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    dplunkett1:If you add everything you should get a
    total of 26,492, incl. 18.00 for smokers group.I told dealer I would give him $200 over that less any rebates in place at time of delivery.Rebates at that time were $1000 consumer $280 LXI and about $500 in regional rebate which he did not tell me about.I had called Chrysler hotline for rebates before I went to get car,and the person asked if I was dealer or consumer Guess what I said they did not ask for any dealer code and gave me the rebate codes.If you are in the northeast there is a CO4Y until 11/20/99 for $500
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    dplunkett1: Sorry for the length but it is important.When you add all the numbers it will not equal out because there were other #s involved for dealer adv.,but bottom line is $25,600.Also if you call Chrysler hotline be prepared,they may ask for dealer code. Good luck.
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    hothead: Thanks for walking me through it. I was not accounting for the rebates. Given that we are looking only for the full spare ($80) and the bench seat ($89), we will shoot for about $23,800 out the door (assuming $1000 rebate). That's $200 over invoice.
    I'll post our result here when we drive it home.
    Thanks again.
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    I am the owner of a 1998 Lx with 27,200 mi. I have only had to perform routine oil changes and alingments. The car was purchsed new. VERY SATISFIED.
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    Looking at a 2000 LX. like the .9 intrest rate.. My wife and I aren't quite in agreement. I lean towards a Cirrus LXi, She likes the "less equipped" Concorde. =same $$. any comments?
  • catlin1catlin1 Member Posts: 4
    Looking at a 2000 LX. like the .9 intrest rate.. My wife and I aren't quite in agreement. I lean towards a Cirrus LXi, She likes the "less equipped" Concorde. =same $$. any comments?
  • catlin1catlin1 Member Posts: 4
    Looking at a 2000 LX. like the .9 intrest rate.. My wife and I aren't quite in agreement. I lean towards a Cirrus LXi, She likes the "less equipped" Concorde. =same $$. any comments?
  • catlin1catlin1 Member Posts: 4
    Looking at a 2000 LX. like the .9 intrest rate.. My wife and I aren't quite in agreement. I lean towards a Cirrus LXi, She likes the "less equipped" Concorde. =same $$. any comments?
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    On seeing a Toyota Camry-Solara on my drive to
    work this morning I was wondering how chrysler
    would fare in sales if they had the following
    lineup :
    Chrysler Concorde-LHS
    Chrysler Concorde-300M
    Chrysler Concorde-Lx/Lxi
    Chrysler Concorde-Sebring
    Chrysler Concorde-Intrepid
    Chrysler Concorde-Stratus
    Chrysler Concorde-Cirrus

    and then report the entire sales as Chrysler
    Concorde ..?
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    I read somewhere a long time ago WHY Toyota HAD to call the Solara a CAMRY Solara, but I cannot remember the reason. ;-((

    It's a nice car. My 85 year old aunt bought one last March- SLE V-6, traction control, side airbags, spoiler and something else I think. Not as peppy or eye catching as the 300M and not as many options, but a real nice car. Quiet as a Lexus and very smooth shifting. No problems so far. They're coming out with a convertible in the Spring. It's in their brochure along with a pic.

