Real-World Trade-In Values



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    Is this a Ford/Lincoln extended warranty, or one underwritten by a third party? Is it on the car you are buying or the one you already have? I would only purchase an extended warranty underwritten by the manufacturer, not a third-party warranty pushed by the dealer. If you need disability or life insurance, it is far more cost effective to purchase them independently from your car purchase.

    So let's say if I put $3000 down and the dealership brought the price Of the 03 Navi to $23,000 would I be able to get the 03?

    Only you can determine whether you are financially able to trade vehicles or not. You need to be in a positive equity situation on your trade-in before you think about selling it. I don't know if $3000 puts you there or not. If the dealer you are trying to trade with is undervaluing your trade, refusing to discount the car you want to buy, and trying to sell you credit life insurance and a third party extended warranty, then you need to find another dealer to do business with. I am inferring here, as your posts make it unclear as to whether this is what is going on or not.
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    Sold this car today for $5800 after receiving VERY few phone calls on it for nearly two months now, despite lowering the price to $6400 pretty early on. At this point I'm just glad to have sold it, and it sure beat what I could have gotten on trade. You were right on the money as usual with your estimate of $5,9.

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    Good afternoon all,

    I wsa directed here from another forum to get some help.

    I don't have much experience buying cars. Until his death, we always bought from my Father-in-Law. Good dealership and great people. He always gave us the best deal that he could.

    Yesterday, I found an '05 Accord EX, Leather, Nav, 4 cyl with 26K that I was interested in. Since the car was about 180 miles away in another state, I was dealing via email. Based on my research of 3 internet sites, I determined that dealership had around $18,500 in the car (average trade in value of the 3 sites). I know I was 3K upside down in my car and wanted to roll that into the financing of the Honda. I added that so now I'm at $21,500. Since it's a CPO, I added $1000 ($22,500) for the warranty.

    Since I live in another State, I think I would pay the sales tax in the State where I live and where the car would be titled. I didn't think these fees would be involved in the sale.

    I know the dealer has to make a profit so I made an offer of $24,500 out the door.

    I guess I insulted them because they called ( all previous correspondence had been email) and said they couldn't accept my offer and they didn't even make a counter offer. I got the feeling that I was so far off that they didn't want to waste their time on me.

    So, where did I go wrong?
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    Seems like it's hard to save very much (over new) by buying a 1 or 2 y.o. Honda, as they don't depreciate much from new. And what the web sites say it's worth may not have much bearing on what a dealer will take, as they are such popular cars.

    I think you'd be much better off shopping for the best price on a brand new '06--what would you have been saving over New on this, maybe $3000 (if I understand your #'s)? Often easier to buy new, & it will pay off with a Honda. Go w/o the Leather or Nav if you have to.
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    i'm thinking about buying a salvaged Golf2004, which was wrecked and the transmission had to be replaced. I'm tempted because the price is only $8500. Is this a good deal? What should i watch for when buying this car? thanks.
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    Color? Options? Engine? Mileage? Transmission? A salvage vehicle is usually worth about one third the price of a normal used vehicle, so $8500 seems high.

    What should you watch for when buying the car? Well, Volkswagens are not known for being reliable, and one that has been mangled so badly as to be salvaged is likely to need even more repairs than an average, non-wrecked one. I would expect high repair costs, questionable safety, difficulty finding an underwriter who will insure the car, and difficulty reselling the car.

    What is your reasoning for wanting this car? The posters here can suggest other alternatives if we have a better idea of what you are looking for.

    Next time, please don't cross-post your query to several different topics.
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    This is an easy one... if you gotta ask, then it's not for you.
    Buying wrecked cars is something many pros stay away from; those who do it can sometimes buy good cars really cheap. But it's not for amateurs.
    I know my way around cars, and unless it's a $1200 beater from a shop I trust, I wouldn't even consider it.
    Go and buy yourself a nice car that's never been hit.
    Here's how you can tell:

    Good luck,
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    I'm sorry that you misunderstood what I was saying. My current Navi which is the trade-in has the extended warranty and the disability. I was told by my Credit Union loan officer that I can get some of that money refunded back to me which will drop the total of my current loan. But like I said the dealership is only giving me $14500 for my trade-in and the original price of the 03 is selling for $25,999 but they reduced the price to $23,000.So if I deduct the extended warranty and life disability (actually do i really need the life disability?) and put $3000 to $4000. Do you think I will be upside down once again with the 03?
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    I guess I don't understand this: You're already upside down on a vehicle that's only worth $14,500, & you want to pay an additional $8500, plus tax, title, etc. to upgrade to only a one year newer vehicle?? It would be a little different if you were loaded & able to pay cash, but the dues you're going thru trying to finance make this deal even more unwise, IMO.

