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Audi A6



  • I have about 3000 miles and have been averaging 17.8 MPG (according to trip computer). Mostly intown driving. I was in the dealer a few days ago (not trouble, just looking) and he was surprised I was so low, he had been telling buyers they might get 18-20. I doubt I will get that high without long highway trips.
  • I too have a 2002A6 2.7T w/tip and I have about 3000 miles on it. I've been averaging 17-18MPG combined city-highway driving while my trip computer reads20-21MPG during this time. Has anyone checked their actual MPG versus their trip computer?
  • I bought my Audi 2.7T w/6-speed new in February '01. Since then I've averaged 20.1 MPG over the first 25,000 miles (actually 24,980). The first 3000 miles was a 20.4 MPG average but since June I have been doing more local miles. There are several east coast road trips in the mix and mileage has been higher on the highway way, naturally. Earlier this year I averaged 21.9 MPG on a trip to Philadelphia. I didn't do as well on a trip to Montreal, though, with a 19.4 MPG average. There four adults and luggage in the car and we made very good time cruising around 80-85 mph.
  • I should have mentioned that the MPG figures above come from the log book I keep. The gallons purchased are rounded up or down to the tenth and the mileage is from the odometer - no tenth of a mile up or down.
  • Did you buy an Audi yet Craig? I recently bought a 2001 A6 with the sport, premium and shade packages with 9,500 miles for $33,000. It is Audi assured and in perfect shape. Also, it has what I think are the 2002 BBS 17" wheels. I would have prefered a stick but this car has tiptronic which is fine. I couldn't pass up the deal and A6's with stick shift are hard to find.
  • I found the MPG indicator on the display is roughly 10-15% off. It might show 15-16 mpg, but in fact I am getting 18 mpg.
  • My telematics works "perfectly" -- I cannot find any problem whatsoever with it.

    But boy was it a Pain in the neck to get it fixed.

    When I press the white button or the lower right hand button on the steering wheel and say "Dial" it uses the factory phone (my carrier is Verizon). When I remove the phone from the cradle and do the same thing -- it uses my minutes which were "reset" to 60 as an apology for my troubles (which turned out to be On*stars, not Audis -- for the record).

    I'll tell you what the final fix was for mine:

    On*star "pretended" the car had never been initialized for On*star (think a PC and alt-control-delete, "REBOOT"). This took OVERNIGHT and I parked the car in my driveway?!? At ON*STAR's request. Next morning, all is right with the world.

    Units, verify, you have 59 units remaining.

    Dial -- works perfectly with or without factory phone

    My number -- ditto

    Blue Button -- GPS tracking works perfectly.

    Sat Nav (works at the same time)

    Memo function works perfectly.

    11+days granted -- but the system works according to Hoyle now.

    My dealer -- the best of the best is: Northland Audi 513 851 5900 -- my service advisor is Kristen or Gregg and the Manager (who has been there forever) is Bill Fleiman.

    The area service support person from Audi is "Manfred" -- has der German accent even -- a great guy.

    Hope this helps.

    The reboot seemed to do the trick -- reminded me of my PC, god knows why it just locks up from time to time and the only thing that brings it back to normal is a "cold boot!" Or sometimes I just press the reset button.

    The On*Star people (well at least one of them) seem to know what to do. The Audi dealer is more or less at their mercy from what I have experienced.
  • I have a '00 2.7T w/tip and received 18.93 mpg on my last city driving fillup. The trip computer read 21.6 mpg.(average). From what I have read on the other posts, the mpg on the 2.7T seems to be about these averages- 17-20 (in town)- 19-23 (on the road).
  • hintzhintz FloridaPosts: 60
    I have the opportunity to purchase an audi a-6 brand new with premium/preferred/convenience pkg for 33,5K. Is this a good deal? I'm a little considered about reliability issues with the A6. Plus the 2004 is going to be completed redesigned. Any comments are greatly appreciated.
  • timcartimcar Posts: 363
    Tom, Edmunds shows a TMV of $29.2K to $40.7K for this car depending upon model. Take a look at this link:

    Also, does brand new mean never titled? I'd check Carfax on this and other ownership issues. If never titled, why is it still on the owner's lot? What's the mileage on the odometer? Is it a loaner? Demo? Salesmanger's car? If it has less than about 100 miles, and the answer to the other questions is no, $33,5K could be a good price if it has not been titled, depending on the model.

    If you check out all these things and find them satisfactory, there's no reason to be overly concerned about the car's reliability. Audi had pretty well sorted out most problem by '02. Though of course, ANY individual car can be a lemon from ANY manufacturer.

