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Audi A6



  • I mentioned about two weeks ago that a 2001 A6 4.2 with every possible option except CD changer (which could be added) is available from my dealer here in Cincinnati. I know all about the car -- I traded it in. It would have the 100K warranty and it currently has 37K miles on it.

    It would be about the same price as you have been quoted for a 2.7T.

    I am not a dealer, I do not sell cars, and I will gladly give info if you wish to e-mail me -- and I will introduce you to the "man" at the dealership. I have purchased over 2 dozen Audis from the same place here in River City since 1978.

    The "deal" you are being quoted, although the low milage is impressive, might be sweeter if you were to end up with a warranted 4.2 A6.

    Just a thought.
  • timcartimcar Posts: 363
    I think the price is a little high. It sounded good to me, then I checked Edmunds' TMV. Here's the link -

    I can believe your neighbor may still have $34K to pay, but that includes the finance company's profit. But 13K is low mileage, and if there isn't a problem with car, and it has been maintained, it will probably be a great car. Another question might be is the car worth $34K to you? It's not an investment; it's an asset which will lose money. Do you want to spend $34K for a car? Can you find one you'd rather have at that price? Would you be happier with an '03 that you could probably buy now, or in a couple of months for somewhere around $42k-$43K? You might also want to consider offering a couple thousand less.

    In addition to buying an extended warranty through the dealer, you may also want to investigate and compare purchasing one from a third party. It could be both cheaper and a better warranty.

  • drcsfdrcsf Posts: 36
    Thanks for the input on the car I'm looking at. The 4.2 in Cincinnati would not be an option as I specifically want a manual transmission. I assume the car has been maintained perfectly as he is the sales manager for Porsche/Audi at a large dealership here in Baltimore. Furthermore, I believe the car is heavily equipped with almost every option except navigation - even has the CD changer in the trunk as well as the in dash unit. The problem here in Baltimore is there is no 2.7T's for resale with a 6 speed - tons of 2.8 A'6's, few 4.2 A'6's, so, I have no comparison cars here. I feel the price is a bit high but I have no way to prove that with competing cars at other dealers. As far as spending the 34k, I would do it if the car excites me when I drive it, which I plan to do on Thursday. I have spent more and less on previous cars I've owned but I've learned spending alot does not always guarantee quality or a passionate drive. I'll post again after then. Thanks again to all who responded and if anyone has a quote on a 2.7T 6-speed in their area please post it here. Craig
  • Another option would be to go to, click on Dealer Locater and then check several other dealers' Preowned Inventory. You may have to make a couple long distance calls to get the asking price - at least in our area the dealers do not give this out on their web sites, but you do get a good description of each car currently for sale, so you should be able to find comparable cars to do a price check on.
  • Yesterday I had the A/C blower fan replaced by the local dealer. I had called Audiusa customer service regarding the chirping noise but they had not heard of this problem. I took a copy of your post in the Audiworld forum to the local Audi service manager and he was going to fax it to Audiusa after the repair. On simple inspection they could not find anything wrong with the blower fan. However, the chirping is gone, and there must have been something else wrong with the fan because the A/C is much quieter now. And there are no new rattles.

      There IS a hidden equalizer in the Panasonic head unit in the Bose system, you can find it at:

      There are many posts in the Audiworld forum regarding recommended settings for both the standard audio system and the Bose system. Some of the posts go into very detailed analyses. I tried some of the settings suggested, but found the bass to be overemphasized. I've settled for 63564556 for now, with the bass control one notch down and the fader one notch towards the rear. I'm still experimenting, but I keep going back to the same setting for the first 4 numbers and the tone and fader controls. Have fun!

  • I reset it in my 2000 2.7T and it made a big difference in sound to me. Is it available in the'03's? Have they improved the radio/cd any?
  • I too want to know if it is avail in 03's I have the Bose system in my 03 allroad and am wondering if I can get rid of the No highs, No lows, must be Bose syndrome.
  • timcartimcar Posts: 363
    I will now face getting my crickets removed with far more confidence.

    I had visited the web page you kindly posted, and readjusted the settings of the Bose in my '01 2.7T to something closer to my preference. And yes, I do think it makes a significant difference.

