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Audi A8



  • denaliinpadenaliinpa Posts: 169
    i purchased a swb A8 in december of last year.
    i wanted the width of a full size car but not the
    added length that came with the L version. the
    rear seat still has plenty of room for 99% of the
    population. the MB S was too long ...the E and 5's too narrow...
    ...the LS is for old men and the 7's styling not for me.
    the A8 handles great. the suspension
    can be adjusted firmer/softer or left alone for the cars computer
    to decide how to dampen it. when it comes to
    comparing it to the other cars in the class i have
    only driven S's, 7's and the LS430. it is firmer than
    the LS and S and very similiar to the 7. the car is
    exciting to drive. plenty of power and enjoyable
    on twisty roads while at the same time having
    plenty of luxury to relax in. plus an added benefit
    is that when it's's nice to look at!
  • audios2audios2 Posts: 1
    I am on the waiting list for the new 2006 A8 short wheel base, and my dealer also said that the car would be getting the trapezoidal grill similar to the new 2005 A6. He never mentioned anything about the back appearance. I have driven Audis since 1986 and love the car. I have had the 4000, 90, 90cs, A4, A6, and am currently driving an A6 2.7T. I wish they would come up with some new colors, though, since I have had about every color I like.
  • wbreaux1wbreaux1 Posts: 55
    Just found the RT article, comparison of luxury sedans, and immediately read it. If I wind up getting an A8, Audi should send RT a royalty. I think of myself of being an independent decision maker, and will be in this decision, but the article so perfectly expressed my own feelings of the cars that it's got me all juiced up about moving forward with an A8. It's my favorite of the luxury cars, and the article voiced my opinions perfectly.

    For those of who haven't read it, the article rates the A8L just behind the 745Li, and ahead of XJ8L, Phanteon, and S500, in that order. But the authors each picked the car they'd want; 1 picked the Jag and every other picked the A8. The rating system is just very skewered toward handling and "racing", that the BMW won those categories and therefore the overall rating. But when you looked at the words in the article, even aside from the authors personal choices, the A8 was the best spoken of by far. Go Audi!
  • I also read it and could not have agreed with you more. Every since I saw it on a website back in 2003, I've known that this will be my car someday. Beautiful exterior and incredible interior. I currently drive an A6 and hope to upgrade to an A8 in the next 20 months.
  • jmjinnjjmjinnj Posts: 15
    For some reason I also like A8 so much. I see so many MBs, BMWs. But I hardly see A8s on the road. That is all the more reason to get this car. Beautiful to drive. Luxurious interior. And wonderful looking from outside. :)
  • esfesf Posts: 1,020
    Although it's more than two years later, and you know that the base A8 SWB only costs $67K, I'm just making sure you know. You'll never get to see this, though... The A8L starts at $69K, and both BMWs are about $4K more.
  • esfesf Posts: 1,020
    Wow- you're making a big step up from your A6 2.7T. I recently traded mine in, and we're waiting for a Sprint Blue S4 Cabriolet, at about $60,600; to come next week. It's absolutely gorgeous- I was thinking of a 2005 A6 4.2 or S4 sedan, but after I drove the S4 Cabriolet and saw the looks of envy and admiration from others, I knew there was nowhere else to go. The V8 is one of the creamiest and most beautiful Audi has ever made, the interior is perfect and the piping on the seats have a great touch, the NAV is very easy to use (no MMI, but it has a commanding knob next to the screen), and it's just one of the most beautiful modern convertibles on the road. My son goes with me to places whenever he can, and is a gear head, and he helped me on the decision. I could've been getting a Silver A6 4.2 if it wasn't for him, and I'm thankful... I can't wait!
  • esfesf Posts: 1,020
    I just cannot believe this: So many people are having problems with their A8s, and while I don't have an A8, the worst I had on my prior Audi ('00 A6 2.7T) was that the headlight washer caps came off when they were opening in a high intensity storm! I'm about to own a brand new Sprint Blue S4 Cabriolet (coming next week), and I don't think it'll have any significant defects. I think this is all about '04 A8s, and this was Audi's first crack at a hugely technological car, and maybe they missed a few. The 2005 and upcoming facelifted 2006, however, are supposed to be better. They just weren't experienced at a single computer controlling many functions of the car, and came out with a few firey customers. If I have a problem with my Audi, I'll just remember this: No other car company, no matter how well-known or luxurious or expensive, can ever have the coolness, the exclusivity, the fullness, the intellegence, the smart luxury, or the world-class style of an Audi. You just wouldn't feel good driving another car after having an Audi, believe me. And I'm not just some Audi salesguy, BMWs give me headaches when I ride in them!
  • stefanxkrstefanxkr Posts: 3
    Sorry "Jack", but I believe the benefit of the doubt goes the car owner and not with the dealer or manufacturer. :lemon:

