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Audi Q5 Lease Questions



  • crossover1crossover1 Posts: 27
    Just called Audi. They seemed to wash their hands from this issue. They claim not to have any involvement with dealer transactions. This sounds like BS, since it is their reputation at stake. Anyway they promissed to call me back in couple of days.
  • Anyone have the May MF and Res % for the Prem and Plus Lines?
  • yvanhyvanh Posts: 8 is listing the following: (I don't know the residuals)

    0.86% for 24 mo. --> M.F. (0.00032)
    0.86% for 36 mo.
    exp. 7/6/09
    8.04% for 24 mo.
    8.04% for 36 mo.
    8.52% for 48 mo.
    exp. 6/2/09
  • jabeevajabeeva Posts: 15
    Number1leasing. Please send along the dealership name and car specs. Thanks!
  • Here you go, art234. Audi Financial Services' current buy rate lease money factor and residual value for a 36 month lease of a 2009 Q5 Prestige with 15,000 miles per year are .00036 and 43%, respectively.

    If you are a current Audi owner or lessee, you are eligible for a $500 cash incentive when leasing this truck. Audi is also waiving the first month's payment on it for all customers at this time.

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  • Hi alvallejo. The money factor and residual value that you were quoted look good. Now let's look at the selling price.

    The Q5 that you are interested in probably has a spread of around $3,500 between its full MSRP and its dealer invoice price. You were quoted a discount of $3,110 on the first model that you mentioned and a discount of $3,020 on the second. Both of these selling prices look attractive to me.

    If you are a current Audi owner or lessee you are eligible for a $500 cash incentive on the lease of this truck. Make sure that the dealer takes this cash into account if you qualify for it.

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  • Can anyone tell me if there is conquest money being offered on the Q5? Also I know this isn't the Q7 board, but is it being offered for that model as well? Thanks.
  • HI max64. has dealer invoice prices for most vehicles, including the Q5. Click on the following link to go to that section of this site: New Vehicle Pricing.

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  • Hi yvanh. Whether or not this payment is appropriate for this car, in terms of the best available deal, I have to say that there's absolutely no way that I personally would pay $850 per month to drive an Audi Q5. Don't get me wrong, the Q5 is nice, but that's just way too much money for a vehicle like this.

    Back to this specific deal. The money factor and residual value that you were quoted look good to me. I'm confused about whether then $49,500 that you mentioned is this vehicle's MSRP or its selling price. It says both next to it. I assume that it's the latter, but I'm not positive. Either way, it would bee nice to have both numbers. That way I will be able to tell how large a dealer discount you are being given.

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  • Hi crossover1. Audi's special lease money factor for the Q5 did increase slightly in May, from .00022 in April to .00036 now.

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  • Hi donnyjeffcoat. Here's the information that you're looking for. Audi Financial Services' May buy rate lease money factor and residual value for a 36 month lease of a 2009 Q5 Premium with 15,000 miles per year are .00036 and 48%, respectively. The numbers for an otherwise identical lease of a Q5 Premium Plus are .00036 and 46%.

    You never mentioned how long you want to lease for or what mileage allowance you need, so I had to make some assumptions. Let me know if you want something different.

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  • dellysondellyson Posts: 2
    Here's the lease deal I signed at Santa Monica Audi:

    Q5 Premium Plus w/19" wheels, Audi care
    Gross Capitalized cost $40,482
    36 months
    12,000 miles
    $611 pmt including 9.25% CA tax
    $1,650 first mo pmt, tax, title, etc.

    I love driving it!
  • ipipip316ipipip316 Posts: 14
    Isn't Audi offer 1st payment waive promotion now?
  • ccjw511ccjw511 Posts: 23
    yes they also waive the registration fee i believe.
  • ccjw511ccjw511 Posts: 23
    We are trying to get deal for

    Q5 Premium Plus + Navigation - $41k
    Q5 Prestige - $45k

    Does anyone think this is possible? Any help will be great thank you.
  • daxdepdaxdep Posts: 1
    Hi -
    I got the following deal for 10K miles per yr - 3 yr lease in NJ

    Q5 Premium plus + Navigation + 19" Wheels (Quartz gray with black interior)

    MSRP: 46,600
    Lease Term: 36 months
    Monthly Payment: $645 (includes Audi care)
    Residual: 49 % (10K miles)
    Initial (3145 - one month payment): $2500

    Need to decide in 2 days, will appreciate any suggestions.
    Thanks in advance.
  • lakeshow1lakeshow1 Posts: 6
    Hi Dellyson,

    That is the deal I want for exact same car. Who was your salesman? Did you shop around quite a bit. How much over invoice? Thanks!
  • ccjw511ccjw511 Posts: 23
    MSRP is $46,600 but how much did you negotiate down to? $43,600? or lower? I checked few dealership and they told me 12k 36 months is 45% with audicare. If $645 is before tax then I think paying for $23,220 for the first 3 years lease plus $2500 down pay are little expensive. This seem to be high when I am doing the calculation. I am also looking for the deal for Prestige or Premium plus + Nav but dealers don't budget much because the car is new. I think we will wait :)
  • taylorn2taylorn2 Posts: 1

    Congratulations on your new Q5. I was at the Q5 Audi Event at Hollywoood Park last Sunday and it is truly a remarkable vehicle. Your model and options are exactly what I'm looking for and the terms sound very good for current Q5 leases.
    How was your experience with Santa Monica Audi? If you prefer you can email me at [email protected]


  • martin76martin76 Posts: 7
    Just trying to make sure I'm doing my calculations correctly. If MF is 0.00036 that translates into 0.864% interest. Isn't that a decimal point too low?