    I think there will probably be a new model A6 next year. No doubt it will offer dramatic improvements compared to the present model. It will look different, and if driving a new model car is very important, you'll no longer have the newest model. Will it look better? No one on my side of the aisle knows what it will look like, and it's subjective anyway. I suspect you may also see price increase compared to the present model as Audi tries to more closely parallel BMW.

  • hintzhintz FloridaPosts: 60
    The 2002 Audi A-6 is 3.0 FWD with preferred pkg/premium pkg/bose/$100.00 wheels. The car is a leftover 2002, never titled and 24miles on it. I'm still torn over what to do. I wish it had convienence pkg too. However, the 2003 is less money with the same options, expect they don't want to discount them. What to do?
  • shs111shs111 Posts: 39
    Does Audi still plan to release a redesigned A6 in 2004? Any pic's of it? I'm very impressed with the pic's of the 2004 A8, and am hoping some of this carries over to the A6.
  • Try this link...personally, I don't think I like the 2004's front end (maybe the pic does not do justice)... then again, I didn't like the Audi design initially - it just "grew" on me.
  • Try this link...personally, I don't think I like the 2004's front end (maybe the pic does not do justice)... then again, I didn't like the Audi design initially - it just "grew" on me.
  • I am thinking of upgrading to the A6 from A4...although I understand a new body style for the A6 may be due in 2004. Anyone hear/see anything to that end? If you have any articles or web sites that verify this - please respond.


  • Thanks Will. I am wondering when the A6 is GA in the US/CAN.

  • timcartimcar Posts: 363
    The only people who know for sure when the next A6 will be introduced, and what it will look like, aren't talking. Best guess is late autumn '03 as an '04, or early spring of '04.

    Thanks for the link to the photos, Will. I've seen similar shots before. I wouldn't be surprised if the next A6 DOES end up looking like one of the top two photos. The other photo looks like the existing A6 with a bit of tweaking. I think the Avant is an old model A6, or 100, before Audi changed the designations.

    While I'm hardly an expert, the top two photo's still look like they've been Photoshopped a bit. However, this doesn't necessarily mean this isn't what the next A6 will look like. I've seen the basic grill and headlight treatment on other spy shot mock-ups, and the overall design is consistent with Audi trends. But I also think that the next A6 may look nothing like it.

    I'm not happy with the grill either. The rest of the car looks pretty much exactly like the current A6, except for slight differences to the rear.
  • In an earlier message I reported problems with the Audi Telematics system in my two Audis -- a 2002 A6 4.2 and a 2002 S6. (Other owners were having similar problems.)

    I bought the A6 at New Country Audi in Greenwich, CT, near where I live. I had to buy the S6 from a dealer in Chicago to get the features I want.

    I called both dealers about the problems with the Telematics system, and both told me they had too little experience with the Telematics to help me. Neither offered even to have me bring the car in. So I contacted Audi USA. They took all the information and assigned a case number for each car, telling me someone would call me back within two days. I waited five days, but they never called back. So I called them back twice, and on the second call they said the Greenwich dealer was going to get in touch with me.

    He never did, so I called him. Since I was getting ready to get rid of the A6 and keep the S6, I told him that was the car I wanted to bring in for service on the Telematics. He could not find the S6 in his database, and when I told him I had bought it at another dealer, he said he would prefer to work only on the A6, which had been bought at his dealership.

    (I had tried to buy the S6 from his dealership, but they did not have one in stock with the options I wanted. I asked them to do a search and swap. Two days later, they told me they had searched and turned up nothing. I got on the internet myself and found two cars within twenty minutes . . . one at the Chicago dealer where I eventually bought the car. It was obvious that New Country in Greenwich had not even searched in order to try to force me to take one out of their stock that did not have the options I wanted.)

    Audi dealer service is despicable . . . and don't expect any help from Audi USA.

    I love these two cars, but they will be the last Audis I own. They simply cost too much to put up with dealers who lie and who have no interest in servicing them.
  • My telematics issues are behind me and I love the whole integrated phone, sat nav and On*star -- but it was a hassle to get it all working. It cost me 11 days -- and it was practically speaking the first 11 days of ownership after I had already made one lease payment.

    But the problem ultimately was fixed by "leaving my car in my driveway overnight so that the On*star team could send the required software to the unit" -- or so they said. Whatever they did, when I pulled the car out of the garage at 11PM the On*star was not functioning but by 8:30AM all was right with the world.

