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    In answer to comments made about problems on the concord and question asked I have a 94 with 53000 miles. Plan on trading it before my 7 years is up.
    Still like the car in spite of engine, trans, a/c problems. The dealer Mark Roberts is excellent on service, has a courtesy car when needed, sells at invoice price. I will take a chance on buying another car from him due to the excellent service I have received. I think my problems were very unusual.
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    My 1999 Concorde LX is now 5 weeks old and I am loving it. I had a wonderful purchasing experience with no haggling. I contacted the Fleet Department of my local Chrysler Dealership (Darner Chrysler/Plymouth/Jeep in Mesa, AZ). Minus the rebate, I paid $20,800 (plus tax/tags). My Concorde has the basic features plus CD with 8 speakers, trip computer, split bench seats, 8-way power seats, 16" tires / spare.

    I had test driven the vehicle previously - so I knew that I wanted the Concorde... I did my research and knew what a fair price was. All I did was call the Fleet Dept. They gave me a price *less* than the number I had in mind. I showed up the next day and was in and out of the dealership with my new Concorde in two and a half hours. This was by far the best buying experience to date.
  • pepe5pepe5 Member Posts: 16
    Congratulations on your new car,(it is a beauty),ENJOY IT!
  • unclehouncleho Member Posts: 14
    Hi to the room!

    I am experiencing problems with my driver side window. It won't go down. Also intermittent interior lights flickering. Has anyone else had this or similar problems? Any information on these items would be appreciated

    Thanks, Uncle Ho
  • emaleemale Member Posts: 1,380
    by the way, nice login name! nobody here can fix your window over the internet so i guess you'll have to just take it to the dealer. darn, huh?
  • mimi919mimi919 Member Posts: 85
    I also have a 99 Concorde LXI and have been having an intermitten problem with my passenger window not working at times from driver window control...the first time I had taken it back to the dealer they said they were unable to duplicate the problem and on my second visit for the same problem they found it to be in the window switch and have it on order and hopefully it will be installed in the next few days.
    Good Luck and enjoy your Concorde
  • kurtdkurtd Member Posts: 12
    Does it seem to happen when it is warm? I think the window sticks and it has nothing to do with the motor. Check it out. Try pushing the window down manually with the switch down.
  • unclehouncleho Member Posts: 14
    I live in Hawaii and the temp is always warm. Your idea was a real good one. I tried it. Unfortunately for me it didn't work. In a way I am glad. Now I can take it to the dealer to check out and they will see the motor doesn't work. I can hear the switch clicking but nothing happens.
  • fastdriverfastdriver Member Posts: 2,273

    There are TSB's on those items at- Just take down the numbers and the dealer can check them out on his computer. I'm not positive about the window motor, but there is a TSB about the wiring on the motor. However, in other Chrysler topics 300M, LHS etc. some people have had to have the motors or switches replaced.

    Hope this helps.

  • unclehouncleho Member Posts: 14
    it did help. Thanks Fastdriver.
  • unclehouncleho Member Posts: 14
    They replaced the D/S window motor, adjusted the engine fan belt, checked out but found no stored codes for the intermittent light problem and washed my car in 5 hours.

    Normally an appointment is required due to the fact there is only one service center here on the Island. They are in the final stages of development for a new service center located on the Leeward side of the Island. But that probably won't be ready till late 2000 or early 2001.

    The current service center can only work on 38 cars at a time. They try to take in 63 cars a day (avg.). The people are some of the most helpful I have ever dealt with. Once, I tried to check out what "5 Star" really meant. I never really got too serious about knowing. Now, I know.
  • dbaskdbask Member Posts: 1
    I also have a unexplained light flickering in my 99 Lxi. The dashboard lights flicker brighter to dimmer intensity occasionally. No pattern of occurence has been noticed so far that would help explain it.

    Also driverside window squeaks when lowered but does still work.

    Anybody else?