    However I read that since the head unit was changed in model year '02, this capability was lost. Is there a way to do it on '02 & '02 sound systems as well?
  • Thanks for getting back to me and for making me laugh! I haven't noticed anyone duck and cover as I drive by, so I don't believe the a/c noise is being heard outside the car.

    I think the 'whoosh' and 'gurgling' you mentioned are the perfect descripters of the noises I hear. When the fan is on the whoosh can be so loud it could be heard outside the car if i had my windows down. When I turn the car off and the a/c system is off the residual whooshing and gurgling also seem to be very loud as the last air circulates through the system.

    The noise has dissapated a little bit over the last week (or maybe I'm used to it?) so I'm thinking it might of been a warm-up period for the car? It is still there - but lately much less obvious. Hoping it stays that way.

    Thanks again for the help.
  • The December 2002 Car and Driver reviewed the new Nissan 350Z. They had this to say about its Bose sound system:

    "The Bose stereo was a huge disappointment, sounding as though its seven speakers were packed with dryer lint. No amount of adjusting could 'improve the sound to the level of an AM clock radio,' said the logbook."

    C'mon Audi . . . are you listening? Lose the Bose, put in a real audio system, and make a great car almost perfect!
  • Totally agree with the Bose comments. But other things that would seem to be "easy" could even further improve a great car nearing it to almost perfection!

    Wheel tire options, seat options, sound system options, sat nav options. Check the German website configurator and you can see what is actually produced and available -- we just don't get it.

    The Bose thing in $30 to $80K cars is a mystery to me. At least one would thing there could be another choice -- Mark Levinson (too much like Lexus perhaps) comes to mind.
  • If anyone is checking gas mileage on the A6 2.7T- I'm getting 19.63 mpg (in town) w/ tip transmission. This is my most recent fillup in ambient temps about 20F. (Minneapolis/St.Paul)
  • I agree, markcincinnati, that a broader menu of options would be nice.

    You mentioned aftermarket wheels. Have you taken a look at the new SSR Competitions? I tried them on the A6 and got so many inquiries from bystanders about them that I put them on the S6. At 15.5 lbs for 17x8.5 they're about the lightest wheels on the market. I think they're about 10 pounds lighter than the forged wheels that come on the A6 sport package. The weight advantage is even greater when compared to the S6 which, for some bizarre reason, comes with cast instead of forged wheels.

    Another question . . . has anyone had trouble with the Audi Telematics package?
  • Nuttin' but trouble so far.

    Over 50% of my intial ownership experience, my On*star has kept the car in the shop (last time 11 days in a row and the car was basically in pieces while they were in diagnosis mode).

    Now, the GPS (On*Star) is working -- but the phone no longer works (the On*star phone, that is).

    My car has sat nav, factory phone and telematics. They are integrated -- this technology from Audi's implementation is not quite ready for primetime.

    I still love the 03 2.7T 6spd manual allroad, OVERALL, though.

    I am annoyed that I have now made two payments on the car and it has been at the dealership more than in my garage. I am confident the bugs will evenutally get worked out. I am disappointed that I actually paid for the car (lease) and things were not entirely functioning. I could have waited 30 days for them to get it right and saved at least one payment.

    If you are considering On*star, factory phone and sat nav -- well, they ARE theoretically great and I can tell when everything is working properly that it will be actually great. Again it just kind of galls me to be paying for the car while it (telematics+sat nav+factory phone) was clearly NOT ready for prime time.

    My guess is that if you buy this combination (order it) that the bugs will be worked out. They learned so much from my implementation and the problems I have had -- I am certain that I was the beta test version and the subsequent customers will have fewer and fewer problems.
  • max27tmax27t Posts: 35
    Interesting that you posted your mileage. Over the weekend I was looking at my mileage for the first time since I bought the car in April, and, coincidentally I live in the Twin Cities.

