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Pontiac Grand Prix - 2000-2005



  • tsjaytsjay Posts: 4,591

    Hey, Brother, why in the world would you be disappointed with 28 mpg? What were you expecting?

    A car with all the power that a GTP has that still gets 28 mpg should have you smiling from ear to ear.

  • gmman1gmman1 Posts: 4
    yes we do have different gas and smog standards, but my window sticker said the same 19 city-29 hwy.
  • pep4pep4 Posts: 3
    I own a 2000 Grand Prix SE. Recently, the shifter became difficult to shift out of park. The dealer said that it was a bad solenoid and that the entire shifter assembly had to be replaced. HOWEVER, it appears that GM does not have a supply of this part. After six weeks of waiting, I still don't know when the part will be available. Has anyone had a similar problem, either with the shifter assembly or with getting the replacement part?
  • Hi everybody!! I have visited the Bonneville site a couple of times...boy, let me tell you...what a bunch of egomaniac snobs!! I sure am glad I have a life!!! I guess I'm a lesser life form because I don't like the looks of the front end of the SLE and SSEi and opted for the that what the worlds coming to? (lol) I just wanted to tell you guys, your so much better to talk with!! (Or, well, post with) Let me did one person say it..the SE is good for a taxi nice...what a sweet person...roflmao Somebody needs attention so they get it through their car now don't they? hehehe Anyway, I just thought I'd see what was happening with everyone and tell you your the best!!
  • tsjaytsjay Posts: 4,591
    Howdy Miss Blue!!

    Glad you came back to visit us.

    Still in love with your Bonnie?

    I am still enjoying my Grand Prix, but I have a bug for a new Jeep Wrangler now. There's no way I can trade again so soon, so I'll be keeping the Grand Prix for a while. Still haven't had even a minor problem with it, and the gas mileage has been great- you might have read my posts here on that subject.

    Holler at us now and then.

  • tsjaytsjay Posts: 4,591
    I know, I know; I need to get a life, right?

    Anyway, I set a new record today with my 2000 Grand Prix GT. I got 31.5 mpg coming home from Illinois. From Taylorville, Illinois, to Henderson, Ky., I drove 202.0 miles on 6.411 gallons, which works out to 31.5 mpg!

    I just had to try it- I drove 55 in the 55 speed zones and 65 on the interstates, using my cruise control. The temperature was only in the high 70's most of the way, so the air conditioner wasn't having to work very hard.

    Sorry, people, but this news group ain't exactly a hotbed of activity, so posting about gas mileage might be slightly better than no one posting at all. I think it ranks one notch above watching paint dry, but somewhere lower than watching a stoplight change.

    Later, guys and gals

  • skunkuskunku Posts: 1
    Well I just got a 94 Grand Prix Se (White).
    I was looking for a Camero! I Had an 82 Cross Fire Injection Camero back in 91, and Loved it!
    Needless to say after only 3 days with my new used Grand Prix You couldnt trade me 4 Cameros and 2 corvettes for this GP! I love this Car! I have never felt more relaxed in a car. When I was younger, (early 20's) I would drive just to drive.
    A few years back I stoped going for drives without reason. I just thought it was my Growing out of childhood. Plus the fact that I Have been a truck driver for 7 years now. Driving was the last thing I wanted on my time off. I was dead wrong! Must have been the Car (maxima). I know feel 16 again! Feels like that first big wheel I got like a million years ago on christmas morning!
    I'm now 31 going on 12,lol. This seems like a great group! Gotta go! Im getting ready to take a long needless fuel wasting aimless drive on my day off!
    P.S. can someone tell me how to get the door speakers out? do I need to remove the whole door panel? or can I get these speaker covers off seperate? I have already switched out rear speakers and Fixed the stock tape player. I'm also interested in the fact that i can see a cd light on the lcd if the sun hits it right, so im assuming there is an easy way to add a changer to this stock am/fm tape system?
  • tsjaytsjay Posts: 4,591
    Not that I ever keep a vehicle long enough to worry about it, but I'm curious about the life expectancy of the Grand Prix's.

    Does anyone have any experience with a high-mileage GP to share with the group?

    Assuming one takes care of the car and performs preventive maintenance on schedule, how many miles are these cars good for before major money has to be spent for engine or transmission repair or replacement?

