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Chevrolet Tracker Maintenance and Repair



  • nelssienelssie Posts: 1
    I have a 2003 Tracker ZR2 4x4 auto 6 cyl with 47k miles. When I put the vehicle in gear, I hear what seems to come from the transmissions a noise just like a baseball card makes in a bicycle tire. No noticeable difference in driving, just that noise. Anyone know what that may be??
  • vanner1vanner1 Posts: 12

    What engine do you have? I thought all '03 inlines were 2.0L DOHCs. If so, the oil capacity at change with filter is 5.5 US quarts, and 4 liters is only 4.2 quarts. Of course that would be low by a good lick on that dipsick.

    Each change with my 2.0L I put it 5 quarts of something-or-other with another can of an oil additive like STP for the other pint. Brings it right up.

    The 2.5L V-6 I believe holds 5.8 quarts with filter, or 5.5 L. That, again, would leave you pretty low on the stick with only 4L.
  • arkainzeyearkainzeye pittsburgh paPosts: 473
    i have had (2) chevy trackers 1999 2door soft top and a 2004 4 door ZR2 (v6) Both trackers had the air conditioners fail. if you look up past posts on this subject you will see tracker are not rare for this problem. well im NOT paying to get it fixed. one day it worked the next it didnt. fuses were all checked. followed all the recommendations of past posts. you can hear it running turning on and off. since this is NOT my first time having this failure i already know what it is. i recognize the signs from last time. I will not be getting a 3rd tracker. even when the ac worked it was never anything to brag about. other than that its been a good little suv. monday i get my Accord v6. btw resale was sad to say the least.
  • reedphireedphi Posts: 2
    Whilst built by Suzuki, I have little faith in this 2001 vehicle. My problems have stemmed about a bent standard transmission shift plate that cost me $1800 even though under warantee, a replaced rear axle and pinion gear due to faulty operation, a new A/C compressor due to faulty clutch ($1000 CAD), and now I am getting very loud gear whine again - think it's ready for another axle (perhaps front) and pinion gear (~$1600 CAD) . This is all within 128,000 KMS (76,000 MI). Need to keep it one more year to pay off debts but my next car is a COROLLA !
  • I also have a 2003 Chevy Tracker (2.0 L 4 Cylinder) and it takes 5 quarts of oil. I think the owner's manual lists that amount as well.
  • Definitely check your owner's manual. My 2001 2.0 liter Tracker has a 5.5 quart oil capacity. Not sure if that .5 is for the oil filter.
  • vanner1vanner1 Posts: 12
    2000 4 dr 4wd, 2.0L, 124,166 miles, changed oil yesterday putting in 5 quarts Pennzoil dinosaur juice and ~8 oz Lucas Oil Stabilizer. Right to the top line on the dipstick.

    That tiny little oil filter can may hold .5 L but I'm betting it's more like 2 oz!