    And yes, you'll be upside down once again with the 03. Probably about 5 seconds after you do the deal, esp. with values of huge SUV's declining. And in a year, the '03 too may be worth $14,500. $8500 will be a lot of depreciation to eat in one year......even more so when it's financed. This is how people go broke.....

    *Do you think I will be upside down once again with the 03?*
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    I have an 2003 Chevy Tahoe LT that I'm trying to trade in. It has pretty much all of the options: Leather, power everything, tri-zone heating, captain seats (4), 3rd row, 4x4, etc. 64,000 is probably a little much for a 2003 but the truck is still in VERY nice shape. I still owe $22,000 on it and I'm getting trade-in values of $16K-18K. Gas prices? Will winter in Missouri help my case? What's up?

    Brandon Plantage
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    I know you will say *stay away from the car lots* but I really have been good lately, I promise *fingers crossed*.

    Anyway, we need a second truck for our business (the Titan ain't cutting it), so I'm looking at this:

    2001 Ford F-250 CC SB XLT 4x4 V10, auto, 51k miles, blue/blue, pwr stuff (except seat), am/fm/6-disc cd, bedliner. This truck is one of the cleanest I've seen, still smells new. Only ding in the whole truck is a very tiny one on the tailgate. Dealer is asking $24,995, but immediatly came down to $21,712..........I think he has more room to play with. He did offer an ACV of $26k on the Titan. (why does the GSM call me *babe*? LOL)

    BTW, we've done almost 100 cords of firewood this year, everyone is panicing over fuel prices!

    Please please please Terry, we really need a bigger truck and I've been good for a year now!
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    .... **Anyway, we need a second truck for our business >>> (the Titan ain't cutting it)**

    I find that hard to believe, maybe we should call the Mayor of New Orleans and get his opinion ...l.o.l......

    $24,900 and dropped to $21,700 .....................??

    Aaaah yeah, I would think so ..........

    He might, maybe, he could have the $14's in it -maybe- .. then lets adjust for the AMC (Alaskan Market Conditions) .. lets say he has the $15's in it .. now, lets says he dropped all the service in it, new round things all the way around, new stoppers, new this, new that, etc etc etc .. lets say he's been drinkin' Draino, lets say he's been snortin' Liquid Plumber, lets say he has a bad eye, a wooden' leg and a steel plate in his head ...... he might, maybe, could, it's a probability that he has the strong $16's low $17's in it - maybe if his dog died and he has a Movado in the glove box ........

    $21,700 ................................?!? ..... you guys are close enough to Russia, right .....? ... maybe that's the conversion rate between the dollar and the Russian Ruble ........ trucks like this in Denver through the Philly area won't see much more than the $13's on the trade side and get sold all day long for the $14/$15 range, might see $16 on a lucky day on the Retail Side .............

    $21,700 ...? ... ok, I have this property just north of Biloxi and ...........

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    Mornin' Terry... while we have your attention... such as it is....

    '04 Vibe base stick (of course!)
    22,500 miles
    silver monochrome
    power package (remote entry, cruise, pwr stuff)
    No roof
    First set of tires, 50% gone
    No runs, no hits, no smoke, maintained and everything shipshape.
    I bought it Halloween '03, so there's plenty of warranty left

    I'm getting no hits on my '00 Villager at $6,700 asking (and $6k liking and not much less "taking"), so maybe I'm going about this all wrong and the Vibe should go instead.

    I have a buddy who'll sell me his no-longer-needed '91 Civic SI from CA w/ no rust and 210k for $1,000... great-looking little car.

    In a few years, when my GM card fillls up again, I'll buy another Vibe...I paid $13 even for this one before TTL, I'm guessing I can get $11 out of it with $3 gas. No?

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    ..... **I guess I insulted them because they called ( all previous correspondence had been email) and said they couldn't accept my offer and they didn't even make a counter offer. I got the feeling that I was so far off that they didn't want to waste their time on me.

