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Honda Accord vs. Toyota Camry vs. Volkswagen Passat



  • antwonantwon Posts: 1
    What is the best deal going now for the year end clearance on 1999 Honda Accords V6 sedan.
  • ant,

    $21,900 for Accord V6 EX in Los Angeles.
  • mikegmdmikegmd Posts: 1
    just bought the accord ex (4) after extensive research. bottom line that i found was you cant beat the deal, or quality of the accord. you may not get the driving crispness of the vw, or similar a4, but the accord is competent. the real difference was in interior styling (ie german vs japenese/american) and price. vw and audi not willing to bargain, while honda's for invoice. for the price, the accord is miles ahead, plus a pleasure to drive and by reputation hassle free, with good retention of value.
  • rspringrspring Posts: 1
    I have heard that the Acura's maintenance fees are the most expensive of practically any model car. I'm thinking of an accord v-6 wwhich is 3.0 liter vs. the Acura 3.5 liter. Is there a parallel here?
  • My Acura dealer charged $19.95 for oil change; $350 for 30K mile service; $300 for timing belt & water pump service...... no more expensive than other luxury makes, maybe even cheaper.
  • D, I just purchased new 99 EX-V6 yesterday, paid 21500 for the car. Out-The-Door price came out to be a little less than 23800. (including temporary insurance fee of $125) The dealer is in NJ. I must have searched at least 7 Honda dealers including Auto-Bytel. Above price was the loswest of them all.
  • What is this "temporary insurance fee" you paid up? is this refundable?
    New auto insurance can be gotten in less than 24 hours.
  • rocko4rocko4 Posts: 1
    I'm also looking to buy a 99EXV6 in New Jersey. Where was that dealer and will other dealers accept same price??
  • For the price I paid, the deal was that the car must leave the dealer the same day. I purchased the 'non-refundable' insurance to protect the car for the next 48 hours until our AllState agent issues the formal insurance. It's minor cost considering the saving.

    Bob Ciasulli Honda in Jersey City, One other dealer in Tenafly came close by offering me just $400 above the deal. You may want to call the dealer prior to visiting them to find out what kind of price is offered. Don't be discouraged by highier prices offered by other dealers. The highest quote I got was 23500 just for the car. I was told many times that "Accord will not be sold at your price". Good Luck.
  • Matthong,
    It seems to me that the $125 "temporary insurance", which you say is 48 hours, (that's $22,500 a year!)is nothing but dealer profit and should be considered as part of the purchase price.
    I don't consider a dealer trustworthy, if he won't let you keep the car in the lot for 24-48 hours while you arrange for insurance, and insists that you must drive the car out right away.
    In any case, the last time I leased a car, I called the insurance company (GEICO) from the dealer's office, and they told me that I was insured effective immediately.
    My $0.02
  • Sensible, Wow, you actually used calculator to let me know the yearly insurance cost at that price. Thanks for the concern, but let's move on with your life. That 'over-paid' insurance is good for 10 days. And congratulations on your insurance rate. Too bad for me, GEICO does not cover NJ.
  • mlsulimlsuli Posts: 15
    State Farm provides equal coverage to their customers based on your current policy. Usually it will cover upto 72 hours after the purchase of the vehicle. So if you bought it Friday night you'd still have coverage on Monday - ample time to sign you're new pride and joy up.

    I've only purchased in CA & TX before and have never heard of insurance being sold by the dealer?
    Maybe different on the East Coast?
  • mlsulimlsuli Posts: 15
    I purchased a 99 EX V6 for $23,060. I wanted the 6-disc changer (arm rest) 522 Installed/tax
    Floormats 79
    For a total of: $23,661

    This took about 30 minutes to negotiate. (Amazingly enough... could have been my whinny 2 yr old though?)

    This was in No. CA where they had two left:
    I took the Black/Grey - which I wanted anyway - and the Green/Tan was sold the next day. To my knowledge there are no more '99's in the East Bay.
    So there's very limited seletion.