    This little 4-banger uses about a quart of oil in 3000 miles now, but used up half a quart every 3000 when new. Just the nature of the engine I guess.
  • What is the easiest way to reinstall the pulley after removal. Also what is the easiest way to loosen the lower alternator bolt. Do I need to remove the passenger side front wheel?
  • ronda6ronda6 Posts: 2
    :confuse: I noticed a blog on this issue has been posted previously with no response. I am a new member and new owner of 2000 tracker. Already had a major oil leak from rear seal. My question is about the timing chain. How do you know if it has been replaced? (without doing a carfax that is not free as they advertise)The front of the motor has what looks like some type of black sealant. Is this a sign that it has been replaced? It is running fine, so far, but I am so worried about the damage the timing chain can cause. It has 176,000, high mileage, so I hope it has been replaced. If anyone has any suggestions to keep it running good please let me know ASAP. I am a teacher with only one income in my family and I don't have extra cash to fix major problems but must have transportation. Please, anyone with knowledge and experience with a tracker respond with any and all info that might help me keep it running. I have read all 125 post so any new info would be great.
    Thanks in advance!! :confuse:
  • ronda6ronda6 Posts: 2
    Could be the rear seal. Took my mechanic a week to figure out where the oil leak was coming from. It is on the back of the motor. I have a 2000 4wd.
    I don't know anything about cars but what I have experienced, but hope this info. helps. Ronda :)
  • vanner1vanner1 Posts: 12
    What year, what engine, which belt? The large "serpentine" belt that runs almost everything or the other lttle one they started with and built the rest of the car around?
  • 2004 V6 the pulley is on the front serpentine that run AC and PS. Thank you
  • I have a 2002 5-door tracker, 4x4 6 cyl. A few weeks ago, something sounded like it broke, and now everytime I hit a hard bump, or take too sharp of a turn there is a kind of bang coming from underneath the truck. I had two people look at it, the first one said that they couldn't find anything wrong with it, and the second said it was the suspension rod? I have been trying to look up this part, and I have found nothing called that. If someone could please help me, Please email me @ Thanks! -HollyNicole
  • steverstever Posts: 52,572
    Please don't ask for "personal" help via email. We all benefit when a problem is discussed on the open forum. Thanks.
  • I had a similar problem with my 2000 tracker recently. It turned out that the sway bar link had detached from the socket on one side, which meant it wasn't holding tight and the link parts had become oval. It required replacement of the 2 front sway bar links, which luckily they were able to source as refurbs for me. Still $103 each (Cdn) but not as bad as it could have been. I was told this was quite a dangerous condition though, so you may want to have it checked out.
  • It could possibly be one of the ball/socket links for the sway bar in the front suspension. I have experienced a similar symptom twice when the joint did not actually come apart at first but eventually did and had to be replaced. About 5 months later it happened on the opposite side as well.
  • Was that $103/per side labour included?; because I bought the links for $30 CDN /each here in Ontario. I did the install myself; very straightfoward.
  • To donram post #132,where in Ontario did you get these parts for $30.00.l paid $93.00 a piece for mine.Also where is a good place to get rear drums?thanks ,floody2.
  • My husband and I have an 04 Tracker w/a 2.5L engine. We had a ticking noise start and were told that it was the timing chains...well about 2 days after our "timing chain" diagnosis, we threw a rod and just had to replace the motor :sick: . I would recommend having it looked at before replacing the chains. Good Luck
  • My husband and I have a 2004 Tracker with the 2.5L engine. Like many others on here, we noticed a ticking noise coming from the motor and thought it to be the timing chains. However, about 2 days after we were told it was the chains, we threw a rod and ended up having to replace to whole motor. We just completed installation today. After getting everything put back together and all fluids into the motor, we tried to start fired right up. Running better than ever, so we decided to take it for a test drive and we can't go anywhere. It will go into park and neutral but when it is put into any other gear(drive, reverse, ect..) it just sits there. Unless of course we are sitting on a hill. Does anyone have an idea as to what it might be? We thought it could be the torque converter isn't properly aligned but aren't sure. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  • Where is the Cabin Filter Located on a 2004 Chevy Tracker
  • I have a 96 1.6 liter tracker when trying to time it i found 2 timing marks on the cam shaft gear. Can anybody tell me which is the proper mark to use at top dead center the "I" or the "E" . I believe the notch on the top if the valve cover is the reference mark for the gear which matches the arrow and notch on the crank. Am i correct?
  • My 2002 Tracker doesn't give out much heat. I have noticed that when stopped at a red light the air temp will get cooler. When I resume driving it heats up quickly. What on earth could be causing this. I have checked the coolant and the reservoir is up to the full mark. The temp guage seems normal. I have also noticed that when I look into the actual radiator that I can see the aluminum fins not covered by anti freeze. When I top it off at the radiator level, it just returns it back to the reservoir. My only guess is that it may need a new thermostat. But why the cool air when stopped at a light? I have checked the cabin air filter behind the glove box to see if it might be plugged up, but I found it had been removed by the previous owner, and not replaced with a new one.
  • I don't think anyone reads this board. Seems like a dead thread.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,572
    Try the Climate Control Problems (Air Conditioning, Heat) - All Cars discussion.

    It's quiet over there too but lots of people subscribe to that discussion and watch it.
  • Did you or anyone ever find a complete door assembly to make your doors and windows electric. I want to do the same thing!
  • I'm having the same problem. First it was the gas cap and now the o2 sensor, do you know where this $18 pigtail valve on the exhaust system is or where I can buy one and change it myseft.
  • I have a 2004 Chevy Tracker. The oil light comes on when I am going over 2 rpms, and usually after about 5-6 miles. (I have not been driving it because of this). It first starts flickering, then eventually goes on full time. The light does not come on when the car is in idle. There is plenty of oil in the car. I have had several oil changes, and a friend of mine who is a mechanic changed the oil last night and ran what he called a "detergent" through it to break up the sludge, and then added Rislone. He said I need to just drive it for about 200 miles and then he will flush it again and change the oil again. He says he is 99 percent certain that the problem is sludge. I had taken it to the dealership and they were quoted $2,000 just to start. They said the oil pressure was fine and the oil pump was fine. They said it could be something to do with the timng chain. Needless to say, I am nervous. Is it possible that the problem is sludge? My friend said when he change the oil is had lots of gunk in it and was black (even though the oil had just been change). Any constructive advice would be appreciated.
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