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Buick Park Avenue



  • clamachclamach Posts: 10
    My wife's 95 Park Avenue (58K mi.) recently noted a "fan-like" whirring sound every time it's started. The noise continues for about 5 min. & then shuts off. Had the oil changed this morning and discovered the noise is coming from what looks like a small compressor directly behind the driver's side headlights. Every start, it comes on and runs fo 5 min. or so. The grease-monkeys at the oil change place said they thought it was the pump for the suspension but that it shouldn't run that long...Any ideas would be appreciated.
  • My wife is in sales, which has her driving quite a lot. Her 1993 ultra has delivered her safely for 189,884 miles and still going. Had the transmission rebuilt at about 160000 miles. Have had to replace alternator three times.Which I suspect is just not heavy duty enough,for all the power options. Just recently replaced the water pump and radiator. The rest has been routine maintenance.Changed oil every 3000 miles because of the supercharger. However, to my disappointment two weeks ago she ordered a 2001 lincoln LS. she just has never liked the new bodystyle of the new park avenue. I hope she is not disappointed. P.S. The old buick is now mine ,and, I am going to run it until it is GONE.
  • i am just wondering how many of you have solved the vibration problems with the tires and what did you do to correct it.
  • I also have a 99 Park Avenue that had tire vibration problems. I just replaced my old tires (Goodyears) with Michelins and the problem is now gone. I read some of these complaints and found (1) common denominator, "GOODYEAR" That name keeps coming up in all of the complaints that I have read. Some of you have replaced your problem with another set of Goodyears and still have the same problems. WAKEUP!!!

    I also read HERE where some of you have found tire solutions. One name (and only one name) that comes up is "MICHELIN." wakeup!!!
    The other solutions are a fancy/expensive tire balance. I guess if your tires are good enough to try a fancy balance then go for it. I see a few successful solutions with this method also.

    I talked with a Service Manager at a GM Dealership, here in Forest Lake, MN and he also advised me to put on Michelins. That also has been his solution to most vibration problems that he has been faced with. (including Cadilacs) He told me that GM has been trying to make some of their cars ride softer and we are now faced with this tire vibration problem as a result. It seems that there are some tire brands out there that do not work well with some GM cars. Cadilac is also having some of the same problems. I guess it all has something to do with the newer designs of the frames and suspensions. (and some tires, for some unknown reason)

    I would like to hear some feedback from some of you that have found some success with this problem and/or if it has come back to haunt you.

    Other than that, I totally love the car. I just bought it and am glad to have found here on this site some solutions to this annoying problem. Thats what it is all about!!!
  • I had the same vibration problem on my '98 Ultra, and the fix was to replace the Goodyears with Michelins and balance them on the car. Buick appears to have a fundamental suspension design problem with this platform such that the natural frequency of the front suspension results in a resonance at normal highway cruising speeds; i.e., an annoying vibration that requires heroic efforts to eliminate. This problem has been known for several years, and I am amazed that they have not fixed it yet.

    That said, I like the rest of the car enough that I am willing to put up with the hassle of keeping it smooth.
  • I agree with you about liking the car enough to put up with this hassle. I test drove and was going to buy a 98 Continental (from a different dealer) about 15 minutes after I drove this 99 Parke Avenue and the Buick was far better in the ride and in the smoothness. In fact I called the Dealership that had the Buick from the Lincoln test drive (during the drive on my cell phone) and told him to fill up the Buick with gas and I will be back to purchase it.

    I really like this vehicle. I traded in a loaded 97 Yukon with 41000 miles on it for the Parke. I was tired of paying the extra money for gas every time I filled up at the pumps.
  • jono4jono4 Posts: 8
    I THINK the NADA site. Natl Automobile Dealer's Assn.
  • 99489948 Posts: 1
    The headlamps on my new (4900 miles)2000 Park Avenue Ultra can't seem to match the illuminating brilliance and reach of my last car, a '91 Lexus LS400. Low beam and high beam lights have been dealer aligned but low beam visibility is still very poor. Headlamp switch is on. Lenses are clean. Standard 9005 and 9006 bulbs are installed. What did I overlook? Is there an aftermarket bulb replacement available that will provide a whiter, brighter headlamp beam?
  • It isn't only Buicks having this problem with this particular platform. $50,000+ Cadilac cars and some full size GMC 4WD pickups are also having this same problem. These All have different platforms.

