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Buick Park Avenue

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  • jaykayjaykay Posts: 1
    I recently leased a '99 Buick P.A. The Goodyear tires vibrated badly over 60 mph. The service tech said that the tires were "out of round" and 4 new tires were ordered for me. They were balanced and still vibrated, but not as much. The dealer finally sent the car to a Goodyear dealer and the tires were balanced on the car and that solved the problem. The service tech at Buick said that he has found 4 or 5 Park Ave. with tires that are out of round.
  • tony4ztony4z Posts: 1
    thanks Jaykay,
    I just got my 99 Ultra and noticed vibration above 60 mph..
  • I am thinking of getting a PA for my Mom/Dad. Have you enjoyed your experience with this car?
  • I bought a used 98 Park Avenue and have put about four thousand miles on it, mostly highway driving at about 70 mph. I have not noticed a vibration.

    The a/c, however, seems wimpy. In 95 degree weather, it does not properly cool on automatic. The service manager suggested putting it on max, and setting the a/c thermostat at 60 degrees. Is this typical of GM products?

    Otherwise, I have greatly enjoyed the vehicle. I'd purchased a 98 Concorde Lxi, drove it for eight thousand miles, and decided I couldn't live with it. There was NOTHING wrong with it. I just couldn't get used to feeling cramped (compared to the 91 PA I had driven for seven years), not being able to see where my hood ended unless my head was an inch from the roof, and having to unlock the doors for my rear passengers manually every time I stopped. It is a wonderful highway cruiser and, unlike the Lincoln or Cadillac, is not too wide to fit in my garage.
  • Also have a problem with vibration on just purchased 99 Park Avenue. Tires are Goodyear Eagle LS. Dealer can't seem to solve the problem. They have replace several 'out of round' tires, but the problem persists. Been working on it almost 2 months ...
  • I have a 98 P.A. and have noticed considerable vibration between 65 and 70 mph. Have had tires balanced twice but doesn't seem to make any difference. The tires are Goodyear conquest and have about 22,000 miles on them. I hate to buy new tires because the ride and handling is so smooth at other speeds. Any suggestions?
  • I have a new '99 PA which had vibration problem above 65 mph. My dealer re-balanced all 4 tires which improved but did not eliminate. Dealer did nothing upon 2nd visit saying they didn't notice.

    I contacted Goodyear consumer relations off of their website. They had me take the car to a local GOODYEAR OWNED (not franchised) store. They replaced one of the Conquest tires which was out of round, however, vibration was still noticeable. The store manager then personally "matched" balanced all 4 wheels. That seems to have solved my problem. The roundness (or out-of-roundness) of the tire is matched to the roudness of the wheel for optimum balance.

    This Goodyear owned store does not perform on-the-car wheel balancing and feels its not as accurate. I also have a friend who is an engineering manager at Goodyear's Tech. Center and they don't subscribe to on-the-wheel balancing. Goodyear says they're not aware of a nationwide problem with their tires on Buick PA's. Since there are many postings regarding this issue, everyone should notify Goodyear too.
  • Any car in the class and price range of a Buick Park Avenue should NOT have vibration problems. If the Japanese can do it right, why can't GM?
  • I have a 97 Park avenue that ran smoothly for 23,000 miles. I rotated the tires every 7000 miles. At 23000 miles I took it to the dealer and he rotated and balanced the tires and my troubles began. The dealer balanced the tires 3 times with poor results, he then sent me to a local well regarded tire shop with poor results. I then had the tires balanced with strobe light equipment on my own. Again no luck. The dealer then sent me to a goodyear dealer who did better job but the vibration continued. I then had the tires moved back to their original positions and the car seem to do ok. I am going to wear the tires out with no more rotations. Then I will either buy new tires or trade the car. This problem became extremely agravating. A car this expensive should not have this kind of problem.

    I recently bought a new Hundai Sonata GLS V-6. My wife and I were surprised at how smooth and quiet this car is and it cost about 12 or 13 grand less then the Park Avenue.
  • Hi,

    I am giving serious consideration to the '00 PA and like most everything about it, but I have one very big concern: The design of the seatbelts.

