Real-World Trade-In Values



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    at American Sunroof Corporation (ASC). The folks who brought you the Mustang McLaren ASC ('88-90).
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    .... I don't think the dealer is messing with you, it's got 60k, lot's of miles and a small market for it .. $8,5 is "fair", $9,0 is all the $$ - it really depends on how this one looks and feels, new tires:Good - if needs a this and a that, or the interior looks like the 82nd Airborne just had a test run, then these are things to consider --- IF, it's jam up, stand tall, looks and feels like 30k, then $9,0 is the figure ..

                    I hope this helps ...

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    ...... Very familiar with ASC, Solaire is the model - right .? .. I just don't do aftermarket roofs ..

                           Terry :)
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    I don't blame you on aftermarket roofs...from a warranty standpoint, there's always finger-pointing instead of fixing the problem.
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    I'm doing a report on this one and it's not in NADA:

    2001 Mercedes CL600, Silver, grey guts, sport package (AMG wheels), 32K miles, Philly, no runs, drips or errors.....
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    Ooooh - perhaps the ultimate touring car. (pauses to wipe drool off keyboard) Last time I saw a coupe that big was an early 70s Eldorado.
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    Terry, thanks for your help on the Miata's. I think we all appreciate your input.
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    it's not mine, and I'm not considering it - it's just a client's car.

    Although it'd be really cool with a swapped-in Chevy smallblock, some Flowmaster mufflers and some gold-lettered NASCAR style Firestones!!

    And a Starsky and Hutch stripe!
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    Thanks for the comments, Terry. I do miss my SAAB, but you made my day!
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    Ref. #13503. This the LX450 with 58k up north. The dealer is holding at $22k. Other sales I have tracked show prices from $15 to $17k. So I agree with your $19k and have held somewhere below there.

    I understand these vehicles have a following but there must be a limit to the pool of buyers who will pay a bunch of big bills for a car 7 model years and 1 model generation old, right?

    Just looking for moral support, I guess. Thanks for your earlier help.
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    Why don't you just paint a mustache on the Mona Lisa while you're at it?
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    sophisticated with a moustache!
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    ..... 2001 Mercedes CL600, Silver, grey guts, sport package (AMG wheels), 32K miles, Philly, no runs, drips or errors.....

             Lot's of miles going on here, Theee right color inside and out, we got the sport pack and it's standing in the CoCo AMG wheels .. seats better look "hovered in", no curb kisses on the wheels, 1 or 2 baby nicks here or there -maybe- service is 120%, looks like a 12k 600, needs -0- .. trade side, $64,5/$65,5 .. down Retail Rd, $79,900 ..

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    Put an 8-track on both!
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    Now all I need is some purple neon lightsticks underneath and a great big plastic wing, and I'm downtown motors!
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    Zues, you're lucky we don't burn people at the stake anymore, otherwise I'd be off buying lighter fluid. You be nice to that 600 now, you here?
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    New Aerios today are selling for anywhere from $10K (stripped S sedan) to $15K (GS or SX with ABS/ATX/AWD).

    Have any of you pros seen any at auction? If so, what sort of prices are they fetching (for what models, if you recall)?

    We have one, and may want another, tho buying used would seem to make most sense for what is basically a good car, but that depreciates quickly because no one knows about it.

    Real-world recent auction prices would help me determine what I should pay for a used one.

    Many Thanks
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    I have a 2000 Chevy S-10 LS, extended cab, 3-door. It has power everything, chrome package, bucket seats, bedliner, only 38,500 miles. However, it's a 5-speed and 4 cylinder Vortec. It's metallic pewter in color and graphic gray interior. I'm thinking $7,600. Am I on target?

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    not to worry, I'm done with the report and because of the absolutely horrible repair history, there's no need to even look at it, much less drive it.
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    Saw this the other day on a lot as I drove by on my way to the store. Made me giggle at the price I paid for mine.

    1998 Ford Explorer Eddie Bauer, V8, 4WD (not AWD), 91,500 miles, blue/tan/tan leather, sunroof, cd changer, all the usual toys, in good shape, knee deep in rubber. They were asking $16,995 but had its price *reduced* to $12,400.