  • fastdriverfastdriver Member Posts: 2,273

    If you go here- and put in the appropriate info, you'll see that there is a TSB on the squeaking windows and more. Just write down the numbers and give them to your dealer and he'll be able to pull them up on his computer so that he'll know what to do. I have come to the conclusion that many dealers don't pay ANY attention to these TSB's.

    Hope this helps.

  • kurtdkurtd Member Posts: 12
    I have a 1998 Concorde LXI and I have 17,000 mile on it. I have on occasion have had my drivers window stick. Maybe 5 times. And a few times it sounds like the Star Trek door elevator. It's funny, I asked the local Santa Fe dealer if he knows of any problems with the window and he said no. The window seems to work better when I clean the edges of the window.

    Please provide some feedback on this issue.
  • mugwump2mugwump2 Member Posts: 33
    Get some Lexol Vinylex, spray on a rag and wipe the window seals. Clean the line off the window tops also. Worked for me.
  • binubinu Member Posts: 81
    Even I seem to have noticed the lights issue on my 1998 Lxi.
    And I thought that I might be dreaming it.
    I took the car for my 15000 mile service yesterday and mentioned it to the dealer. The dealer kept the car for a day and tried to find it and could not duplicate the problem but has it documented just in case I might need it in future.
    I have not noticed it in the night yet.
    During the daytime it can be spotted with the headlights on and the interior lights set to the dim(middle) setting.
    I hear a click and then the headlights,dashboard lights go off. The odometer and heads up display turns brighter ..(The "effect" is the same as turning the headlights switch to the off position)
    After a couple of minutes I hear another click and then everything becomes normal again.

    This keeps happening a couple of times and then seems to get resolved after I turn the switch completely off and on. The frequency of this problem is more than twice a week.

    The dealer has asked me to drive over to him whenever I notice this so that he can actually see it happen.
  • unclehouncleho Member Posts: 14
    sorry for not responding earlier.

    Fastdriver my have more info than myself. He is really great at this sort of thing.

    The problem with my inside lights coming on and going off intermitenly was never determined bythe dealer because a code was never stored in the computer for the dealer to idneify and correct.

    They would have to tear everything apart and chase each wire. And maybe they wouldn't find anything. The BCM controls everything and is connected to everything else.

    Sorry if I didn't help.
  • fastdriverfastdriver Member Posts: 2,273
    binu & uncleho-

    Just go to- and type in the necessary info for your car. When you see the list of TSB's see if any apply to you. The only thing there about lights is the interior lights flickering when they should be on. Nothing about headlights going on and off during the day!

  • unclehouncleho Member Posts: 14
    Your always there to help us. Thanks for being there.
  • emaleemale Member Posts: 1,380
    question for you folks with the 3.2l v/6 concorde(98 or newer). in my owner's manual it says that if you change the oil and filter it will take 5 quarts to again fill the crankcase. well, everytime i get the oil changed and only five quarts is put in, the dipstick always reads significantly above "full". has anyone else noticed this on your concorde? thanks.

    p.s. my car is a 98 intrepid but 3.2l motor is the same as in the concorde.
  • unclehouncleho Member Posts: 14
    I have the 3.2 engine and just changed the oil a week or so ago. It took 5 quarts. I put 4 in first and started the engine to pack up the filter and then shut it down and waited for the oil to drain back to the oil pan. Then topped the oil off.

    Not to be rude or misunderstood, but did you start the engine and check it while it was running or before the oil filter had a chance to fill up after it was changed?
  • emaleemale Member Posts: 1,380
    still love that login name!! i usually check my oil every other time i get gas...and of course with engine turned off and vehicle sitting level. i also give the oil a few minutes to drain back to the crankcase before checking. my oil level always reads well above "full" and has everytime i've had the oil changed. at the reading doesn't change between lubes because the engine doesn't use any oil. i think maybe my dipstick (no wisecracks) or the dipstick tube might be off. just wondering if anyone else noticed this with their car.
  • jeffewjeffew Member Posts: 8
    yup must be a dipstick problem, the dipstick manyf must have made a mistake, I'm amazed that it got past the stringent quality control at DC. Maybe you should have your dipstick bronzed!!
  • fastdriverfastdriver Member Posts: 2,273
    Hey! We have them in all these Chrysler topics! LOL....