    I am very skeptical about having my 250lb frame dependent on the seatback frame for keeping me in position in an accident. This new design seems as dopey as having the seat belt upper attachment mounted to the door frame like several previous GM designs, "St. Peter: Oh, I'm sorry, you were killed when your door popped open and you flew out. Opps". To me the "B" pillar has to be one of the strongest support members in the entire chassis and I'd rather have my belt firmly attached there than on the seat. I have looked through NHTSA and IFHS and Consumer Reports and there is no data available about crash worthiness on the PA. Anybody have any info about this type of seatbelt mounting?

  • Hello,

    I have a theory about manufactured goods which I call the "Peas in a pod syndrome" The theory goes that anything made in a series will exhibit the same problems throughout the series. I tested a 00' PA this afternoon and was amazed that this brand new Ultra with only 30 miles had the same 65mph vibration that has been talked about in this string. I asked the salesman about this and he admitted that they have had some problems with vibrations on PA's. Other than that my overall impression of the car was good. It was very quiet and pretty potent. It's definitely one of the roomiest cars we have seen. It's huge. I still don't like those seat belts #11 above. The PA is on our short list of possibilities.

  • bob31bob31 Posts: 9
    I have 98 park ave ultra with gran-touring suspension. I have 17000 miles on it now and have had the tires rotated twice but not rebalanced because I have never had a vibration problem. I have had 3 other ultras 92 94 & 96. They all had vibration at high speeds but not severe. The 98 is the first one that never vibrated and the only one that I have not rebalanced the wheels on. On the 96 the vibration went away after the first rotation but came back on the second.
  • bob31bob31 Posts: 9
    I ran out of space on the above post. I started getting a vibration when braking at high speeds on my 98 ultra. The dealer took it in and replaced the front rotors in 30 minutes and said there has been aproblem with the rotors.Hope this information is helpful.
  • Just to talk about the quality of the old PAs, I own a 1993 PA Ultra. It has 158K miles on it, and I expect it to go 250K. I have had very little maintenance on it, just replaced the rear breaks last month, NEVER replaced any exhaust components (which is saying something up here in salt land). We also own a 99 Catera but prefer to drive the old PA on long trips. I change the oil when the computer says to (about every 5k+ miles, and the engine burns 1/2 qt of oil between changes. I can't ask for more than than.
  • gk3gk3 Posts: 13
    I am experiencing excessive road noise (more so at higher speeds) and rough ride on a '99 Buick Park Ave Ultra w/ Gran Touring Package, just purchased new. So far, the wheel alignment has been checked and tires have been balanced. Any similar experiences? Suggestions? Thanks...
  • daprofdaprof Posts: 2
    Last month, I traded in my '87 PA on a '99 Ultra. The '87 was a joy to drive. The '99 fights me all the way. I've had it back to the dealer twice for front end alignment and adjustment. I think it still steers too hard, but at least they eliminated the pull. I hear there is a "power steering gain control" and I think the dealer has to turn it up a bit to match the handling on my old car.
  • bob31bob31 Posts: 9
    To daprof.The power steering on new ultras are dealer programmable magnetic variable-effort. I don't know exactly how they do this or if they charge for this but you should ask your dealer. As I have mentioned before I am driving my fourth supercharged ultra and this 98 is just great on the road. Last year I went on a 5000 mile trip thru the southwest from Chicago and this car was just great.
  • I have put Goodyear Aquatreads on my 87 and my 93 PA (93 was an Ultra) and I have had no tire problems. The car while not a cornering monster handle pretty well and rides like a charm. Take the car to a Goodyear Dealer and have some good tires put on it. I think you will be amazed. I also had these kind of tires on my 87 PA and they too made a whale of a difference. I originally purchased my 93 used, noticed the tires being out-of-round and took it to Goodyear. It was a good decision. No road vibration.
  • tatwantatwan Posts: 2
    How many of you folks have pop your trunk lit open and wind up banging your head into it when loading?