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    I went to buy a Concorde Lxi yesterday. I love the look, but was disapointed when I drove the car. At idle, in drive gear, there was noticeable vibration in both the driver and passenger seat and the steering wheel. I tried 2 Lx and one Lxi and all were the same. I didn't notice it when I drove the Intrepid. Anybody have a similar problem? Maybe there has been a factory fix? Thanks.
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    At long last (after saving for 18 months or so, ordered on Sept. 8, shipped on Oct. 16, arrived at the railhead Nov. 1, where it languished for almost two weeks) picked up my deep slate (inside and out) 2000 LXi this past Friday afternoon. Only options are the stereo upgrade and the matching wheel for the spare. After the obligatory ooohs and aaahs around the office, I announced I was playing hooky and left to pick up the Wife for the inaugural road trip.
    Which turned out to be up into the Cumberland Gap area of Tennessee, Virginia, and Kentucky. The first 100 or so miles of the trip was interstate, and I was pleased with the car's ride and handling. Noise was noticeable, but not to any untoward extent. Of course, my frame of reference is a 1984 Tercel, the ride in which above 65 m.p.h. can only be described as more than a little apocalyptic.
    For the car's pre-delivery drive that afternoon I'd brought a couple of fairly loud CDs (Stones' "Exile on Main Street" and Johnny Winter's "Winter of 88" discs) to test drive the sound system as well. It certainly can put out the decibels. For the road trip I brought music more challenging for the system, with much richer textures and wider range of intensity and tone, specifically Handel's "Messiah," Beethoven's symphonies, and sundry Bach organ works. Even at interstate speeds, with the stereo at a conversational level, I could still follow, for example, the harpsichord (from which the recording was conducted) on the quieter tracks (and even in the background on the choral movements) from "Messiah," and the softest spots of the 3rd movement of Beethoven's 9th; similarly, the system handled well the transition from the most intense of the Canonical Variations on Vom Himmel Hoch to most the quiet. In short, the car ain't a cathedral, but then you can't take a cathedral on a road trip. It certainly compares well with, for instance, the Town Car.
    Drive comfort was outstanding. We ended up spending eight to ten hours each on Saturday and Sunday on the road, and my 6'3"/220 lb. frame had zero problems with sitting posture or room (head, leg, and seat). For me, the biggest issue in this respect tends to be foot room (I wear a 15 EEEE). There seems to be sufficient of that as well; with the cruise control set I could even work my right foot between the accelerator and the brake and buy a few more inches. No serious complaints from the Wife on the passenger side, and she's 6'1". The climate control system works like a champ, unobtrusive but effective.
    Handling was, as the reviewers say, superb for a 209" long car. I'll vote any day for the highway from Big Stone Gap, Va. to Lynch, Ky., and more generally the back highways of Harlan Co., Kentucky as a handling test. Pick-up was excellent, a key issue when passing areas are few and far between. Can't say too much about milage; the kind of driving we were doing doesn't lend itself to drawing conclusions of that sort.
    The Wife and I always travel light, but still, even with both our luggage in the trunk, it was all huddled forlornly on the near side of the cargo net, with seemingly limitless cavern yawning on the opposite side.
    We experienced no mechanical problems at all, which I suppose you'd sort of expect for a car you pick up with 6 miles on the clock (although I still find it amazing that any manufacturer can make something that complicated which actually works even most of the time). Whether and for how long that will continue we'll have to see.
    Can I recommend this car? Subject to the usual caveats of let's-see-how-the-thing-holds-up, I absolutely can. You'll not find a larger, better-looking, better-riding, better-equipped car for anywhere near the money.
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    I recently purchased a 2000 Concorde Lx, loaded with almost every option. Love the car's looks and the sound system...but...I finally got a chance to drive the car a long distance yesterday, mostly highway, and found that there was a lot of road noise and it seems that there is quite a bit of vibration too. At speeds under 60 or so isn't bad but above that, I can really feel the vibrations and hear road noise as well as wind noise. Has anyone else had this same experience?? I really want to like this car but so far I am not completely thrilled. I always owned GM products in the past so this was a stretch for me to get a Chrysler. The interior is so fantastic and beautiful as well as the exterior, I don't want to give up just yet. Also, my transmission seems to struggle when downshifting to lower gears. I can really feel that too and is that common is Chryslers? I know all about their BAD reputation for tranny's and it makes me nervous. What do you think?

    Thanks for any input.

