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    But i have a 99 Concorde LXI and we really like it. Check out post area #451 & #453. Have an open mind and don't let everything get you. Most just like to ramble on (including me). It is a beautiful car that is well designed. Of course I have only had it for a short period of time. I backed it up with a "max Care" warranty so I am not too worried of what is said. Give it a shot. Try to read thru all of the posts to get a complete idea of what is being said before you form any opinion. The people are really quite nice and helpful here. Dont let names fool you.

    Lord Snack Cake
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    i own a 98 intrepid and am thinking of trading in my wife's 93 eagle vision on a concorde/300m/lhs - my intrepid has been flawless in both fit and finish as well as performance. No warranty work - my 95 intrepid which i traded in on the 98 performed as well - no problems - 50k when traded - the 93 eagle vision has 110k and still runs like a jackrabbit - the wife has beat the body/paint pretty well though - the quality of chrysler products has vastly improved and for the money - these cars are hard to touch - and the intrepids/300m handling is clearly above the pack
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    Please repost your post in Sedans, Topic # 423.

    please keep an open mind (and take no guff from them) as there are some that think Intrepids are bad cars. I have a Concorde LXI. I really love the car.
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    Thanks for the tip on how to deal with the smell. Will try it. As for the classier dials of black on white, I personnally didn't consider and LHS because of them. My humble opinion.
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    Have hit 24,000 miles on my 1998 Concorde as of today. The only thing I have had to do is get the oils changed and front end alignment as well as tire rotation. The car was purchased in July of 98.
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    just this morning i was out at the dealership
    giving them a good tongue lashing over having left
    the oil cap off after my recent oil change. while i
    was there i picked up the 2000 model brochure.
    some interesting changes. here are the colours

    1. inferno red
    2. dark garnet
    3. steel blue
    4. deep slate
    5. sonte white
    6. bright silver metallic
    7. champagne pearl
    8. light cypress green
    9. shale green
    10 cinnamon glaze

    so it does look like the candy apple red,
    platinum, emerald green and deep amethyst are out
    the door.

    dodge also did some reworking of the options
    packages and groups. antilock brakes are an option
    on all models. no longer standard on es. leather
    is part of the 24m package now.

    the r/t version says late availability so don't
    know when that will show up.

    for those of us complaining about road noise. the
    brochure mentions that a new rear wheelhouse
    silencer will drop noise levels significantly for a
    much quieter ride, where have i heard this before?
    we'll see! but it also said that would be
    available late so i don't know when it will show up
    on production cars.

    many of these changes are also likely on the
    concorde but i can't verify that as they didn't
    have a 2000 model year concorde brochure.
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    This is the URL that quotes MSRP on Chrysler extended warranty policies. Since you can buy the policy any time within the first 12 months, I suggest getting a commitment from a trustworthy dealer (is that an oxymoron?) that you can buy it 11.5 month after delivery at an agreed price. No point in paying the cost of money for an unnecessary year.
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    My wife drives a 97 Concorde and has had no problems other than the rear window sealant oozing out onto the body. AZ is an extremely hot state.... The vent setup isn't the best, but all in all the car performs well.

    The acceleration is great, the ride is smooth, especially on long trips at higher speeds and it handles very well. The dealer has been very helpfull with any and all questions we've had, I expect nothing less as I'm sure you don't either.

    Though the car isn't perfect, it has served us well. I have no problem recommending this model vehicle to anyone.


    Celtic dog
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    Thanks to those that posted solutions to the 'mildew smell' that I notice sometimes in my '98 Concorde. Just today, I had my second passenger window motor replaced since I bought the car in Nov 98. The driver side motor has been replaced twice. Once, there were three Concordes in a row at the service department, all with window motor problems. As for road noise, it may be the Goodyear tires. I had a similar problem with my '95 Neon, but when I went to a Pirelli, the road noise was a lot less.
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    OK folks, why are you buying extended warranties?

    Why not take the cash and invest it in a money market fund or other liquid source? If you need to make a repair, you've set some or all of the funds aside.

    Consider also the best warranty has a 100K mile life. This tells me that Chrysler expects the vehicle to get 100K miles, properly maintained, before repairs exceeding the price of the warranty are needed. They are in the game to make money and they are not going to sell you the warranty if they think they will loose money on it.