    The initial problem, however, was that the On*star Sat Nav wire was connected to the Audi Sat Nav system and NOT to On*star. It is possible to have sat nav without On*star, but with On*star GPS must be enabled (but not Sat Navs functions). Ditto, you can have On*star without a phone, but you cannot have a phone without On*star.

    The 11 days it took were mainly diagnosing the problem, the fix was relatively easy, then park it outside and let On*star reboot the system (or whatever).

    There seem to be so few people at On*star and at Audi that know ALL the systems that getting them to speak to each other live at the same time, rather than voice mail messages, must be tactically difficult.

    Now that everything is working, I can say I love it, but I wish they would have gotten their act together on THEIR dime (or $750 lease payment as it were) rather than MINE.

    I would, nevertheless, highly recommend the entire telematics ensemble, however.

    Just make them prove that they have it functioning before you pay them and drive off into the sunset.

    And, on the other point, my experience with AoA has been mainly "wow, they treat me VERY WELL!"

    So sorry your experience has been so crappy.
  • I'm glad you were able finally to get your Telematics fixed, Mark. I'm going to try to make the arrangements you suggest.

    When I first experienced the problem with the A6 right after buying it in May and got no help from the dealer, I contacted On*Star to see if they could help with the problem. They said the problem was with the car and not with their system. I accepted that assertion, since the On*Star system is several years old but Telematics was brand new. Also, I cut the dealer some slack because, in all fairness, I had bought the first car they sold with Telematics . . . and I know it takes a while for dealer service shops to gain experience with new features. But that was May and this is December. At this point, it's just plain disinterest on their part.

    Having spent over $110,000 on Audis this year, I find it absurd that I have to go on the internet and plead with other consumers for help instead of getting assistance from Audi USA or Audi dealers. If they expect to play in the luxury car game, they are going to have to do better than this. They badly need to take a lesson from my Lexus dealer.
  • Well, my allroad was, pre-discounts almost $52,000 and my wife's TT was $42,000 -- so I know what you mean, you spend $90 grand and "something just ain't right!" And, I have never owned a Lexus, but I have heard all about the legendary treatment.

    I do not know if the treatment at my Audi dealer is in the "Lexus League" -- I just know that I am, generally, pleased with it.

    ON*star, themselves, were very responsive, very concerned -- my god they called me practically every day with a progress report (which, in all truth, was really content free in that they called me just to tell me that they were concerned, but they actually had no real explanations -- but they did the Hawthorne Experiment thing and in that respect, it worked).

    I saw about 80 hours of shop time wherein my Audi tech was working with the ON*star tech probably doing trial and error activities.

    Again, I applauld the effort, the follow up, the apologies -- it was NOT my dealer's fault after all was said and done. I look at it this way, the dealer should maintain and repair -- technically nothing was "broken" -- something was "plugged in wrong" to put it simply -- but my dealer had to turn into a diagnostic provider -- which usually goes with the territory, but this time On*star kept saying "this can't be, this can't be." So I cut the dealer slack.

    If the dealer could be faulted for anything, in hindsight, it was not making 110% certain that the On*star was working correctly before I made my first lease payment. Heck, I could have waited another 11 days -- and I would never have even known then.

    So I empathize and agree with you -- and I'll even go so far as to offer help to you (on my dealer's behalf) -- the dealer is Northland Audi, the Service Manager is Bill Fliehman, the Salesman is Ralph Winters and their telephone number is 513 851 5900 -- they, by now, must know every ON*star certified Audi advisor and ON*star technical resolution person in North America.

    Maybe they can help their "brother" dealer resolve your issue -- of course the way the world wags, they may not have much incentive to do so if the other dealer, the so far unsuccesful dealer, gets paid for their efforts. We still are capitalists, remember?

    What the heck, it may be worth a shot.

    I don't know what else I can do -- but the Internet is the most powerful attention getting device I've ever seen in my 50 years on planet earth.

    Lets give them a clue (from the Cluetrain Manifesto, btw).

    -- Mark
  • If I buy an A6 am I destined to have repair after repair as some would suggest? I love this car but I don't want to spend my life and money having it repaired. I like to keep cars way past their warranty.
  • Your A6 with regular maintenance, as per mfg specs, with more than specd oil changes, should last 200,000 miles -- dealer service tech has a 1986 4000cs quattro with 300,000+ miles on it.

    However, repairs on Audis (and frankly all European cars) can be breathtakingly expensive. My service tech says change timing belt @ 60K not 90K -- change oil and filter every time and do so at 5K miles. Change ALL fluids regularly and frequently. Wash and wax car regularly and frequently. Keep everthing well "lubed" that is.

    Use the best gas possible -- cheap gas is a false economy.

