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2010 Chevy Equinox Problems



  • I have just gone over 2000 Miles on my Equinox and I have not experienced any of the problems with the transmission that others have talked about. I have had absolutly no issues with this vehicel whatsoever.
  • mabe40mabe40 Posts: 2
    Since the computer problem, I have had no issues. I have driven the Equinox about 1500 miles so far and have not seen any additional problems (I don't have the transmission problem that others have reported). I am averaging 25 MPG (2/3 highway, 1/3 city), which is really nice. It should save me 250 gallons of gas/year over my last car, which got 20 mpg.
  • My wife has 2K miles on her 2010 LT1, 4cyl, FWD. No problems so far. She loves her car. The CRV felt more chintzy and less accomodating in the rear for our teenagers.

    Every auto line has problems. read the Honda message board and you will find people with issues (they will post more than the vast majority that are content). Some are throughout and some are small events that impact a small group. Take message board complaints with a grain of salt. I don't discount someone complaining about a problem like wallyuwl. I can only say we definately do not have a similiar experience.

    Test drive your car thoroughly before you sign the papers. Have the salesman demonstrate your bluetooth, XM, Onstar USB, etc. Enjoy your car. I really believe Chevy got this vehicle right and I have been one of their worst critics.
  • I have had some of the discussed tranny problems but mine doesn't seem to be to the extreme as others. Yesterday I drove on a 7 hr trip [31/2 there and 3 1/2 back} and I didn't have any problem at all. This was through a lot of construction work with constant start and stopping and open road at 70mph driving. I had absolutly no trouble at all and the Nox was a pleasure to drive. I turned off the AWD and ran the A/C and got around 30mpg, I can't explain why I didn't have the issues I had at first, only maybe I have more miles [1,600] on it now. My 26 yr old son was in the back seat and he loved all the leg room, he is 6'6" tall. Overall I love this vehicle so far and wouldn't hesitate buying it again.
    PS Onstar eNav worked like a charm and got me through Chicago without any problems.
  • ronwelronwel Posts: 57
    I picked up my 2010 Equinox a few weeks ago and have just over 1000km on it. I have not experienced the tranny problem, but I do have a problem with my radio.

    There seems to be an issue with the volume and tuning dials. The radio will start to tune to a diffferent station (AM 590, 600, 610, 600, etc...) all by itself. Just yesterday the volume started acted up and would get louder and softer. The tuning slider and volume slider appear on the radio screen, just as if someone was turning the dials. It seems to only happen when the interior temp is hot.

    I called my dealer and he said to bring it in for them to look at.

    I've also noticed that I am not getting very good fuel efficiency, definately not as advertised.

    However...with all things considered...I still really like my Equinox.
  • runoxrunox Posts: 156
    There is a noticeable differenece in MPG in ECO mode. Also, what kind of gas are you burning? I know of 3-4 off brands that deliver 8-10% lower MPG. Here in NJ, Delta is one and in PA Sheets. is a MPG killer.
  • we bought a '10 Equinox 4cyl AWD LS about a month ago and we have the same problem with the trans, not only downshifting, the upshifting is also sluggish and lot of hesitation, and gas mileage is not as good as they claim. it feels like the torque converter is locked up all the time, definitely a computer issue. does anyone here know how to contact GM directly?
  • I have the same vehicle as you, mine does exactly as you describe but when the engine warms up it seems to go away for the most part. It gets really cold here in the winter where I live and it worries me how it will do then. As for the milege mine got an average of about 29.6 on a trip with highway driving [ a lot of construction stop and starting].
  • yyyyyy...,

    I have someone I've been in contact with at GM's Executive Office. So far it has been an exercise in futility, but I keep pressuring her. If you email me ([email protected]) I will get you her contact information.

    I would highly suggest going back to the dealer and describing your problem, and letting them know you are not the only one having the problem, but also that most others are NOT experiencing these problems and it is NOT "normal" for this or any other vehicle. This is the BS I'm getting from two dealers in town I've taken mine to. :mad: See if they know of an avenue for you to contact GM directly in the engineering dept. or something, or at least see if the dealer can call them about the problem (only if you trust they'll actually do it).

