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Chevrolet Tracker Maintenance and Repair



  • thanks tidester I finlly found it
  • have 1998 chev tracker 4wd soft top with 41000 miles
    getting ready to do tune up (plugs,air filter AND FUEL FILTER CAN


  • other day my radio & antenna would not work
    and the clock also
    i put a new fuse even though it didnt need it and the clock works but not the radio

    any suggestions,i cant figure out why even if it was the antenna(which before I got
    the car the antenna was replaced) why the radio is completely dead not a sound??
    bad enough out of work just one problem after another
    check engine light has been on since i bought the car
    mechanic said it is in the heater oxygen circuit but he said could take 5 minutes to locate or 2 hours does that make sense he said it could be dust on it

    pls advise

  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
    The fuel filter should be somewhere between the gas tank and the rear wheel well on the passenger side of the vehicle and above the axle.

    tidester, host
    SUVs and Smart Shopper
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
    Does the radio have an internal fuse?

    tidester, host
    SUVs and Smart Shopper
  • thank yo so much

  • I'm looking to convert my Trackers crank windows and manual locks to electric.
    a) Did the Tracker (98) even have electric windows and locks?
    b) has anyone ever done this with aftermarket or other parts?
    b) where/how would I get the parts?

  • tecc10tecc10 Posts: 1
    I have a 2001 Chey Tracker, does it have a cabin filter and if it does where is it located. Thank You
  • I had a similar power steering issue as many have here. Feels like you've lost the "power" in the P.S.
    Hard spots as you turn the wheel.

    Well, lifted and inspected everything from the rack & pinion to all suspension parts and steering knuckles and shafts, no problems.

    Looked at the P.S. Pump and noticed in the back of it, is a single wire connector that is plugged into the "power steering pressure switch". Checked it, and it was corroded from the elements. It is a slip-on style single wire connector, so it was easy to clean off, and added some dielectric grease.

    Fixed! Instantly!!!

    Can imagine a dealership saying it was the R&P and it was going to cost $650.00. I'm sure they would've also cleaned that connection for that price!!!
  • i have a 2001 chevy tracker and the power light came on and i don't know why it came on but i cannot get it to go off...and i don't have the manual for it so i was wondering if anyone can help me as this is all new to me...ty for the help.. my tracker is also 4 wd
  • I have a 2002 tracker 4x4 automatic, to the left of the gear shift between my bucket seats, is a rocker switch (small black), says POWER on/off. You may have accidently switched it.(This pertains to when the car is in 4wd or towing. If that doesn't turn it off, there maybe a bad connection from the switch or the dash light.)
  • yeldarb82yeldarb82 Posts: 1
    I installed new head upper and lower timing chains and etc.... so I got the car all together and i started it up it ran great but the check engine light was on so i shut it off then procceded to find that i hadnt plugged in the coolant temp sensor so i plugged it in and then the car wouldnt start. car was found to have spark and fuel so i adjusted the cam positon sensor and had to move it all the way up to get it to run. It runs good in that position but i am wondering what would cause this serious jump in timing just by having plugged in the sensor. b4 i put it back together i had rotated the motor over by hand just to make shure the timing chain was in the right position and not going to jump any teeth.
  • palkopalko Posts: 16
    I have the same problem on my 2004 tracker. When it gets to 15 degrees out or less, I can hear this problem. After driving it goes away, as long as the temperature goes up locally. This began on my vehicle @ 6000 miles. Chevrolet had the vehicle 3 times on cold overnight occasions and could only say it was the brake rotors buildup of rust that caused this problem. They would shave the rotors and the problem still existed. I took GM to court under the lemon law and we settled out of court. I still have the vehicle @62000 miles and it still makes this noise@ temperatures less than 15 degrees. I don't know what causes this. the front end is tight and the ball joints are still good. The CV boots are still intact.
  • coffeecatcoffeecat Posts: 7
    Right at 2500 rpm my 2003 2.0 L Tracker started making a wired engine noise. It sounds a most like the fan hitting the shroud. Very loud but not like a metallic noise that you would usually hear coming from an engine if something was wrong.
    Anyway, the noise happens whether the car is moving or not. I took off the serpentine belt and the fan belt and started the engine. Same noise at 2500 rpm. If I speed up or slow down the engine then the noise goes away.
    Any ideas? Thanks in advance.
  • tlao1975tlao1975 Posts: 3
    I have owned a 2003 Chevy Tracker, 4 dr. 4 cyl. 4x4 base model for the last two years. I've put about 13,000 miles on it since I bought it, and until now have not had any problems (at least until this winter, but that is another problem I'll have to post elsewhere!). Recently right around 45 mph she starts to vibrate oddly, and comes out of it when I accelerate or drop to a lower speed. Any ideas as to what might be causing the vibration? I'll have to take her in for the 60,000-mile maintenance this summer and would love to get this problem fixed at the same time. Thanks for any help!
  • coffeecatcoffeecat Posts: 7
    Your problem sounds like an out of balance condition. Have you had your wheels balanced? Been diving in mud/4 wheeling? Sometimes enough cakes on the back of the rim to throw off the balance.
    Winter problem. I had a door handle snap off this year. Stupid me for yanking on a frozen door.
  • tlao1975tlao1975 Posts: 3
    Saturday I had my studded tires swapped over to the all-seasons I use during the summer, and they balanced them then. I had the same vibration problem over the winter with the studded tires, which were also balanced when they were changed over. I've never had occasion to take her off-road yet so I'm fairly sure it isn't mud build-up.

