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2010 Chevy Equinox Problems



  • yobotyobot Posts: 4
    I dropped our 2010 nox into the dealer for the same problem on this past Saturday.
    By Monday afternoon the ecm had been re-programmed but service was still not satisfied with shifting. We have just 1735 miles and now I'm starting to worry about having made a decision to buy it.
    Only time will tell.
  • alman08alman08 Posts: 282
    file a lemon because I don't think you'd want to keep this car in the long run. do you realize how much damage it's already done inside the engine? :lemon:
  • I have 2 issues so far...

    1. The memory seats are not consistently recalling when entering the vehicle. I have the easy exit feature turned on but when either key is used to unlock and open the door, it is hit or miss to whether or not the seat will move back to the correctly programmed setting. Also, you have to hold the 1 or 2 button down until the seat is back to where you have set it. Is this normal?

    2. We have had some cold mornings lately and I have the remote start heated seats option turned on but when the car is remotely started, the seats don't heat up and the defrost or heat is also not on either. I have the air set to ON in the settings. Is there a minimum temperature before the heated seats will activate? It believe it was around 37 degrees.

    Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!
  • drove both on saturday-liked the rav until i drove the chevy which seemed much nicer to me. i am sort of afraid of the chevy since people are having some issues like the trans and the stalling. i do not want to be stranded and towed in if i can avoid it-should i just go with the rav?
  • I drove my 2010 Equinox for 10 days before it had a power steering, stabilitrac error message. It was towed to the dealership with 3 sensor errors. I haven't seen my car in a month! Local (rural) dealer service dept. took the electronics apart and can't figure out how to reassemble it. Regional GM man said it wasn't a GM quality issue but, rather, my car must have been hit by lightning and it was because of their generosity that they are fixing it! Funny he has never seen my car and only said this after the service man suggested I might get a replacement vehicle from GM. I was stunned by this turn of events. So much for customer service! Any of you out there have sensor problems on their 2010 nox? I read the post by familycar(?). Any insight into this problem. Alas, this is my first and possibly last GM product.
  • Computers seem to be just as finicky in cars as they are on desktops. No doubt strange things happen. It's too bad your service techs can't figure out what the problem is, but it's worse that the regional gm rep is blaming your cars problem on God.
    My strange thing is minor by comparison. After I had my flash for tranny calibration, the interior lights dim/turn off every time I go under a bridge. It's as if they sense that it's darker inside the cabin, so they want to make it even darker. Very strange.
  • 10lt210lt2 Posts: 18
    I think this is your car sensing darkness and switching "on" the automatic lights. When you lights go on, your interior lights get dimmer. They are bright for daylight hours when the sun is out but go dimmer at night when you don't need so much light.
  • Sorry about the problems you are having. If you don't get the satisfaction you deserve, go above the GM's head. You own part of the company! I am still waiting for my Nox. I pray that I don't have problems. I am getting a LTZ fully loaded 4 cylinder. I really want this car to be my baby. :mad: :sick:
  • urdeadurdead Posts: 13
    brueggie I have the same problems you have and I hope you have better luck getting them fixed than I have. The memory seat issue is such a pain in the rear. Chevrolet replaced the memory seat module on mine but that still didn't fix it. I you have the mirror reverse tilt option on you will notice that they don't always go back to the same position either when you put the car in drive after backing up. They then gave me a stupid excuse that the seats were working as intended but not as designed.

    I also had the remote start preheat problem and the temperature seems to be below 30 degrees before mine kicks on, although it says otherwise in the book.
  • berriberri Posts: 10,166
    Its unfortunate to hear all of the problems being posted on the new Equinox. It gets great write-ups and reviews, but maybe it just carried over too much of the previous model underneath?
  • Unfortunately the people who post with problems out number the satisfied customers who don't post. I'm sure this could be said for every model out there, I myself am a satisfied owner of a 2010 Nox.
  • vanman1vanman1 Posts: 1,397
    A co-worker just took delivery of a 10 Equinox (he waited over a month for it).

    I asked if he had any issues with the transmission, he said zero. He just gushes about it. He came from a 2002 Honda CRV.
  • I have a similar problem with my 4 cylinder. Although it is very quiet inside, I notice some tapping noise (not a knocking noise) at idle when standing outside the car. Took it back to dealer and was told this is normal fuel injector noise.
  • That's good to hear, mine does the same thing.
  • how can tell tapping from knocking noise? I do feel excessive noise when standing outside my 4 cylinder nox, compared to my v6 malibu. when speeding up the nox, it's not that quiet inside. that's why I posted a question on how to tell the noise cancellation properly working here (may be a month ago).

