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Ford Taurus/Mercury Sable Wagons



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    nmknmk Member Posts: 111
    Well, I still think you might consider it if your nearby.
    Driven gently, by two "Silver Foxes". :blush:

    Yes there is cosmetic damage in the right rear, and the rear door cannot be opened. :cry:

    However, it is in great running condition. :shades:

    Think it over.

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    danielj6danielj6 Member Posts: 285
    My 2000 Sable wagon was declared a total loss by my insurer after driving on a parkway and while crossing an intersection on green light I hit a minivan driven by a kid learning to drive with his uncle. This happened close to three years ago.

    I came out with burned wrists from the deployment of front airbags and a sore neck. I got pretty good money from the insurance company from top of the line Sable.

    The reality is that even if they restore your wagon, it may never be like it was before the collision because the damage may be more extensive than your insurer believes it to be.

    I still miss my Sable, but I believe I did well by letting it go.
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    ford_guy52ford_guy52 Member Posts: 8
    Well they are giving me about $2400 for the repairs. I know it may never be the same, but mostly now I'm using it for local errands (the load floor in back is great). It was about $800-900 short of being totalled. They told me $3366 was the "magic number" to write it off. :surprise:

    The body shop/collision repair shop should be done with it next week. I'm driving it straight over from there to my Mercury service dealer, who maintained it the last six years to see if they can find anything that the body shop missed.

    That Subie wagon is looking better and better, but go figure, I just can't afford two car payments.

    After $2400 in repairs, I'll keep it for a while and see how it does. I just hope they haven't turned it from :shades: into a :lemon:
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    danielj6danielj6 Member Posts: 285
    After a collision, the car may or may not be repaired and
    may not be restored to specifications unless is sent back to the factory.

    Today insurance companies, opt for declaring a car that was in an accident a to total loss. They pay the owner and be done with it rather than have to pay to replace air bags which are very expensive to replace.

    Subaru's car are very expensive and the array of different models is mind boggling. You may want to keep in mind that the Sable wagon is coming back replacing the Freestyle name.
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    ford_guy52ford_guy52 Member Posts: 8
    Sent back to the factory??? I don't know of anyone in a collision where the car gets sent back to the factory...??

    That being said, they did decide to repair the car. As I had mentioned, the airbags never deployed, it wasn't that severe of a crash, but expensive enough as it was.

    After the repair shop was finished I immediately drove it over to my Merc dealer who examined the mechanical repairs done on the car and felt that they had done a good job of repair, at least mechanically. I'm not fond of the new scratches the body shop managed to inflict on the paint, but hey, at least it's up and running again. Running pretty good, actually, after my 60,000 mile maintenance as well...

    Of course it's not the same as brand new, but then what 1998 car is, for the most part?

    I'm well aware that the Freestyle name is being replaced... I mentioned it in my previous posts here.

    I believe it's by a "Taurus X", not a Sable "X". Also, frankly, I can't stand the "cross-over" variety of vehicle, :( I have no interest in a Freestyle, or even the Edge or any other variety of "cross-over". Just doesn't do anything for me, personally.

    Anyway, my Sable wagon is now back on the road again. :shades: I do have a story about the body shop to post, perhaps when I have more time. :mad:
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    danielj6danielj6 Member Posts: 285
    Sent back to the factory??? I don't know of anyone in a collision where the car gets sent back to the factory...??

    Please read my entire post, don't take things out of contest and ridicule them. My statement about sending the car back to the factory was for illustrative purposes only, and the operative word is UNLESS. Cars don't get to go back, but to repair it after a severe collision may take the precision skill that only computerized robots have.
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    ford_guy52ford_guy52 Member Posts: 8
    Ummm, 'scuse me, but I didn't take anything out of context nor out of contest (sic) nor did I ridicule them. I'm sorry if that's what you thought I was doing.

    I stand by my statement, that I don't know of anyone after an accident who has a car "sent back to the factory". Your statement left the impression that it could be done. I'm not aware of it ever being done. If you know differently, I'd love to hear about it. :confuse:

    However I'm not interested in arguing with you, I just can't imagine anyone sending a car back to the factory (as you seemed to indicate).

    Obviously car repair is a precision skill. But again, I don't know of any repair work that ever takes place by sending something back to the factory in the automotive repair industry.

    If what you meant was, that after a collision repair, a car may not match the original specifications that occur at the point of manufacturing or factory, then I would agree with you. The minute you drive a car off the lot, the "factory-set" specifications are likely to change in the real world as a car ages, accrues miles, repairs take place, parts get swapped out and fixed etc., much less the vehicle itself is involved in real-world dings and dents... :sick:

    I also did read your entire post. I guess you didn't read any of the earlier posts where we discussed the change-over of the "Freestyle" to the TAURUS "X" name plate, not the Sable as you had indicated.

    As I also indicated, the airbags didn't deploy on my dinger, which indicated to me it was not that SEVERE a front-end collision.

    Thanks for explaining what you meant by your posting.
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    uchuffoff3uchuffoff3 Member Posts: 1
    My '99 sable wagon with duratec ohc 3.0 is making a whining noise at start up and regularly during driving. Like power steering but not as loud and definitely interior based. Thought it was transmission because it sort of follows acceleration but a light bulb in my brain lit - I had a '93 that did a similar thing and it turned out to be the oil pump and was fixed by replacing it. Anyone have input - sure would help to be confident of problem before I conquer the wrong beast. Thanks in advance!
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    johnsmith4johnsmith4 Member Posts: 1
    I have a 2005 Taurus wagon that sometimes won't start. It too appears the theft system is "confused"as I get no bells, lights or electrical operation at all.

    I have found if I re engage the gear selector from park to neutral and back to park, it will start, antone else found this fix?
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    cardude_2009cardude_2009 Member Posts: 11
    I have a 1999 Ford Taurus Wagon. To avoid a wreck I put the car into reverse from drive and accelerated hard. The tires squeaked and all of the sudden the car made a grinding noise. When I put it up it into any other gear it made the same noise. I can only put it in park or neutral. When I jacked it up onto stands and put it in drive it makes the grinding noise only when my foot is on the brake. When I release the brake the wheels spin. I was thinking the problem could be a broken halfshaft either on the left or right side, but I am not sure. If you are experienced and have any knowledge on this please post back.
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    elope001elope001 Member Posts: 1
    I had something along the same problem when I originally got my car. It ended up being the fuel pump for me, but that was bc my ex dumped sugar in my gas tank.
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