    Hope that helps!
  • leslilesli Posts: 2
    Can't find info on 2000 Accords in News.excite as it says "sorry, this article not available". What's the scoop? When are they coming out and what will be the ballpark price?
  • dbartondbarton Posts: 1

    Spotted at least a dozen new 2000 Accords on display in local dealer's lot.
  • jymesjymes Posts: 2
    I am looking for a vehicle that will pull a jet ski. What I find on the web differs from what the dealers say. As far as the three cars this site is dedicated to, can any of these pull up to 1,000 lbs?
  • You should have bought a Mazda Millenia S (210 HP V6). Available after rebate and dealer incentive for $26K. It has the style and handling sadly lacking in the Accord EX. Also much better fit and finish and rides better. Also, you won't feel like a grandpa driving it.

    The accord certainly is practical though!!!
  • How can one get Accord EX V6 for 21.5K when it's invoice Price is $21,614???
    i'm looking for a new Accord EX in Jersey City, New Jersey.
    Does it makessense to buy a 2000 model...
  • Add the destination charge of $415 to $21,614 and it goes over $22K
  • I am considering either a Honda EXL, V6, Nissan Maxima GLE, or a Toyota Camry XLE V6. Honda is the cheaper, but the Maxima rides better then both the Honda and the Toyota. Honda style sucks the last couple of years. Toyota is not much better, although I do like the Camry style better than the Honda. These are 2000 models. Any recommendations? What figures should I be paying for any of them.

    Another thing, our 3 kids each have Volvo's, they are suggesting that we consider an S70, do you think they are worth the extra money? Two of the kids have the S70 with the turbo, the other has an older station wagon, and they just love them. Two of the Volvo's have near 200,000 miles on them. I think they have proved themselves to be a good car, but not sure if it is worth the difference in money.

    We now have a '94 Honda EXL,very sporty, which we are trading in, just love, sportiness, etc., but as I stated before the new ones are just blah, nothing exciting about, colors, etc...hate to change brands, but feel we must this year, just so we don't feel so 'ho hum.'

    Would appreciate any comments anyone may have.
  • I had a 1996 honda accord coupe that was just a piece of junk!! This car was at the dealer more than it was out on the road. I also experienced the cold start problem, along with many other problems - I did buy the car new. LEMON! I wouldn't even consider buying another Honda again. I bought a 1999 Toyota Camry Le and I just adore the car!!! Toyota really knows what there doing when building a quality car. Toyota has earned a new loyal customer.
  • I've had 4 Honda's now and I will continue to buy them. I only had one chonic problem. It was in my '88 Accord. Replace the rotor and the problem vanished. These cars go and go and go and not one of them has EVER left me stranded ANYWHERE.

    I agree w/ hondabro, although a subjective opinion, the Accord is by FAR the best looking sedan in the group. The Camry's are plain dull, and the new Maxima looks odd. Both are very competant cars, but overall I'll take the Honda. The Volvo's are nice, they have the silkiest 5-speeds (check one out, they are a joy to shift), but very expensive and very expensive to service. Frankly, I think people buy them for status of ownership. Just a waste of coin, imo.
  • I own both an 87 Maxima with 130k and 88 Accord LX with 285k miles, both sedans and purchased new.

    Here's my hundred percent honest evaluation of both cars so far.

    The Maxima blows away any other car I owned before it for reliability. Over the last almost forty years I've owned four used Mustangs, a used Mercury, five GM cars, one a new Firebird, another a new Sunbird, a used Toyota Corolla, a brand new Mazda RX4 rotary, a couple Corvairs, an MGB and a Neopolitan Nash.

