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Buick Park Avenue



  • baker04baker04 Posts: 1
    I purchased a 92 pa in 93 with 9k. still had factory wty. After owning for about 11 months it would be dead when we tried to start-no lights-no power-nothing. If we waited a while it would start. If we hit the pass seat control the trunk would open. It was normal for the seats to stop working and the mirrors but everything else be ok. we took it to the local buick dealer who only served to destroy the wiring harness. They had it for a week at a time-said it was fixed and within 2 blocks of the dealership the issue remained. The car was always returned dirty and removed parts not all re-installed. This went on for over a year! Final resolution only came after going to another dealer and involving buick arbitration (even after wty expiration). The original dealer had cut adn spliced into the wire harness so bad the second dealer would not return car for fear of fire. I was given a loaner for 6 weeks until the complete wire harness was replaced which required the complete interior to be gutted all the way to the metal framing. Since the car has been returned to me there has not been one issue. I praise Mangino Buick of Ballston Spa, Ny and Buick arbitration for resolving what was a very frustrating event. That is customer service!!!
  • tnauglertnaugler Posts: 5
    The car is a 98 Park Avenue Ultra. It occasionally makes a muted "Ticking" noise from somewhere under the dash. The noise will last for a minute or so and then stop. Everything seems to work OK, but I am curious about the meaning of the noise. Is it normal? What does it indicate?
  • ezraponezrapon Posts: 348
    Mine does the ticking too. Also shudders after coming out of passing gear at hiway speeds.
  • chorobechorobe Posts: 5
    Anybody try out the Yokohama Avid Touring tires? They are supposed to be one of the most quiet tires on the market which I'm hoping is true because like many of you guys, my 98 PA has vibration problems at certain speeds along with what appears to be rumbling road noise so I am hoping to kill 2 birds with one stone. I'll let you guys know what happens.
  • chorobechorobe Posts: 5
    Got the new tires and I was amazed at how quiet they were compared to my old Goodyears. Not only that there is also no vibration. I haven't had the tires for long and haven't taken them up to a very high speed yet but they sound really good so far.
  • chorobechorobe Posts: 5
    Well after having the new Yokohamas for about a week now, I've found that although they are super quiet, I STILL HAVE THE VIBRATIONS!! I've taken it to the tire store where I purchased them 2 more times and although each time it seemed a little better, there was still some resonating vibrations at high speeds(60-80mph) and I could sometimes feel it at low speeds as well. The tire store said that if I need to come in again, they will try replacing the I will suggest to the the Michelin Symmetry's as was mentioned by boat10. Although they are more expensive then the Yokohamas, if they do indeed solve the vibration issue, it will be well worth it to do the change.
  • annie18annie18 Posts: 1
    I have a 97 Lasabre with 84000 miles on it that runs great with the exception of one thing, every once in a while if your coasting and than hit the gas the car appears to miss a couple of times. This also seems to happen when it shifts, but not always. The dealer re programmed the computer but it didn't help. Does anybody have any suggestions?
  • rotaranrotaran Posts: 10
    I have a 92 PA for now 2 years and it's a great car. Now i'm want to know how many of them were built and how much of them going to Germany. The Buick Motor Division can't help me, maybe someone in the Town Hall can do.
    PS: Please, please visit my Homepage ( and sign the Guestbook (only in German).
  • eeeleeel Posts: 57
    my boss bought one - had to have it - no one has been able to stop the vibration - it'll shake the wheel out of your hand 55-70mph - multiple balances - rotors, all brake hardware has been replaced twice, he also has ac and tranny problems - not much help from buick - they don't think the vibration is too bad - and now he has an overheating problem. this thing is a wahle, looks like a whale, handles like a boat - soft ride, though - like a 70 buick in 2000 !!!
  • andymsnandymsn Posts: 19
    I'm considering a 99 Ultra with buckets/center console with approx 20,000 miles and FACTORY moonroof v. a 98 PA with CLOTH interior/bench with 28,500 miles and what doesn't appear to be the Concert II speaker system (I can see only one set of speakers in the upper fore part of the door, not the lower part - are they in there but just hiding behind the carpet?) although each does have the am/fm/cass/cd stack and the steering wheel radio/temp controls.

    I have a some questions and I hope someone might be willing to take the time to address one or all:

    1) I've read with interest about the vibration issue. I'm going to test drive both vehicles tomorrow and am grateful for the heads-up from this board on that issue. I will be very sensitive to it, I'm sure. The Ultra has the G'year LS tires and the PA the Conquests. The PA's tires look like they need to be replaced soon but I don't know what the "wear mileage" on the LSs and Conquests are - any ideas? Also, I like to run winter tires up here (Wisconsin) and I'm wondering whether anyone out there has run Michelin Artic Alpins (or a similar tires like Blizzaks or Hakapalitas) on a PA or Ultra? If so, what were your impressions, especially with respect to the vibration issues? Finally, are the Michelin Symetries a particularly quiet tire? Why might they be recommended over MX4Vs, for example?