    Recap, I just paid $11,500 for my 1997 Explorer Limited, V8 AWD, purple/gray leather, sunroof, cd changer, all the usual toys, in like new shape with 41k on it.

    Me thinks someone is hitting the crack pipe in Fairbanks.
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    ...... ** as I drove by **

             Stay away from the car lots .!

             I don't think they were doing crack, they mighta been doing a little Liquid Plumber though ..

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    zueslewis Aug 01, 2003 (2:16 pm)

          *** Now all I need is some purple neon lightsticks underneath and a great big plastic wing, and I'm downtown motors!

             Don't even think about it, talk about a $10,000 hit ..!

              What ..? no Boom Box ...?

                           Terry ;))
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    ..... Good morning Bud, I see vehicles at the auctions way before most hit the actual market ..

              Ya know, these are really not bad little vehicles .. actually Suzuki builds some nice stuff, we just don't talk about em' much .. clean, loaded up 03 4dr SX's with auto, all the junk, with 5/9k are doing in and around the high $9's, low $10's at the auctions ..

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    .... Thanks for the update .. did I read that right, Fargo North Dakota ..?

            Didn't they make a movie there ..? I saw it, I liked it ..

            Being in the north, the upper north region especially, like Wisconsin, upper MI, Maine, Montana etc, winter (fall) is only about 5 weeks away .. those dealers are already "thinking" about dumping the converts and going towards the 4x4 market .. with a LX Bruiser they depreciate about .58cts a month, with Fall approaching they know they can get some money for it in Sept .. $22,0 .? it's a little on the tall side .. me personally, I would have already "turned and burned" that pup and had 3 to replace it and sold ~~ but I'm not him, and he's not me .. l.o.l..

                          Terry :-)
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    .... I dunno about that $7,6 figure .. we have low miles, 3dr, we have the power pack, great color, LS, that the good news ... the bad news is: you have that friggin' handshaker and it's a 4 banger .. I'm thinkin' more towards the $6,5/$7,0ish figure ... but let me know ..

                          Terry :)
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    Came back from a trip to the fatherland, and of course scoped out cars & such...

    Turns out that in the subcompact class, the most "reliable" car in Germany is the Toyota Starlet (Tercel, I believe)... the data is from the ADAC (our AAA), so they count how often they have to help out people by the roadside... it's very different from CU, but it's relevant. Anyway, no surprise here.

    Well, the next class up, the winnder is the Suzuki Baleno (Esteem), coming in a hair behind the Corolla. Go figure. I always steer people away from "rare" cars like that, but that is surprising. Maybe they're worth a good look...

    Oh: Local paper, today. 1997 Legacy Wagon, 58k, equipped, one owner, no-sale green, $6300. Now I happen to be looking (just a little), and what happens? -- It's an automatic... If that were a stick, I think I'd have it in the driveway by now...
    Anyway, I think that's a deal if it's a standup vehicle.. am I wrong?

    East Lansing, MI
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    I'have to load up the trunk of the CL600 with 12" subs from Wal-Mart; and I forgot about the Edelbrock and Holley stickers on the rear window.
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    What's the trade-in for a 2000 Subaru Forester? Base model, 55k, forest green over biege, CD, keyless, auto, good set of Nokian NRWs. Good condition except some small scratches. In Wisconsin. Will be trading for a new Forester - does that matter? Thanks.
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    Just went on a little tirekicking excursion and thought I'd share the following with y'all:
    1998 Subaru Outback base 5sp, no-sale blue, good condition but a couple long horiz scratches on rr quarter panel... 144k miles.
    Asking $7,300 at a local used lot. You have GOT to be kidding me....

    Next door, the same car (except in no-sale green and auto) with only 68k miles is going begging at $9. They've had it for 90 days, and the salesman said they had plenty of lookers, but only $6,5 for offers... Now that one, for $7+ would be a steal, methinks... except I don't like autos...
    East Lansing, MI
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    Is there any one know current trade-in value in Chicago area for a dark red 01 Honda Accord EX sedan? it's auto, around 22k mile, still in warranty.
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    I have a 2000 Explorer XLT 4DR, V6, sunroof, grill guard, window and hood wind deflectors, 20,000 miles Black with gray leather interior in Brooklyn, NY 11209. It has everything except navigation. It is in very good condition, garage kept. What cane I get for this in a private sale and as a trade in? Thanks for the help :)
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    I swear I didn't go in, well, ok, maybe just for a second, I was curious. All I did was look at the window thing they had on it, that's it. Then I laughed and left.