    So, where did I go wrong?** ...

    Where did you go wrong .................?

    You just can't add or subtract ..l.o.l....... actually, you are just making the same mistake that 80% of the potential buyers make ....

    The payoff has nothing to do with the deal, zero, nada ..... the pay-off is nothing but the "shadow or the echo of the loan", not the vehicle you're getting ready to buy ... the payoff is the figure you came in with ~ and the figure you will leave with on the new driver .....

    Example only:

    new car: $24,500

    trade-in: -$5,000

    $19,500 (Difference)

    +$1,365 (taxes, depending on where you live)

    = $20,865

    +$5,000 (pay-off)


    $49 (tag fee)

    $25,914 (TBF -- to be financed)

    Terry ;)
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    ........ Mornin' Mathias ........... sorry I missed your post .. reposting is always a good thing, because as you know I have the attention span of a aspharugus .. if that.

    ** bought it Halloween '03 .. ** ..... ooooooh, how scary ......

    I'm a little surprised the Villager hasn't sold yet .. did you use something more than a 3X5 at the company lunch room to advertise it ....? ..l.o.l...

    Now .. the Vibes are still strong in the market, even with the movin' around things between the seats ....... figure 23k, a reeeeaally good Ad, especially at the local college ...

    09/14/2005 MILWAUKE $ 9,900 23,514 SILVER 4G A X MW
    09/14/2005 OHIO $ 11,200 26,715 GRAY 4G A X MW
    09/13/2005 OHIO $ 10,900 27,893 SIL 4G A X MW
    09/13/2005 DETROIT $ 11,600 28,529 NONE 4G A X MW
    09/15/2005 DET METR $ 11,600 29,536 WHITE 4G O X MW
    09/22/2005 CHICAGO $ 12,300 29,774 RED 4G A MW
    09/20/2005 OHIO $ 11,800 30,370 BRN 4G A X MW
    09/15/2005 166 $ 11,800 33,340 RED 4G A X MW
    09/14/2005 MILWAUKE $ 11,800 36,537 RED 4G A X MW
    09/27/2005 LOUISVLL $ 11,200 36,621 SILVER 4G A X MW
    09/21/2005 MILWAUKE $ 12,000 38,076 RED 4G A X MW

    Not bad for a semi-domestic with a hair-lip ....................

    Terry :surprise:

    PS: whats with all the ad's on the left side of the pages...?? .. I guess Edmunds "can" be bought ..... ;)
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    LOL, thanks Terry! As always you are da man!

    I'm going in there tomorrow (actually might swing in today since the GM will be the only one there) and find out what they have in it. If Bill won't tell me the GM Doug will........hehehe. Bill usually tells me though, I didn't ask the other day. He seems to pay for the well, I once looked at a SE-R Spec V that he had $12k into (retail).

    I'm hoping I can get them down a bit more, I'd like to buy the dern thing, but if not I'll wait 'til spring and buy a new (base model) diesel (OUCH!).

    The Titan does ok, but its not meant to haul firewood and do the job of a 1-ton (ever put an 8k trailer behind a 1/2 ton?..........its fun, truck did good, but it was nerve wracking).
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    Here is a simplistic estimate. If you correctly got the avg trade-in lets say it is abt $18500 figure the dealership has to put a min of abt $500 or up to $1500 into the car to put it back up for resale. $500 is for a creampuff like the Honda you described. Then as the other poster mentioned the SP is a function of how common that vehicle is. For an Accord LX, Camry LE, Century or Intrepid where there are multiple vehicles on the lots and MANY more available at auctions the Used Car dealer may sell these common models @$800-1500 over cost. It's a business they have to make money.

    A special vehicle like what you describe the Honda EX to be is like all top of the line vehicles Lexus, BMW, Cadillac. You can expect the UC dealer to expect to make $3000+ on this rare item. It doesnt come along often and there WILL be a buyer who will fall in love with it and pay retail no questions asked. That's who your competition is. Based on what you said you should have been willing to buy this for abt $22-23K + your negative equity and fees. In additon most finance companies usually dont like to add Neg Eq to Used vehicles. They normally will want you to put up $2-3K to cancel out most of your N/E.