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    I have a 99 Concorde LXI that has been absolutely marvelous. I stick to the maintenance rules. Just last Saturday I got in to run some errands, backed out of the garage, put the car in drive and it wouldn't move. I switched back to reverse and it moved. I turned it off and restarted it. It would not move in drive or 2nd gear. I was only able to put it in Low gear and move forward. Needless to say I didn't drive it anywhere. Later that evening it started and was ok. As soon as the dealership opened up on Monday I had it in there. Today is Tuesday and they are keeping it again overnight. It seems that they don't know what the problem is. It just so happens that a very good friend of mine has a 98 Concorde and she had the same problem. She took it to the same dealer and it was fixed. I only have slightly over 12000 miles. Has anyone else had this type of problem before? I notified the dealer about my friends car. So I am anxiously waiting to see what they have to say. Tomorrow is my limit. Here it is 2 days before Thanksgiving and I was planning on going out of town and this! I have very little patience with dealer services centers.
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    I am currently pricing the 2000 concorde lxi with a sunrrof and matching spare.The best price i have recieved so far is $25,700(i would opt for the 0.9% financing in lieu of the $1000 rebate).The price according to the dealer is $200 over invoice, by my math the invoice should be $25,100 but with the dealer holdback I think that the car can be had for $ 25,000.I Would be interested in finding out what people are paying,and if $25,700 is reasonable. Thank You
    FYI i live in Connecticut
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    In response to your post about road noise....I have a 99 Concorde Lxi that I bought about 6 month's ago and have put on about 16,000 miles since then.
    As for the road noise I also find the Concorde to pick up a lot of road noise and wind noise as well.
    I can't say that I am happy about the noisy ride of the Concorde but I am just learning to live with it.
    Like you I have also been driving GM vehicles for many years and have been spoiled by the much quieter drive of the GM cars.
    As for the vibration at high speeds that you commented about....I have no serious vibration with my concorde....I can feel the road through my steering wheel but not to a degree that it bothers me.
    I wish you the best of luck with your new car.
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    Road noise seems to be a generic LH issue. A quieter car is primarily why I chose a 300M over a Concorde. The 99 I drove was as noisy as the 95 Concorde I traded. Why DC doesn't fix it is unknown. In the 2K models extra noise damping was included but bet they are still noiser than Ford or GM.
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    We fell in love with the Concorde a year ago, but waited to buy until the 2000 model came out based on a rumor that it would be offered in cinnamon. When the rumor proved true, we began our search for the best deal on an LXi with a bench seat, sunroof, etc. Immediately, one dealer offered us a fabulous deal on a car with the exact options we wanted. After we agreed, we learned the car lacked a sunroof, etc. Fortunately, a second dealer agreed to sell us our car at $200 over, even if it had to bring it in from another dealer. Unfortunately, it couldn't find the car anywhere.
    We would have just ordered, but we were too close to the expiration of the $1000 rebate on 12/13. Finally, Dealer A said that it could guarantee the price of the car even if the rebate was not in place when the car came in. That shop's price wasn't great, so we shopped the offer to Dealer B, who essentially said Dealer A was lying. Incredibly, within the hour Dealer A had called back to say that the rebate could not be guaranteed and Dealer B called back to say it had "figured out" how to guarantee the rebate. These were sales managers!
    At that point, we did not trust any of them and even considered looking for the car out of state. Fortunately, Chrysler extended the rebate for 60 days and our order is now in. At cost. Look for us on I-10 in January. We'll be the ones in the 2000 Concorde LXi, listening to 4 CDs and enjoying the view through the moonroof! Finally!
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    I picked up my deep slate 2000 Lxi on 11-30 equipped with the power moonroof and the upgraded 4 disc infinity sound system.The price including dest. charge was $25,500.The local dealer who is about a half mile from my house couldnt match the deal i got from another 5 star dealer 20 miles away.The best deal from the local dealer was $25,400(lxi w/moonroof)even after i informed him that the other dealer was offering $25,500 for an Lxi w/ moonroof and the 4 disc Infinity system. The local dealer told me to go ahead and buy from the other dealer(I think he was trying to call my bluff) so i did what he told me.The car has 650 miles on her and she really drives like a dream.Without a doubt this car is a bargain for what you get for the money!!
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    I forgot to mention in the previous post that the price i got does not include the $1000 rebate ..I opted for the 0.9% financing...What a deal!!
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    Recently, my friend and I picked up two 2000 LXi's. Both cars have performed wonderfully... EXCEPT for the little red light in the middle of the dashboard (the factory alarm indicator).

