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Audi A6



  • I have a quetion about how the Average MPG in calculated on the new A6. Does it start all over again everytime the car is restarted or does it keep a running total until it is reset? The reason I ask is on a very recent trip around town I was impressing my wife with how good the milage was, about 26.6 MPG according to the computer. When returning home later that night I was checking it again and it was hovering around 18.5 MPG. Seems like a large swing while on the same tank of gas of a return trip.
  • ctorreyctorrey Posts: 64
    If it's like my 05 A4, there are two sets of computer readings. One is resettable by holding the button on the stalk, the other is reset automatically when the car is restarted (I think). You can scroll through them by hitting the aforementioned button (one of the settings is display OFF). There should be a little number (1 or 2) in the upper righthand corner of the display.
  • liferulesliferules Posts: 531
    That is correct. There are 2 trip computers. One starts with each new "trip" in the car (unless restarted w/in 2 hours of the last, in which case, it continues). The 2nd trip computer will follow the stats (mph, mpg, time, etc...) until you clear it.

    Just scroll thru the menus. Trip 1 is the short one, trip 2 is the "permanent" one that must be cleared manually.
  • bondguy1bondguy1 Posts: 231
    I think like someone else said, if it's within 2 hours of when you shut car off,it will continue w/ MPG. When you start up in the morning, it should read about 14 or 15 right away. The MPG reading will increase quicker as it is an average between 15 to about 23 MPG. If you use cruise control, you'll notice it will increase about .2 to .3 every couple of miles or so. If you sit at a light for a couple of minutes, it will start going down because it is an average. The rated MPG is 19/26 which normally I would think would mean a real world mileage of 21. Also, Mark, my relative is looking at a new M35 and I'm trying to convince him to go Audi. If you get the Infiniti, the Satellite radio is only about $300. But in order to get it, you have to order a very expensive package. And, are daytime running lights available on M35 at extra cost or not available at all?
  • markcincinnatimarkcincinnati Posts: 5,343
    I DID end up with a new A6 3.2.

    However, I would have no problem in finding out one of my relatives or friends bought instead the M35X. You get and you give with each car. The POWER of the Infiniti may be attractive, the high zoot sound system in the Infiniti too is persuasive over the Audi. The Audi has the fit and finish and interior quality that remains, for the momenet, the one to beat. The Audi has the 6 speed transmission -- but both cars cannot be had with a manual. There are numerous other facts and feelings that these car can impart that may compell you to one or the other.

    Had Audi's price, initially, not been so outrageous (for a lease) I never would have educated myself on the M35X. The M35X is "nearly" German in feel and many will swear it has reliability that will over time prove its superiority to the Audi.

    I wish I weren't so much in favor of the Infiniti -- but it is, no doubt, a fine car and at the moment the ONLY Japanese car I would even seriously consider.

    All that being said, I do love my new A6. Yet, full disclosure, I would probably be about at the same point with the Infiniti M35X (3 weeks into it, that is).

    The Audi --the GERMAN Audi -- may, for some, carry some image weight. I wouldn't put much stock in that, however. I guess if I were really impressed by image, I would go with BMW.
  • bargamon1bargamon1 Posts: 110
    Spent the last two weeks in Italy. Fun place to car watch!


    Given its history, high fuel prices, and small roads, small cars still rule. But are far more styled.

    I am a staunch anti SUV person, and am further revolted when seeing how we waste our energy.

    Im not ready to trade in my allroad for a Vespa, but would if I lived in a total urban environment!

    Alpha Romeo are still very cool!

    Audi A4 wagons are the "IT" car. Like its been stated before, the majority were Avents! Most A6's were Avents, except for the new model.

    Most E-class (new) are sedans, but audi's were Avents.

    Most were TDI with displacements I think were 2.5 litres.

    Its gross we need to drive bigger cars to defend ourselves against the decaying fleet of ford excersions and other garbage suvs giants!

    Its also gross we need to fuel our phalic needs to have horsepower "arms" race when these great 3.2 engines are so effiecient!

    The new A6 and A4 Avents are so sporty and pratical in my opinion!

    While the A6 would be my first choice, an A4 avent 3.2 manual 6speed if they ever give us this choice would be a blast to drive, and certainly is sized right! This might be the natural replacement for my allroad.

    But that luxury of the A6 calls to me also!

    Audi was the "it" car in the land that gives us the best food, pretty country, and damm pretty women!

    A few days spent on the Island of Capri changed my dreams. THAT is the place I want to be, and really no room for anything bigger than the smallest of cars.

    A turbo mini, and a villa in Capri!
  • legendmanlegendman Posts: 362
    My decision NOT to go with the new A6 does not somehow suggest any critique of someone who did go with the new Audi.


    I understand the points you make above, but maybe I am coming in late on this conversation, but what, specifically, is informing your choice to pass on Audi? What about the marketing is affecting your purchase decision?

    What do you think of the A6 as a car? I am thinking seriously about buying one. Trying to discern if there are any discernable differences or improvements from the 2005 to the 2006, like an improved MMI or smoother engine response. Reliability factor improved?

    Separately, I agree with some owners that the A6 3.2 seems a tad underpowered when in Standard driving mode, but when switched into Sport mode, it seemed pretty responsive to this lead foot.
  • wattson1wattson1 Posts: 15
    i just tried using the new sony ericsson with audi a6. it had some many issues from not connecting w bluetooth, unable to place calls and no audio after the call got connected. i am returning the phone and i am thinking of getting siemens. i wish i can get a T637
  • sacguysacguy Posts: 27
    MarkCincinnati actually decided to go with the Audi A6 3.2 after all and canceled his Infiniti M35x purchase.
  • markcincinnatimarkcincinnati Posts: 5,343
    The Audi A6 was my first choice. I labored long to place the Infiniti M35X on order.