    BTW, check your email sometime today, sending you a couple pictures.
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    Thx a lot Terry - great info -
    btw, what is the 'big package' option-wise you refer to on ls 430's? what do you suggest the best colors to be (guessing the 'norm' black, white or silver ext.?)
    so, do you think it's poss. betw now and say chritmas to find a great 01 ls 430 with decent miles and the 'right equipment' for around $37.5k

    (are your service avail as an auto-broker?)
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    Could someone help me figuring out what is realistic price to offer for an automatic 2000 BMW 328i sedan ? I would like to buy one in nice shape, premium package, under 35K or so miles (don't know yet, dealer or private).

    Also - do any of you dealership-associated guys buy vehicles at auctions by specific customer request ? If yes, what kind of fee do you normally charge for this service ? You can e-mail me privately at [email protected] Thanks !
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    ..... *** 1997 Legacy Wagon, 58k, equipped, one owner, no-sale green, $6300. Now I happen to be looking (just a little), and what happens? -- It's an automatic... ***

               Could be a deal, it's a Wagon - ya know the drill, clean, deep rubber, yatty yatty, miles are low, color is ho-hum, it's an auto, probably would do the ultra high $5's at the Detroit auction, might, maybe "could" see the low low $6's, if it glows in the dark and the area ..

                           Terry :)
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    ....... Your in the right area .. color is blah, miles are high, tires are newer, if it's a Nice one, no axe murders in the interior, no re-paints, service is all there .. then trade side, the ultra high $9's, low low $10's .. and no, it shouldn't make any difference on the new vehicle in your area - in another 60+days the dealers there will be screamin' for em' ..

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    .... Hello ----- Wake Up ...!

                4 Banger ..............?


                should I guess it's a 6 banger .!

                        or perhaps,

                     this is the special edition with the very
    limited supply of V12's, that came with a free pass to Universal Studio's ..

  • rroyce10rroyce10 Member Posts: 9,332
    ........ Here we go again ..

            Ok, Mr Brooklynite .. my crystal ball was repo'd last week, along with my special plaid golf shorts ---- So, what is it ..?

                      2WD ............?

                      4WD ...................?

                   kkkkkilling me ....!

  • rroyce10rroyce10 Member Posts: 9,332
    ... ** I swear I didn't go in, well, ok, maybe just for a second, I was curious. **

                 Stay away from the car lots .!

                By the way, thanks for the pics .. that would be a great place to open up a Car Wash ... l.o.l..

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    ...... ** touch open/close moonroof, Rear-seat heaters, Mark Levinson Premium Audio System, Navigation System. Also includes: Climate Control Front Seats, Intuitive parking assist
      Additional Options:
    - Wheel Locks, plus it's an 01, head light wipers, power rear seats, a bunch of junk like this .. **

              But most will have alot of this stuff anyway, it's actually called the "ultra pack" .. $37,0 ..? - yeah, if you want miles in the 50/60ish range and it's been used as a test site for the Taliban .. these things have only depreciated "about" $1,500 since January ..

                     let me know ...

                           Terry ;-)
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    .... I see you are a Left Coaster .. in your area, they are doing the $23/$24 zipcode at the auctions .. so figure the "certified" BS, service, detail, a this a that, they gotta have at least $25ish in it - IF it's jam up .. retail pricing is probably in and around the $28/$29ish area .. on the private side you might be able to snatch one up for $27ish ..

                       Let me know ...

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    Hi Terry-

    Thinking of selling/trading in my '99 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo. The details are:

    1999 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo 4WD
    Color: Gray
    Engine: 4.0L V6
    Cloth seats
    AM/FM/Tape/CD Player

    Condition: Excellent save for 2 - 1.5in. scrapes one on the rear quarter panel, one on the front quarter panel. (I am considering scratch paint repair prior to sale.)

    Could you let me know:

    1) What the actual trade-in would be?
    2) What the private party sale would be?
    3) Is it worth it to go private party?