    2) I currently own a 97 Tahoe LT, which I do love in snow, especially with its Goodyear Wrangler AT/S tires (at a cost, though - four for 750 bucks - and that was a steal because I knew the guy at the Goodyear store - amazing tires in heavy rain, too). There also another one key difference b/w the Ultra and the PA I'm considering - traction control. I've also owned a 1992 Pontiac Bonneville SE since 1996 and haven't sensed the need for TC on that car (but maybe I just drive sensibly in the snow/ice/slush/rain). Any impressions, positive or negative about the TC on the Ultra/PA?

    3) Does the Ultra run about as well using regular unleaded rather than premium? Part of the reason I want to dump the Tahoe is that I travel about 3k/month (2.5k highway miles) and 32 mpg/hwy sounds a lot better than the 15-17 I get now, but if want the Ultra, ultimately, I think the trade-off in reg v. premium costs will wipe out much of the difference in mpg. I have read that the Ultra will knock some if using regular. Any other issues?

    4) Anyone ever have water leakage problems with a factory install Buick moonroof? I talked with the prior owner of the PA and he said the moonroof was installed at a local very reputable place. However, you can discern a difference between the factory and after market moonroofs because the factory one is absolutely flush with the roofline and the after market is not (I imagine that since the after-market roof is not flush it probably creates some more wind noise, too). I'm checking to see whether the after market moonroof comes with a lifetime no-leak warranty.

    5) What's the reliability reputation for the auto climate control system? If any issues, do they tend to be inherently expensive to resolve?

    6) Has anyone tried to obtain a sheepskin other kind of cloth-like seat cover for the leather BUCKET seats in an Ultra? If so, where did you find them and what kind of cost am I looking at? I don't particularly like leather seats because I tend to stick to them in the summer months, but I think I can deal with it if I have something to cover at least the driver's seat. My impression is that Buick leather is not very breathable.

    7) What would be a fair price for the Ultra and/or the PA?

    If you're kind enough to respond, thanks very much in advance for taking the time to do so. I've learned a great deal about the LeSabre/Ultra/PA models on this board and I sincerely appreciate people taking the time to contribute. I hope to do so in the future, too. FYI, I had been considering an Avalon but I'm just not willing to pay a premium price for a smaller car that's "up-spec'd" off the Camry chassis.

    And, I agree with those who have posted on here saying that perhaps Japanese cars are not quite what CU and others want us to believe. Although I had to replace the tranny and brain box on the 1992 Bonne at about 145k, the per mile maintenance costs over the course of the 130k I've owned it so far are probably half that of the 1987 Mazda 626LX's comparable mileage which I eventually rode to 233k before I traded for the Bonne. The 3.8 V6 is just about bulletproof and you cannot argue with 32 mpg highway for such a roomy and comfortable vehicle. Compare that to the 31/hwy the Ford Focus is rated for and tell me which vehicle appeals to you more if you have to drive 25k highway miles per year?
  • mosaixmosaix Posts: 106
    My parents have an 89 Park Avenue which they purchased brand new this month 12 years ago and now at 140K, it still runs and looks great. I learned to drive on that car back in 91 when it was pretty new. I like the newer Park Avenues pretty well, but one problem is they have become quite expensive. A loaded Ultra will list for almost $40,000 and a base model will be in the mid 30s. For that kind of money, I would prefer a Cadillac or a luxury marque and I think that declining sales of the PA are showing that. For years, the Park was the best selling "near luxury" car, now the Acura 3.2 TL and Chrylser 300M are the best sellers in this class. I remember back in 89 my parent's Park Avenue listed for about $24,900 and it was pretty much loaded. But a Cadillac would cost nearly 30 then and didn't have much that the Buick didn't have. Today, a Deville isn't much more than a loaded Ultra and the Caddy has a modern DOHC V8, better appointed interior, and better warranty. Maybe with Oldsmobile being phased out, Buick will get to use their version of the Northstar V8 in the Park Avenue. As for quality, the 89 has been nearly flawless. Somethings like the water pump, serpantine belt, alternator, brakes, tires, plug wires etc have been replaced, but nothing major and the A/C is still ice cold on it's original compressor and has never had to have any freon added. Also, theirs has the digital instruments, climate control, concert sound stereo, trunk pull down, etc. and all these little extras still work fine. My dad has basically resigned himself to driving it until the wheels literally fall off.
  • teoteo Posts: 2,508
    Tell your boss to have Buick replace under warranty the wheel rims...I bet you these are bent and are the culprit behind the vibration.
  • Tell me what you think of these pictures of what GM thinks the Next Park Avenue should look like. It is being developped with Fiat. But the design is all Buick.