    PS: I think your trade in estimate was on the low side also. In the same way the UC dealer would likely ask a price premium for a premium vehicle in resale, the original owner probably knows how rare that vehicle is on trade in. If he was aware then he should have asked about $21-22K as a trade in value. I'm basing that on the likely original Sales Price of ~$29K earlier this yr. If the original owner did a good negotiation in trading it in then the UC dealer has to look to sell the vehicle @ $25-26K + your N/E and fees.

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    ....... Thanks for the update .......... $5,800...? .. can we spell: SOLD.!

    Good job .!

  • rroyce10rroyce10 Member Posts: 9,359
    .... **i'm thinking about buying a salvaged Golf2004, which was wrecked and the transmission had to be replaced. I'm tempted because the price is only $8500. Is this a good deal?**

    How do I say this in a nice way ......?

    Are You nuts........? .. like the others have mentioned: PASS.!

    Terry. ;)
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    First time at this and hope to get it right.

    Location: Houston, Tx.
    2004 Toyota Tacoma Prerunner Ext. Cab.
    Body Style: 2 door
    Engine: 3.4L V-6
    Driveline: RWD
    Mileage: 24,000
    Color: Silver/Grey
    Major Options: Automatic, anti lock brakes, A/C, AM/FM/Cassette/CD, cruise, power locks/windows/mirrors, bucket seats, alloy wheels, bedliner, sliding rear window,
    tow package, airbags both sides.
    A few very minor dings, tires about 50%, assume brakes are also about 50%.
    Interior is in good condition.
    Maintenance: unknown
    Other: Toyota vin stickers on all major body panels. Carfax is clean.

    Local dealer has it listed for $20,488.00. What would you think they have in it?
    Also, what would be a fair offer?

    Thanks for your time.
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    Terry -

    I just put the following in the local paper, and was wondering if I have priced it right:

    2003 Acura MDX (in Denver, where all this snow will be gone by tomorrow and it will be 70 degrees by the end of the week)

    Touring model w/DVD entertainment
    Sagebrush pearl (greenish grey)
    Grey leather
    34,000 miles
    Overall nice condition - No accidents - a couple of door dings on each side and a couple of minor scratches.
    Tires are original - so about 50% or so?

    I have it listed at $31,995, would be very happy at $30k to $31k. I hate "playing games" like that, but you always leave some room, right? Seems like the word "firm" is a turn-off, huh?

    For what it's worth, a dealer looked at this as a trade, said there was nothing to "deduct for," and offered $27k. Though he claimed he was "borrowing" $800 profit from the new car sale to provide the trade amount.

    It seemed this trade was pretty fair, but the dealer won't have the color Sienna we want for a few weeks, so I figured we may as well throw it in the paper and hopefully take the trade-in part out of the equation.

    What do you think? Thanks in advance for all your help.

    2021 Polestar 2 - 2020 MINI JCW Hardtop - 2021 Volvo XC90

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    After shopping around today here's what I found:

    2000 F-250 CC SB V10 4x4, XLT, auto, with 68k for $24,995

    2002 F-350 CC LB V10 DRW, XLT, auto with 58k for $28,995

    2003 F-350 CC LB DRW 7.3L PSD, 6-spd manual, XLT, with 80k for $34,995

    2004 F-350 CC LB SRW 6.0L PSD, auto, Lariat, with 38k for $37,995

    That's just a small sampling of the rediculous prices I saw, what the heck is it with AK and used truck prices????

    Needless to say I'm going to hang on to what I've got until I can comfortably afford to go with a new truck I guess. (2006 F-350 6.0L PSD, auto, CC, LB, DRW, XLT had an MSRP of $48k!!!! I can't see me ever swallowing that!) This is one time I can say I give up!! *turning in CCBA membership card* :sick:
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    Hey Terry,

    my wife is about ready to club me over the head, but I'm going to ask anyway what this would bring in trade-in

    Location: Joliet, IL (southwest suburb of Chicago)

    Year/Make/Model: 2005 Chrysler PT Cruiser Limited Edition

    Body Style: Limited Edition

    Engine: plain old 2.4

    Driveline: FWD

    Mileage: 2500 (I have a 1 mile commute to work)

    Color: Silver outside, gray inside

    Major Options: ABS, chrome group (chrome wheels and some other chrome exterior and interior pieces). No turbo, no leather, and no sunroof, though.

    tires and brakes very good. It's had one oil change so far.

    Other: no damage -- it's pretty clean

    Much appreciated!
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    is it an automatic tranny, or a stick?