    This is not to say the Maxima has been totally reliable however. Compared to the Honda, it cost me a few thousand dollars more to start, and has nickle and dimed me for a few thousand more. The engine, still all original, is smooth as silk but blows a little smoke. I'd be surprised if it lasted another hundred thousand without some major engine trouble. The brakes, power steering, exhaust, and some electrical problems have been the biggest problems. Overall, after being spoiled by the Honda, I can say I'd never buy another Maxima again, nor could I recommend it to anyone else. In summary, I'd say a Maxima, in my experience anyway, is more reliable by a substantial margin than most of the other cars I mentioned, but offers far less reliability at a higher cost than the Accord. The only other comparibly priced cars I would put in the same reliability/price league as the Accord would be an Integra or Toyota Camry. Although I love the looks of the new VW's and I beleive the stuff I read in Consumer Reports, I know they are not even close in terms of reliability and bang for the buck.

    What can I say about the Accord? I was told when I bought it (always by people who owned another type car) I'd have trouble with the auto transmission. Heard alot of horror stories. I remember when it was new it seemed to shift a little sooner than normal; after one visit to the dealer it was never a problem again. I've changed the fluid once! It is completely original after 285,000 miles. The other day I drove up a five mile long 40 degree incline hill - it downshifted perfectly and the car, although I took it easy at 40 mph, handled it without a problem. I weight over 300 pounds and had a couple passengers in the car.

    The engine is completely original, including the carb. I've changed the alternator, water pump and timing belts a few times each, all which I consider excellent. I've replaced the radiator because the tank had a pinhole leak. I've replaced the exhaust sytem once, and shocks once. About the only thing I've gone through lots of are brakes, which I change myself at a cost of less than fifty dollars for pads.

    The airconditioner is original and works like new.

    The rest of the car is original, including the engine. The body is showing very small rust spots but still looks great after a car wash.

    In case you are saying, this guy must change the oil every ten miles, the truth is I change it at Instant Oil change at around 5000 but have gone as far as 10000 between changes.

    I drove the car hard. I'm six feet tall and have weighed between 250-340 lbs over the last ten years and often use it for the family of four. For the first four years I owned it I drove it loaded with ten to fifteen pails at 40-50 pounds each to deliver printing ink seventy miles away. I started the car ten to fifteen times a day during that period, Monday through Friday, using it as a sales car, and around 30% of the mileage is in the city and it has the original starter in it! By the way, the city is Buffalo NY and the roads are salted in the winters.

    I'm open minded and would consider buying any car recommended by Consumer Reports for reliability and that has a good crash result test, but the fact is I love my Honda and will stick with them, especially if they continue to build them in Ohio as mine was.

    I am not a Honda commercial. This is the real deal. The fact is I wish I could be saying this about an American car but I can't. I've just read a bunch of horror stories in these threads visiting sites from other manufacturers and to those people who have had problems, just as you want to tell everyone you know when you hate not being treated right and are having problems with your cars, wouldn't you also want to share your good forune with others? I am sure there are many people who have had great luck with other cars, including American, and have heard of people with hundreds of thousands of miles on their cars as well but the fact is, I've never really seen it except once, with my Accord.

    My intent is to tell the truth to those seeking advice on their next new car purchase - after all, fifteen to twenty thousand dollars is alot of money to gamble with. I suggest you read alot of comments like this along with magazines who base their reliability ratings on customer surveys like Consumer Reports and then go out and buy(stay away from cars with lots of black circles in the charts).

    One final thing - my Honda seats are like the rest of the car - plain and functional. They are a little stiff and small but I can tell you from experience they must be designed that way because I've driven eight hours a day for a four year period and was always very comfortable in my car. The driver who has had trouble may be shorter than average and have a legitimate problem that I wouldn't be able to recognize. All I can say is since I bought my Accord, my parents, two brothers and a sister in law have purchased Accords, a Civic and a cousin, a plastic surgeon, has purchsed two CRV's and none of them have every had a problem as far as I know. My mom is five feet tall and loves her 91 Accord.