    :shades: Nobody makes these stories up just like you didn't make up your happy story. Seems as though AUDI HAS WAY TOO MANY unhappy stories posted for a make trying to get its name up there established with the big boys. You have dissuaded me! I was going to plunk down my $$$ tomorrow and I had already been warned by my European friends to watch out for the Audi 0000 screw job. Seeing these sad anecdotes makes me run. Add to this the disinterested attitude of the Audi sales staff encountered in trying to buy a car through several of their major dealers... I say forget it ! let me check out the latest JD Powers survey and Consumers Union data to determine which car to buy. Tell Audi to do a reality check or their shiny new facilities are going to go under for lack of sales! :shades:
  • stefanxkrstefanxkr Posts: 3
    You just keep that "coolness" :shades: in mind as you have your $65,000 tied up in something with tech problems because its' their first attempt at something. better you than me! Good luck Bubba!
  • denaliinpadenaliinpa Posts: 169
    hey like i said... my experience has been very positive.
    i've owned plenty of vehicles from different manufacturers
    and dealers with no horror stories to tell. it is obvious
    from your post that you have a personal grudge against
    Audi. so "bubba" just try to keep in my that they are just
    cars. if you don't like em...don't buy em! :P
  • paldipaldi Posts: 210
    Hello, please be invited to make comments in a forum composed of European flagship sedan owners. Stop by to compare notes and share experiences!

    High End European Luxury Cars
  • What company is offering the $295 cradle with a "free phone"?

    It's a good deal

  • brendybrendy Posts: 6
    Just picked up an 05 A8L for my wife last week. I did a lot of research before deciding on the Audi. It seems that the only real competition is the BMW 7 series. When the BMW does win in comparison tests it is for performance reasons, but I don't see the need for performance in a near 18 foot long luxury sedan. The 4.2 liter engine in this car is plenty. The Audi wins for exterior and interior styling and the MMI interface is supposed to be much easeier to use than BMW's i-drive.

    This is an incredible vehicle from its aluminum construction to the absoloutely gorgeous interiors. This is truly a world class car, but most of the US doesn't know about it. If you have any specific questions, let me know.
  • dwongswongdwongswong Posts: 62
    I currently drive a 2003 A6 Quattro and will probably upgrade to a pre-owned 2004 A8L. Is the insurance high? Have you had any problem so far? Does it get reasonable gas mileage? What is your favorite thing about the car? What do you dislike the most?
  • wbreaux1wbreaux1 Posts: 55
    One specific question: how did you wife get so lucky?

    I agree with your analysis. I've recently downgraded the price range I'm looking in so I'm afraid the A8 is out, but for the money it is a fantastic car and if I was picking a car in that range I'd get it, unless the new 7 really looks a lot better than the old.
  • brendybrendy Posts: 6
    We've put on less than 200 miles so far, so I'm really not able to comment on gas mileage, yet. The only problem so far is that the CD player is supposed to recognize the names of the CD's and songs displaying them on the MMI screen. I've tried several and haven't found one that works, including ones that computers recognize the playist. The dealer is researching this for me. There may be a difference between the electronic labeling for computers and this car. The insurance is normal for a large size $75,000 car. Favorite things would include the styling (interior & exterior). Features in this class are fairly similar between manufacturers, but the keyless entry / ignition is handy. Dislikes are few and trivial including no coin holder and rather large headrests in the rear seat making rearward visibility limited.
  • jitendra1jitendra1 Posts: 43
    Hi Steve,
    I also did lot of research.I narrowed my choice to Audi 8L. But there are not that many posts with prices paid , lease rates etc. for A8. I test drove A8 couple of times. L & SWB. I did not find any difference in driving.Right now I am negotiating with dealer.
    Did you get good deal? If you did, could you share your experience with us.