    I picked up my 2002 A6 2.7t on 4/11/02 and now have a little over 10K miles on it. I don't put a whole lot of stock in mileage calculations for any one tank of gas, but these measurement errors integrate over time to approach zero. For my first month of use, mileage was about 16.5 miles/gallon, and increased about 1 mpg in the next month. It has been slowly improving since then and I now have a cumulative consumption of 18.9 mpg, i.e., total miles driven over total gas purchased in the last 7+ months. On long trips I've been getting 22-24 mpg.

    No efforts have been taken to modify driving style to maximize mileage. (It does seem silly to buy a 2.7t if mileage is a high priority). Have any of you noticed seasonal variations in your mileage, and is the 2.8/3.0 engine more efficient?
  • djasonwdjasonw Posts: 624
    If anyone is interested in an inexpensive boost in HP I suggest the GIAC ECU chip. They also make a chip for the tiptronic. I had this done last week and it truly transforms this car into what it should have been from the factory. I can understand why Audi chose to deliver the vehicle as they do now. You have to be VERY careful with your right foot or you'll take off like a rocket!! Now I DO KNOW THE RISKS!! I do NOT abuse the car but for that few seconds that you need that thrust I don't believe it is harming the car. I drive it gentle most of the time but when getting on the highway I just LOVE the thrill of the acceleration. It truly is intoxicating and addictive. I wouldn't be surprised if this chip has reduced the 1/4 mile times to high 13's with the right driver.
  • max27tmax27t Posts: 35
    Max, thanks for telling me about I'll have to check it out over the long weekend coming up. I recently joined the Audi Car Club of NA (nee quatro club), but had not heard of mnaudi before. I have noticed quite of few MN posters on here and audiworld.

    I live in St. Paul, but was on 494 eastbound from Eden Prairie one afternoon a couple weeks ago during rush hour. I don't think I've ever seen so many Audis on the road as I saw on the westbound lanes. It seemed like I saw 2-3 per minute, but I suspect I'm exaggerating. Nevertheless, there were many zenons heading the other way, mostly A6s it appeared. The mnaudi group could be quite large even if only 10% of the Audi owners joined. I wonder how many A6s Carousel and Maplewood sell in a year.

    Happy Thanksgiving and thanks again for the tip.
  • Hello, max27t and marleybarr - I also live in Mpls-St. Paul and drive an allroad while my wife drives an A4 - both great cars. I'm also a member of the Minnesota Audi club, but haven't been able to make too many events. I did manage to make the last one at Leighton's, however, and I'm really glad I did. The allroad seems so much faster now - maybe it's just my imagination (?) ;-)
  • What is your dealer or AudiUSA telling you about your telematics troubles? I'm having difficulty getting any response.

    I bought a 2002 A6 4.2 in May with Telematics. It was the first one with that option that the dealer delivered. When you dial out with the phone installed in the cradle, the system is supposed to default to the phone rather than to the On*Star system to place the call. About a third of the time, I get a message saying "you have insufficient units remaining", which means the system is trying to dial out over On*Star instead of over the phone. The only way I can reset the system is by taking the phone out of the cradle and reinstalling it.

    Last month I got a 2002 S6, also with Telematics. This car came from a different dealer (Schaumburg Audi near Chicago), so I asked him about the problem with the first car's Telematics. He said there was a small rubber plug over the antenna contact pin on the phone that should be removed by the installer. Sure enough, when I checked, the original dealer had not removed that plug. Several calls and visits to that original dealer (New Country Audi in Greenwich, CT . . . the country's largest Audi dealer) had not figured out that fix.

    However, now I'm having the same problem with the Telematics in the S6, but the rubber plug was properly removed from that phone. The only difference between the problem in the other car is that the voice message in the S6 says "your phone cannot be located." Again, I have to remove the phone from the cradle and reinstall it to fix the problem. (This problem will sometimes occur right after making a successful call without my having taken the phone out of the car. So I'm sure the problem is not caused by my failure to seat the phone properly when I put it back in the car.)

    Both dealers are now telling me they are not familiar enough with Telematics to work on the system. So I called AudiUSA customer care twice. Both times, the took down all the details and promised me someone would call me back. No one did either time.