    I was told this from my service manager at a Buick/GMC Dealership whome also worked at a Cadilac Dealership for some years and has seen many of the same problems. He has also worked for many years at a Goodyear Dealership and he is very aware of the situation.
  • I bought a 2000 Park Avenue several weeks ago. When I back out of my driveway, which slopes down to the street, and go down the roll curb onto the street, the slight bounce I get causes the front suspension to creak. The dealer says that the noise is due to a strut bushing that gets stiff in cool weather, that all Park Avenues do this, and that nothing can be done to fix it. Does this make sense?
  • I have had my 2000 Park Avenue since June and it has been nearly flawless!
    This is my third P.A. and is the best yet.
    During my 60 years as a driver I have owned and driven hundreds of cars including foreign makes and have read countless reviews and road tests
    In my experience the foreign cars were never as good as the reviews and the domestic products were almost always far better than the reviews.
  • I just leased a 2000 Pontiac Bonneville SSEI ; it is one month old with 600 miles on it (I think 19 miles when I picked it up).

    Friday night (12/08) I was at the movies with a friend of mine. Moments after starting the car to leave it was determined that my car is on fire! It burnt most of the upper rear portion of the engine block area; the rear half of the intake manifold (or engine) shroud burnt away also. I’m afraid a great deal of that plastic/chemical smell is now entrenched in my interior. One of the firemen had told me, with a qualification he was not trying to be bias in any way, “they” will try to tell me anything but two things would be for sure. He said the car in all probability would never be the same electrically (something about heat traveling along wires) and the smell would always be there.

    The reason I’m on here with this story is that I’m looking for someone that has had a similar incidence as mine and could give me some feedback as to the details of their experience.

    Thanks in advance for any help.

    P.S. I’m am posting this in a number of sedan areas to try and get as much response/help with this as I can, I apologize for any inconvenience it may cause.
  • I have a six month old 2000 PA with the Memory Seat/Mirrors, etc. option. From inception, the system has been working sporatically at best when using the remote key fobs. Sometimes wrong Driver # appears, side mirrors do not move, seats do not move, or radio setting is from the other driver. Had it back to dealer 4 times so far. Last time, dealer "re-set" the system. Appears to be working better, but the left side mirror sometimes only moves up/down. In order for it to set properly for the driver, left/right, one has to push button on car door or push key-fob unlock button second time. I am only talking about using the remotes, as the system has always worked when using the buttons for Driver #1 or #2 on the door of the car.
    Also, I was told by dealer that I have to lock the car by the particular remote #1 or #2 so the car "knows" that that particular driver is finished using car before the other driver presses unlock on the other remote. (Sounds crazy to me.) Any thoughts, advice, solutions or similar experiences??
  • I have a somewhat similar situation with a 2001 Bonneville. My wife and I have different settings for the unlock feature when the car is shut off. The first time I drive after she has used the car, the doors unlock to her setting and vice verse. It is the only setting that this happens too. The rest are to our indivual settings.
  • I am now driving a Buck Road master and shopping for a replacement. I like the price and most features of the Park Avenue except: the seat belts are short and the need for premium gas for the larger engine is rideicuous. The dealer said they would provide a belt extended but this is tacky and could be dificult to keep out of the way. Has anyone noticed this problem and know of a better solution? Also I'm surprised no one on this site has complained about the high price gas. I'm look for some reason not to buy a Cadillac and would appreciate some help.
  • I just bought a 2000 Park Avenue with 22,000 miles. Car is nearly flawless except for a horrendous noise it makes when bouncing over an abrupt bump (e.g., railroad tracks). It sounds like it's coming from the rear suspension/shock absorbers. I've never had any vehicle make that kind of noise, particularly a large sedan. Any suggestions?
  • I do not own a PA, but am asking this question for an older friend who does not have web access.

    Is there a way to disable the auto-lock feature when the automatic transmission is shifted into "Drive"? I drive a Ford pickup, and I know there's a way to do it for those.

    Sorry if this topic has been answered previously.
  • Easy one to handle..

    1) If vehicle has memory seats, make sure you use his key fob to unlock the door

    2) Press and hold "ENG MET" button for approx 5 seconds. There should be a message that says "Welcome to Buick Personalized features menu"..or something similiar

    3) Keep hitting RESET button until there is a choice that says door locks in ENG MET to change the setting.

    4) ENG MET makes a change. RESET goes to next option.

    Hope that helps
  • I to am having some slight vibration with my 99 Park Avenue at speeds above 70. I noticed that most of you are replacing the Goodyears with Michelins. What line of Michelin tire is best to use??
  • tpkentpken Posts: 1,108
    Hello Park Ave owners.

