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Audi Q5 Lease Questions

kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 107,062
Ask your Q5 lease questions here!

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  • jbond3jbond3 Posts: 7
    What is the current MF and residual value for Q5 Premium Plus (10K or 12K)? Thanks.
  • bman33bman33 Posts: 59
    Looking for money factor and residual value for 36/45000 lease on Q5, plus to find out if there are any available lease cash incentives.
  • b4zb4z Posts: 3,372
    we were at an audi dealership friday and they were pushing the new incnetives for the q5Premium. $499mo. for 36mos 10K miles per year. This was the ballon with none of the upfront or turn in lease costs.
    I believe the premium plus was about $569 for the same term.
    I asked them several times about leasing and they never really answered my question. Oh yeah, we still do leasing but it seemed like from what i could determin it was higher.
    I think they were using 50% as a residual on the 36month 10K ballon deals.
  • Black, Premium plus with Nav, 36 month lease, 15k miles per year, $3,300 total up front out of pocket, including first month's payment, title, tax, etc. etc. in NJ, $589 per month. Don't know if I did well or not, but about the same as an MDX or Infiniti FX 35 w.o nav. Just thought car was perfect size, and I can put a trailer hitch on it after market.
  • clamsclams Posts: 11
    Oceanman2, what dealer in NJ has this deal? What selling price and residual value did you get?
  • ny_mattny_matt Posts: 3
    Drove the Q5 and A4 today at a dealer in SW CT...came away loving the Q5. Drove the prestige trim line Q5 but am considering either premium with a few add-ons or premium plus. Lease quote I received:

    MSRP 42325 (Prem Plus W/AMI, I think...we used a car from inventory for the quote)
    Cap Cost 40785 (salesman stated it is $1000 over invoice and he has some room to move when I am ready...for an off the cuff invoice price he takes 6% of MSRP and subtracts from MSRP)
    Resid: 50%
    MF: .00022
    $625 cap cost reduction (bank fee?)
    Audi Care $750, built into the monthly payment
    Quoted 579.42/mo, which is $20 more a month than I calculated it should be, but then adding in the Audi care at $750/36 it comes out right...

    Up front costs
    First Month payment 579.49
    DMV fees 185
    DOC fees 399
    Tax on cap reduction 52
    Upfront taxes 1746
    Bank fee 625
    total up front 3587

    These forums have been extremely useful to me over the years...hope others find this useful...
  • I think my Cap cost was $41,894, but with tax, Gross cap cost $43,434. My buyout at end of lease I think is @ $21,300. Leased car from jack Daniels in Fair Lawn. I just looked at total up front out of pocket and monthly nut, not good with the other stuff, not a numbers guys. I hope to be able to put a trailer hitch on this car, have to see if that is possible from Uhaul or Pepboys. But now my "check engine" light is on - weird.
  • clamsclams Posts: 11
    The invoice on a Prem Plus with nav is $ 42,210 if your cost was $ 41,894 you bought below invoice. I have not heard of any other deals like that.
  • edwyunedwyun Posts: 6
    "I hope to be able to put a trailer hitch on this car"

    Oceanman2. Does Audi have an OE hitch available? I am also considering the Q5 but definitely need a hitch. One that's integrated into the rear/bumper would be preferable for me than an aftermarket add-on that hangs below.
  • Looks like it is a big deal to get a hitch on one of these. The dealer wants like $1,500.00, and no after market co. has this car in their computer system. :confuse:
  • Greetings Bond, James Bond. Audi Financial Services' current buy rate lease money factor and residual value for a 36 month lease of a 2009 Q5 Premium Plus with 12,000 miles per year are .00022 and 49%, respectively. If you were to lease this truck with only 10,000 miles per year its residual value would be 1% higher.

    Prices Paid: Buying & Leasing Experiences Forum
  • Hi bman33. Audi Financial Services is offering the same .00022 money factor on all Q5 variants, but its residual values vary by trim level. Its 36 month, 15k residuals are 49% for the Premium, 47% for the Premium Plus, and 44% for the Prestige.

    The only cash incentives that I am aware of on leases of this truck right now is $500 loyalty cash.

    Prices Paid: Buying & Leasing Experiences Forum
  • Thanks for taking the time to share the detailed quote that you received with everyone, Matt. Real world examples like this are always useful, particularly so on brand new models. Let us know how you like the Q5 and the dealer that you got it from if you decide to pull the trigger.