    Buy the extended Audi warranty.


    These are the things the service manager and techs recommend and perform on their own Audis -- and apparently they get to use the dealership to perform the work on their own cars (and also get parts @ cost).

    Lot of very high milage good looking "older" Audis at my dealership.

    I personally -- so far -- have not had the money to keep a car past the 50K mark -- except one time, see below.

    I have "talked myself into" thinking that keeping the car past 50K or 36 months is more expensive than a permanent car payment (lease) and always having a "relatively" new car.

    Who knows, I could be operating under a "false economy" myself.

    I just have read too many horror stories -- about cars in general -- and I like having the latest and greatest, to keep a car, any car past its warranty (original or aftermarket -- as I did keep a 1988 Audi 80 quattro 100,000 miles with an extended warranty).
  • max27tmax27t Posts: 35
    I purchased and installed winter tires on my 2.7t a couple weeks ago. This is not the first time I have ridden on winter tires - I have just about every year for the last 10 years - but I have never noticed such a marked difference from summer to winter tires.

    There are a number of differences this year; new car and different winter tires are the biggest. My expectations for cornering are much higher with this car, my first Audi, than for previous cars. Up until I changed tires a couple weeks ago, I was running the stock Michelin HX Pilot MXM4 tires. Within minutes of driving after the Nokian Hakkapeliitta Q were installed, I noticed more drifting while cornering. It just feels "squishy".

    On other cars I have installed Hakkapeliitta 1 and NRW tires, and did not have that sensation, but then they weren't on an Audi, either. I also notice more body roll. I increased the inflation to 38 psi from the 35 psi the installer set. I might try a higher value again.

    I read as much as I could for reviews and opinions on the Qs before I bought them. I even talked to several Nokian dealers. All recommended the Q. It was never clear to me why people would switch to a winter tire and then put on the NRWs, which are rated as all-season tires. It seemed like a half-way measure. But, the NRWs are certainly a much higher performance tire on dry, cold roads. The Hakkapeliitta 1s are a winter only tire for use with or without studs.

    I went with the Qs because they were designed as the best studless ice and snow tire Nokian makes. I went with Nokian because I have liked the other Nokian (then Nokia) tires I used. To be fair, we've had almost no ice or snow in the Twin Cities yet.

    The Q's icy road performance is improved by the spiral siping of the tread. I suspect this is also the reason for the degraded cornering performance. The tread can be easily deflected with your thumb. Having lots of squeegees seeking traction on ice is probably better than one stiff block of tread, but I guess there is a price to pay for that performance.

    I'll wait at least one full season (more if we don't get much snow this year) before second-guessing my decision, but right now I am have doubts whether the Qs were the correct winter tire choice. Of course all it will take is one freezing rain storm to remove my doubts.
  • I can't tell you if you picked the right tires or not. But my experience with Audis is that tire changes are very noticable.

    Some other cars I have had seemed little effected by tires. But then again, Audis are just higher performance overall.

    My "guess" is that you have done OK!
  • timcartimcar Posts: 363
    I'd tend to echo what Mark has said. I haven't swapped out my OEM all-season's yet, but have read many similar comments from other A6 driver's regarding the dramatic differences tires make to the car. I personally don't feel a need to run two sets of tires of tires in NW NJ, and find all-seasons an effective compromise. Minnesota is a different matter, I'm sure.

    I drove about 20 miles in a snowstorm last Thursday, and was very impressed with my '01 2.7T. While my aging Conti's provided only adequate traction, the quattro, ESP and ABS all worked seamlessly and very effectively. This produced performance vastly superior, and far less tricky than any other car I've driven in the snow. As usual, the limiting factors are more other drivers and and their vehicles, rather than what my car can or can't do.

    It used to snow a lot in NJ, and I've had to do plenty of driving in it. The past 15 years have largely produced mild winters, and I think some younger folks may not have too much experience in the snow. I saw one younger gentleman with a 3-serries with 18" wheels and maximum performance summer tires who couldn't even get it out of his local street. Hope he turned it around and went back, and waited for the plows.

    I'm not familiar with the Pilot MXM4 tires, but assume they're maximum performance summer tires. From what I've read of many posts on AudiWorld on this topic, pretty much everyone has described what you did Greg. But if you are driving were people regularly drive in snow and ice, and expect to encounter it, I've no doubt you'll be very happy to be wearing what you are.

