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Audi A8



  • I'm looking at a used A8 for the second time and this one has a slight leak onto the catalytic converter according to the owner. It runs in my mind that there is a leak others have had here and it turned out to be something minor that is known about by A8 enthusiasts. I base this off of an A8 for sale that mentioned this leak had already happened and been attended to.

    So, I'm looking for input from you folks to see if I can go into this knowing what the source is.

     Thanks in advance,

  • vic6vic6 Posts: 2
    contemplating buying a new A8 or A8L and looking to hear from owners of 2004 or 2005's about ownership experiences. especially interested in any repair issues or dealer concerns as i have been spoiled by japanese ownership.
  • i spoke to my dealer today and he told me that they are putting the new trapezoidal grille on the 2006 A8. They are also apparently going to change the back. Has anyone else heard this? I have not heard of this anywhere and i kind of think that he heard some false info.
  • axel1axel1 Posts: 5
    vic6 - not sure about the dealers yet as I've had one for only 2 weeks, but mine seems like they will be at least fair (brand new dealership). I love this car!!! One intersting thing I almost walked away as they weren't really willing to deal at all. Then they realized I came to them via AAA, and took $2k off the sticker, just like that (I had committed to the deal with $600 off of chrome wheels, but they actually changed it AFTER I was sold).
  • took delivery 3 weeks ago...beautiful car...silver /black interior..19 inch all-seasons....xm...cold weather. Wonderful ride, handling, finish..traded my 2000 740 iL, also a fantastic car. Ride great with 95K miles on it..Love everything about the 8 EXCEPT the MMI has crashed a number of time this last week. Bringing it in for a fix on Monday, and if all goes well, great, if not, they get the car back and they can get me another. Should be able to play the radio for 70K
  • axel1axel1 Posts: 5
    welschman - do you know the date of manufacture or software version? I have had no problems as of yet.... anything specific bring on the crashes to your knowledge?
  • paldipaldi Posts: 210
    Both are 10k mile corporate cars, asking $60,000. I like the Phaeton because its so rare, solid quality, comfortable, big enough for 4 adults and has 4 wheel drive. The Audi is similar but less luxurious and, being all aluminum, I worry about repairs if it's ever hit. I also think the VW may be more reliable given the A8 MMI troubles. You guys are Audi lovers... Have you tried a Phaeton? What were your thoughts about it?
  • I don't know for sure, but that Phaeton price looks a little high to me. VW was offering close to 15k incentives on brand new '04's within the past month or so. I like the car, but there is a difference between VW and Audi.


    If it was me, I'd either purchase the Audi or spend a few extra K and buy a brand new Phaeton. If you are thinking of driving the car into the ground it probably doesn't matter, but the Audi is almost certain to retain its value at a much better rate as well.


    Also, I don't know if I could ever spend 60k on a used car. For 60k, I want to know EXACTLY how the car has been driven.


    As for the quality of each vehicle? I've owned A8's and never a VW, but I've driven around in a Phaeton several times and have to say I was very impressed. Build quality seems excellent, and it is certainly one of the plushest interiors on the market.
  • get car $ for $ in the world. sold my 2000

    740iL, which was, until this car, the best I ever owned. The 8 is fast and better looking than the BMW or MB IMO
  • bad connection..secured and to date no further problems so now I think the car is an A+
  • ugly2ugly2 Posts: 22
    Have looked every where but can't seem to find it. Can someone please tell me the top end of an '05 A8 w/ std. 4.2? Limited and if possible unlimited. Thanks in advance.