  • unclehouncleho Member Posts: 14
    What are you going to do to correct the problem? Are you able to check out the dipstick at a local Dealership's parts desk? Are there any part numbers on it? Maybe a phone will save you a trip. Maybe you can email some other parts location and check with them.

    Here is one source;
  • unclehouncleho Member Posts: 14
    BTW, I like the nick name too! ;)
  • emaleemale Member Posts: 1,380
    don't plan on doing is being traded in within the next week.
  • jeffewjeffew Member Posts: 8
    Better check the new one make sure the dipstick is correct, One inadequate dipstick in a lifetime is sufficient!!.
  • jkosubinjkosubin Member Posts: 1
    I have a 1997 Concord LXI with 24K miles that has had a number of problems to date. A defective battery was replaced, a bad water pump, defective drivers side door lock and a loud mettalic noise in the front end whenever the weight of the car shifts (yet to be fixed). Most disturbing was that during one of the repairs they replaced recalled o-rings on the fuel line. I found out later after dumping a half tank of gas on a hot engine block that this was only half the job. A fuel rail also needed to be replaced.
  • jeffewjeffew Member Posts: 8
    How many trips to the dealer and how long was your vehicle out of service? Did the dealer mention any previous problems with fuel rails, if so why did they not do the complete job when they replaced the o rings?
  • johnhartjohnhart Member Posts: 1
    I'm interested in my best options for upgrading a 1999 LX's basic sound system. Specifically, I'd like to add a CD player or changer. Any experiences anyone's had while installing either Chrysler products or aftermarket decks are appreciated. Does the current in-dash storage bin easily accommodate either option? Also, should I consider filling out the existing speaker cavities? Thanks, from a new Concorde owner.
  • emaleemale Member Posts: 1,380
    the current in-dash storage bin does indeed accomodate a cd changer. in fact chrysler just starting installing 4 disc cd changers in that "hole" on some high line concorde models. if it were me, i'd go aftermarket for speakers and other upgrades. i have a 98 intrepid es with the infinity/cd system and i'm not impressed with its bass clarity or overall sound quality.
  • mkshalommkshalom Member Posts: 2
    I was wondering if anyone knew of manufacturer-to- dealer incentives where present on the 2000 Concorde LXi. There is a rebate to consumer of $1000 till 12/13/99, which I found on the Chrysler site, but the Edmund site hasn't been updated to show this rebate. I was curious as to if any of you possible knew how I could find updated values of the dealer incentives?
  • kbierskbiers Member Posts: 2
    I bought an Lxi several weeks ago and got the $1000 incentive. Some sites say 1000-1500 so I pressed 6 dealers for the 1500 and none budged.
  • fastdriverfastdriver Member Posts: 2,273

    Just click on the auto at the top of this page on the left and look up the price of the car with the equipment that it has and you will know for yourself if it's a good deal or not.

    Hope this helps.

  • gerbzgerbz Member Posts: 1
    I think you could at least get a new one for the same price(especially with the $1000 rebate).

    Anyway, with the restricted supply of new concordes due to the correction of an engine(soft cam?)problem on the early 2000's, a dealer's wife's early 2000 with 1700 miles may not be the car you want.

  • emaleemale Member Posts: 1,380
    i believe the soft cam problem was in relation to the 3.5l engine, an engine that only goes into the 300m and lhs. the 2.7l and 3.2l power the lx and lxi concordes, respectively.
  • charlesfcharlesf Member Posts: 28
    And the color isssss??
  • hotheadhothead Member Posts: 3
  • charlesfcharlesf Member Posts: 28
    That is the same color our 300 is that my wife picked out.
  • binubinu Member Posts: 81
    my 1998 concorde Lxi acts like one of those UFO movies sometimes.
    When I switch my headlights ON I can intermittently hear a click and the headlights go OFF for a couple of seconds. Then I hear another click and the headlights come back ON.
    When the headlights go OFF the effect is the same as turning the knob to the OFF position .. I mean the interior display lights turn brighter.
    Another observation is that this happens quite frequently (3-4 times a week ) but only during the day-time and not when it is dark outside.
    The concorde lxi does NOT have automatic lights (to differentiate between day and nite).