    So, I'm driving $110,000 worth of Audis and cannot get a dealer or AudiUSA to attempt a fix, or even return a phone call. Getting disgusted fast.
  • I have talked to 2 Audi owners with Telematics and BOTH were/are having problems with the system!
    Audi claims it is the service provider's problem and the service provider says Audi's software to run the system is defective- so who knows?
  • cdnpinheadcdnpinhead Forest Lakes, AZPosts: 4,573
    to comment on the telematics situation, so I won't.

    Hope those of you who acquired 2.7T's are pleased. I'm living with you vicariously. Much like playing blackjack or craps on the computer -- all the losses are imaginary.

    Keep us posted.
  • I have the Tip, which is best for me here in the Cities, due to traffic conjestion. If I lived outside the Cities or I didn't have to contend with rush hour traffic, it would have been the 6 speed for sure. I've driven mostly manuals over the years, and generally prefer them for driving fun and control, but the traffic here can spoil the fun in a hurry...

    You're right about Carousel - their gorgeous new facility can now better acommodate the tremendous demand in this area - more from a service standpoint really, as the wait times at the old place were way too long. As I posted earlier I've had two different people there claim that they are the largest Audi dealer in the country, but I have yet to see any sales numbers that would back up their claim. But with their monopoly position, in a big city in the northern reaches of the country, I wouldn't be surprised that they are the largest.
  • If your Audi is still under warranty-go to the factory website (www.audiusa) and sign up for "My Audi."

    Under "recommended maintenance" it will show you what Audi should perform on your particular model at the mileage intervals.
  • I picked up my A6 with premimum/cold weather packages a week ago. The brochure said the 17-inch, 5-spoke cast alloy wheels with 235/45 all-season tires comes with the premium package. Instead, I got the standard 16-inch, 215/55s. The dealer tells me it must be a mistake in the brochure and the legalese disclaimer (proverbial fine print) basically gives them the out here.
    Anybody else run into this bait-and-switch? Is my dealer covering up something? Can you vouch that the better tires make a noticeable difference in handling? I love the car, but I can't shake this feeling of getting taken by the dealer.
  • Which A6 did you order? The standard tires are 215/55-16 on the 3.0. Further, did you sign an order form? Is there a discrepancy between that and the window sticker?
  • It's a 3.0, quattro, one purchased off the lot. I understand the 215-55/16s are standard, but I thought the premium package, at least as listed in the brochure, overrode the standard wheels.
  • I thought that wheel/tire package comes with the sports package? I could be wrong though. Because even though I ordered the premium package also, I have the 16" wheel and the 215-55/16 tires also.
  • It appears, Tom, that you were treated honestly by your dealer. The 17" wheels are, indeed, an extra cost option.

    There have been numerous posts by Mark, and others, regarding suspension and tire modifications. My views are based upon our two A6's: a 2002 Avant 3.0 with 215/55-16's and a 2001 2.7t, with 235/45-17's. Neither vehicle has any after market suspension work.

    My feeling has always been that the single, most significant modification that can be made to a stock car is tires (size and performance). I am not saying that springs and shocks do not contribute. However, if one were to make one alteration, tires would be it. This is the most noticeable difference in our two vehicles.

    The 3.0 handles well, and its ride is commendable. It is not, however, lively or light on its feet. This attribute is accentuated after driving the 2.7t. While there is a slight degradation in ride, it is more than made up for with a feeling of responsive handling. The car, literally, feels lighter on its feet.

    In case you are concerned about "comfort", may I offer this quintessential Audi moment: my wife, who is devoted to her luxury and comfort, and is on her second A6 Avant, drove the 2.7t, and now wants it whenever she can get it. While I find it nearly impossible to deny her anything, one must draw the line somewhere.

    I suggest that you ask your dealer for a long test drive in an A6 equipped with 17" performance tires. If the feel is to your liking, and the cost (I would estimate $1,000, or more through Tire Rack) is acceptable, do not hesitate to do it. Also, do not eliminate a more frugal option: 215/55-16 performance tires (Michelin Pilots, etc.).

    One thing is certain: whether you choose to stay stock, or modify, you have a fine vehicle that will give you at least 36 months of pleasure.

    Let us know what you do.
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