    I believe to this day that decisions were made to bring the Audi A6 to market and price it "as if" it had been a member in good standing of the Premium Luxury Performance Sedan club (Note: the fact that I, Roseanne Roseanna Danna, believed that the Audi line HAD been in the club for years didn't make it so.)

    The way Audi brought the car to market "as if" was to put the car on the market with lease programs that were, IMHO, outrageous. Often the lease program would allow a buyer to bring up two web browsers at once (one signed onto Audi, one to BMW, for example) and "configure and price" two similar cars (in this case a BMW 530 and an Audi A6 3.2.) For years and years Audis always offered somewhat lower MSRP's, higher content and the secret sauce "quattro." Moreover, it was often possible to configure the BMW du jour as a maxed out 530 and for the same money you could get an Audi A6 4.2. So, until the new 2005 A6's, one could configure a 6 cylinder BMW and an 8 cylinder AWD Audi for even money.

    From my vantage point, the Audi was a Premium Luxury Performance Sedan (w a V8 and AWD and 100% free maintenance) that was very very high value.

    With one fell swoop, the 2005 Audi A6 leapt in price and leapt in lease cost so much that an apples to apples comparison almost always favored the BMW by close to $200 per month.

    When nearly half of your cars are on the street under a lease contract, this "ought to have been" a clue. Moreover, when the list of 7 or 8 "usual suspects" in the LPS category were all outselling you and/or you were vying for next to last place, month after month (despite accolades after accolades about your product) -- well it just seemed to me that the Audi had squandered its several long standing advantages.

    I tested and liked the M35X and it too was nearly $200 per month less to lease than my beloved Audi.

    In no way did I find the Audi to be unworthy in terms of content or features. Sure I thought it was a tad bit underpowered and the Infiniti and Lexus and Acura offerings did seem to offer a few more bells and whistles (and I love bells and whistles), but Audis over the past nearly 30 years have been very good to my wife, my company and me. We had "leased and/or purchased" some 27 of them since 1977, in fact.

    That WAS the story until June 23rd.

    I got a call from my local Cincinnati Audi Dealership: the Audi Connection and from Audi of America. They said they would make me an "attractive" offer for a new 2005 Audi A6 3.2 configured exactly as I wanted it and even in the color combination I wanted (even if it had to be ordered).

    I asked for virtually every possible option and I wanted Green Pearl exterior and Amaretto Premium (standard, not sport) Leather seats.

    A few days later, the call came from Audi that they had located a car. Another few days later, I got the call that the car was ready to pick up -- no sec dep, no cash out of pocket, just my first month's lease payment and a plate transfer fee from my 2003 Audi allroad to my 2005 Audi A6 3.2.

    Infiniti was gracious, apologized and thanked me for the opportunity to market their M35X to me. They instantly refunded my deposit which I had placed on my "custom ordered" M35X.

    I am now at 3 plus weeks into the car. I have 1,800 miles on it (I drove it to Pittsburgh and back and made a trip to Columbus and back, so I have put some heavy miles on it early on.)

    I love the car. It gets great milage -- it isn't as powerful as I would like, but what I would have had with the M35X is probably something on the order of a half a second quicker acceleration to 100kph.

    I have listed several times the gives and gets of this transaction and the two cars.

    Suffice it to say I got something and I know I gave up something. The Infiniti M35X is in some respects a watershed vehicle. Audi (and the other guys, too) have a bullseyes painted on them and the best gun aiming at them right now, IMHO, is the Infiniti M family. The bar has been raised.

    The "feature" I miss the most is the ability to play DVD-Audio discs. The M's top o the line sound system is just a tad better than the Audis system.

    However, I just got the new Coldplay CD, the new Van Morrison CD and a remastered CD called Page & Plant, Unledded (Led Zep songs acoustic ally presented) -- the Audi sound system is the best car audio system I have ever had, even though I still know the M35X would have been just a teeny bit better.

    Audi of America and my long term dealer came through. The new A6 is a great car -- but the bar keeps getting pushed higher and higher. The 2007's had better be just THAT much better all over again.

    Nothing, that I can recall, ever said by me indicated any issues of significance with Audis products, especially the new A6 (significant enough to make me not want the car based on its content that is). I was just unwilling to pay almost $200 a month more for the Audi vs the other guys in the "club."

    My A6 actually came in $8 per month less than the M35X would have been.

    This time "it was about the money" -- the marketing/value proposition was out of whack (for me). I was mad as hell and I wasn't gonna take it!

    And they lived happily ever after.

    The End.

  • bondguy1bondguy1 Posts: 231
    Mark, not only is the car sooooo much quicker in "S" mode but the sound of the exhaust is really nice!!! Love this car...btw, I know it's harder to keep a dark car clean, but dark colors with the clearcoat that Audi uses is just unbeatable IMHO. Getting over 26 MPG.

    By the way, did you ever see these cheesy chrome lens covers that only cover the edges of the rear lights a silver frame around the lights. I can't believe people would buy this...they make them for the front headlights too. Separately, I do like the chrome exhaust pipes. I know they make them for older dual exhaust on the 05' A6 would look great with shiny chrome pipe extensions. Do they make them and do they just fit over the pipes that are there? What do you think?
  • markcincinnatimarkcincinnati Posts: 5,343
    Yes they are made and I think the factory chrome exhaust pipe tips that came with my A6 3.2 are just fine.