    I can sympathize with you about the broken door handle. I live in northern Maine, and during a period of -40 temps this winter my grille shrank and the chrome began to blister; and the driver's side scuff plate split when a friend stepped on it trying to give me a boost. Plastic isn't made for sub-zero weather!
  • Hey guys, I have a question about a piece that broke off of my Chevy Tracker 1999

    The black plastic lumbar (if that is what its even called) that holds my softtop in place broke off. Tracker parts are hard enough to find as it is, so it may be needless to say that I have had no luck in finding a replacement.

    To give you a better idea of which part I'm talking about exactly, it's the black plastic bar where the top of it holds the softtop so it is firmly stretched snug against the metal (closest to the moon roof)


    Anyone know where I can find one of these?? I checked all over the web with no luck. :cry:

    My glovebox handle also broke off, if anyone knows where I can buy a replacement, please let me know

    Thanks all!!
  • chiefsfan2chiefsfan2 Posts: 1
  • vanner1vanner1 Posts: 12
    Power switch changes the "hard shift" points. You'll go higher in rpms before it upshifts. Lets it get to the "optimum" torque peak or near there anyway.

    I agree with the others - you should have the transmission serviced or at least the fluids dropped and refilled. I recommend a complete flush and new filter and modulator valve if it hasn't been done. Fluids should be changed at probably 75K miles.

    You can easily check to see if you're frozen in the power mode by turning it off and seeing at what rpm on the tach it shifts from first to second under full acceleration. Ten turn it on and check again.

    My 2000 Tracker 4dr with the 2.0L 4 now at 117K miles is one of the very best vehicles I've ever owned and I've owned a few good ones.

    I do wish they had never used those stupid plastic "Christmas Tree" posts to anchor on all the exterior plastic. I've been chasing around replacing the missing ones on almost a weekly basis lately!
  • I'm getting ready to change the brakes on my tracker and I figure a tune up wouldn't hurt at the same time. So far I know I need to change the plugs, wires, fuel filter and air filter. Is there anything else that needs to be changed at the same time? Also is there a way to turn the lights off? The lights come on automatically and I can't for the life of me figure out if there is a way to turn them off. There is an old drive-in movie theater close by I want to take my wife to but if I can't get the lights to shut off then it's going to be quite annoying if I start the car during the movie. Thanks for any help anyone can give.