    And, if you have a 1 mile commute, take the bus/walk/bike, and save the gas!

    2020 Acura RDX tech SH-AWD

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    What could I expect in trade-in for a 2005 530i
    options: premium, xenon, heated seats , (sunroof was std).
    trans: manual
    engine 3.0 liter 6 cylinder
    mileage: 9000
    driveline: RWD
    color: black/black leather
    condition: excellent-- no dings, or scratches
    other: none
    location: Westchester country, NY

    In general, which 5 series model woudl you expect woudl depreciate the least (525, 525xi, 530i, 530xi, 545i). And, which options add more value than they cost (other than automatic transmission). Which colors are best?

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    Hello, What would the trade in value be for our 2000 Toyota Avalon xls? What would the dealer get for it in a auction? We are wanting to possibilly trade it in for a Honda mini van. Also, would it be worth it to fix the rear bumper before trading it in?
    Can you help us please, Thanks Rodney Klabunde.

    Location: Round Rock/ Texas (Austin)
    Year/Make/Model: 2000/Toyota/Avalon xls
    Body Style: 4dr sedan
    . Engine: 3.0L V6 DOHC 24V FI Engine, 4-speed auto.
    Driveline: FWD
    Mileage: 42400
    Color: Silver/light gray (Leather)
    Major Options: 6cd in dash Compact Disc Changer, Power moon roof, Leather Seats,Bucket Seats
    Interior, no stains, no scratches on leather, excellent condition.
    Exterior: one door ding on driver side, and one on passenger side, rear bumper has three 6 inch scratches that scraped away the paint so it shows black there (someone scraped the bumper in parking lot while car was parked).
    Tires: New tire were bought last year, Goodyear Assurance.
    Brakes: 4 wheel disc brakes. New pad in rear installed this spring.
    Maintenance: every 3000 mile oil change, and tire rotation.
    Other: None.

    Note: We can have the rear bumper replaced for about $300, to eliminate the scratches. Is it worth getting this fixed before we trade it in?
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    It looks like gas will be at the $3 range in the foreseeable future. Soccer moms and hormone raging dads are finding it unneccessary and painful to keep their ego nuturing but walleting hemorraging suvs and pickups around. When the time comes to replace their current ride, not only are they finding out they are as upside down as the roast ducks hanging in the windows of Chinese restaurants, but the fact that they were loosing so much money, they can only afford a used ride. The problem is they have to shuffle 2-3 kids and all the doodads around and a sedan just won't cut it. Will this drive up the demand for I guess both new and used minivans?

    I thought about this because the first wave of 0% financing happened about 4 years ago and people who splurge on a new vehicle which was out of their range before (usually a big truck or suv) are within 1-2 years of needing a new vehicle.

    what are your thoughts?
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    A lot of people who didn't really want new cars bought one when the 0% financing started. They did it again with the employee discount. I think Terry says that the average person wants to trade every 22 months, so the upside-down thing is not new.
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    ok, who last had the chip-removing brush? We need some cleanup on this guy's shoulders.

    '07 ML63, '08 Charger R/T Daytona; '67 Coronet R/T; '13 Fiat 500c, '14 Town&Country Limited. 54-car history and counting!

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    Raleigh NC
    2003 Saab 9-5 Aero
    4cyl turbo Manual
    24000 mi.
    Red ext. Blk Lthr. int
    Excellent condition inside and out.

    The car is CPO, covered until 7/09. Dealer wants $23000. Seems like a reasonably fair price. Can I realistically expect to do much better? Thanks.
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    Not an expert, but I think that Europeans, Japanese, etc. have been driving much smaller vehicles than Americans (on average) for decades--even with kids, & "stuff".
  • kscctsksccts Member Posts: 140
    Excellent point! ;)
  • oacoac Member Posts: 1,594
    In a response to my question back on Sept 21, Terry responded as follows....

    .... anyway -- just to give ya an idea ... 03 LX470's are doing in and around the $39ish+ zipcode with miles in the 40k range at your local auctions, some a little more and some a little less .. it will depend on the color and the condition ....

    Sorry, my dear Terry, to come back to bug you on this, AGAIN.... But here is my current situation:

    I found a low miler 03 LX470, sand dollar/tan, 22K miles, with all the frills and fluffs of an LX470... Dealer asking flatly $45,995. I was the highest bidder on EBay ($38,500) but did not meet the reserve set at $44K.