    My Audi dealer has a full on ground effects kit for the A6 and it includes something that changes the rear valence to have twin twin chrome pipe extensions coming out of it, rear decklid spoiler, chin spoiler and sill and rocker panel effects. The wing on the butt is fine, perhaps the chin spoiler is OK, but the other stuff makes the thing look too much like a Pontiac Bonneville from a few years back with all that cladding on it. Yech!

    I would want something, if I were to pop any money for stuff like this that made an improvement in handling, acceleration or performance in some way.

    The rear spoiler seems like a worthwhile appearance and performance enhancement -- perhaps.

    Bigger wheels and tires, too, could be helpful. I like the chrome tips.
  • bargamon1bargamon1 Posts: 110

    As you know, we have the same configuration and color Allroads, and will be making a similar decision as did you soon.

    I see one could get a X3 with stick as did your Mrs. and was wondering if if you have written anything about it elsewhere?

    The FX35 Infiniti seems a bit like a a worthy replacement to the allroad, and would be about $450 on the lease. I see this as a high content vehicle for the money. Now don't get me wrong, its a step down from the allroad, but its unibody carlike awd luxury is a similar segment to the allroad. I was wondering if you considered it in your infiniti consideration.

    I am torn as to step up to an A6 which is leaning toward the luxury side of things, or down to an A4 with hopes of a 3.2 manual tranny. The X5 is bigger than I desire, and soon to be changed over, but also can be had in a manual! I am amazed everything short of the 7 series in BMW can still be had in a Manual!

    I have fallen in love witht he A6 size, the 2.7, and the manual shift! I will need to move on, and cannot duplicate! The new A6 Avent does looks incredible!

    I have seen A6 lease offer in the Wall St Journal the other day. I thought it was like $569 for basic $3k down, 10k miles, 39 mos. for basic leather version!
  • ivan_99ivan_99 Posts: 1,681
    If you have time to wait till early 2008 the Q5 may be an alternative

  • markcincinnatimarkcincinnati Posts: 5,343
    You are at a good time to make a decision.

    If you need the size and cargo carrying of the allroad -- and you want some sport, go with the X3.

    Order it, order it, order it.

    Configure it YOUR way.

    The new X3 will have the 255 engine in the 3.0 version. And, if they continue the theme, the X3 can be both luxed and sported up and had with a 6speed manual.

    Based on my wife's X3, I would say the X3 with the sport option is a worthy rival for your affections to the allroad.

    The Avants, both A4 and A6 are certainly worth your consideration, too.

    The A4 Avant is especially sporty and spunky and all 2006's can be ordered with quattro and a manual transmission.

    Now, the A6 will be much bigger and if you need that much room, then consider the Avant in that configuation too.

    For the money, for the time being, the X3 3.0 with Premium and Sport and Servotronic steering is "the bomb."
  • bargamon1bargamon1 Posts: 110
    That is so the vehicle I want! My time is up next summer I know this segment is a growing one and more choices are better. Infiniti was really ahead of the curve witht the FX.

    My needs are decent room for back seat, and a reaonable about of cargo space. style, sport, and awd are the top priority.

    I'll be looking at end of season 06's to lease from, or early 07's.

    Thanks for posting the picture!
  • markcincinnatimarkcincinnati Posts: 5,343
    I hope it comes to the US!
  • bargamon1bargamon1 Posts: 110
    Servotronic? sounds like somthing Oldsmobile had in the 1960's!

    This time around I am actually trying to not look at the cache value of brands and like you looking at cost for value. I absolutley love the Audi thing and the A4 avent with manual would very much fit except for the smallish back seat, and familiar dash to current allroad, but its a step down! I can live without the two tone leather, but the A4 is less of a car than the allroad. Ok, thats my cross to bear. The A6 avent steps up to a more sedate lux ride, which is cool, and is about the best looking wagon I have seen!

    Mark, any comps you considered in the Audi vs. FX35 at anytime?
  • markcincinnatimarkcincinnati Posts: 5,343
    The Servotronic steering is standard on the Audi and optional on the BMW -- the X3's on the lot at most dealers will NOT have this $250 option -- it makes a huge difference.

    Servotronic basically means the steering effort is related to the road speed, not the engine speed. As you get faster the steering feels more connected to the road, rather than more disconnected.

    Better said:
  • markcincinnatimarkcincinnati Posts: 5,343
    . . .if you get the A6 3.2 w/Premium it will come with a very very nice upgraded BOSE (I know it is an oxymoron, but it really is a very good system) "Surround Sound" system. The surround settings can only be applied to the Sat Radio (I have Sirius) and the CD. But they can be applied separately.

    If I leave my car in the garage for two days without driving it, the radio settings "DSP" revert to "Normal" from my favorite setting "Surround Rear."

    Thus far, I have not asked the dealer about this, and it is NOT a big deal -- but I am wondering if anyone else has had this feature happen and if there is something that I am doing that causes the settings NOT to stick?
  • rjlaerorjlaero Posts: 659
    Looks like Audi is on a roll as the 2005 A6 scored extemely high in the latest saftey ratings from the IIHS.

    Both the A4 and A6 are double best picks.
  • markcincinnatimarkcincinnati Posts: 5,343
    We can debate virtually everything we bloggers post here. Of course if all we did was post “just the facts,” or “the truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth,” this would be a pretty boring stop on the Internet super-highway.

    In that spirit, with just a hair over 2,000 miles on my new Audi A6 3.2, I have an update. Subsequent updates of much substance and length will probably not be possible before 5,000 miles and again at 10,000 save for the erudite banter that will inevitably be the sum and substance of most of our musings. Here goes.