    My view is keep the money in your own pocket, take care of your vehicle and accept the risk of a future repair - it might not come while you own the car. Why pay the dealer $2K or $3K for something that might not even occur?
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    I have to strongly disagree with you about the extended warranty.
    The main purpose of me either purchasing or leasing a new car is for the peace of mind of knowing that for up to 100,000 miles that any repairs needed will be covered under the new car warranty or extended warranty.
    Just one repair to the engine,trans,or injection can easily cost well over the cost of the best extended warranty that Chrysler the fact that I will be provided a rental at no cost.
    I am neither a Chrysler lover nor do I dislike Chrysler in any way...they just so happen to mfg. the concorde that I drive...after reading some of the nightmare posts in here and talking to a few others who own Chryslers its a known fact that based on past models that there could be a strong possibility of costly repairs in the future.
    My ConcordeLXI has 8,000 miles on it and has been a decent car so far but in all honesty I have to say that if Chrysler didn't have the extended warranty I would not have purchased the Concorde.
    When you take in consideration that after paying the cost of the car and transfer fees and sales tax and finance charges you can easily have over 30,000 invested in your car so the cost of protecting your investment by spending another 2'000for the best warranty really isn't all that bad.
    I guess the bottom line is if my car turns out to be a trouble free car for 100,000 miles then I made a mistake by taking out the warranty and stand to loose 2,000 dollars but if my car turns out to have major problems in the future then I could have saved three or more times the cost of a warranty.
    I guess if only we had a crystal ball then we would know the right answer but we all have to do what makes us most comfortable.
    Good luck with you new car and take care...
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    For what little it may be worth, I happen to agree with you 100%.

    I have never bought an extended warranty, and I never will.

    If I truly felt that a car (or any other "major" purchase) that I was considering purchasing needed to be covered by an extended warranty, I simply would not buy it. Period.

    As an investment and insurance professional, I can assure you that the risk premium that one pays for extended warranties is FAR too high. Extended warranties are sold because the salesperson often makes more from the sale of the warranty than on the sale of the car. There are (obviously) those people who desire "peace of mind". That's okay, but one has to realize that one is paying a VERY dear price for that "peace of mind".

    One man's opinion.

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    imo, extended warranties are pushed by car makers for two reasons, they are money makers and they help to raise the customer satisfaction rankings. automakers are well aware of the fact that any consumer who keeps his car longer than the original warranty doesn't want to face any huge expenses do to mechanical failure, etc. who do you think is gonna be happier, a consumer who has to replace his tranny at 70k miles (not under extended warranty) or one where the bill is covered by warranty. and which consumer is more likely to purchase again from the same automaker given the above scenario?
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    I can totally understand your reasoning of why you are against purchasing an extended warranty and in the long run you may be absolutely right..
    email...your post truely made a lot of sense and I also agree with you 100% in what you had said.
    I will give you the reason that I am totally in favor of the extended warranty...,I have been in the used car business and have owned several lots for the past 20 years and with the older rear wheel drive carburetor cars they could last for a very long time and when repairs were needed in many cases they were not all that costly.
    with the front wheel drive fuel injected cars in my expierence you can spend a fortune on repairs...with in the first 100,000 miles it is very common to have CV problems or fuel injection problems...I always have my vehicle serviced by the dealer and to say the least agency prices are not cheap.
    I feel that I am easy on a car and always maintain my vehicles properly...I had a 95 car that within the first 60,000 miles needed an air flow sensor and also needed a transmission and the cost of those repairs including my rental car and towing was almost 4,000 dollars.
    When I look at the true cost of an extended warranty I only do so at the point that i am trading my car back in then I take off the cost of any repairs that I would have had to pay for and then I can figure out how much the warranty would have cost or saved me.
    Another very important factor that many without a warranty overlook is when you have a warranty you tend to want to keep your vehicle for the entire 100,000 miles knowing you will have no costly repairs during that time....without the warranty you tend to think differently and feel I better replace my car before I have any problems and by doing that you are in reality spending more then the warranty would have cost in the first place.
    well only time will prove us right or wrong but hopefully all of our Chrysler ownership will prove to be a very happy expierence...take care
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    I was pleased to find this posting site. Today i took the plunge and purchased a 2000 Concorde. Believe it or not I got .9% financing for 60 months. Unfortunately because of the low finance rate the dealer wasnt budging much on the price...negotiated at 24K. Even though i am reasonably satisfied about the price i am going thru major BUYER'S REMORSE". HEELLLLPPPP!!!!! I just wanted to share my experience.
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    Hi and congratulations on your new is not the time to have buyers remorse now is the time to go out and drive and enjoy your new Concorde....good luck with your new car ..
  • emaleemale Member Posts: 1,380
    did you get the lx or lxi?
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    I took the car to the dealer today for it's first repair work. 6000 miles on the car to date.

    The paint on the rims did not cover the rims completely. They replaced all four rims, washed the car and cleaned the inside. They treated my wife with dignity and respect.