    I'll apologize up front to anyone who is experiencing significant mechanical problems as my complaint pales severely in comparison, however, I can't possibly relate how annoying it is to park your car, get out, hit the button on the remote and the alarm light upon the dashboard fails to activate. I mean, that's what it is there for - to BLINK when you're not there! But alas, I'll get back in the car, turn the engine on again, turn it off, get out, close the door, hit the remote once more and maybe, just maybe the light goes on depending on how it feels that particular day. I've scoured through the owner's manual and checked for possible causes and have safeguarded against them accordingly.

    Because my car has performed well and an additional upgraded alarm was installed by the dealer, I've decided to live with the problem. Equally as convenient (for me), my buddy has brought his car in a handful of times to the dealer to address the problem, which as of the fifth (!) visit still persists. He also has the added problem of his engine light appearing while driving; I have not.

    To reiterate, BOTH cars have performed well, yet the dealer appears to be clueless as to how to remedy these problems. It is quite apparent that he does not know. Both cars had an additional up-graded alarm installed as well. The problems with the lights happened almost immediately upon pick-up.

    Has anyone else experienced this inconvenience? Are you aware of the cause? Any information is greatly appreciated.

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    cool robz,

    there is a technical service bulletin out on alarm problems with some 2000 models. ask your service tech about it. what upgrade are you talking about? the lxi already comes with the alarm system and sentry key standard. why would you need to upgrade? by the way, you should update your profile now that you have a sable.
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    Better yet- cut and paste this into your word processor and bring it to your dealer-

    Service Bulletin Number: 08-31-99
    Bulletin Sequence Number: 791
    Date of Bulletin: 9909
    NHTSA Item Number: SB607920
    Make: CHRYSLER
    Model: CONCORDE
    Year: 2000

    Many dealers have NO clue when it comes to these TSB's. At least that's what they lead you to believe. I think TSB's are a blow to their ego!

    Good luck.

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    Thanks for the quick responses fellas. Much better service than the dealership (although that isn't saying much). Seriously speaking, I do appreciate it.

    Didn't realize that Edmund's had a link to TSB's. Just found it this morning while walking through the site.

    As for the alarm upgrade (a passive alarm), I purchased it from the dealer for a couple of reasons: (1) the factory installed alarm won't activate if a bad guy punches in my my window and unlocks the door from the inside; the passive alarm will; (2) the cost of the alarm was more than offset by the reduction in the insurance premium I was quoted for having it. Additionally, the factory installed alarm is only activated when you hit the remote or depress the automatic door lock button while exiting the car. If I happen to walk away from the car with a bag of groceries and forget to hit the remote (or button)I'm still protected. For these reasons, I felt it was worth it.

    Regarding the engine light, I'd still like to know if anyone has experienced a similar problem. I see a rather vague TSB for the engine posted today (12/28) but it doesn't seem to be directly related to the engine light. Like I said, the car rides just fine, but the the fact that the engine light is constantly on is quite unsettling.

    My profile has been updated. Thanks again for the help.

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    you mean you're still protected even if you don't lock your doors??
  • emaleemale Member Posts: 1,380

    i thought you said your buddies concorde was the one with the engine light illuminated..? btw, a service engine soon light could be a multitude of things...if your dealer hasn't a clue...go visit another one who does.
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    After market accessories will void your car´s warranty,and maybe that is the cause of your problems,I know from several people who installed after market alarms in many different makes,and they have experienced problems,I suggest you leave your car without ANY non original part.
  • emaleemale Member Posts: 1,380

    i thought you had a 98 intrepid??
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    I have a 1998 Concorde Lxi. It seems that the gloss black plastic band on the hood below the windshield is discolored. Has anyone had the same problem?
  • cool_robgcool_robg Member Posts: 10
    Yep, I'm still protected, which is to say that the alarm will go off if the door is opened. The dealer installed a passive alarm which activates itself after 60 seconds regardless of whether or not I lock the doors.