  • greywolfgreywolf Posts: 51
    Well the engine is near bullet proof - and would probably far outlast the rest of the car.

    Some of the guys on the site have their cars in the 80k ranges and no probles.
  • van_iuvan_iu Posts: 1
    I am looking to get out of my Ford Exploder (pun intended) and have been debating buying a GP Sedan GT. I was curious for the 2000 or 2001 if there is any difference between the GT and the GTP and if it was worth the extra $3-4K for the bigger motor. I am sure the option packages are nearly similar, but has anyone had problems or a good experience with either model?
  • ruskiruski Posts: 1,566
    difference between GT and GTP? Extra 40HP and 50 (not sure exactly) lbs*ft torque can certainly be felt.
  • ech227ech227 Posts: 6
    Don't get me wrong, I still love my car, I was just disappointed in the sense that when Consumer Reports tested the car (SE 4DR with the 3.8) they got over 30 mpg on the highway (I believe it was 34 mpg) and 13 mpg in the city. I definitely only see around 13 in the city. I figured driving in the middle of nowhere WI with no stop and go traffic would have yielded higher than 28 mpg. I usually drive 75/25 highway vs city and I average 21 mpg. I'm also driving on the Dan Ryan so that's not exactly the quickest road.
  • tsjaytsjay Posts: 4,591
    Hi ech!

    You said your car was less than a week old when you took your trip to Minneapolis. I think that probably hurt your mileage by a mile or two per gallon.

    You also said you drove 70 to 75 mph. I think you would have picked up another mile or two per gallon by driving no more than 70 mph.

    Anyway, Dude, I would gladly give up a couple miles per gallon for the power of a GTP vs a GT.
    I was trying to trade my Grand Cherokee even for a new Grand Prix, and that put a GTP out of the picture. I did trade even for the GT, but I had to pay tax and license.

    I grew up in Hammond, Ind. What part of Chicago are you from?

  • foxy40foxy40 Posts: 1
    Someone asked about life expectancy. I traded a 1991 GP last year with 175,000 miles. It had the same 3800 V-6. Only problem was a head gasket at about 99,000 miles. Don't know if GM has solved the problem yet, but Chrysler and others also have the problem. Aluminum heads, cast iron blocks, and coefficient of expansion stuff.

    Best I remember getting for mileage was about 31-33. But, in New England the limit is 65, not that people drive that speed, that's just the limit.

    Looking at a 98 GP now.
  • greywolfgreywolf Posts: 51
    You will not regret moving from an explorer to a GTP. When I ride in my friends explorer, I feel like I am riding in a WW2 era truck.

    ANyway - the GTP is only about $1200 dollars more than the GT. BY all means, get it. Not only do you get a better motor - you get a more rugged transmission and beefier springs.

    But of course - you get a great motor. If you can afford the premium fuel and the extra cost - you will not regret it.

    When you see the GTP badge...and see other GP'rs with the badge - you will know you are one of the few.
  • jimjetjimjet Posts: 27
    Hi, folks! This is my first Pontiac post. Likely like most of you, I am always interested in cars - even after having recently bought a new one - from Ford (Merc). I have a "5%" GM credit card and sometimes wonder why I'm using it because there are so few GM products I actually like. That is, many of their cars look good at first view, but then when I see the interiors, price, and overall assembly quality, it's a turn-off. The one GM product I really like is the Grand Prix GT sedan. Great style. Good engine and transmission. Good handling. For 2001, they have added a plastic liner to the rear wheel wells - an important touch to me (though it could fit better). The biggest negative to the car is the low back seat. Kids can hardly see out of it. Anyway, thank goodness for the Grand Prix. It gives me hope for GM. Bye for now.

    Comment on recent post on cast iron blocks with aluminum heads. The '86-89 Honda Accords have that set-up and they don't have problems at way beyond 100K miles.
  • 96gs96gs Posts: 86
    The 3800 wasn't available in the '91 Grand Prix. The only engine choices were a 140hp 3.1 and a 210hp DOHC 3.4.
  • ech227ech227 Posts: 6
    I agree that the newness of the car and my speed didn't help the mpg.