    Thanks. :confuse:
  • brendybrendy Posts: 6
    The MSRP on our vehicle was $75,770. We leased it for 3 years with 10K miles per year. I paid normal inceptions plus $5000 (about $8200 total). The payments pre-tax are $773.00. Hope it was a good deal. Good luck!
  • grendelgrendel Posts: 1
    Audi's A8 is a beautiful car and their advertising budget has evidently been increased. This has at least as much to do with sales as their mechanical reliability and the quality of their service. But I have a few horror stories of my own if you'll allow:

    Purchased a 2000 A8 in 2003 from a private party -- out of Audi's warranty period and no extended warranty. Six or seven months after purchase, the 'check engine' idiot light came on. Audi in San Antonio diagnosed it as nothing to worry about -- possibly a bad tank of gas. They reset it and sent me on my way. A month later the light comes back on, stays on, and so I'm back at the same San Antonio Audi dealer. This time though I want an actual diagnosis. After keeping the car for over a month and charging me over $4k in diagnostic time, their diagnosis: We don't know what's causing it, Audi USA suggests a new engine. The cost: $21,000. I declined.

    A week later I leave Texas, moving to Virginia. I got as far as Texarkana on the Texas border and the 'low oil level' symbol comes up on my dash. I pull over, check the oil, and sure enough, it's at least 2 qts low. In an amazing bit of luck, I had 2qts of Mobil 1 in the trunk -- the movers wouldn't pack any petroleum products and left it in my garage. I pour those 2 qts in and wait 30 minutes looking for leaks. There were no leaks. I got on the cell with my San Antonio Audi dealer and explained. The service manager's response: "We may not have filled the oil when we were running those engine diagnostics. We wanted to see if it was related to oil pressure, so we changed the oil and left it a little low." Keep in mind this is an Audi dealer -- not a privately owned repair shop.

    Now, all oil changes I had done at that Audi dealer. I had always specified synthetic oil. Just verifying, I asked if they'd used synthetic or mineral oil when they changed it. He replied they used mineral oil. ...And I just dumped in 2qts of synthetic on top of it. Service manager, hearing this, suggests I change the oil and filter at my very first opportunity. Keep in mind I'm in the middle of nowhere --otherwise known as the outskirts of Texarkana.

    I find an Audi dealer in Little Rock but it's after-hours, so I take a hotel room for the night. Next morning I'm at the Little Rock Audi dealer bright and early. All I need is an oil and filter change. They perform the oil change, I'm finally back on the road. Before I get back to the interstate I notice the dashboard display is black. No radio display, etc. I turn around and head back to the dealer. His response: "If you can tell me how changing the oil and filter would make the dashboard display go out, I'll fix it for free." Well, I'm not an Audi mechanic, but I'm pretty sure they use some kind of tool or network connection to reset the service interval computer. After haggling with this guy for another hour, I'm so frustrated and pissed off that I can't see straight. I tell them to open the bay doors, I'm leaving. As the manager walks away, the young fellow who's been working on my car says, "You have to understand, we don't see many A8s around here."

    Well, he's wrong. I most definitely do not have to understand. What I *do* understand is that both the San Antonio and Texarkana Audi dealers have a long way to go in the quality of their repair shops.