    I'm conscious of the possible ill-effects caused by after-market equipment. I agreed to the alarm being installed (by the dealer), in addition to the reasons I previously cited, with the strict understanding that the warranty is NOT voided. Apologies for not making this clear. Perhaps, now you understand my frustration. I went to great lengths to safeguard against ANY problems with this car. Due to the fact that this car is brand new with nothing but Chrysler equipment (it's a fully loaded 2000 LXi with only the passive alarm added BY THE DEALER) any problems, as far as I'm concerned, are the direct responsibility of Chrysler Corp. Unfortunately, they don't have a clue as to how to address the problem. I will approach other dealers.

    And yes, it is my buddies' car that is experiencing the constantly illuminated engine light (as well as the intermittent alarm light). Mine is not (knock on wood).

    Happy New Year,

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    Just went over the 1000 mile mark with my Deep Slate Lxi and have had no problems just a lot of compliments absolutely the nicest car i have ever owned.
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    FD - Do you know how I can get a copy of the actual tech service bulletin that you mentioned? I would like to bring it to the attention of the pro's at my local dealer.

    CoolR - I've heard that the alarm problem may be caused by "failure to pinstripe" your "fully loaded LXi. Just kidding - Happy New Year!
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    I THOUGHT I saved the message from NHTSA that told how to get the full report, but I can't find it. Either check out their entire site or e-mail them and ask how you can get the full report. If I do find it, I will post it here.

    If anyone is interested in looking at the new Dodge Charger pics, click here- It takes several minutes to load, but the pics are great!

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    I've seen some remarks about road noise being a factor. I too an dismayed by the amount of outside noise that creeps into my LXi. Thank goodness for the 240 watt system. Is this same problem experienced by other Chrysler owners, specifically in the LHS and 300M?

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    cool robz,

    unfortunately road noise has always plagued the lh cars. however, my y2k intrepid is decidedly quieter than my 98 was. i ordered my y2k after i was able to determine when a new rear wheel house silencer went into production, which was on sept 7th. so...not all y2k intrepids or concordes have this silencer...only those built after sept 6th.
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    Thanks for the info. I ordered the TSB and I will be enlightening my local Chrysler Dealer as soon as it arrives.
  • fastdriverfastdriver Member Posts: 2,273

    Isn't it sad that WE have to ENLIGHTEN them!!!!!!

  • eugenmeugenm Member Posts: 2

    As I will not get to America (Canadan, actually) but this end-January I must tell you that I am quite frightened by the comments saying that the Intrepids are outrageously noisy. Reliability and safety (side impact, for instance) are major concerns as well.

    Any more inputs in this area ? Is the noise situation much improved by the back wheels house silencer ? I thought Chrysler said they've done a lot of work on reliability, safety and noise, and that the 2000 model is much improved.

    Please comment.


  • emaleemale Member Posts: 1,380
    it is, go drive one...
  • cool_robgcool_robg Member Posts: 10
    I own a 2000 Concorde and am unhappy with the amount of road noise that creeps into the car, however, I am thrilled with the way the car looks and drives so I have no problem "sticking it out". Besides, a little Metallica in the CD will always ward off any unwanted road noise.

    Bottom line is that you will have to drive one (whether it be an Intrepid, which I test drove once, liked the ride, didn't notice the noise, or a Concorde) to truly get a feel. Your opinion of excessive road noise and someone else's are more than likely to be different. I had some friends in my car who opined that the road noise was not noticeable to them (yes, the Metallica CD was turned off).

    As for safety, the ratings I've seen are all "Good" (i.e. acceptable). You will not find any side air bags on these cars.

    And if it's reliabilty, you want, I'm sure that there's a Honda dealer somewhere in the neighborhood. Or you could lease as I did. Three years from now, it's somebody else's problem.