    I know I might get flamed by someone who has not received this type of service from a dealership. But one fact remains, I did.

    My only concern is that I had to make an appointment to see them. It worked out fine for us though. And when I asked them about this, they said if we had an emergency of any type we would not need an appointment.

    On the matter of "Extended Warranties". I agree if the money could be placed in a fund of some type that would allow "immediate withdrawal without any type of fines or fees" that is a heck of a good idea. It is not something I thought of when I was considering a warranty coverage plan. The best thing I did was pay for it separately from the purchase of the car so it would not be included in the financing.

    It would be nice to know that everything we bought or plan to buy is made to last for a long time. It just is not going to happen. I have to wonder if there might be some type of consideration about that during it's design faze. There is quite a bit of money spent on vehicles. And there sure is allot of car repair shops around.

    I guess they call it "job security" or "economics 101" or "How to keep America employed".

    Just my opinion,

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    Don't fret. The Concorde is a wonderful vehicle. My '99 LX is great on all key points: looks, highway gas mileage, creature comforts (leather!), storage space, handling, and general feeling of competence. I'm sure yours is equally good. Best 24 grand (new, MSRP) car you can buy, IMHO. Since your dealer had to "participate" in the subsidy of your financing, it's not surprising he didn't feel very charitable on the purchase price. It probably cost him close to a grand -- say $500 direct, plus loss of revenue from sale of the financing contract to a local lender. You dealers out there -- can you help calibrate these numbers?
    Bottom line: Enjoy the car every day, but especially those days when you write the check.
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    I now have a 98 camry le 4cyl loaded. I like it but i desire something more luxurious. I looked at the avalon & the Mitsubishi diamante.But can't get a fair trade. So Im looking at the concorde lxi. usaually american dealers will do more bending. What do you think? I need some imput on this. i seen the 0.9 for 60 mos for chrysler that caught my attention.
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    I saw several messages about the gasket leakage on my 97 concorde. Did anyone ever get it fixed? After taking the car in 3 times I gave up. Also on the topic of extended warranties. This is what I do, and I got mine for $800 instead of $2000. I negotiated price of car, then asked how much warranty was. Then carefully explained that 1) I wasn't buying a chrysler product without warranty because I've owned chrysler before and 2) I don't have an extra $2000 and I cannot give you what I don't have, so sorry I cannot buy this vehicle. I was honest and firm, so they gave me the warranty at cost.
  • hohohoho Member Posts: 64
    Really good idea for getting the warranty price down.
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    I'm seeking best deal on an 2000 LXi with sunroof. Without invoice pricing info for 2000, I'm estimating the overall invoice price to be about $24,300. With $1000 dealer incentive, that price could be as low $23,000 or $23,500. CAN ANY ONE CONFIRM THE INVOICE PRICE FOR 2000 LXi PLUS SUNROOF?

    To that I must add destination charges ($560), New Jersey's 6% tax, DMV/Doc fees, and the minimum amount of money the dealer wants to do the deal. HAS ANYONE BEEN ABLE TO GET THIS CAR OUT THE DOOR FOR $25,500?

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    I'm in the process of ordering a 2000 Concorde (without the moonroof), and in the process of doing so got a look at the invoice for a 2000 with the moonroof. The invoice numbers were as follows:

    Concorde with LXi package: 23,924
    Infinity stereo upgrade: 445
    Matching wheel for spare: 80
    Customer discount (LXi package): (280)
    Zone charges (Memphis): 455
    Destination: 560

    Looking at my notes, I can't tell if the 3.2L engine is now included in the vehicle/LXi combination (oversight on my part); what I do recall is that the invoice numbers for the moonroof hadn't changed from last year to this, although I didn't make a note, since I won't be ordering it.

    Best of luck.
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    1. Thanks very much for your help. With the LXi package discount, the base invoive price comes down to $23644, including holdback.