    From the moment you lay eyes on the new A6 (especially the front end) you will undoubtedly have a strong opinion. Since style is perhaps the most subjective of all the attributes of automotive opinion, I see little value in spending much time on it. The A6 is well proportioned and from the side, at least, nothing seems out of place – it is “practical and aesthetic” geometry, you could perhaps call the look “athletic.” You decide. The view from the rear (and rear three-quarter angle), too, is probably unlikely to offend. Suffice it to say, I find Audi’s dual exhaust tips and integrated deck-lid spoiler implementation pleasing to behold. And, for the record, I like the grill. Some have dubbed it the “trout mouth.” Sticks and stones, I say – sticks and stones.

    Overall, the new A6 looks semi-formal while the outgoing model was business casual. The new A6 has moved up an inch or two on the dressed for success yardstick.

    Style grade: A-.

    Ingress and Egress

    Entry and exit into this “big, medium sized car” are easily accomplished. The door handles and frankly every part that your hand touches during these acts feel “solid,” but not heavy. The sense is this is a substantial machine that is also silky smooth in its operation. At night, lights that at first seem to come from nowhere (check the underside of the outside mirrors) perfectly illuminate your way. In terms of attention to lighting details, this Audi sets a high standard.

    Ingress and Egress grade: A


    While you’re outside check the tires and wheels (I have the 18” wheels with 245 x 40 high performance all season Continental’s – and I have the standard suspension set up.) The A6 is at its “best proportions” when these attractive (especially considering that they are OE) wheels fill the wheel wells. I’ve seen the car shod with the 17” wheel/tire combo and to my eye something “just don’t look quite right.” Even with the 18” wheels and high performance all season tires, this new Audi is somewhat under-tired. Had Audi opted instead for ultra high performance all season tires (the Yokohama DB2’s or the Michelin Pilot Sport A/S’s for instance) the handling would almost certainly benefit. As it is, you get a very low profile tire that attempts to sacrifice some performance in the name of comfort and – hopefully – tread wear.

    Not being in a severe winter climate, I could see replacing these tires with either UHP all seasons as noted above, or perhaps UHP or Maximum Performance Summer only tires. The already decent turn-in would certainly improve with such new shoes.

    Wheels/Tires grade: A-/B

    Interior (and overall fit and finish)

    For years Audis interiors have set the standards for automotive interiors. Even Audis detractors have found little to carp about when it comes to Audis interior design, ergonomics, and use of materials of high quality look and feel and fit and finish. Phrases used by the experts include “jewel like,” “posh” and “classic.” Every hinge and switch clicks or thuds as expected, dials and knobs rotate as if they were taken from high end audio equipment, pull handles seem to float back to their resting places when released as if in near-zero gravity. Instrumentation is easy to read and the sharp red needles move as if they had been crafted by a fine watchmaker. Stitching on the seats, too, is another area where Audi really shines. Speaking of the seats, if you have the convenience package option, the front seats have handy drawers built into them – holy trundle bed!

    At night, the interior is subtly bathed in a pleasing blue-white light (and its intensity is able to be dialed in with great precision.) Even the individual foot wells are given the pale bluish glow treatment. The vanity mirrors are now actually two mirrors in one, both normal and magnified views are offered just in case a precise last minute application of a critical cosmetic is required by either the driver or front seat passenger. In two words, the A6’s interior (at least with the Premium leather) is exquisite and sublime.

    Interior (and overall fit and finish) grade: A+
  • markcincinnatimarkcincinnati Posts: 5,343
    MMI /Voice/Premium Sound/Navigation

    After the brouhaha that attended BMW’s iDrive, someone at Audi must’ve decided “there must be a better way.” Although I now consider myself to be nearly a master of the integrated Navigation, Premium Surround Sound System and Voice Control (a $350 must have option) integrated with the MMI system, I also find myself just wanting to push “button number 5” to simply change the radio station. If the manufacturers have to put these joystick systems in, this is not a difficult system to use and learn. I just miss some of the functions of “the old way” – most notably radio buttons.

    Although very cool, I still find myself not wanting to change the radio station via voice control when I have guests in the car. It’s probably just me, but doing this in public makes me feel like I’ve just discovered my zipper is down and realizing it’s been that way since I first put my pants on. Hopefully this is rooted in some childhood trauma and I will recover – for the voice control of the telephone, audio options and satellite navigation works well, not quite flawlessly, but very well. And, with so many knobs, buttons, gauges and screens to touch, turn, and see, voice control becomes a safety feature in addition to a convenience feature.

    Virtually every 2005 A6 has the Bose premium sound system (either as part of a package or with the satellite radio option) so it is pretty safe to assume that you will only listen to Audi’s best audio system ever. When ordered with either Sirius or XM satellite radio, two sound sources are able to be configured with “surround” processing – the 6 CD changer and satellite radio. Normal AM and FM radio is not given the full-on surround front or rear treatment.

    Although this is Audis best factory audio system ever, it is, after spending some time with both the Acura TL and Infiniti M DVD-Audio systems, demoted to second best. With little program material available in DVD-Audio, this is probably not much of an issue. But the differences between a full-on DVD-Audio system and the Audi implementation are not subtle. But, like HDTV, there is currently so little content to choose from it probably would be rarely used to its full potential. Part of the blame for this, however, is that once you’ve experienced satellite radio you’ll wonder how you ever got along without it. The breadth and often the depth of choices on satellite radio are impressive. Since this is an Audi A6 report, I’ll leave it at that. Some folks have their criticisms of satellite radio. Although I understand them, the inherent goodness of this source far outweighs its shortcomings as far as I’m concerned.