    This definitely is a small world. I grew up in Hammond as well. Went to Gavit - Class of '89.
  • tsjaytsjay Posts: 4,591

    I guess I have a year or two on you- I was class of '67 at Dear Old Hammond High.

    Are you still living in Hammond? I now live in Kentucky.

  • ech227ech227 Posts: 6
    I live in Chicago now, but my family still lives in Highland & Crown Point so I go back quite often.

    Keep enjoying your GP.
  • madcatmadcat Posts: 6
    Hey everyone!!!
    Have a '00' GP. Purchased in ene of February. Fun car to drive. Like it more each day. Question? Had about 9,000 miles on it. When I would break the front end would pulse. Dealer said Pontiac had possible problem with rotors. They turned the rotors. Problem went away, now it seems to be coming back. Has anyone else had this or similar problems. Does turning the rotors now affect the life of them several years down the road? I live in the Cleveland area.
  • There is a bulletin for at least the 97-99 models that covers that. I had a similar issue with my 99. Only thing was the pulse seemed to be in the back and was in fact in the front. Had to do with the front pads being too thick or something. I have the bulletin in my files at home as my dad is a GM rep. The ended up replacing the front pads and that fixed the problem permanently.
  • tsjaytsjay Posts: 4,591
    The rotors can only be turned so many times before they become too thin. They have to be replaced after that.

    If you've had them turned once and they already need it again, I would insist that they be replaced before your warranty runs out and you end up doing it at your own expense.

    I went through this on my '99 Grand Cherokee Laredo that I traded for my Grand Prix. Many different makes of vehicles have been having rotor problems the last couple years from what I'm hearing.

    I have had no such problems on my 2000 GP after 12K miles.

  • madcatmadcat Posts: 6
    The dealer said that they would replace the rotors should the problem return. Currently the rotors seem to pulse only on occasion. Since I still have the warranty for a good while yet I will pay close attention to this problem. The only other problem with the car was that the back spoiler filled up water, and the dealer fixed that. So far the car runs great. Love its passing power.
  • ruskiruski Posts: 1,566
    give it a few hard stops to make the rotors warp more and then go get new ones under warranty :)
  • It happens when you are going down hill? I think it would behoove you to check out the pads and whether there is a bulletin on them.
  • tsjaytsjay Posts: 4,591
    Hey, guys and gals, has anyone in the group or anyone you personally know of ever received compensation for oil or road tar contamination of their vehicle due to road construction?

    I was driving up U.S. Highway 51 through Ramsey, Illinois, on Wednesday and got a mixture of road oil and fine aggregate (sand-like stuff) all over my car.

    I absolutely could not believe what they were doing! They had both the north-bound and the south-bound lanes covered in fresh road oil and were allowing the traffic to pass right through it! They had removed the top layer of asphalt for several miles in preparation for resurfacing, and they had put down the road oil, as they always do before re-paving. I have NEVER BEFORE seen the oil put down on both lanes of a two lane road and then traffic be expected to drive right through it!!!!

    If they wanted to do both lanes at once, then why didn't they close the road and detour the traffic around the site?

    If they wanted to keep the road open, then why didn't they work on one lane at a time and let the traffic use the other lane???

    You can imagine what my beautiful white GP GT looked like after driving several miles through road oil. I spent two-and-a-half hours with WD-40 getting as much of the crap off my car as I could. Of course, I then had to wash the whole car to get the residual WD-40 off, and now I need to wax the car, even though it hasn't been long since I paid to have the car professionally waxed.

    How about it, everybody? Any similar experiences, and were you compensated?

    I have e-mailed I.D.O.T., and they are investigating. Do you think there's a chance that he contractor's insurance might compensate me?

    Please respond, if you have any info that might help me.

  • ruskiruski Posts: 1,566
    not sure abotu legal issues, but you might want to wash the car with Dawn and clay it.
  • I would order mudflaps from Pontiac to preveent that from happening again
  • tsjaytsjay Posts: 4,591
    That might not be a bad idea, depending, of course, on what it does for the looks of the car.

    I don't remember ever seeing a GP with the mud flaps, have you ever seen one? Are they chrome or shiny like chrome?

    I have a GT, so it has the ground effects moulding, and I don't see how it would look very good with any kind of mud flaps.

    I would like to see a GT that has them to check out the looks.

    Thanks for your suggestion.

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