    It is really ashamed to have a luxury car like the Ultra and not have a trunk lit that will stays up after you pop it open. I would hope that GM would recall this vehicle to install a mechanical system that will keep the trunk lit up for safety purposes.
  • koalokoalo Posts: 1
    am planning on buying pa ultra.would like any comments on2000
  • daprofdaprof Posts: 2
    I took advice of bob31 and had dealer adjust power steering sensitivity. Car handles fine now. But it took three trips to dealer to get front end problems cleared up. Buick should QA their cars better before delivery, I think.
  • gk3gk3 Posts: 13
    I would personally advise against such purchase. I own a '99 PA Ultra; also have ridden in a 2000 PA Ultra...essentially the same car. Vibration, road noise, would not negotiate turns well and a number of other problems I have experienced with the car. One would expect much more from that type of car, in that price range. I am sure you'll find much better built cars for that amount of money or even less money...always in my opinion.
  • bob31bob31 Posts: 9
    I would absolutely advise getting a 2000 park ave ultra, with gran touring suspension. The 2000 also has stabiltrack.I own a98 ultra with gran touring and it makes a big difference in how.. the car handles. This is my fourth ultra. My first did not have grantouring and I know what gk3means. There is a big difference in a regular park ave and the ultra.Make sure you take it for a test drive at 70mph.I have not had a vibration but the gran touring picks up more road feel than the standard suspension. The only problem I have had with this car is the drivers window switch spring broke. The highway gas mileage has been very good on long drives. I am ready for another one this spring. good luck.
  • bob31bob31 Posts: 9
    I forgot: I have had one other problem. When braking at about 70mph I felt a vibration in my steering wheel but not at speeds below. Buick replaced the front rotors under warranty. They warped and nobody could tell me why.
  • gk3gk3 Posts: 13
    Re: Msg # 21 & # 23 (koalo)

    Supplemental info...My '99 PA Ultra does have the Gran Touring package and so did the 2000 PA Ultra, as options in both. The Stabilitrak is included as standard equipment in the 2000 model only (but has nothing to do with the vibration or road noise, or lack thereof).

    koalo, you might find it helpful to browse back and see what others also had to say on the subject, before you decide. You might find it rather disappointing, that the input and comments offerred are for the most part of negative nature...
  • I recently bought a 99 Ultra. I had to look through 10 cars, both Y2K and 99 models before I could find one where the hood lined up with the fenders (the hood sat 1/8" lower than the fendors). Interesting enough, the dealer said the hoods are not adjustable, and that just had a "bad batch" of these cars. Has anyone else noticed these body defects?
  • I'm planning on buying a new 99 sentra but I'm not sure how much I should pay for it. A dealership here in Hawaii said that I could have a 99 sentra GXE (automatic) for 13,500. Is this good? How much should I be able to get a GXE for... and also an SE-L ?? I'm not quite sure which one I want. Thanks! : )
  • I have changed tires already on my car and still have a problem with vibration, after I changed my tires the new good years seemed okay, until I had them rotated and balanced and then, I was back where I started I had only 16000 miles when good year tires cupped now I have regatta's and after rotaion and balance guess what problems again at high speed. Help is appreciated I also have a problem with the trans shifting hard at 45 and 65 it sorta jerks they cant find a problem Help
  • Has anyone had any problems with the supercharger on the PA. Will lt go high miles without expensive repairs?
  • I often transport up to 4 people with developmental disabilities. I have a 94 Toyota Corolla Wgn. and would like a car with auto trans., heated seats and as many goodies as I can get for the money. A nice solid car sounds good to me about now. I am looking at a 97 Park Ave. "loaded with almost every option available at the time," just under 44,000 miles, returned lease car asking $19,999, I think I can get it for less. Of course I would have a mechanic look at it first and get an extended warranty (the one thru Edmunds sounds good). But another dealer has a "new" year end Regal GS with the GS pkg. (sunroof,leather,heated seats) salesman says I can get it at "cost"; of course I know retail but but would this be a good deal, since so many posts in the conference talk about getting 00 at a hundred or two about retail and I would be looking at a year old car, (full warranty sounds good to me tho,) , forgot to mention the 1,500 rebate or low financing available on the Regal. I haven't bought a car since buying my Toyota new so I am not sure of all the pros and cons of this deal; any information, input, or advice would be greatly appreciated. I liked the solid bigness of the Park Ave. but noticed a lot of you owners don't seem happy with your cars. Thanks!
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