    The DVD based navigation system isn’t perfect; none of these systems ever seems to have every street, intersection or secondary road yet in its database. However, this is my fifth car with navigation and the technology has come a long way since 2000. Audis system is easy to program and use. As an added touch a second “arrow and prompt” screen is placed in between the tachometer and speedometer and is almost always within the driver’s peripheral vision. Acura and Infiniti (in the new M) arguably have even better systems, but the Audi system, if not state of the art, is very close.

    MMI /Voice/Premium Sound/Navigation grade: B+/A/A-/A-
  • markcincinnatimarkcincinnati Posts: 5,343

    My “admiration” and appreciation for the 3.2 engine continues to grow with every passing mile. Yet, coming on the heels experience with 3 Audi V8’s and the spirited 2.7T V6, the 3.2 can basically be described as “adequate” insofar as urge (a.k.a., torque.) To achieve just a subtle amount of additional quickness, Audi should resort to lowering the final drive ratio by about 3% (if they asked me, which they haven’t.) Perhaps a mile (or two) of fuel economy would be sacrificed, but the efficiency of the FSI technology is such that, it would seem to be both a small sacrifice and worthwhile for the added zoom such a change would impart.

    Of course, the new 2.0T (also an FSI engine) proves this engine type (i.e., FSI) is perhaps the most turbo friendly engine ever. The mind boggles at the transformation that even small bi-turbo impellers would induce in the 3.2. But, a 3.2T would certainly have at least 300 HP and also a like amount of torque (from sub 2,000 RPM’s) and could possibly make the 4.2 engine the answer to a question that would be quickly forgotten. From a marketing perspective, well, that just wouldn’t do.

    Despite some lack of “urgency” that the new A6’s girth gives this 255 HP V6, all is not lost. The 3.2 makes mostly pleasing sounds (almost as sweet as the 4.2), sips gas on the freeway and is able to provide effortless high speed cruising. Its slight lethargy to 60 mph is, in the overall scheme of things, just that – slight. I predict this engine has a great future ahead of it. Better quality fuel and improved (but not forced) induction will certainly follow in the upcoming years. Such a breath of fresh air, coupled with a DSG or quattro-capable CVT, in an upcoming A6 3.2 will certainly allow Audi to proclaim, “Problem solved.” The power to weight penalty is reflected in the final grade, below.

    The transmission is less impressive, however. Formerly known as “Tip Lag,” this transmission seems to be plagued with, um, er, gee, uh, “indecisiveness” – which is, after all, a common trait of all modern “smart” automatics or so it seems. All current, premium-car-class, 5, 6 and now 7 speed automatics are hell-bent to be in a higher, therefore more economical, gear. This is laudable.

    However, when the driver needs or wants to react quickly (to squirt through a traffic issue or just plain wants to get out of the way), these smart transmissions attempt to discern if the driver really, really, really is calling for so much extra urge that a downshift might be called for. This half-second delay to ponder the meaning of life often causes the hapless driver to press even further on the accelerator pedal. Then, since this pedal is actually connected to a computer, the transmission receives the instruction to downshift violently 1, 2 or sometimes 3 gears – causing a great deal of fuss and strum as the car leaps forward after the slight “decision” lag. Audis new 6 speed Tiptronic, thankfully has a secondary program that mostly eliminates this tendency. Keeping the lever in the “S” rather than the “D” detent retards the rapid and relentless tendency to shift up, up, up. Seldom in “S” mode will the transmission be in a gear substantially below the 3.2’s fairly broad torque band.

    But, for the ultimate in lag-free motoring, a full manumatic mode is offered, and this time the transmission stays in first gear until you tell it to up-shift or when you reach the engine’s red-line. I’ve said it before, it is quite possible that those not used to driving a stick shift will even notice the issues suggested in these remarks.

    Dear Audi, please offer the DSG transmission in the A6, sooner rather than later.

    Thanks to what must be completely new and improved brakes, the A6, when commanded to slow or stop, does exactly what you would expect it slows or stops without further ado. Gone are noises, shudders and that certain confidence draining spongy feeling of many of the A6 braking systems out since 1998. These are great brakes.

    Engine/Transmission/Brakes grade: B+/B-/A
  • markcincinnatimarkcincinnati Posts: 5,343
    Suspension: Ride Quality and Handling

    Although the 2005 A6 is virtually the same length as its immediate predecessor, Audis engineers stretched the wheelbase over 3 inches and worked engineering magic on the suspension. This translates into a larger and more comfortable interior – both at rest and at full cry. Wind and road noise too are further quieted in the C6 A6 thus adding to the luxury quotient. As I recall the new A6 touts a significantly stiffer chassis than the C5 generation. This too contributes to an improved ride quality and also improves the “SQ” (sportiness quotient) of the A6 even without the optional sport suspension (which at $250 – above the cost of the “mandatory” 18” wheel option – seems like a no-brainer.)

    Does the A6 impress as a “sports sedan” against the formidable competition from the likes of Infiniti, BMW and perhaps the Cadillac STS (if equipped with the optional sport suspension and Magna-ride)? My “unfair” answer is yes.

    Two weeks ago I was given the opportunity to “test” a Cadillac CTS and STS, a BMW 530i and a Lexus ES 330 on a closed track with a professional race car driver as my co-pilot. Afterwards, while the cones were still set up, I was able to “simulate” the acceleration, cornering and braking exercises in my very own A6.