    Here is the rub: Sight unseen, except from good clean pics of my trade-in sent to the dealer, dealer offered me $16K for my trade-in below.

    2001 Sequoia SR5 2WD
    62K miles,
    leather seating (all rows) + trim
    Dual air, roof rack, privacy glass, running board (no tow package)
    New Michelin CrossTerrain tires (less than 100miles)
    New brakes (front + back; less than 100 miles)
    Exterior: good, but scratches on tail gate and rear bumper
    Interior: Excellent, no squeaks, rattles, or shakes anywhere....

    Question: My offer was $38,500 for the '03 LX470. What should I aim for OTD difference b/w my trade and the LX ? OR, if I choose to sell it myself, what should I expect for it in private sale ?

    Will appreciate any thoughts you have on these. Muchos gracias.....
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    oops, yep, it's an automatic. That's a Duh! moment on my part.

    I do drive other places aside from work and where I live, nothing is in walking/biking distance. The joy of the suburbs (and mass transit ain't here yet either, though they are promising a train station in 2020). :-)
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    Hi Terry, I'm trying to help a friend sell the following car. Retail and trade in values would be of great assistance. Thanks!
    Location: Louisville, KY
    Year/Make/Model: 2004 BMW 645Ci
    Body Style: Coupe
    Engine: 4.5 V8 Automatic
    Driveline: RWD
    Mileage: 12050
    Color: Black/Dark Red
    Major Options: Cold Weather Package, Logic 7 Premium Sound
    Flawless Exterior/Interior
    Tires: 40% worn
    Brakes:15% worn(if that)
    Maintenance: All performed by local dealer
    Other: Sadly, the car suffered significant damage when it t-boned a red light running moron; both air bags deployed. That said, the car drives great-no squeaks/rattles and the quality of the repair work is excellent.
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    I know I said I gave up, but........ :blush:

    Hubby and I stopped by the Ford dealer and noticed this truck (he loves it, which scares me), what say the master??

    2001 GMC Sierra 3500 DRW, 8.1L V8, allison auto, 4WD, SLE, gold/tan, am/fm/cass, pwr seats/mirrors/windows/locks, very clean, 51k miles, good tires, brakes seem fine. Dealer is asking $19,995.

    Now the bad:

    1. Its Canadian, its been imported and converted.

    2. It shows evidence of an accident (front fenders have been replaced), no visible frame damage at all.

    It drives out real nice, hubby drove it, then when we got back he climbed under it and looked it over, said it seems fine. The dealer offered a free powertrain warranty with the truck.

    I'm thinking $16ish, am I close? They are going to appraise my Titan tomorrow (we were driving the Ram today), the GMC is at the Ford dealer.
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    Why is there such a huge disparity in used car pricing between Edmunds, Kelly Blue Book, and NADA ? Which is most reliable ? Of course as a buyer I would use the lowest figures (generally Edmunds) but as a seller I would like to use NADA which could be thousands of dollars more.
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    Update for Terry.

    Got about $8500 for the 2000 Maxima SE. I think I could of gotten more for it, but wife put me in a situation to do the trade on a day I was not prepared for. Didn't have a chance to clean it up before and the kids decided to use the floor as their personal trash can leading up to the trade. I think I got dinged on that. Take Terry's advise and detail your cars before trading or selling. I believe it cost me 100's. Thanks again Terry.

    .... **Everything happens in 3's, right???
    PLEASE help, would like to get a real trade in worth/value of this car before I move forward.
    Omaha, NE
    2000 Nissan Maxima SE
    58000 miles
    Sunset something (light brown/tan) color
    All options expect traction control
    Newer tires (1 year old)
    new rear brakes (3 months ago)
    tranny fluid just flushed/changed ( 1 month ago)
    regular oil changes since day one (every 3K; original owner)
    average/great condition overall, some carpet stains from toddlers, no major dings/scratches** ..

    Everything in the 3's ...? .. I have a feelin' that Vijay Singh would agree with you since he 3 putted on almost every hole at Baltusrol ...l.o.l....