  • bobonlinebobonline Posts: 2
    Does anyone know how to bench test the EGR valve from my 2002 V6?
  • hennemanhenneman Posts: 1
    I have a 2003 ZR2 and the battery will go dead in a couple of days of no use. I have checked and there is a drain on the battery of 0.7 amps with everything shut off. I found if I pull the Dome lites/Radio fuse the drain drops to almost 0. I looked at a schematic and it shows there is also the powertrain control module on this curcuit. Does anyone know if the radio or powertrain control module can cause a current draw with the ignition switch off? If I leave the dome lite/ radio fuse out the battery stays charged. Any ideas are appreciated.
  • Tony, my chevy tracker has this same feature. There is no easy way to turn this feature off, it's hard wired into the system. Not long ago I took my tracker to a mechanic because my parking lights wouldn't turn off when my car would turn off (as a result I would have to pull out the fuse from the fusebox that controlled the lights and radio from under the hood everytime I would park my car). The mechanic ended up taking out some switch or something from under the dash that would turn on my lights automatically (this automatic turn on apparently burned the switch and there was some weird connection going to the aftermarket security locking system that was put in which contributed to the problem)

    LONG STORY SHORT: all you have to do is pull the fuse from under your hood that controls all the lights from your car (that fuse was also in charge of the radio, so I'm not sure if that would pose a problem for you or not) but my AC was working fine.
    Otherwise I would say take it to a mechanic if you would really want to have the automatic headlights feature.
  • pistonmacpistonmac Posts: 1
    coffee cat i see that you removed the serpentine belt on your 2004 tracker,how hard was that?,cant seem to figure it out..can u please help??or does anyone know how to remove the serpentine belt?? do i remove the 13mm bolts or use a breaker bar?
  • I have a 2000 chevy tracker, 2.0 4 wheel drive. The 4 wheel drive has stopped working and the guy at the chevy garage said that it is the ECM that is causing it. I have found a used ECM, but one mechanic said that used ECM's dont work while another said that it would but it would have to be reprogramed by the Chevy dealership. Can anyone help me.
  • I have the same issue with my 2001 Chevy Tracker 2.0 liter. Check Engine Soon light on most of the time.

    Can some give the actual part name for this "pig tail valve"? Tracking it down with this type of name does not make it easy.

    Thanks, Bill Colwell
  • roxas331roxas331 Posts: 1
    Hi I have a 2001 Tracker 4 dr and 3 of my interior door handles broke =/ , does anybody know the part number or part i need to replace them i cant find them specifically for the car.
  • Tecc10,

    Yes, the 2001 Chevy Tracker does have a cabin filters on the passenger side of the vehicle. The filters are located behind the glove box (aka glove compartment). I'll do my best to explain the procedure for filter replacement. Even the illustrations that came on the instructions with the cabin filters were of little help.

    Open the glove box to reveal the compartment. Empty the contents of the compartment to a convenient area. At this point, I consider this initial opening of the glove box to be the "normal" level of openness for the compartment.

    To open the glove box to the next level, you need to slightly squeeze the compartment inward (on both sides at the same time) to release the glove box to the next level. At this next level the glove box has swung open to the floor.

    Now, look at the area you just revealed from behind the glove box compartment, you will see a metal bar. Just behind that metal bar you will see a narrow plastic cover. This cover is like an upside down "L". It has two protruding "rectangular" type knobs that extent from the long leg side of the "L" cover.

    Above the upper knob, (this would be the short leg of the "L" cover) you should be able to get your fingers into the space and pull up on that portion of the cover to release it.

    The long side of the "L" cover should be a bit easier to release once the upper side has been released.

    Once this "L" cover is removed it should reveal the cabin filters (there are two). The filters seem to be stacked one on top of the other. Replace the two filters with the tab on each filter facing you (the tab on each filter when stacked correctly will slide into the back of the "rectangular" type knobs of the "L" cover).

    Replace the "L" cover and make sure it's locked into it's upper and lower positions.

    Begin closing the glove box. Remember, you will have to squeeze both sides of the glove box compartment to push it back into the opening and it's "normal" open position.
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