    I noted on previous posts that the STS and the CTS were “ringers” in that they were equipped with optional wheels and, in the instance of the STS, the sport suspension, while the BMW and Lexus were forced to fend for themselves with smaller tires and standard suspensions.

    The new A6 was more of a sporty sedan than the winner of the day – the STS. Indeed, the 2005 A6 3.2 on the optional 18” wheels and tires felt more competent than even the BMW 530 on its smaller wheels and tires, standard suspension and non-servotronic steering. Servotronic is standard on the Audi.

    Although I have test driven the A6 3.2 and 4.2 with the optional sport package, I do not have enough seat time to make any really experienced based observations. Suffice it to say, that the new A6 with the standard suspension and 18” wheel package is luxurious and sporty. I would, based on a gut feel, order the sport suspension package (or S-Line) if I were given a mulligan. Any slight decrease in ride quality would, I’m certain, be offset by even greater tossability.

    Audis are, generally speaking, nose heavy; the new A6 is no exception. However, Audis suspension engineers have done an even better than their usual great job of making the best out of a less than optimal F/R weight balance. Although the A6’s tendencies to understeer remain, gone – almost – is that snow plow feel that could be relatively easily induced in the C5 version. The suspension engineers have outdone themselves. With slightly better F/R weight distribution, Audi could stand more than a fighting chance against the 2006 BMW 530xi. Not having driven the new BMW, I’ll stop there and wonder if that is hubris or perhaps wishful thinking on my part.

    Suspension: Ride Quality and Handling grade: A/A-

    I had narrowed my choice for a new LPS car to the Audi and the new Infiniti M35X. Perhaps I have driven the Infiniti 50 or 60 miles in test drives. As noted, I have now some 2,000 miles on the Audi. How quickly the mind and body forgets. I had so wanted to be able to make an even remotely valid comparison of the two cars. Not gonna happen. I can only conclude that I am confident I would have been delighted with the Infiniti and I am with certainty delighted with the Audi.

    None of my comments should suggest I disagree with the several comparison tests wherein the Infiniti bettered all the LPS contestants. Nor should my comments be taken as shameless agreement with the editors of Automobile magazine – they who declared (in a similar comparison of LPS sedans) the Audi as victor.

    I am very pleased, actually, as noted I am delighted with the Audi A6 3.2. I can now comfortably recommend this car to be on your legitimate short list if you are looking for a premium sport-luxury sedan in the $50,000+ neighborhood.

    Note1: The only option I find to be overpriced is the advanced key ($750); I do like it, but I wouldn’t get it again if it cost more than $350.

    Note2: Presently Audi seems to be offering attractive lease deals on this car. Let’s hope this behavior sticks.

    Vital statistics:

    2005 A6 3.2: Cambridge Green Pearl, Amaretto Leather

    Cold Weather
    Sat Radio/Sirius
    Sat Navigation
    Premium Leather/comfort seats
    18” 7 spoke wheels A/S 245 x 40 x 18 tires
    Voice command+Smartkey
  • erickplerickpl Posts: 2,735
    I have the Michelin Pilot Sport A/S tires on my current (other) sedan. I agree that they are grippy, but I have come to hate unidirectional tires because they cannot be rotated like a conventional tire. After about 10,000 miles, they have become quite noisy and are, frankly, getting REALLY lousy grip in the rain right now. I have about 35,000 on them right now and I'm sure they are due for replacement sooner rather than later.

    I agree with your comments about the vehicle so far, otherwise. Though I like our 17" wheels (we got the optional 9 spoke wheels). I wanted the 18's. But I got my DVD nav.

  • markcincinnatimarkcincinnati Posts: 5,343
    With my own money as replacements, I would probably go with the Yokohama DB2's. But more than 25K out of these tires is impossible.

    I had the Pilot A/S's on my allroad -- at 19,000 miles the noise was so great they had to go.
  • bondguy1bondguy1 Posts: 231
    My car has Michelin Pilot HXMXM4' it just what part of the country you're in determining which tires they give you? I happen to like Michelin's the best as they seem to last longer than other brands I've had. Also, a really great improvement is one that nobody mentioned yet.
    On my 02' A6 3.0 w/ CVT, if I opened the sunroof with all four windows up, at about 40 MPH it would make that noise like a loud air noise in the car unless you opened up at least one window or if you went up to 50 MPH. With the new car, it has a better built in wind deflector and no noise from 0 to at least 90 MPH.
  • markcincinnatimarkcincinnati Posts: 5,343
    I have no issue with the offering of Summer only vs All season tires.

    This time, Audi has chosen to "dumb down" the tires if you order the A/S version.

    Although I am far from a tire expert (or any expert for that matter), the tirerack categorizes tires at all levels. For consideration for a sport lux sedan, like Audi, the offerings are HP, UHP and Max Performance. As far back as I can remember, Audis always came with either UHP or Max Performance tires, usually under 50 series. The new A6 18" wheels are shod with 40 series tires (short sidewalls) but the HP rating generally means the sidewalls aren't as stiff as those in the UHP and Max Performance tires.

    Had Audi opted for something like the W rated Yokohama DB2's, improved performance would likely come along for the [quiet] ride afforded by these UHP A/S tires.

    Even Continental offers other, more agressive performance tires in the UHP A/S line that would fit this application.

    The Pilot HXMXM4's (as I recall) are also HP A/S tires, NOT UHP.

    The primary attribute these HP tires offer the customer is somewhat longer treadwear. Perhaps that is sufficient justification for this somewhat contradictory choice.
  • liferulesliferules Posts: 531
    Good Lord, Mark! Do you have a secretary that types that for you? I'd have carpal tunnel by the second entry....