    I am planning to replace my '90 Grand Marquis this year and could consider a preowned recent Park Ave (not Ultra for premium gas reasons). Other alternatives are the recent Bonneville, LeSabre, Impala (this has been my favorite to date) and possibly Aurora.

    Having reviewed the prior postings here and elsewhere it is interesting that this board is not very active - may mean few complaints here or simply less interest in the Edmunds forum in this car category.

    Other than the tire vibration issue, are there other common problems to look for? I see LeSabres have battery/alt and windshield seal problems. Impalas have suspension issues, etc. How is the road noise with this car? Is the std suspension a typical Buick "Float" or has the new model been tightened up as the LeSabre is reported to be?

    Comments and suggestions are appreciated.

  • boat10boat10 Posts: 59
    if you are serious about replacing Goodyears with Michlens, by all means put MICHLEN SYMMETRY on the vehicle. This is what I done, now have 15,000 on a 2000 Park Ave. I changed tires with 2 miles on the vehicle. I had a 97 Park Ave. and had the Goodyear Conquest tires, what a disaster, balancing all the time, never cured the vibrations.
    Good luck and try the SYMMERTYS'
  • here is a reason not to buy a cadillac. i have one. it is a 92 deville, and i have had nothing but trouble from it. a friend of mine has a 91 and has had it practically rebuilt. another friend has a 93 and has had a lot of trouble from it. as long as you DO NOT buy the 4.9 v8, you will be ok. be sure to get at least a 95 with the "northstar" 4.6 v8.
  • I am considering buying a 2000 PA Ultra, but have reservations regarding the premium gas. My question is to you owners of PA Ultras, will the car run on regular unleaded gasoline?
  • ezraponezrapon Posts: 348
    We have 4 parks in our family 92, 96, 98, 00. Other than brakes and alternators on the older ones, these cars are outstanding. Spend a week in a 300m or other Chrysler product, then come back here and report your feelings. You got the best, quit nit-picking.
  • I am visitng this site to get pricing on a new LeSabre for someone I know. When I read these posts I just had to say a few words. For those reading Consumer Reports, throw that piece of garbage magazine in the garbage. They have nothing but bad things to say about American cars. I've owned cars they say are bad that turned out to be great! The best example is my stepdad's Park Ave. It's a '94 he bought new and now has 215,000 miles! This has been the most excellent car. The 3800 V-6 has NEVER been touched and it still runs absolutley perfect! For those not considering the Ultra because of premium fuel, you will be very happy with the standard 3800. I drive a '99 Pontiac Grand Prix with the same supercharged 3800 in the Ultra. It's very powerful, but does get a bit pricey ONLY if I tap into all 240 horses! Simply put, you can't go wrong with a Park Avenue!
  • I just rolled over 170,000 miles on my 94 Park Avenue. Last week the starter went out and this week the AS light came on. Should I start looking for another car or can I expect my Park Avenue to last another 50,000 miles?
    What has been your experience with 94's over 170,000 miles?
  • I bought a 92PA a year ago with 52000 miles on it. I have driven 13000 miles since owing it. I have replaced the alternator, battery and front brakes so far. The power antenna stopped working and the security light comes on when it wants to. The security alarm sounds when it wants also. The vibration after 70 mph is apparent as well. love this car's ride and quietness and will take these recent problems in stride. Any more though and I will get rid of it. Too bad that such a great riding vehicle has to have these problems which by reading other posts are very common ones.
  • I own a '94 Park Avenue Ultra with 90,000 miles on it. The supercharger is making a mild grinding noise that I can only hear when I lift the hood. Does anyone have experience with these? Is that normal? Should I be concerned? Is it going to get worse? I priced the unit, and a replacement part costs $2,020 without labor. I like the car but wonder if I should be shopping for another. Any suggestions?
  • I've been told that the supercharger on these engines is designed to last between 100,000 - 120,000 miles. It might be on the verge of going out. You might also check you bypass valve. If the bypass valve is faulty, the supercharger can get pretty noisy. As far as I know, is the only authorized rebuilder of Eaton superchargers. Check with them. You can probably pickup a rebuild one for about $1100.00 and believe it or not, there not that hard to replace.
  • Does anyone know if it is normal for the rpms to go up slightly but noticeable when slowing down to a stop. My mechanic says the car is downshifting. i dont know about that but I never had a car do that so noticeable. Another crazy thing is that i have felt brief jerks when accelerating. It is just started happening but not consistently. Help anyone. My PA has only
    66000 miles on it.
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