    Anyway ... in Oh-ma-ha .......... we have this 00 Maxima SE with 58k, (leather.?) it's got the auto thing, it's that brownish ka ka color, it's got some new round things and maybe some new stoppers ......... IF ~~ the interior doesn't look like a science experiment, it hasn't spent any time at Maaco, the service is 100% and no battles at Burger King .. then trade side, in and around the super tall $8's low/mid $9's .. if it's super nice, super clean and it glows in the dark, then you might "maybe" see a dealer wander towards the tall $9's .. if it needs stuff, start deducting ........

    Good luck and let me know: that's called an update.
  • rona123rona123 Member Posts: 8
    Hi, I have a somewhat complicated issue that I will try to keep simple, but first, I’m curious to know the trade-in and private sale value of my vehicle:

    2001 Volvo S60 T5 Silver exterior/black leather interior. 45,000 miles, Automatic auto-stick. It is a fully loaded model (see below for features) and in outstanding condition on the interior. Exterior is in excellent condition, near perfect paint with only a few scratches, and no dents or dings. There is one broken fog light and a right front rim that is a little worn from hitting a curb. Tires are also at only about 20% and will need to be replaced very soon.

    Now here’s the complicating factor. A reliable mechanic tells me that it needs about $1,000 in work to repair/replace cracked arm bushings and a mass airflow sensor.

    Here’s my question: What’s my best option? Repairing the car, putting new tires on it, and selling it privately, or just trading it in as is?


    Primary Interior features:
    Dual power seats
    Heated seats
    5 disc cd changer
    All power
    Retractable sunroof
  • woodywwwoodyww Member Posts: 1,821
    Just curious--what's it "doing" when you drive it that relates to the repairs needed? i.e., what symptoms would it exhibit on a test drive? Also, I "think" a lot of dealers don't even drive some cars being traded, at least that's my experience--they just start it, see how it runs, inspect the body, etc.

    Whatever value you'd get privately might involve the $1000 for repairs (depending on how badly needed), + new tires--can't be cheap on a T5. Then there's the sales tax savings if you trade it (in most states). I'd lean towards trading it "as is"......but it may depend on how bad/apparent the problems are.
  • rona123rona123 Member Posts: 8
    Thanks for the quick reply. Actually, there have been absolutely no driveability issues, and I have noticed no performance problems. The only thing that has happened is that on a very rare occasion, I get the check engine light with a message about emission service being required. Maybe once a week, if that. As such, the only thing that would be noticed during a test drive might be the warning light if it happened to come on. FYI, my mechanic found these items when I asked him to look the car over for any issues that would affect my ability to sell it.

    Ok, if you don't mind, follow up question based on trading it in. I'm a little bit upside down, but have the cash to pay off the difference. But, I'd like to trade the S60 in for a less expensive used vehicle (around $10k) to reduce my payments. Assuming my Volvo is valued more than that, how does that work logistically?

    Thanks again!
  • woodywwwoodyww Member Posts: 1,821
    Well, then I wouldn't have that stuff fixed if you're selling--maybe just the tires, but I'd think only if you're selling privately. There are a bunch of past posts here about trading in a vehicle you're upside down on--one just a few days ago about a guy trying to buy an Accord EX, with responses from Terry (the guru) & others--worth scrolling back.
  • rona123rona123 Member Posts: 8
    Will do, thanks.

    So any idea of the trade-in value for my Volvo as-is then? Or is that someone else's expertise?

    Thanks again
  • boblibboblib Member Posts: 5

    Need help with trade-in value for a Camry which is in the process of being repaired after suffering $10,500 damage to the front: fenders, hood, bumper, windshield, radiator, air conditioner condenser, starter, battery.

    Knoxville, TN
    2004 Toyota Camry XLE 4-door
    4 cylinder
    7500 miles
    Black exterior/taupe leather interior
    Alloys, power seats, power moon roof, JBL stereo system with cassette/CD changer, spoiler, heated seats, side airbags
    Excellent condition before wreck :cry:
    Tires - 7500 miles

    And thanks!
  • corvettecorvette United StatesMember Posts: 8,577
    Ouch! I hope everyone is okay. The trade-in value will depend a lot on how well the repairs are done. Go over it with a fine-toothed comb, and send it back to the body shop if it's not done correctly.
  • woodywwwoodyww Member Posts: 1,821
    Try the Edmunds used value calculator for a ballpark $$ #. And try a Repost for Terry in a couple of days, with all the info on your car again, if he doesn't respond sooner.

