at the dodge store in three years.
  • jbanks19jbanks19 Posts: 3
    I was just quoted the below:

    36 mo/ 12k lease $533 a month (includes 6% tax as i live in CT)

    Money Down $1,708 (Bank fee $625, $550 Security, 1st mo 533)

    Premium Dark beaige metallic w/ beige interior blue tooth

    Is the above a good deal? I have been calling other dealers and they are not even close. Any way to get the bank fee waived?
  • crossover1crossover1 Posts: 27
    What is the MSRP. No way to detrermine if it is a good deal without the MSRP.
  • alvallejoalvallejo Posts: 10
    At this point your only option is to report it to Audi. They increased the money factor on you which is pure BS. I know it would have been tough but walking away would have been the best way to make your voice heard.
  • alvallejoalvallejo Posts: 10
    Well since no one responded I eventually found my answer. Yes, I was getting killed on the down payment so I did not go with that dealership (in NJ). I ended up buying the car at another dealer (in CT) with the following...and I KNOW this was a great deal.

    2009 Q5 Prem Plus + Nav & SLine Package (Brilliant Black on Black)
    MSRP: $48,275 (Invoice was about $45,600)
    Selling price: $46,000 + $625 destination charge
    Audi Care ($750) for free b/c I attended the Audi Driving Experience in NY
    Residual: 46% (47% (PremPlus residual - 2pts (SLine deduct) + 1pt Audi Care)
    Money Factor: 0.00022
    Down Payment: $3,910 (includes NYS Tax which is about $2,100)

    Since the SLine package includes 20" summerline tires I'll be investing in some all season 20" tires to hold me over the winter. I'm a happy camper and can't wait to enjoy my summer in my new Q5!!
  • I just leased out a 3.2 Premium for $479/month including NYC tax with 0 down (just basic inceptions). I was surprised to see such a great deal for a car this new.I hope the May programs are even better...
  • alvallejoalvallejo Posts: 10
    Any info on this guys?
  • mbrokernymbrokerny Posts: 10
    number1leasing- where and who? thanks.
  • crossover1crossover1 Posts: 27
    I just heard the money factor went up. Not sure how much.
  • crossover1crossover1 Posts: 27
    Just called Audi. They seemed to wash their hands from this issue. They claim not to have any involvement with dealer transactions. This sounds like BS, since it is their reputation at stake. Anyway they promissed to call me back in couple of days.
  • Anyone have the May MF and Res % for the Prem and Plus Lines?
  • yvanhyvanh Posts: 8 is listing the following: (I don't know the residuals)

    0.86% for 24 mo. --> M.F. (0.00032)
    0.86% for 36 mo.
    exp. 7/6/09
    8.04% for 24 mo.
    8.04% for 36 mo.
    8.52% for 48 mo.
    exp. 6/2/09
  • jabeevajabeeva Posts: 15
    Number1leasing. Please send along the dealership name and car specs. Thanks!
  • Here you go, art234. Audi Financial Services' current buy rate lease money factor and residual value for a 36 month lease of a 2009 Q5 Prestige with 15,000 miles per year are .00036 and 43%, respectively.

    If you are a current Audi owner or lessee, you are eligible for a $500 cash incentive when leasing this truck. Audi is also waiving the first month's payment on it for all customers at this time.

    Prices Paid: Buying & Leasing Experiences Forum
  • Hi alvallejo. The money factor and residual value that you were quoted look good. Now let's look at the selling price.

    The Q5 that you are interested in probably has a spread of around $3,500 between its full MSRP and its dealer invoice price. You were quoted a discount of $3,110 on the first model that you mentioned and a discount of $3,020 on the second. Both of these selling prices look attractive to me.

    If you are a current Audi owner or lessee you are eligible for a $500 cash incentive on the lease of this truck. Make sure that the dealer takes this cash into account if you qualify for it.

    Prices Paid: Buying & Leasing Experiences Forum
  • Can anyone tell me if there is conquest money being offered on the Q5? Also I know this isn't the Q7 board, but is it being offered for that model as well? Thanks.
  • HI max64. has dealer invoice prices for most vehicles, including the Q5. Click on the following link to go to that section of this site: New Vehicle Pricing.

    Prices Paid: Buying & Leasing Experiences Forum
  • Hi yvanh. Whether or not this payment is appropriate for this car, in terms of the best available deal, I have to say that there's absolutely no way that I personally would pay $850 per month to drive an Audi Q5. Don't get me wrong, the Q5 is nice, but that's just way too much money for a vehicle like this.

    Back to this specific deal. The money factor and residual value that you were quoted look good to me. I'm confused about whether then $49,500 that you mentioned is this vehicle's MSRP or its selling price. It says both next to it. I assume that it's the latter, but I'm not positive. Either way, it would bee nice to have both numbers. That way I will be able to tell how large a dealer discount you are being given.

    Prices Paid: Buying & Leasing Experiences Forum
  • Hi crossover1. Audi's special lease money factor for the Q5 did increase slightly in May, from .00022 in April to .00036 now.

    Prices Paid: Buying & Leasing Experiences Forum
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