    2. Yes, the 3.2l engine is part of the LXi package this year. Last year, as I'm sure you know, it was a mandatory extra.

    3. Regarding your final cost, although I don't buy a lot of cars, I've never seen a zone charge before.

    4. How much of the $1000 Dealer Incentive do you think you'll be able to get?

    Best of luck to you.
  • countrylawyercountrylawyer Member Posts: 11
    "Zone charges" are Chrysler's expression for the "advertising charges" you'll see reference to on the new vehicle pricing and information pages on Edmund's. Go check the 1999 Concorde LX information; it's right below the blurb, in brackets. They also pull some Mickey Mouse stuff with their charges for customer information system ($20), and seven gallons of gas, or whatever it is. Nit-picky, I'm sure you'll agree, but there it was on the invoice, so what's a body to do?
    In truth, I haven't discussed the current dealer incentive yet with any of my target salesmen, except obliquely when the salesman in question has started down the "well-we've-got-to-make-some-money-on-this-car" trail. In my searches, which started in June 1998, I've found that letting the chaps know you're as well informed or better than they are (a) goes a long way towards quelling such wastes of precious oxygen, and (b) usually isn't badly received. Sort of like, "OK, you caught me; but I had to try, understand?"
    Happy hunting.
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    Just a note. My daughter and I were run off of the interstate north of Dallas in my 98 concorde lxi a few weeks ago. Traffic, and we, were going 70mph. After a few power-type slides, we hit the wall in the center median. We both walked away w/o a bruise. I personally feel this is a testament to Chrysler and what they are doing w/ their sedans. The car took it hard - now its been declared "Totalled", but the passengers were uninjured. Go Chrysler! I just bought a 99 - same car wouldn't go w/ anyone else!
  • michaeltwittymichaeltwitty Member Posts: 4
    Re; 2000 concorde LXi
    I see the dealer incentive is now $1000-$1500. I wonder what drives the $500 swing? Thanks for your tip to look again at this info.

    My plan is to advise several dealers that I am advising several Chryser dealers and one Honda dealer about my desire to purchase this Chryser (or a loaded Accord) at an "out-the-door" price of $25,000; Dealer cost = $25,700 with $1000 of dealer incentive included to get to that purchase price. That price includes moonroof, full size spare, destination charge, tax and DMV plus Doc. fees. Their job will be to push back with any and all of their extra charges and still have an attractive enough offer to close the deal at their shop.

    So far, I don't think I'd be willing to buy if its more than $26,000, even with their 0.9% financing.

    PS - I like that steel blue color best of the ones I've seen so far.
  • fastdriverfastdriver Member Posts: 2,273

    Just out of curiosity, what did your insurance company give you for your totaled 98 Concorde LXI?

  • tmsmith1tmsmith1 Member Posts: 3
    In response to you post number 76, hold out for a little better deal if you can. I was able to get the LXI with 3.2 engine, infinity stereo for $22,500 out the door. That was a new '99. It didn't have the moon roof and I know the 2000's are a little higher, so I'd hold out for at least 23,500.

    country girl
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    I have 17000 miles on my 1998 Concorde Lxi. No problems what-so-ever. Still impressed with the car and I continue to have people stop me to ask me about it. This car is a great value for the price. Bought the car April 1998.
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    I'm interested in the 2000 LXI....anyone know if there is more passenger side leg room in the new models?
  • emaleemale Member Posts: 1,380
    i haven't read anything about them changing the passenger seat travel so i doubt there has been a change. but i certainly could be wrong.
  • pepe5pepe5 Member Posts: 16
    No changes till 2003
  • emaleemale Member Posts: 1,380
    there are always changes in between major overhauls. they could indeed make the passenger seat have more travel thus giving the ability to expand the leg room.
  • mimi919mimi919 Member Posts: 85
    In reading your previous post about the front passenger leg room....this has been one of the most annoying features of my 99 Concorde...I am just about 6' tall and I find the front passenger seat to have extremely limited leg son in law is about 6'3" and he is very uncomfortable in the front seat of my car and a close friend of mine who is also about 6'3" actually refuses to sit in the front passenger seat of my concorde and I really can't say that I blame him.
    I have to say that this is a very poor design for such a large car and had I realized this prior to purchasing my car then I would not have bought the Concorde for this reason.
    It's really a shame because overall the car is very roomy but if you are over six foot tall you won't be at all comfortable sitting in the front passenger seat.
    I asked my Chrysler dealer if there was a longer seat track that could be installed in my car to correct this problem and was told that there was not.
    I wish you the best of luck with your new car purchase.
  • emaleemale Member Posts: 1,380
    somebody mentioned in the 300m conference that they thought there was more front seat legroom on the y2k 300m. same could be true of the concorde. as mimi suggested, all they'd have to do is lengthen the seat travel.
  • michaeltwittymichaeltwitty Member Posts: 4
    Re: post #83 - That was some deal!

  • scjacobsscjacobs Member Posts: 1
    I offered 5% over dealer cost for a 99 LX in Ventura, Ca. Dealer jumped at the offer, but gave me little on the trade I had. What is the consensus on how low can you go over cost: 2% or what?

    Dealer still has 10 99's in stock.