    Again from AudiWorld, a lot of posters seem to have liked Bridgestone's Blizzak series of tires. Here's what Tirerack's latest survey results show

  • When I first put Blizzaks on our '98.5 A4, I couldn't believe how "squishy" they felt on dry pavement compared to the Dunlop 8000E high performance summer tires. This was 4 years ago now and I think they've improved the original Blizzak tire (the equivelent tire is now a WS50, I believe). Anyway, when new, they were so bad in the handling department that they truly felt unsafe - like I had lost almost all control of the car, especially around bends and when switching lanes, etc. But after just a few weeks, when some of the soft compound began to wear a bit, they started to improve to the point where I began to regain more control, and soon found that they were absolutely great when driving on ice and snow. But of course they were still a major compromise on dry pavement, compared to the stock (sport suspension) tires. The latter, however, were absolutely worthless on ice and snow, which I learned the following year when I didn't get them changed over quite quickly enough. We still have them on the A4, now in their fourth season, and even though the sticky multicell compound is worn off, they still have plenty of "all season" tread left, and are much better than any sport/performance tire when the roads are slick.

    On our allroad I use more of a high performance winter tire, the Pirelli Winter 210, which I bought at Tire Rack before last season, on closeout for $99 each (great deal in the allroad's larger size). Although better than the stock all season Pirelli P6 "allroad" tire when driving on ice and snow, they are no match for the Blizzak's in really bad conditions (which we get maybe a dozen times a year - I also live in the Twin Cities). They do ride very well, however - MUCH better than the cheaper Blizzak's - on dry pavement, which you'd expect with a "H" rated winter tire. Again, it's a compromise, and you just have to go with the combination that's right for you. In either car, I never worry about getting stuck or spinning off the highway, which for me is a big stress-reliever, especially when my wife and daughter are either driving separately, or are passengers in my car). When you live here, usually from about mid-November through March, putting winter tires on a quattro-driven Audi gives peace of mind that's hard to beat.
  • I haven't had any problems with winter driving here in St. Paul, MN. the last 2 seasons with stock conti 16" rubber.

    I agree with the other previous posts from today that it is the OTHER drivers that limit what I can do with Audi Quattro in the wintertime.

    The combination of Quattro,and the other electronic "programs" have made winter driving a pleasure here in MN. during the heavy snow season.

    The only real challenge I have noticed is driving on "black ice"- especially on some of the bridges- that has been treacherous on certain winter days in the last 2 seasons of winter Audi driving.

    Where is winter this year? No winter at all in St. Paul yet- the weather has been simply amazing -temps. in the 30's and 40's -extremely pleasant!!
  • max27tmax27t Posts: 35
    Mark, Tim, and Joel, thanks for your comments on the tires. I am comfortable with my decision to use winter tires, but open to second-guessing on whether the Q was the right selection. Nokians are not as well known as Blizzaks, but I have used and liked them for 10 years.

    This is the fourth set I've bought. Two of those went with the car when we sold it, and only one set was replaced because of wear. This was the NRW set, which are rated as All-Season, and I left on the car for a summer or two. The NRWs are an H-rated tire, unlike the Qs which are Q-rated. It seems that NRWs are more popular with Audi/Nokian owners than the Hakka 1s or Qs. My thinking was to go for the best ice and snow performance, which is the Q. April on AW has recommended the NRW, but I don't remember seeing any comments from her on the Q. The Hakka Q is a newer design (1999) and not as well known as the older designs. Of course even in Minnesota, most winter travel is on dry roads, so the NRWs might be a better choice most days. There are always trade-offs, aren't there...

    Tim, you mentioned NW NJ. In the 80s I used to visit a family that had a place in Hope, NJ. What a pretty area. The western side is quite a bit different from the eastern side. The Michelin Pilot HX MXM4 is the All Season tire that came on my 2002 A6. Apparently it is also used on 540s and Volvo S80s. I don't know what % of 2002 were shipped with the MXM4s, but I have been pleased with them. Here is a description :
    "HX MXM4
    All-season driveability, plus superior highway comfort, low noise levels, and exceptional wet and dry handling makes this world class touring radial the perfect choice for today's luxury performance coupes, sedans, and roadsters. Available in 65 series and lower and H-, V-, W-, and Z-speed ratings."

    Mark, hope you enjoy the new Allroad and that the telematics problems are all behind. It is good of you to volunteer for bleeding edge service.

    Cheers, Greg
  • Am at 2000 miles -- 6 weeks. Car keeps performing better all the time.

    Thus far, I cannot see any reason to chip it -- but I want to. I just can't imagine what will happen -- I'll be getting tickets all the time.

    I can see myself with the quickest station wagon in the world!

    Woo Woo.

    Anyone need any On*star guidance -- no pun intended -- I'll be glad to help them.
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