    I'm also thinking it could get fairly tricky trading a T5 on a $10K used car at a dealer; & to get a good deal on both ends. (I wonder if dealers are the best place to buy used $10K cars--instead of privately)? You might also try the chronic car buyers forum with some of these questions. In the meantime, you can always throw an ad in the paper for the T5 using the Edmunds Private Party $#, & see what happens......& if there's a CarMax near you, see what they'll pay.
  • jubiesmomjubiesmom Member Posts: 7
    I hope someone can help. I think I need to give the whole picture in case it affects the advice. Give me a second to explain-I am newly separated with two kids. I had to apply for SSI on my youngest son due to ongoing disabilities, so I had to sign the title of my QX4 over to my husband in order for Saw to be eligible.

    The financing is still in my name. I really need him to do something with it. My name on the financing is preventing me from leasing something else (I think I need to lease because I can't have equity in anything or it will affect the SSI). I make frequent trips to Children's Hospital (almost 4 hours away) and to the Dr (over an hour away). I was considering taking over a lease on another vehicle with 14 months left and plenty of mileage available. I guess I need to hit another forum with questions about that, anyway...

    My husband wants to trade it in on a truck, but there seems to be quite a difference in what the books say and what the dealer says.

    It is a 2000 QX4 with 82K miles. It is pearl white/champagne trim with tan leather interior. All standard options plus moonroof, roof rack, running boards, multi-disc CD changer, after market DVD system w/flip down screen.

    The interior is in good condition. No rips or tears. The leather is clean and in good shape. A few stains on the carpet (kids). The exterior is in fair condition. It has a few paint chips and a ding in the rear bumper. No major damage-only blemish issues. It does have new tires and all of the maintenance is up to date.

    I have checked the NADA and Kelly websites and they both say it should be worth at least $13K even with the blemishes. The dealer offered $8K in trade.

    I owe just under $11K-am I upside down or not? I live in a rural area in OK-I purchased the car in Dallas. There are very few Infiniti's around here. The nearest market is in Ft Smith, AR, and no Infiniti dealers there either.

    I am perfectly willing to drive to Little Rock, Fayetteville, Tulsa or Dallas. I am frequently in these places. Would I get a better trade offer in a market that actually sees a few Infiniti's on the road? Am I really upside down that bad?

    We are not having any luck selling it ourselves. I am not sure people even know what it is. The insurance agent asked me who the manufacturer was-I said Infiniti-she asked again who made it? She had never heard of Infiniti.

    It looks like I am in an area where this particular vehicle is absolutely not in demand.

    I sure need some sage advice. Gas prices are rising and I am driving an old pickup to get us to the doctor. I need to do something quickly because his therapy will start soon, and the truck just won't hold up for that many trips a week.

    Thanks for taking time to read-I know it is a lot of info-sometimes more information is better-I hope this is one of those times.
  • freeflyfreakfreeflyfreak Member Posts: 3
    There is a car Im interested in, he is asking 25995 retail
    What do you think he has in it?

    Location: SF Bay Area CA
    Year/Make/Model: 01 Mercedes Benz E320 Wagon
    Body Style: Wagon
    Engine: V6 3.2 Liter auto
    Driveline: RWD
    Mileage: 38000
    Color: [Gold/tan]
    Major Options: [CD changer Leather.]
    Condition: Good, one owner, dealer serviced


  • woodywwwoodyww Member Posts: 1,821
    I'm not an expert, but here's a couple of ideas: Your QX4 is 4wd? Edmunds lists Trade-In: $9,555. Private Party: $10,799. There's a 2000 with 84K miles that sold on e-bay for $10K, & a 2000 with 77K miles that already has a bid of $9600, with 36 hrs. to go ( Item number: 4582280447). It has a warrenty tho.

    Where are you advertising it? I'd think a big Dallas paper might be worth a try. Or if you can take some really good digital pics, & write a good ad, put it on Fee-bay, maybe with a reserve of $9000 or $9500. And you might get more--way better than selling it to a dealer for $8K. And probably easier than schlepping it all over the SouthWest.
  • dkuhajdadkuhajda Member Posts: 487
    Something sounds fishy in your post.
    1. You signed over the title to your husband? How, the bank still has the title if you owe on it?
    2. What difference does it make if your husband is driving the Infiniti for SSI? Since he is your husband his income and assets also are considered for SSI.

    So what is the real story here?
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