    Another question: do the 2000's have the retro dash?
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    Last night my wife and I went to a meeting put on by the dealer where we bought our new car. It was very informative and professionaly done. They had a big table set up with sandwiches, deserts, all kinds of soft drinks and coffee. They gave everyone packets of some of there products, 8oz. bottle car wash liq. constrate, 8oz. of leather/rubber & Vinyl protector and a can of spray glass cleaner. They also had door prizes. They also had on display the 200 model Concorde, LHS & 300M's. I have bought many new cars in my life time foreign and domestic and have never been treated this way before. I am sure the Chrysler haters will have comments about this. OK turkeys lets hear from you.
  • intrigue2intrigue2 Member Posts: 46
    the real turkey is anyone who can be impressed by a few stale sandwiches and a bottle of car polish. and although i've not bought the vast number of automobiles you have,or say you have,my oldsmobile dealer conducted such an owners gathering several times, for my '85,'87,and '98 purchases, so maybe you haven't lived. of course my purchases pale into insignificance against the vast amounts you must spend for a luxury vehicle, is it a 300m,lhs or one of each. it's unfortunate you can't make a comment in any topic, without resorting to a slash at those who you disagree with concerning dc products. i've never seen any dc hater,of which i am one,initiate any attack on a dc lover,only the manufacturer, why is that. why the necessity to trash someone of an opposing view. we disagree,and i feel no need to attack you,insult you or ridicule you.on the contrary, i am most interested in those positive comments on dc products that possess merit and's very unfortunate yours don't fall into this category. this ones for you glenn384/rooster, enough of this turkey.
  • emaleemale Member Posts: 1,380
    i thought you were done posting in chrsyler topics??? just can't stay away, huh?
  • pepe5pepe5 Member Posts: 16
    DaimlerChrysler,is now working with dealers very hard,the most important thing for them now is the customer´s satisfaccion,the program is called,Customer #1 and DEALERSHIP 2000,they are "forcing" dealers to change their attitude towards the customer,and to change their facilities,eveything will be done to make their customers and products #1 in the market,we are going to be able to see all those changes at the beginning of next year.
  • mimi919mimi919 Member Posts: 85
    After reading many past posts in here it is quite obvious that there are many Chrysler supporters and also many that hate Chrysler.
    I feel it is wrong and immature to critisize either one is born with a love or hatred for an automobile mfg.but in reality if your car treats you good you will be happy and supportive of the mfg. but on the other hand if you have to spend your hard earned money on repairs then you also have a right to voice your opionion about the mfg. of your car.
    Speaking for myself I disregard all posts from anyone who counters all possitive or negative responses others have about Chrysler realizing that their intension is either to discredit or only defend Chrysler regardless of anything else.
    On the other hand as a Chrysler owner I am very interested in all other posts.
    Bottom Line...lets try and put our differences aside and use this forum for the purpose it was intended for.....BEST OF LUCK TO ALL...
  • needlerokneedlerok Member Posts: 2
    I had a new engine installed, tran overhauled,
    airconditioner seal repaired, tran is now acting up again, glad i bought a 70,000 warrenty. I like the service so well from Mark Roberts that I will buy another chrysler and warrenty. I don't expect to have as many problems
    on the next chrysler I buy. Hope I'm doing the right thing.
  • mimi919mimi919 Member Posts: 85
    sounds like you needed a lot of repairs to you car.....what year and type Chrysler do you have now and how many miles do you have on your car?
  • intrigue2intrigue2 Member Posts: 46
    i read the sites because the comments are interesting,still own the '94 although i have a buyer,and am awaiting the arrival of my new subaru. responded to you in another site, and agree with mim919 that anyone has a right to post a comment, pro or con.the personal attacks, insults ,bad jokes should be ended and comments posted that will in some way provide some constructive information to anyone having a problem, and alert other owners to potential problems.
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    A friend of mine is thinking about buying a 2000 Concorde. She likes like the look of the car but is worried about the reliability. She has owned Chrysler cars in the past with mixed results.

    Does anyone have any experience the would share?
  • kurtdkurtd Member Posts: 12
    I have a 1998 Concorde Lxi with 17,000 miles on
    it. No quality problems at all. It is a great car at a great value. In my opinion one of the best looking sedans around.
  • kbierskbiers Member Posts: 2
    I recently bought the 2000 LXi off the showroom floor and out the door for $24940. (No sales tax in Oregon) This included the power moon roof and the infinity 9 speaker stereo with 4 CD changer. Was not particularly wanting those options, so I resisted the price at first. The best quote I got for the unadorned LXi after visiting 6 dealers was $23688 to order from the factory. I've heard some nightmares about ordering, and since there seems to be a limited supply of 2000's at the moment, I opted for the sure thing . . . and I'm more impressed with it now than when I bought it.
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