    Also, are there any rebates, incentives or conquest money available for Q5 right now?
  • allchemieallchemie Posts: 6
    I really like the Q5, but Audi mostly has terrible deals on this vehicle due to the incredibly low residual values. On the new Lexus RX350 the residuals are between 53%-59% depending on the options, while the Audi Q5 runs about 43%-49% depending on the "luxury" level. Basically Audi is telling all leasers that they have far less confidence in the long term value of the vehicle and want the customer to take the hit.

  • ocautoseekerocautoseeker Posts: 425
    True, but the MF's are much higher on the Lexus.
  • crossover1crossover1 Posts: 27
    0.864% is 0.864 of 1 percent. This is about right.
  • ipipip316ipipip316 Posts: 14
    Spoke with a dealer in NYC and they claim all 09 Q5 in NYC are sold and pending for 2010 Q5 will be delivery end of July. Is it true?

    Try to get one at the current promotion now
  • rafisyrafisy Posts: 1
    I am new to this leasing and would like to know if the following is a good deal.
    I am not a numbers guy but trying to find out what all i have to look for a good lease deal.
    The Summer of Audi Event - No Payments at Signing Now through July 6, 2009.

    $0 Down payment
    $0 1st month payment
    $0 Security deposit (waived)
    $0 Due at signing*

    Now, for a limited time, Audi is offering exceptional leases through Audi Financial Services on nicely equipped 2009 Audi Q5 3.2 models for $569 per month for 36 months with $0 due at signing including the 1st month payment from Audi Financial Services. Examples exclude taxes, title, other options and dealer charges.

    Or 2.9%** APR for 36 months on all 2009 Audi Q5 models.

    These offers good through July 6, 2009 so hurry into your local Audi dealer today to take advantage of these special savings.
  • pc323pc323 Posts: 5
    Not sure if anyone has thought about the down payment in a much more broad sense. My suggestion is to not provide a dealership a down payment. Obviously you must consider what works best for you but logic says a down payment isn't the best option. Let's do some math:

    - Dealer Quote

    Get them to quote you both with a down payment and another without.

    1. monthly quote w/o down - monthly quote w/ down = difference
    2. difference x term = down payment (does it equal or does it not equal your down)

    Most of the time it works in the dealerships favor. The amount of the down does not get applied 1:1 by lease end. Usually there is a couple hundred dollars difference that you could have had on the plus side and in your pocket. Sure, you could probably negotiate it so that it gets applied as logic would have it but there is another caveat.

    You just gave up a substantial chunk of money (usually $2k or $3k). This is what I would do (and have done for my Q5):

    Put the money you would have given them as a down payment and put it into a high interest savings account (such as ING Direct @ 1.5%). Each month just take the small difference out of the ING account and use it towards the higher monthly. You'll continue to earn interest on what would have been the down. By lease end you'll be out on top with a tank or two of gas. In addition, during the lease term that money can be used for other emergencies that may arise instead of tapping your other reserves.

    In the end, it's all about squeezing every last penny in your favor.
  • pc323pc323 Posts: 5
    I don't have exact numbers in front of me but here are some key stats:

    Ibis White w/ beige
    Premium Plus
    19-in. wheels
    Audi Care

    Selling price: $43k (and change)
    Monthly: $720 - 36/mos.
    No Down

    I may have been able to negotiate it down to $710-$715 (maybe even lower) but I still feel like I got a good deal. A great car buying experience and the Q5 is phenomenal.
  • allchemieallchemie Posts: 6
    For the Summer Audi Sales Event in the Atlanta District they have have the following lease until July 6th, 2009.

    Basically it is a 36 month lease fora PremiumPlus at $599/month with 10K miles including destination charge @ MSRP $42,800 with a purchase option at end for $20,972. It also has a turn in charge of $350 if you decide to bring the car in at the end of the lease.

    Considering that "PC23" above has a lease based on $43K and change for $720/month, this is a much better deal. One could probably get a $47,000 Q5 at around $725/month in the Atlanta district.


    Q5 Example Lease:
    (See your Audi dealer for lease terms on other models)

    2009 Audi Q5 Premium Plus
    $599* lease per month for 36 months with NO PAYMENTS AT SIGNING
    Now through July 6, 2009

    Down payment: $0
    Refundable security deposit: $0
    Acquisition fee: $0
    First month's payment: $0
    Amount due at lease inception: $0
    Excludes taxes, title and dealer fees

    *36-mo. closed-end lease offered to qualified customers by Audi Financial Services through participating dealers. Must take delivery by 7/6/2009. Rate based on $42,800 MSRP of a 2009 Audi Q5 3.2 Premium Plus (includes destination charge). Purchase option at lease end for $20,972.

    Required dealer contribution could affect final negotiated transaction. Lessee responsible for insurance and may have some financial liability at lease end. Lessee responsible for $0.25/mile over 10,000 miles per year and a disposition fee of $350 due at lease end. See dealer for details.
  • pc323pc323 Posts: 5
    I should have specified that the "Selling price" does not include taxes, title, and doc fee. It is the agreed upon price not including the upgraded wheels and Audi Care which added an extra $5/month (@ 36/months = $180).

    The Atlanta deal sounds really good for those who can do without the Nav.
  • apdioapdio Posts: 4
    The 2010 models are identical to the 2009 models. I think there may be a few slight changes in options/packages. From what I understand, the model year was changed to keep in line with the model years of competitors.
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