    My dashboard display is back on, by the way -- courtesy of an Alexandria, VA Audi dealer who seems to know what they're doing. The Alexandria shop also diagnosed my 'check engine' light issue as a broken valve spring requiring the heads be removed for repair. And just this past week the steering column started making a grinding noise. That diagnosis: an irreplaceable bearing in the column is shot, the entire electronic steering column needs to be replaced. But I digress. I do trust this Alexandria dealer, but would warn anyone considering an A8 outside of an affluent metropolitan area to reconsider their vehicle choices.
  • dgintzlerdgintzler Posts: 1
    How many times does an Audi A8 owner have to replace the MMI unit in his car after the dealer blames him for reason number 3 on the "its your fault" list of Audi Corps. Excuse du jour list. The favorite is "You spilled coffee in it" or its variation, "There was a stickey substance on the pc board"
    I am not amused when the MMI lights up like a Xmas tree. The first time they replaced the board "as a goodwill gesture, the second time they nicked me 600 bucks (and I don't think they replaced the whole unit). Now its happened again, 3 times in 9 months. How many others have had this same experience?
  • greenie7greenie7 Posts: 12
    As a member of one of the Audi forums, I have read similar accounts concerning the MMI. A number of owners have complained of sticking buttons and one fellow actually trashed his unit by accidentally spilling coffee on it. Is your problem software or hardware related?
  • greenie7greenie7 Posts: 12
    Hey paldi, does an A8L qualify???
  • greenie7greenie7 Posts: 12
    Yep, the issue is an overly-teched car. Its the same issue Mercedes is having with their cars!
  • esfesf Posts: 1,020
    Wow, you're harsh for an obvious Lexus or Toyota owner. BTW, I own a Lexus, too. And, it's been 3.5 weeks since I got my S4. There have been no problems, Mr. Know-It-All. People like you are so stereotypical of cars. To you, 'If it's German, it breaks', and 'If it's American, it sucks', and 'If it's Italian, it really breaks.' Oh yeah, 'If it's Japanese, it's good.' Forgot that one. Now, where is your information to back up that I'm going to be "tied-up in something with tech problems"? And, it's $62K. Audi's are less than BMWs, you know. It's not their first attempt at something, either. I don't know if you're talking about me having an A8, which I don't, or an S4 Cabriolet, which I do. But, this is not their first time with a sports car/convertible. They're experienced with use of their 4.2 V8, and they know how to work the A4 Cabriolet.

    I haven't seen one new Audi in the shop when I go there for a checkup on my car, by the way. That's more of Mercedes's frequent pose, and I recently saw an E-Class on the back of a tow truck.
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    There is no reason to turn different viewpoints into personal issues. Let's just stick to the cars and leave our opinions of each other by the side of the road ...
  • paldipaldi Posts: 210
    Sure greenie, though any silver car is given a free pass!
  • acme01acme01 Posts: 3
    Do the ventilated and massage components of the seats really work well, or are they not worth ordering? Also, does the bluetooth telephone give you hands-free technology that works well?
  • ssnyderssnyder Posts: 1
    Maybe a different request, but as I spend a lot of time at speed on Alligator Alley, get tons of bugs. Does anyone know where to get a bra for a 2004 A8L. Tried all over the 'net but seems to be none after 2001.

    PS: just started viewing this forum. Got $5000 off list and 1% financing. Many problems with MMI computer, but finally fixed when I went straight to service manager instead of write-up techs.

    Thanks for any help.
  • brendybrendy Posts: 6
    I have the Amaretto interior and did not like the looks of the ventilated seats, therefore, I can't comment on them. From the cars I've seen, they look OK on black seats.

    The bluetooth works great. I had to order my car to get it. Early 2005's came with Onstar and not bluetooth. Vehicles manufactured after a date in December, I can't remember it, have bluetooth. If the car has Onstar it does not have bluetooth.

    I've used the bluetooth for years, I have it in my BMW and it is great. Easy to use and much safer. As long as the bluetooth is activated on your cell phone, you can receive and dial calls using the steering wheel and voice commands.

    It is very simple to sync up the cell phone (up to 4) with the vehicles bluetooth. Also, with the Audi there is a very quick way to import your existing telephone numbers to the car's bluetooth system. All you have to do is voice record the names and it's ready to go.
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