    Anyway, I think you were too generous with the nav grade. I feel it's pretty poor both is quantity of data (not all of the US is actually in it) as well as quality of data (others have posted that it doesn't have as many points of interest and can't find places by phone number, etc... that the other LPS's have).
  • markcincinnatimarkcincinnati Posts: 5,343
    In terms of streets and roads, etc, living where we live, there are few issues. My wife has a new BMW with NAV, and it too is comparable.

    I have not had the experience or pleasure of living with an Acura, Infiniti or Lexus GPS factory system.

    I did think the Infiniti presentation system was superioir to the Audis.

    Each and every year, I have noticed a reduction of available "attractions" in the databases. My 2001 system had more restaurants, for example, than my 2003 system.

    My wife's system knows where our house is, the Audis knows the general area, our friend's Lexus is hopelessly undermapped.

    The best presentation I have seen is with the Infiniti M's Bird's eye view capability. The easier to use system (easier than the Audi, at least) is Acura's (in the TL which I assume is similar to the RL's).

    Since this is all subjective, I had to grade the thing based on having ONLY Audi and BMW systems to compare to. I do not claim this is objective, I only made a personal comparative statement and grade based on my narrow experience.

    I would, however, think that having gone through so many systems since 2000, that our experiences are not entirely invalid.

    Like I said, erudite banter (and debate)! :shades:
  • bargamon1bargamon1 Posts: 110

    I have narrowed my obsession to the A6 and the X3.

    The A6 cuz I am enthusiastic about the new lease offer.

    The X3 need to upgrade the interior. Its nice, but not "audi" nice.

    Crossed off the M35 and the FX35. Reason, it does not have that German MOJO!

    Just looking at the M35 tells me its missing. It tries to hard to attract with the glitter of lights and wiz bang goodies. You are very kind to it.
  • bondguy1bondguy1 Posts: 231
    I couldn't agree with you more. Just took the A6 on a 120 mile trip to Marco Island Florida today. Cruising Alligator Alley at 90+MPH the whole way, I averaged with cruise control on and including tapping the brakes every once in awhile averaged 24.8 MPG...pretty incredible I think. Also, I didn't realize until this weekend but one thing I love about the NAV is that you can program it for fastest to your destination or shortest distance to your destination. I know the Lexus had this feature years ago when I drove one. This car really does rock and just broke 3,000 miles. Cruising at about 95 MPH seemed effortless and not loud at all. Felt like we were doing 40 MPH. And, the automatic wipers are great too with their speed sensitive setting.
  • markcincinnatimarkcincinnati Posts: 5,343
    The M35X seems "nearly" German. I am certain I would have found it to be an excellent car.

    On the other hand, I love my new A6 and have no regrets. I really was in a no lose situation -- the fact that I ended up with my first choice configured as I wanted makes this even better!

    My wife's X3 continues to please, too.

    Hoping for an upgrade to the X3 when her lease is up -- my guess is there will be some improvements to the X3 over the next two years -- both in the cockpit and under the hood.
  • bargamon1bargamon1 Posts: 110
    At they just released an announcement that the Allroad is returning. They showed the concept car that was a big hit on the show car circut.

    Mid 2006 release date! The show car is tricked out big time, with a V8 of course.

    Otherwise its a show car, and a real beaut!

    I will have interesting choices, but this thing goes upscale big time!

    Showcars are one thing, reality is another.
  • rjlaerorjlaero Posts: 659
    You're talking about the new Q7, and not the Allroad. There are no plans for a 2006 Allroad model in the US right now. They might bring it back in 07.

    The V8 model Q7 should be here late spring 2006, and the V6 versions will follow in the late summer and early fall.

    The Q7's will come out as 2007 model year vehicles.
  • markcincinnatimarkcincinnati Posts: 5,343
    If the operative phrase in "in the US right now," I suspect that is possible. However, the allroad replacement -- also called the allroad is slated to be built, unless the Audi-gossip web sites are all wrong.

    The things I have read about that are to be built (but I am not clear on for what market) include: Q7 (based on Touareg/Cayenne), Q5 (a smaller version perhaps based on the A4/Avant -- what I read about this was ??? US ???), A6 Avant (of course) and the allroad which will be a current allroad carried froward.

    According to Audi AG: "As well as offering the elegant sportiness of the new Audi A6 Avant, the new Audi A6 allroad quattro cuts a fine figure off the beaten track. The second generation once again features quattro permanent four-wheel drive and adaptive air suspension with variable ground clearance. The Audi A6 allroad quattro is the most expressive way of driving an Audi A6 Avant.

    The second generation of the Audi A6 allroad quattro will be lauched in mid-2006."

    The Q7 is NOT the allroad:


    Allroad link:

  • bargamon1bargamon1 Posts: 110
    Im talking allroad.

    The reason I mentioned my source would be to inform, and then to validate my post.

    Perhaps a quick journey to read that newsrelease might clairify what you seem to think I am NOT saying!

    Good day!
  • erickplerickpl Posts: 2,735
    I hear that there is a bluetooth software upgrade that can be done to the MMI on the A6 that helps with the end call problems people have. Symptoms include phone hanging up, but the MMI not releasing the bluetooth connection to the phone and it thinks it is still connected, even though the phone itself has hung up.

    Apparantly, you do not want to initiate a call with the phone itself or it will still be a problem, but originating from the MMI itself will work just fine.

    I can try to get the s/w versions.

  • rjlaerorjlaero Posts: 659
    The new allroad may be launched "somewhere" next summer 2006, but it's highly unlikely that it will be available for US customers then.