    It's also RWD.
  • stanny1stanny1 Posts: 962
    I have a 92 Ultra with close to 100k. The supercharger is going to need replacing. I went to but it looks like they don't sell except to custom manufacturers. Also, what model does the car take. Up to now, I've only had to replace alternators and water pumps at mileages that seem premature. Can't GM get the
    quality up on these two parts?
  • I love my 2000 PA ultra, but mainly I bought it over a LeSabre because at 6'7" I couldn't fit in the smaller vehicle. However, at age 36 I seem to be the youngest PA owner in America (or at least Massachusetts), judging by drivers of others I see on the road. Any other youngish PA owners out there?
  • Magnuson will sell to anybody as far as I know. I had to replace the supercharger on my 92 Pontiac Bonneville a couple of years ago. I purchased a rebuild supercharger from Magnuson. It was around $1100.00 if I remember. The Pontiac and the Buick use the same supercharger. The Eaton M62. By the way, Eaton manufactured the supercharger for GM and according to Eaton, it was designed to run for about 100,000 miles. So yours is in the right ballpark. Hope this helps.
  • Hi there. I'm just 31 years old and my 92 PA ist the best car i've ever had. Additionally, the PA was only saled in Germany between 1990 and 1996 and it's a very rare car here.
    Greetings from Germany.
  • jrosasmcjrosasmc Posts: 1,711
    Can you still buy a 2002 Park Avenue with a hood ornament? I have noticed that the PA and the Cadillac DeVille are the only American vehicles to offer a stand-up ornament these days, Lincoln and Olds having given them up years back.
  • Just ordered a 2002 PA WITH the hood ornament. You cannot, however, have the hood ornament if you purchase an Ultra. Too bad, because I think it makes the car look even classier.
  • Just ordered a 2002 Park Avenue at the age of 38. Is that close enough for young? Or have I hit the oldies?

    By the way, anyone out there with a 2002 PA with any comments...good or bad?
  • Hi there,
    i am looking for Fender Skirts for my 92 PA. Are they existing?
  • I recently purchased a 94 PA. The car rides like a dream, except for one problem. At 50 MPH, it "stutters and loses power", almost like it is not getting any gas. Up to that speed, it runs beautifully and when I let off the gas pedal and "punch it", once it gets over 50 MPH, it again runs beautifully. Has anyone else had this problem? And, what is it? Any help here would be appreciated.
  • rotaranrotaran Posts: 10
    Do you have the problem at low acceleration or fast acceleration?
  • rotaranrotaran Posts: 10
    Attention PA Owners. I am looking for pictures of your Park Avenues for my Club Homepage. Will you send me one or two pictures of your car, even with a few words about the car and maybe about yourself? If i have enough pictures i want to start a voting for the most beautiful car.
    Send pictures to:
    Thank you.
    Best Regards,
  • amaysingamaysing Posts: 2
    It does it at fast acceleration. I did some research and found out that it might be something called a "PROM" in the computer. My mechanic checked it out and told me as long as I do not drive it in overdrive, I would not have the problem, (but that would result in lousy gas mileage), he believes the problem is in the transmission. Evidently, the PROM is something only a dealer can replace, so, off to the dealer next. Any other ideas someone might have would be greatly appreciated.
  • Unfortunately I purchased my 2001 Park Avenue before I knew of this web site. I also have a vibration problem and have had my car in on several occasions. First it was the balance, then an out of round tire, then bad balance, then Buick moved the motor mounts, (now the car idles as if it needs a tune-up) and finally after a vibrating trip to Florida, new Michelins. Each time the service managers assure me that the problem is solved. They must get their SPIN lessons from the politicians. I also have the sound when I steer right. This is the worst car I have owned in 47 years of car buying. Would anyone of you please advise me how you went about having Buick do something about this problem that they have known about for years. Did you seek arbitration, mediation, lemon law procedures, or sue? Thank you. 2si2mn2jb
  • fredvhfredvh Posts: 854
    You had better check your states' lemon laws. You should be able to get the generalities on it by doing a search on "". If you still like the car I would trade it in on a 2002. They have good incentives right now.
  • Thank you for your reply, however I have scanned all previous 116 messages and do not see a message from fredvh. Please excuse me, but I do wonder if you are a Buick representative or a Buick dealer.

  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    I'm sure fredvh was just trying to help. What he was probably referring to is that in most cases, the dealership gets just so many chances to fix the same problem. If it's not fixed in that number of visits, sometimes the Lemon Law can be applied to make them compensate you.

    I'm sure the reason he suggested a google search for the law in your state is because it does vary.

    Good luck.

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  • If I stepped on anyone's toes or ruffled any feathers, I apology. This car has been such a poor experience, that the suggestion that I purchase a new one was unacceptable. My intent was NOT to insult anyone.

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