    I also feel quivering on gas pedal when pushing it a little harder, not sure if it is normal (at least no this kind of feeling on v6 malibu for 4 cylinder direct injection engine? :confuse: any suggestion?
  • wallyuwlwallyuwl Posts: 166
    4 cyl sound harsher than 6 or 8 cyl. Without being right by your vehicle it is hard to say if it is a malfunction or not. The gas pedal thing seems weird and atypical for this vehicle. I'd take it in and see what they say. If they say everything is normal, take it to another dealer. If they both say it is normal then it probably is (don't tell the second dealer you took it in to a different one first as to not bias their opinion).
  • Tapping or knocking? I don't know, but I do hear tic.. tic.. tic.. at idle. It goes away when I get up to speed. Of course that may be due to other noises canceling out the tapping. I do think the nox is a bit noisy. I've sprayed 4 cans of undercoating, but I really can't tell if it's better or not.
  • I got my 2010 Equinox yesterday. It is brand new. On two occassions, I used the key remote to unlock the doors. The door lock popped up, but the door wouldn't open. After locking and unlocking several times, the door will open. Sometimes it opens on the first try. Anyone have this problem or suggestions?
  • I've got a problem not mentioned on here yet (from what I know!) I think my key fob is already starting to die! Yesterday on three different occasions I went out to my car to grab things and the key fob wouldn't work. So my alarm would go off as I unlocked it manually. Then, randomly enough, other times it would just fine.

    Maybe it was just a fluke, but if I have this problem again, I'm going straight to my dealer. Those fobs and keys are EXPENSIVE to replace, and I feel as though I should not have to pay for a new one with my 10 'NOX only being 2 months old! I have my spare still, but am frustrated with the idea that one of them might already be running out of battery life. Guess sometimes it's the littlest things that can annoy you the most!
  • runoxrunox Posts: 156
    Would seem to me that would be a bumper to bumper issue.
  • crkyolfrtcrkyolfrt Posts: 2,345
    I know of an easy drivetrain glitch elimination, and it works on any car. Makes for a better, safer driver also, especially when the roads become slippery or cross winds try to blow you around. Just drive a car with a manual transmission. And it is becoming increasingly discouraging that so many new vehicles don't give you the choice. I want to like the Nox a lot, but am having trouble getting past all the glitches, be it wiring or sensor or even poor mgmt attitude or advice (altho it is encouraging to hear of the odd exceptional hands-on attitude from GM at least).

    IMO these tranny programs that are fixing driveability issues should have been perfected prior to even the first Nox delivery. And incompetent service advisors with their corporate responses of: "they all do that, it is normal" just drives me nuts with contempt for them and any brand that engages in such poor responses on serious issues. If I had a dlrship I would fire my guy/gal if they dismissed my customer in that way.

    The auto tranny is a North American thing. Our lazy, incompetence behind the wheel is why we have auto trannys here in the numbers we have. And is why our choices for finding the car/truck/SUV we want with a std tranny, become harder every year. The technology of ECU's in the engine and transmissions are there, but it is not perfected. And even when they do perfect it, all it takes is the 4th or 5th year of ownership (once out of wty) and then wiring connections that have started to become victim to electroysis from salt sprayed roads, exhibit all the driveability issues again, only this time around, become even more elusive and harder to fix. A good auto tech becomes even more important than your bank mgr.

    At the risk of perhaps being a bit too general.... we can build 'em, we just can't fix 'em.
  • I think this is your car sensing darkness and switching "on" the automatic lights. When you lights go on, your interior lights get dimmer. They are bright for daylight hours when the sun is out but go dimmer at night when you don't need so much light.

    Yea, that's it. As long as the lights are in automatic mode, even if you reset it to be off, by clicking to the lowest position, it will return to "on" upon next ignition restart.
    Nice to know.
  • Our 2010 Equinox is weeks old with 2500 miles on it. We were locked out of the driver's door after using the remote. It's been at two dealers so far. It's a known issue (with a cable?). Take it to your local dealer. They're familiar with it.
  • Just have had our Equinox for three days and already problems

    - We get the emission warning symbol; called onstar to see what their diagnostic codes were indicating and they seemed to downplay it - said if it persists after 7 on/off cycles to take it in

    - Remote start does not work now...worked fine for the first couple of days and not sure if it not working is tied into the emission thing. We are following the instructions (door is locked) and also checked the defaults and the feature is still enabled

    Not happy right now - hope its minor but it's a hassle I really dont need
  • PS We have the Equinox 1LT with front wheel drive
  • PPS - Checked the manual - the remote start will not work when the emission light warning is on. The emission thing could be a loose gas cap but it turned on before we even filled it for the first time.
  • runoxrunox Posts: 156
    You forgot, the dealer filled the tank before the pickup, reset the gas cap anyway. It may take a few starts before the emission light resets.