  • Am thinking of a 2005 A8 (and CLS etc). I understand that A8's now come with Bluetooth. Can any recent purchasers confirm this, and does the Bluetooth work well? Thanks.
  • I checked with salesperson last time I was at Audi dealer. He said new audi A8s are bluetooth compatible.
  • axel1axel1 Posts: 5
    Not all 05's have BT. The early 05's do not and have onstar instead. Of course, Audi does not mention this in any literature or the website (says BT is STANDARD on 2005 A8's).
  • acme01acme01 Posts: 3
    I am interested in a new A8L, but I'm wondering about their reliability and Audi's customer service. I currently own a 1999 A6 Quattro and have spent several thousands on maintenance and repairs, including $1700 on repair of the suspension. Audi customer relations has declined to be of assistance other than "I'm sorry". Are there any data about the track record of the A8L's repair history and reliability?
  • Looking at trading my 02 A8 for a new one. What kind of pricing is anyone seeing? Any incentives or hold backs etc from audi? Any subsidized financing or lease rates? I paid $1500 over invoice for the 02. Don't want to pay too much for the next one. Maybe buying it somewhere else (that doesnt have "snow" demand, and shipping it would be better?
  • This may be a basic question, but can anyone comment on the usefulness of all wheel drive in a southern climate; we don't get snow and rarely ice. Jolle61's post suggested that demand for the A8 would be higher where it snows, which has always made sense to me. Of course if there is a difference in demand, presumably the supply would be equalized for this.


    My wife has a 2002 A6 with quattro. We love the car. We didn't get it for quattro, and in fact if a CVT (without quattro) had been out then, we would have gotten it. It didn't seem logical to me to pay $2k extra for quattrro without driving in snow, but we like the car otherwise and the value still made sense compared to others. I know driving it in heavy rain and wind, it feels much more solid than my 2000 E320. Maybe that answers my own question, but if anyone has any comments on the usefulness of quattro in a warm weather climate, I'd appreciate it.


    I am looking for another car, and may consider an A8. I love the new A8, although it may be out of my price range.
  • liferulesliferules Posts: 531
    I don't get much snow here in Texas but really like the Quattro. It gives me comfort on rainy days when the roads are so slick. My previous car (a front wheel one) would hydroplane all over the place with the smallest amount of precipitation. The Quattro drives as if there wasn't any rain at all. I have yet to experience any sliding.


    Honestly, from my reading, AWD isn't the end-all, beat-all in the North either. Snow tires are. So if you're looking for safety or a stable ride on possibly slippery roads, Quatro is for you. If you're looking for raw power, faster 0-60 times, etc...get a RWD auto. They're lighter and faster.
  • I don't know where to begin on this one! I bought a new A8L as an '04 model - of course no Bluetooth or satellite radio and a phone cradle that does nothing - but that is only the beginning! After 2 WEEKS OF OWNERSHIP the MMI crashed constantly. They kept the car for ONE MONTH to update the MMI software. Then everything seemed normal. Then about a month later someone hit my driver's side rear quarter panel - any normal car would be about $2k in damage, but not the A8L! 3 MONTHS LATER I STILL DO NOT HAVE MY CAR because there are only limited amount of aluminum repair centers in the US and they are back-logged. The bill?? $14,400 for a dented rear quarter panel!!!! I hope this helps in your decision :-)
  • Don't see any discussion on pricing/deals received for A8.


    Don't see any available board for "Prices Paid" for A8 or A6. Can we start one?
  • ruggyruggy Posts: 6
    what do you think of the car? thinking of getting one myself...........a8l fully loaded.........any opinions?
  • ruggyruggy Posts: 6
    what is a good site to see if you are getting a good deal on a lease? thanks....
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    Try this link: Lease Questions - Ask Here. Car_man will be very happy to help you figure out if you are being offered a good deal on any lease of any vehicle.


    Then come back here and let us know how it goes.
  • ruggyruggy Posts: 6
  • ruggyruggy Posts: 6
    thanks very much...very helpful. car man got right back to me........
  • Nobody has bought a loaded a8 recently? Any deals to post here? Any rebates/incentives? How much under/over invoice? What is a good deal for an audi A8 loaded relative to invoice?
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    Do tell us what you are going to do and how it works out ...
  • Best I see so far is INVOICE plus 413 pid on a8L or A8
  • rjlaerorjlaero Posts: 659
    Each dealership is different depending on where they're at and what kind of stock they have. But it's rare that many Audi dealers will have more than a couple A8s on the lot at any time. Many are special ordered so the customer gets exactly what they want. You may get a little off sticker, but don't expect to offer an Audi dealer a few hundred dollars over invoice on a 80,000 car.


    You might get a good deal at the end of the year on a leftover car when the model year changes, or on a demo w. some miles on it. Most any high end car takes a hit on first year depreciation.


    Some of the colors are very hard to find and in high demand. The Amaretto interior is absolutely gorgeous and many dealers won't budge off MSRP on those colors.
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