    I mentioned it to the dealer during my previous oil-change trip last month but he could not duplicate the problem. He documented it and gave a copy to me so that I could prove that I had complained about this behaviour the future if necessary.

    I have not yet gone to the dealer after that ..
    I din't hurry to him because I never noticed this problem when it was dark.
  • unclehouncleho Member Posts: 14
    I have a simular problem. The interior ocassionaly lights go on and off while driving. I have taken it to the dealer and they were unable to duplicate (thus not fix) the problem. Does anyone have a simular problem? Was it corrected? How was it corrected? I believe the problem originates from the BCM (Body Control Module). I thought I read somewhere that a published TSB addressed this issue. I have found information covering this but it did not contain corrective actions from the dealer.
  • emaleemale Member Posts: 1,380
    does your dealer know about the tsb? don't take it for granted and think that they do. it has been my experience that they say, huh, when you mention tsbs.
  • unclehouncleho Member Posts: 14
    They want the TSB # and it's related information. I called the Customer Service Branch in the mainland and they are researching they problem throughout the other dealerships.

    Now what this really means is they are going to see if other complaints warrant a Chryler TSB. Until I can offer proof that this is not an isolated problem they want to wait on any recall or service bullentin. I, in the meantime have to wait for the problem to resurface and take it to them when and if the problem shows up again. That is so they can access the codes from within the computer. Apparrently this type of problem doesn't store a fault code within the computer. It has to be present. When the problem isn't there, the code isn't there.
  • unclehouncleho Member Posts: 14
    The dealership called today and imformed me that the problem may be associated to a defective wire harness conection. They got on the Chrysler Hot Line Service. Afterwards they ordered the required materials and are awaiting those parts. They will installed them as soon as they arrive.
  • kbouchardkbouchard Member Posts: 2
    I own a '98 LXi with 6,500 miles. Since day one, when I have 4 or 5 adults in the car, there is a tendency for the rear suspension to bottom out. Wish Chrysler offered a self-leveling suspension for this otherwise great auto. Has anyone out there had a similar experience. The dealer has inspected the suspension and gave me the "looks ok to us" and "thats the way it is" speech.
  • dplunkett1dplunkett1 Member Posts: 5
    Hothead: Congrats on your new car and on the price. May I inquire further? According to my addition based on Edmunds, a 2000 LXi with that equipment has an invoice of $25,914, without the dest. charge. You drove away for $300 less. I'm impressed. Any advice?

    Also, anyone have any info on the .9% financing that has been mentioned here? How about the rumored shortage of cars?

    Thanks - I hope to join the Concorde club soon. I have my eye on a 2000 LXi in Blue with a bench seat.
  • mhillgartnermhillgartner Member Posts: 2
    I'm looking at buying a new car, and test drove a 2000 Concorde this afternoon. It seemed to perform okay, and with only a few options I think it would make a decent car. LOVE the looks, but nervous about the car lasting. Had a New Yorker that blew out its tranny on me, then learned that Chrysler had been having trouble with it for years. Per the mechanics at the dealer, Chrysler discontinued that transaxle in '98, but I'm wondering about other hidden surprises, and whether Chrysler will stand behind its products any better or worse now that Daimler is in the equation.

    My question to you Concorde owners: If you had it to do over, would you buy one again, or would you get something else based on what you know now?

    Thanks (in advance) for your opinions.
  • unclehouncleho Member Posts: 14
    I would still have my 99 Concorde LXi. Although it is still early ( <7000 miles). The options vs the price. No question, I would do it again.
  • billgiffbillgiff Member Posts: 16
    99 Slate LXi,11,000 K, only other consideration to doing it again would be the 300.$$$$ rule.
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