    "the remote start will not work when the emission light warning is on"

    Two problems solved, 1 simple solution.
  • HI

    I HAVE 2006 CHEVROLET EQUINOX AND SOMETIMES I have problem to start the engine. I just can start. The starter turns perfectly just the motor doesn’t start. When I start I must push in the same time the gas pedal to start the motor. I have Total plus warranty but the dealer can help because the problem is occasionally :(
  • I have a 2010 Equinox with 6500 miles. I have two issues to date.

    1. Twice while driving on the freeway I've encountered an odd feeling with the steering. It's as if it "sticks" or at least becomes sticky when driving in a straight line. I wouldn't consider it a safety issue, but it does take enough effort to move the steering out of the spot to jerk the car slightly. The first time was after about 3 hours on the freeway. The second was after about 25 minutes. Both times the problem disappeared after the car sat overnight. About the best way I can describe is if you were rolling a tire back and forth and it had a flat spot. Pretty annoying.

    2. I don't get any heat when using remote start. I live in Minnesota and that's a problem I'd like to see fixed.
  • jmikes, Do you have the 4 or 6cyl? Just wondering as the 4's have electric PS and the 6's have conventional PS
  • I took my 'Nox in last week for the exact same problem (#2). They did a programming upgrade which fixed the heated seats problem. Do you have an LTZ? The fix also fixed the memory seat problem I was having when using different key fobs and not switching between the two settings. The dealer said there was a bulletin for the problems so your dealer should have no problem finding it.

    Good Luck.
  • urdeadurdead Posts: 13
    You didn't happen to get that bulletin number did you. I called my dealer today and they told me they were unable to find it :cry:
  • I will look at the paperwork tonight after work. I won't be home till almost 9 and will do my best to remember! I would call/contact another dealer or if you would like, go to and look up the service consultant R. Williamson. He helped me out and should be familiar with the problem. The bulletin either had to do with the memory seats or the remote start/HVAC and whatever they did fixed the problem of the heated seats not coming on when remote starting. I will say though, they don't turn on with the highest setting but do eventually start heating up after a couple minutes depending on the temp of course.
  • We have the four. A 1LT with front wheel drive.
  • I have a 2010 Equinox. It appears that when I set the heat on defrost-floor with recirculation, the recirculation indicator is on but I still get outside fumes. Has anyone experienced this?
  • Hi all, newbie here. A 2002 TB owner from Chicago. I know someone that owns a '10 Nox LT with added options but still has the 4 Cyl. Almost got in a wreck in traffic cause when they left the light, it felt like 5 guys were sitting on the rear power whatsoever. Plus...a 13" rear wiper? Seriously, couldn't go with a 12" or 14"? I saw the 4 cyl oil filter....mechanically garbage, also 8 to 12 bucks?? We had to buy a special nut socket to fit the plastic nut cover that holds in the filter due to lack of space....horrible engineering. Not feeling really good about any of that, not to mention that you get no cross roof rails unless you have the convenience package, but the side rails come with all Noxs'....that's very lame. I WILL be ordering a cyber grey LT2 with the 3L....any thoughts would be appreciated....Thanks.
  • I thought I read in the manual that when any defrost mode is being used, the recirculation cannot be utilized in conjunction. Could be wrong but I believe that is what I read...
  • I put 20 miles on the dealers 4cyl which was about 17 miles too much. I TRIED to like it, but the motor is just too weak for big city traffic. Bought the LT2 6cyl and don't regret it. MPG is still good but when I need to get it going, there is plenty of juice there without standing on the pedal. In the 4cyl my wife ( who has never driven a car) said "holy cow that motor is weak, I can't believe you drove it that far".
  • ulliulli Posts: 14
    I took delivery on a 1LT on Nov. 4. The only problem was that the low beams were not sufficiently bright. I haven't seen that others have had this problem, but there is a fix for it.
    I took to my dealer and the problem was fixed in 10 minutes with a reprogramming. They performed B.C.M. reprogram per DOC #2340555. Apparently this increases the voltage to the lights. Everything else is great. The first two fillups yielded 22.8 MPG - all city driving. ( 1 MPG less than indicated )
  • 10lt210lt2 Posts: 18
    I change my own oil and have for 30 years. The 10 nox 4 cylinder setup is awesome. No mess and very easy to pull the filter out. The filter is very similar to what is in the standard little can oil filters. It just does not have the can. Pulling out from the top is much easier than pulling a full can off from the bottom (as it spills hot oil all over your arm). It is a standard nut on top. Just a little big. If you don't have a complete mechanics set, you would have to buy that size socket. No big deal.

    Cross roof rails are not standard. The side rails are not standard either. They don't come on the LS. I have the cross rails and took them off. I will only use them when I go on vacation. Otherwise they just generate wind noise and drag.