    Depending on your priorities, a Dodge/Chrysler may still be the car for you. They're classy looking cars, drive well (in my experience which is admittedly limited) and are a lot of car for the money.

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    I own a 1998 Chrysler Concorde with about 25,000 miles . . . overall, I love the car but have had a problem with it the last couple months that the dealer cannot find a computer code for (they sure are dependent on them!). After the car is warm -- driven for a few errands, it occasionally stalls on starting -- even to the point of refusing to start until it "cools down" although the temperature gauge is not over half-way. However, we have noticed that if it gets to the half-way warm temperature reading that we will most likely have a starting problem. If we can get it started, we can work it out by accellerating the car, then it drives normally. Even after a monitor was placed on the car and the mechanic witnessed the stuttering and missing in the engine, he couldn't find the problem. They replaced one oxygen sensor but that did not entirely fix the problem. This occurs at least two to four times a week. . . .anyone else experienced such a problem?
    I would appreciate anyone's feedback. You can email your response to me directly at [email protected] thanks
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    Have your dealer look up this info in his computer. It's from the NHTSA site.

    Service Bulletin Number: 18-09-98
    Bulletin Sequence Number: 302
    Date of Bulletin: 9802
    NHTSA Item Number: SB600301
    Make: CHRYSLER
    Model: CONCORDE
    Year: 1998
    Component: ENGINE

    They can look up the whole bulletin. I have NO clue why they all play DUMB when it comes to these TSB's!!!

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    Are these rear silencer back rated for older cars? I have a 99 Concorde. The road/wind noise is ridiculous but not to the point that of a lemonaide. It does have the factory installed sound deadening package installed for the year it was made.
  • emaleemale Member Posts: 1,380
    i don't know that they could/would install the rear wheelhouse silencer. more than likely the service manager would say, huh, if you even mentioned it. as for wind noise, there were a couple tsbs about wind noise on the nhsta site. go check them out and see if they apply to your car. if they do, then go to your dealer and have them look them up on their computer. it seems to me that that the main wind noise culprit was caused by air/wind getting into the front door through holes where the door limit straps connect the door to the body. on newer lh cars they have installed a rubber boot that covers these holes when the door is closed.
  • eugenmeugenm Member Posts: 2
    Hope you will continue giving the good input you are. It's highly appreciated. Thanks.

    Another issues about the Intrepid: the blind spots and the resulting difficulties to park fast.

    Wouldn't be a pretty good solution to install a reverse proximity sensor ?? This should be doing the job pretty easy. I have quite some experience with such sensor - it really works miracles. Parking becomes simply easy, and fast.

    Any opinions ? As well - which such systems are available on the market, of course models suitable for being installed on (actually "in") the Intrepid's back bumper.

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    I'm contemplating buying a Chrysler Concorde,,cypress color, any suggestions on what options I should purchase...I will probably just get the LX model...I like the sunroof option..
  • socrmomsocrmom Member Posts: 5
    one more thing,,the dealer told me bottom line for a concorde with moonroof, and cd player, is 22,400..does that sound like the bottom line??Thanks for any input.
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    99 Concorde, I have a fluttering noise that appears at times from the windshield area, I have to be traveling at 55+ for this to occur. Any ideas out there.
  • copperhead1copperhead1 Member Posts: 157
    There is a TSB for that noise,go to any dealer and ask them to perform that fix to your car.
  • srinacarsrinacar Member Posts: 14
    Very sad. Given your demonstrated expertise, I wish you were running the local Chrysler Service Department in my area - maybe my car would have been fixed the first five or six times! Your info has been very valuable, and I have taken my problem beyond the dealership to a Chrysler rep. I really like the car and I want to keep it, but if they continue to trip over their own tails, I am going to file a lemon law claim. That's an ugly word, but after so many failed attempts, I do have a sour taste in my mouth. Has anybody had any lemon law experience that they want to share? Thanks.
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