    Prices Paid: Buying & Leasing Experiences Forum
  • clamsclams Posts: 11
    Ordered a Q5 Prem Plus with nav today for June delivery.
    MSRP: $45325
    Sell Price $ 43000
    Money : .00022
    Residual: .48
    36 months 15 k mi/year
    zero down
    inception fees: $3338 including tax, 1st month payment, reg fees, doc charges, bank fee, and tire tax
    Payment $ 625/month with Audi Care included in the payment
  • maximafanmaximafan Posts: 592
    Hi, Everyone. I'm wondering if someone can tell me what the
    Audi Care is all about and what you're paying for if you purchase this.
  • clamsclams Posts: 11
    Audi Care is no charge maintenance that is performed at 5k, 15k, 25k, 35k and 45k mile service intervals.If you lease the car, having it increases the residual by .01%.In my case the residual went from .47 to .48 %. That helps to offset some of it's cost. It cost me $9/month more on my 36 month lease to have it.
    If you plan on taking the car to an Audi dealership to get serviced, it will save you some money in the long run.
  • Anyone have an idea what they are using for the residual and money factor on a 24 month 10k/year lease for the Q5??

  • maximafanmaximafan Posts: 592
    Clams, thanks for responding to my question. Would the maintenance just be oil changes and tire rotations, or are there more things that would be covered under the plan? It sounds a little similar to what I have with Lexus. I prepaid for my oil changes and tire rotations which are performed every 5k miles.
    I purchased the 4 year/48 month prepaid maintenance on the Lexus.
  • clamsclams Posts: 11
    As far as I know, the Audi recomended services performed at these intervals are oil changes, a brake fluid change, a trans fluid change, and a couple of cabin air filter changes. I did not ask the dealer, but I have read in another forum online that tire rotation is not covered under Audi Care.
  • Hi Matt,
    I am emailing from CT near Danbury. Thanks for the breakdown. I was offered Premium Plus lease for 39 months for 15k per year. $ 652.52 with $1752.56 out of pocket. The Premium will be $ 613.23 with $ 1709.27 out of pocket.
    What do you think? :sick:
  • Please advise. How did you get to $625?

    I am emailing from CT near Danbury. Thanks for the breakdown. I was offered Premium Plus lease for 39 months for 15k per year. $ 652.52 with $1752.56 out of pocket. The Premium will be $ 613.23 with $ 1709.27 out of pocket.
    What do you think? :confuse:
  • Hi -- please break down the inception fees. $625 is great. I am working a deal right now to get that. But my inception fees do not come up as high as yours. If you would please, break down the $3339.
    First payment: $625
    Audi Care: $750
    then what???

    Thanks. This forum really helps. :confuse:
  • clamsclams Posts: 11
    My inception fees are : NJ sales tax: 1618.75, 1st month payment: $ 625, Registration/ Title fee $ 262.50, Doc fee $ 199, Tire Tax $ 7.50, Bank Fee $ 625:
    total $ 3337.75 . The Audi care is in the monthly payment.
  • mcarlmcarl Posts: 4
    Remember - CT is different than NJ and NY. We donot pay the sales tax up front. It is charged on the monthly payment. Make sure when you get quoted the final monthly ayment includes tax, 6% on $625 is another $37.
  • jbond3jbond3 Posts: 7
    Thanks Car man -- extremely helpful as always. Thanks to advice you provided on this forum I was able to negotiate a great lease on my new A4 three years ago.
  • daleb2daleb2 Posts: 8
    I know you guys are talking about leases but what were the purchase prices associated with those leases?
  • Thanks for the information. According to my calculations, if I bought the car in NJ my payments would be $669. So my lease deal may not be bad. Thanks for your help.
  • clamsclams Posts: 11
    daleb2 read the previous posts
  • edwyunedwyun Posts: 6
    >Looks like it is a big deal to get a hitch on one of these.
    >The dealer wants like $1,500.00

    Seems like the OE hitch is cheaper (but not cheap). Perhaps a DIY?...
  • Hi thollywood. Audi Financial Services' April buy rate lease money factor and residual value for a 24 month lease of a 2009 Q5 3.2 Premium with quattro and 10,000 miles per year are .00022 and 59%, respectively.

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