    Your're probobly talking early 2007 here in the states. The new 2006 Avant just hit showrooms this week for US dealers... 9 months behind the sedan

    Magazines and on-line groups tend to be 6 months to a year ahead of reality.

    People thought the Q7's would be here in the fall of 2005, but it's 8 months away for the V8's and a year away for the V6's Q7's.

    The new Allroad looks gorgeous, though, and the sooner it gets here the better.
  • I really was enjoying my first Audi until about 3 weeks ago. I was two months and about 1,600 miles into my new car when the engine and steering wheel began to shake rather violently when attempts were made to accelerate quickly (i.e., rapid lane changes). I am still enjoying an A6 Audi ride - just not mine (the dealers). For three weeks + the dealer and supposedly Audi (Germany) could not identify the problem.

    A Michigan based engineer may have finally identified the problem - we are now waiting for a part from Germany. Has anyone else had this experience?
  • liferulesliferules Posts: 531
    There have been a few similar experiences on other forums and they found flat spotting of the tires which was not detected with wheel balancing but when detected (they didn't say how) and changing the tire, the problem went away.

    Good luck with fixing the car.
  • markcincinnatimarkcincinnati Posts: 5,343
    . . .and I began counting "driver" switches, buttons, levers/stalks and rotary dials on the A6 3.2 with "all the options" (oops, sorry, I don't have the power rear sunshade, which would probably add another switch of some kind.) I did not count controls that are not exactly intended for the driver.

    I will recount, but at the number I am about to tell you I counted whilst sitting through two traffic cycles in gridlock, plus or minus even another half dozen still makes for an impressive number. From behind the wheel, counting the horn as 1, there are some 66 "things" that can be pushed, turned or in some way "switched" to cause something to happen. This does not include the mirror in the sun visor, which has two sliding pieces. Some of the switches have multiple functions, that is they can be pushed, rolled, rotated or articulated.

    As I sat there in the cockpit of my car, I paused to wonder how I would get along without voice control, bluetooth hand and eyesfree telephoning, sat nav and, frankly, cruise control

    Oddly, I curse the automatic transmission at every possible opportunity -- it makes driving so much more difficult because the damn thing is always shifting at times OTHER than when I want it to. And, as good as the tip mode is (and it is waaaayyy better than in previous years), it is a poor substitute for the control -- and performance -- afforded by a "row your own" speed manual with the extra foot pedal.

    I should be locked up -- as I am a walking contradiction. I love automatic wipers, headlights, ABS, ESP, Brake assist and Audio Pilot even (and cruise control is a godsend) -- but please, please give me a transmission that doesn't think it's smarter than a human driver. Heck, I'm not the sharpest tool in the shed, but I'm smarter than any tiptronic I've ever used.
  • bargamon1bargamon1 Posts: 110
    I hear you bro!

    The sweetness of shifting is someting that may drive me away from the A6.

    If I must shift, the X3 may win over the A4. Im sure you understand. I really want thet 255 hp in the new X3! I can't say the allroad is the fastested off the line either!
  • markcincinnatimarkcincinnati Posts: 5,343
    My 2.7T allroad with the 6speed manual and I will take the bet that it is very quick!

    Not so the 2.7T with the 5spd tip tho.

    Newsflash: the current orders for 2006 X3's will be delivered with the full body cladding "yay" and the 225HP engine (probably until January.)

    Film at 11. I think this is to not kill the X5, which will be replaced with a new X3 looking version the first part of '06. :confuse:

    Me too. But we're not in the market for a replacement to our 3 month old X3, quite yet!

    P.S. I recounted while I was in the car wash -- there are 80 controls that you can or must fiddle with in a new A6, as mine is equipped.

    Voice command is a safety feature, fur sure! :shades:
  • rjlaerorjlaero Posts: 659
    The 3.2 A4 is getting a 6 speed manual this fall.
  • Replacing tires seems like it would have been a much cheaper fix; however, Audi has decided to take back the car and replace with a brand new A6. Needless to say I am one very satisfied customer. I have loved driving the car and really did not want to move to some other brand. This is the ultimate example of a manufacturer standing behind its product. They could not fix the problem in a reasonable amount of time (given that the car was new) so they are maintaining my loyalty with the ultimate fix.
  • markcincinnatimarkcincinnati Posts: 5,343
    Although I bet the Audi Connection would love to take credit for this, you are correct, the manufacturer is the one that made this happen.

    I know that there are lots of disgusted posts here (and not just about Audis, for Pete's sake), but there really is, I am convinced, more positive news than negative to report.

    Sometimes persistence and patience work to your advantage. I have, over the years had the folks in the service department at the very same dealership come to my aid -- but always sponsored and supported by a factory official.

    I send my service department and my salesman Harry and David gift baskets every year for Christmas -- I do my small part to be a "good and memorable customer" is the point.

    I read so many horror stories, and I am here to say there are two (or more) sides to every story. Your tale of a new, replacement car and your willingness to post the outcome is laudable.

    What color, options, etc -- did you "come out with?"

    Hopefully they essentially said "you pick and we'll cooperate?"
  • liferulesliferules Posts: 531
    Congratulations! It is this kind of customer care that one expects of a luxury automobile such as Audi. I am reaffirmed in my purchase of an Audi.

    Best wishes.
  • legendmanlegendman Posts: 362
    Any material updates or improvements anticipated for the 2006 A6 3.2?
    Something worth paying extra for (or foregoing the 2005 clearance prices)?

    Any input would be really appreciated. Thanks in advance!
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