    As far as no power goes... It is not a powerful vehicle. It is a 3800+ Lb vehicle with a 4 cylinder engine. If you add in the eco mode, it can be a little pokey. I find it more than adequate and when I consider that I chose less power to get higher mpg, I am very happy.
  • As far as no power goes... It is not a powerful vehicle. It is a 3800+ Lb vehicle with a 4 cylinder engine. If you add in the eco mode, it can be a little pokey. I find it more than adequate and when I consider that I chose less power to get higher mpg, I am very happy.

    Well said !!
  • crkyolfrtcrkyolfrt Posts: 2,345
    I suspect this because a portion of your setting included defrost. So it must be allowing some outside air in, otherwise the windshield will fog.
    Try floor only, recirculate, and if system is designed correctly there will be at least a hint of air flow still on windshield. Some vehicles have this proportioned well, others not so much. An 09 Civic I demo'd had nary a hint of any air on WS tho in floor mode. Poorly designed and I was surprised being a Honda. CRV is not nearly as good a vehicle as my Nissan X Trail was. I wish I could snap my fingers and turn it into an Equinox. (I think...but am not positive, since it seems the Nox seems to have quite a few teething errors and is very dealer dependent by so much electronic intervention. I have read they even have to input a signal to deliver enough voltage for brighter headlights! It sounds like a shadetree home mechanic's absolute nightmare when all the electronics start to screw up. But I sure do want to love this car for it's AWD, features and fuel economy.

    Recirculate is meant for temporary use only in winter months. Quite useful to block unwanted outside smells or dried salt dust on busy freeways after a big storm.
  • crkyolfrtcrkyolfrt Posts: 2,345
    Is that 22.8 mpg in the USA or Canada? USA's gallon is 20% smaller.

    Is that driving gently in the city? Or normal? Or fairly aggressive (which i doubt as it seems so good)?
  • crkyolfrtcrkyolfrt Posts: 2,345
    This is interesting. But it seems the Nox seems to have quite a few teething errors and is very dealer dependent by so much electronic intervention. I have read they even have to input a signal to deliver enough voltage for brighter headlights! It sounds like a shadetree home mechanic's absolute nightmare when all the electronics start to screw up due to wiring connections gone bad from corrosion intrusion. But I sure do want to love this car for it's AWD, features and fuel economy.

    I sure wish GM would offer a manual 5 or 6 spd transmission. I feel confident that would be the best way to make the most efficient use of that quite powerful, but frugal, 4 cylinder. Then the driver could be as gentle or aggressive as they want depending on the level of efficiency they strive for, and all while being interactive. No modes or buttons to push, and far greater reduced complexity.
  • crkyolfrtcrkyolfrt Posts: 2,345
    This dead on-centre feel you describe does not sound normal. I would be curious if any other 4 cyl owners have experienced this?

    I wonder if there is a deformity on the steering rack. Being electric assist, I imagine the rack is like a huge, heavy duty type of rheostat of some sort. It could be flawed. But even greater suspect odds it is as simple as that since this dead spot seems to be in the straight ahead position.
  • crkyolfrtcrkyolfrt Posts: 2,345
    Please elaborate on why you say the oil filter is "mechanically garbage". It sounds like it is a cannistor/cartridge style, which are cheaper to mfr. I like that it sits up on top instead of down below. Why is it "horrible engineering"?
    I don't have a Nox yet so can't see what you're describing.
  • ulliulli Posts: 14
    USA - normal city driving with ups and downs going home. AWD 2.4 4cyl. I haven't had the opportunity to take it on the road yet. I'll post that mileage when I do. I've used the ECO mode most of the time.
  • got my Nox on 10-17-09 (waited an excruciating 3 months!). 1LT, 4 cyl, AWD. Now 2 months later am mostly happy with it except that there is no heat with remote start. Live in Pennsylvania so that is an issue for me. will contact dealer about it but haven't yet. Have not had any issues with steering.

    Driver seat is a little uncomfortable under the back of my thighs like I'm sitting on a bar or something. Doubt anything can be done about that. not as uncomfortable as it might sound but could be better. MPG is a little over 21, but all city driving - mostly gentle. Have 1350 miles on it right now. Only other complaint at the moment is that the colors to choose from are so blah ! Finally chose the Gold Mist which should be called Beige Mist. The only thing good about this color is that it doesn't show dirt as much as other colors. Would have loved a color like the Mystic Blue on the RAV4.
  • These posts are making me very Nox will be in very soon, and I just don't want to have any problems so early in the game. Is this normal for other car makers. I really want to like this car. HELP, calm my nerves........please. :confuse:
  • ulliulli Posts: 14
    Other than the low beams being weak which was a 10 minute fix at the dealer, I couldn't be happier with the AWD 1LT 2.4. The 4 cylinder performs better than I expected - and I moved from a 5.3 V8 Tahoe.
    Have fun with yours - you'll be happy with it.
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