    Anyway, going to the dealer(s) will put the problem into GMs database and give corporate another data point regarding the problem. The more people that complain to them and take it to dealers for the problem, the sooner they'll acknowledge the problem and get a fix.
  • My wife parked and double locked our 1LT 2010 Equinox, went into work and eight hours later returned to find ALL the windows down. She was shocked! I called the dealer and he said we would have to wait until it happened again since it would have to be duplicated by the dealership. I mentioned that I would rather not wait until it happened again, especially if it happens on a rainy day.

    Anyone have any suggestions/comments about this?
  • I know that on the remote if you hit the unlock button and then hit it again holding it down, all the windows will go down. Also beneath the window buttons on the driver side there is a button and it will also lower all the windows [haven't used this one yet but the salesman showed me how it works].
  • oops I meant the third time---first unlocks the drivers door, second unlocks all the doors and the third time holding it down lowers all the windows.
  • rjbdrjbd Posts: 1
    Just purchased a 2010 Chevrolet Equinox LS. We were waiting at a stop light, but when the light changed the car did not move. Had to turn off the engine and turn it back on for it to reset so that we could drive again. What if this happened if we were at a busy intersection and got stuck there? It appears to be a manufacturer's defect. Are not looking forward to the dealership giving us a difficult time for a defect that we did not create.
  • What you are experiencing is normal for a 2010 Equinox with a production date up to June 26, 2009. To have this happen you are pressing AND holding the unlock bottom on your remote. There is mention of reprogramming your BCM (at the dealership) to remove this feature but once this is done you will no longer be able to get it back. There is a document (TSB) referring to this condition.
  • Thanks! That's exactly what happened (holding down the unlock button). Appreciate your quick response.
  • Sounds like a wife defect, not an Equinox defect. ;)
  • runoxrunox Posts: 156
    Just tried it on my '10 and it didn't work. Since I bought July 31, odds are it was a pre-June 24 production unit. Maybe the dealer reprogrammed it before I bought it. At first I thought it would be great way to vent the car quickly on a hot day, but the risk of accidently activating it isn't worth the risk.

    Also beneath the window buttons on the driver side there is a button and it will also lower all the windows [haven't used this one yet but the salesman showed me how it works].

    That is the window lockout switch which prevents passengers (children) from operating the windows. I tried lowering all of the windows with this switch also and it didn't work.

    By the way, did you may also lose use of the power windows if you disconnect the battery or drain it down? Instructions on how to reprogram the windows is in your manual.

    It's amazing what you'll find out reading this manual since there are so many new programmed features.
  • So GM's Executive Office said they are just going with what the dealer says. The dealer says the transmission behavior is "normal" and insist they can't do anything about it, though they acknowledge what I'm experiencing. So the Exec. Office offered me a token 2 year maintenance plan. Big whoop. :mad:

    So I'm glad to hear about this new GM program where you can return your vehicle for a full refund within 60 days, and am going to be contacted (so I've been told) by the manager at the dealer to talk about it.

    There was also a person who works for GM and saw my posts on here and emailed me, said he'd get me in contact with an engineer. So far that has not happened, been about a month.

    So if I return this vehicle I'll be in the market for another (I'm just waiting for GM to say it is not valid on recently purchased vehicles, and only valid going forward). Anyone have any suggestions? We liked the Rogue, but you sit lower than in the Equinox and it is a little smaller. The Murano is a little expensive and has bad gas mileage. Any suggestions?
  • The problem you're experiencing could be based on your own driving behavior. All GM transmissions are "learning transmissions" which means they "learn" your driving patterns and adjust to them every 7 cycles. If you are someone who likes to drive your car hard it will adjust to that to try to get you the best gas mileage possible. If you have multiple drivers in your household on the vehicle it just averages the cycles. The stopping your feeling could be the transmission trying to steadily slow you to get the best gas mileage for you.

    If you still think the problem you're experiencing is limited to your vehicle and not all Equinox's just get a new Equinox. Obviously you'd be happy with the purchase if it wasn't for the issue, so find one that you think doesn't have that issue. Why settle for a vehicle you don't like (more expensive, worse mileage, etc) instead?
  • Thanks for the comments. I do not believe it is a driving issue since we do not drive the vehicle hard at all. Thus shifts should be smooth, and over time it should learn to shift even smoother. Also from being on here many others have the problem, but certainly not everyone. And the symptoms are present from when the vehicle is brand new. So it is obviously a "batch" of vehicles affected. GM doesn't acknowledge this.