    I'm giving my Accord to one of my kids who goes off to college next year - it appears to have another 100 thousand left in it - and I am looking at a Prelude. And don't laugh -although I am a big guy, every Honda I've ever sat in has more leg room, room side to side, and above my head than I'll ever need.
  • Too much written on this topic about V6's. Comparison is supposed to be between the 4 cylinder models. After 2 months of shopping, I chose the Accord EX-L. Here are my reasons:

    The Passat has by far the best handling and has some nice interior features (ignore the cup holders), but it has the least interior room and a turbocharged engine that may affect long term repair expenses. More important, it requires premium gasoline. (Have you checked the pumps lately?...more than a $0.20 difference)

    The Camry has the smoothest, quietest ride, slightly better ergonomics than the others, and should be rock solid reliable; but it has the worst handling of the 3, only a single map light up front, and flimsy rear cup holders. More important, I didn't like its styling and with a sunroof, it has less headroom than the Accord.

    The Accord for me was somewhat of a compromise. I like its styling the best and it has the most interior room of the 3, but its handling is only slightly better than the Camry. It should be reliable, but as my experience with my '89 Accord LX suggest, not stellar. (In 10 years and 107K miles went through 3 master cylinders, and had recurrent problems with warping of front discs.)

    I don't think any of the choices are bad. What I least like about these cars is the attitudes of the dealerships. There are alot of dealerships where I live. Although there were some exceptions, I was irritated by most of the Honda dealers. All of the VW dealers were pushy, but not annoyingly so. As a whole Toyota salespersons were more pleasant, but their dealer invoices did not match Edmunds. At least one dealer mentioned an "advertising fee" charged by the Toyota. In the end, your final decision might be determined by the dealerships in your area.
  • The 2000 Accord adds side airbags as an option for some models, otherwise it is mostly unchanged. I have owned a 90 Integra since new and every time I think about trading it in I change my mind. The car has been extremely reliable, I have never even had to change a light bulb. I like the Accord styling but the front end is missing something. With a spoiler the back is decent. The Camry looks like an old Ford Tempo and you don't get many extras for the money. The new Maxima is a sport sedan so it is not even in the same league as the others. The Jetta is too small if you care about the poor people who have to ride in the back. The only engine to consider is the 6, the four runs out of grunt quickly, specially here in Colorado where the altitude robs hp from any non-turbo car.

    I will buy a new car this spring or summer (after all the snow is gone) and having driven almost everything out there (a hobby of mine) I will almost certainly buy an Accord EX with the five speed. I also like the Galant but they have un-reliable clutches and poor brakes. They also start falling apart quickly but if you only keep your cars for less than three years it is worth considering. The V6 can be had for almost the same price as an Accord EX 4.


  • What deal did u get for ur 2000 EX 5- speed
    I intend to buy 2000 EX 4 cyl, Auto...with leather trim.

    WHat can be a good deal. I've offer of 21K with Auto trans and leather trim.
  • I have not finalized the bottom line yet. I know I'll get a good deal because I have been dealing with this dealership for nearly 15 years and I have bought two prior accords from them.

    If you have a deal of $21k for an 2000 EX 4 cyl auto, it sounds excellent. I believe the auto. costs about $800 more than the manual trans. I am hoping to pay dealer cost and let the dealer keep the 2% hold back.
  • I was shopping for VW Passats. I wanted one in silver with the alloy wheels and the automatic. All the dealers I talked to were arrogant and said the silver colored cars were hard to come by and wanted 2000-3000$ above (invoice+destination).
    And the 1.8T engine doesn't give enough power.
    So, I went out and got myself an Accord Ex-V6 of the color of my choice for the same price as a 4 cyl Passat with no alloy/sunroof/color of choice/leather/climate control.
    I would say the Passat is way overpriced with little equipment and the arrogant dealers don't help matters either !
  • Sorry to hear about your experience. Customer relations is one thing that VW really needs to work on. The prices you were quoted on the Passat were way over the norm.

    However, its funny thing how you perceived it as being overpriced, when compared to the Accord Ex- V6. I thought the Passat was more comparable to the Volvo S70, which made it a relative bargain.
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