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    Thanks for the numbers on the FX. I will probably stick with the little daddy for now as my wife already has one speeding ticket in it (going 84 in a 70 and that is after she slowed down lol). Could you hit my other ride '01 300M silver over black 39k. No roof No chrome. But does have the wood pack(lux pkg). Thanks a mil. And H-town has been very good to us. Whenever you are in town I owe you some BBQ Brisket and a Shiner Rock.
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    A friend of mine in the biz is going to this auction next Thursday.. He says its a big BMW sale. What do you think? Would this be a good place to find a low-miler 2001 or 2002 325i?


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    Would appreciate your help, Terry. Thinking of selling my car to college daughter (well.... actually selling to ex!) and wondering what would be a fair price.... or the "special-ex" price ;^))

    96 Camry LE, 4 cyl, 54K mi, auto, dark green outside over gray cloth, pwr wndws, lks, tilt, cruise, all the LE equip... plus AM/FM/CD and remote starter with keyless entry.... only 4K mi on tires..... in Pittsburgh. What does your crystal ball say?

    Thinking of replacing it with new Camry or Accord.. or maybe this.....

    99 Acura 3.2TL, 45K mi, 6 cyl, auto, silver over gray leather, all the goodies, deep in rubber, a few minor scratches & a couple of dings, also in Pittsburgh.... dealer is asking $17,988..... nice looking car but not sure I would call it "jam up"..... What say you?

    Thanks for all you do here!

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    Who needs a car wash?? We are drowning!! Mother Nature has her own car was going at full swing.

    My Explorer is no longer purple, more like a horrible shade of brown. Hubby's Chevy is kind of a brown/green color.

    Our horses had to learn to swim.

    You're very welcome btw, I'll send a few more along of the pipeline and such when I get the chance.
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    Hey Terry - I'm still around, but can't keep up with the forum the way I used to. Hope you're doing well. I'm not shopping, but I do wonder what our cars are worth, just in case. I'm in the Columbus Ohio area.

    '99 Lexus LS400, black on tan. moonroof, heated seats, CD changer, HID lights. Decent condition, no accidents according to carfax, but paintwork on the right rear door. There is a scratch (about 1") on the right rear quarter panel. Typical stone chips on the front. Clean interior except for a carpet stain under the left rear floor mat. 36k miles, and still running great.

    '96 Toyota Avalon XL, beige on tan leather, power moonroof, alloy wheels, alarm system w/ remote start, power doors/windows, antilock brakes, power driver and passenger seats, CD changer, 137k miles. Good condition for the miles and age. leather on the driver's seat is a bit worn. Paint work on front and rear bumpers (Jeep rolled into her car in a parking garage pushing it into the wall, both bumpers) also a few scratches on the rear bumper. (wife parks by feel.) 1" scratch on driver's door.

    '93 Honda Accord SE, dark green on tan, power moonroof, windows and doors, CD changer, BOSE stereo, alarm w/ keyless entry, 138k miles, average condition for its age. Paintwork (color matches well, but easy to spot) on the hood, and left front fender and driver's door. (A deer ran into the side of the car and rolled over the hood.)

    Thanks Terry

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    Terry--my mother-in-law has a 2002 PT that she is considering trading. For decades, she drove nothing but GM sedans. Last year, she decided it was time for something different. She likes her PT, but she thinks it may be time to get back to the "feel of the GM sedan." Whatever that means. GM should pay her for her loyalty! Anyways, here goes: 2002 PT Cruiser Touring Edition. No leather or sunroof, but power everything, upgraded stereo, automatic, dark windows and chrome wheels. It's the dark red, maroon-like color. She travels a lot for business and this car spends as much time in the Park-N-Fly lot at Hartsfield Int'l as it does at home. As a result, it only has about 9k miles and the interior is perfect. Body is good and the tires are strong. What do you think? Thanks.
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    .. have I got one for you...

    What might one expect to pay private party for a white, 1994 Voyager with 82k miles and the usual equipment? It's had one elderly owner, never been hit, but "repainted" twice (???)... to cover up the nicks and scratches. So he said. Ooooh-kay.

    But here's the kicker: It's got a 4cyl engine and a five-speed manual transmission.
    This has got to be one of 10 made that year.

    Asking price is $2500; it's a half hour south of here, and I'll try and make it down some time this week... with a little $$ in my pocket...

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