    I am going to drive a Terrain when they come out in a couple weeks. Same drive train. I would love to keep the vehicle if the tranny was fixed, but GM is unwilling to even attempt to fix it. Simply putting in new tranny hardware/software that came from a different "batch" than the one the hardware/software in my vehicle came from would seemingly fix the problem, since two dealers insist it is a software issue (but they can't just reload the software). The dealer and GM at the national level won't do it. So I won't support them any more with an additional purchase.
  • My Equinox LTZ AWD was built 06/09 in Ingersoll, ONT, Canada.

    Indeed, windows are all down after holding unlock button about two seconds on the third push, good catch! Very nice coming back to the car on a hot day.

    Love this car! Smooth ride, good handling/accel in the V6, navigation system w/ turn-by-turn directions is nice, vehicle management system is easy to interface with, iPod connector, and Digital music HDD! Shame you can't watch movies on the front screen, only the rears. Only complaints are the cheap plastics on the dash and side door areas. Also tranny downshifting is a bit punchy at times (believe that's been voiced already).
  • Damn nice of you...seriously :)
  • I have had my 2010 Equinox towed twice in the past 3 weeks due to stalling while driving. I thought I would research anyone having issues with the vehicle and found this site. I apologize in advance because I am not the least bit mechanically savy, but I thought it was important to let everyone know my issues as well. The first time the car stalled the check engine light came on and I called onstar to do a diagnostic check and it came up transmission issues. The dealership said they thought some modules were loose and the reset the computer and made sure everything was together. Two days ago, I stalled again and the dealership said the ecm relay was bad and replaced it and said that should fix the problem. I hope this can help others having problems and I will continue to check this site for any responses and let everyone know if I have anymore issues after I have driven it a while. I only have 1200 miles on the car and I do love it, but I cannot drive something that is such a safety hazard.
  • Thanks famcar. I will bring that up when I talk again to the dealership manager (he called me last night, still hope of something getting done I guess). Lots of problems with this new vehicle. I'm with you - if things worked right it would be a wonderful vehicle.

    Are you having the weird downshifting characteristics described throughout this thread and forum? In either case, would you mind emailing me ([email protected]) your VIN so I have a reference for the dealer of: 1) another "bad" one, or 2) one that is good?

  • I've started to notice a bit of a stall in my engine as well. I will have to keep an close watch on this. The engine really starts to run rough and there is a vibration when the A/C is on.

    Right now my radio is all messed up. It changes stations by itself, and the volume goes up down down by itself. I waited 3 weeks for new radio, and 10 minutes after getting it back from the deal, it started all over again. They finally tracked it down to a cracked circuit board in the radio control panel. There are no new circuit boards in North America, so I have to wait 4+ weeks for another one. At least GM could give me an iPod to listen to while I wait! ;)
  • ronwel,

    The last time the car was towed it had an excessive amount of what appeared to be water from the air conditioner on the ground. The tow truck driver commented on the amount because he thought I must have been in the car for a while but it was only 20 minutes. I don't know if this could be a link to the problem but I did have the air on when it started giving me problems both times.
  • Interesting..... have noticed a large amount of water on the gound from my A/C as well...and only after a few minutes of running. I also notice that the A/C keeps kicking on and off, cycling every 30-45 seconds.
  • You guys are scaring off from the Equinox.Should I just forget getting one?
  • Don't be scared. Some new cars have issues at the start....this is why car companies have warranties. When I bought my 2001 Sunfire brand new within the first month I could feel and hear a clunking sound from the front end. It ended up that both strut mounts were cracked and needed to be replaced. Once that was fixed I never had another problem.

    Sometimes a bolt comes loose, or a sensor is faulty. It happens to every make and model of car.
  • So today I was able to talk directly with GM's chief engineer in charge of the Equinox, largely because of someone else at GM getting me in contact with him based on me posting the problem on here.

    Anyway, it seems the transmission symptoms are somewhat intended based on features to save fuel. However, based on what I said he thinks what I and others are experiencing is more harsh than what is intended. So he is having a member(s) of his engineering team contact me (don't know a timeline) to set up a time for them to come down and drive with me.

    Also, back2front I think mentioned that his dealer told him they contacted GM and were told GM was aware of this problem and was working on it. The engineer said this is not true, that GM was not aware of the severity of these symptoms in some vehicles. So it seems the dealer was lied to by GM, or the dealer lied to back2front.

    When I hear more I'll update more.
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