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Audi A6



  • Asked service manager today after final service on my 2000 2.7T. and she said they would do the door locking at 20 mph but not the remote window/roof change for safety reasons. She knew nothing about windshield wipers/low beam settings.
  • There is a code that makes the horn beep when you lock the doors -- it can be turned on and off. Based on my 03 allroad, it does seem that more and more of the codes are being placed on menus -- but I can't figure out why the codes are all not put into a menu.

    I was told that the window + power door lock thing is frowned upon since it may deactivate a safety feature -- when the airbags deploy the door locks are supposed to unlock. Apparently if the door lock+window open close feature is turned on there may be an issue with the airbag door lock actuation.

    The apparent problem is that so many things in the car are controlled by codes that it is POSSIBLE to have codes that conflict with each other (methinks the program should be modified to disallow this). Audi is very sensitive to safety issues ever since the 60 minutes piece nearly drove Audi out of the US market ("unitended acceleration".)

    I found a web site, sorry I don't have the URL anymore, that listed all the things that could be made to work via codes -- most of the stuff was, as I recall, not of much interest and some of it was "dumb" (IMO). But the headlights on with the wipers seems to be pretty standard, even my 1996 Jeep Grand would turn the headlights on whenever the wipers were turned on.

    Pretty soon it will be more cost effective to put every option available on every Audi and only charge for them when and if they are activated. For example, when my 2000 A6 4.2 came in, the steering wheel was heated -- but not turned on. The cruise control was there too but not turned on -- indeed there were even codes that could be effected that would enable or disable the ABS and other things (airbags perhaps?).

    IBM has started this with their computers, the CPU clock cycle is X when you buy the computer then if you need 2X you call them and they give you the secret code and you pay them -- but the extra horsepower was there all along.

    Imagine that every feature, option and gizmo that audi sells is already on the car (not things like sunroofs perhaps) and when you pick the color of the car and the interior appointments that is all there is to it. Then when you pick up the car you pay for the options you want enabled. Things that are electronic and have an absolute low component cost would be the first to be sold in this fashion.

    Hmm just wondering. . .
  • max27tmax27t Posts: 35
    Some of you may remember my comments on the Nokian Hakkapeliitta Q tires I had installed the end of November. This message is for the archives for future potential buyers of Nokian winter tires. Here's what I did.

    After reading quite a bit about the various models of Nokian winter tires, I bought a set of the Hakka Qs and had them installed the end of November. The other choices I was considering were the Hakkapeliitta 1 and the Hakkapeliitta NRW. The Qs are a relatively new tire designed for use without studs on ice and snow. The Hakka 1s are able to accept studs, but do not have to be used. The NRWs are described as "All Weather Plus", meaning they can be used in the summer, unlike the Q and the 1. The main attraction of the NRW is "H" speed rating; the other two are rated "Q".

    Within the first few minutes of using the Hakka Qs I was struck by how much "squishier" they were when cornering and changing lanes -- not dangerously so, but quite different from the factory installed Michelin Pilot HX MXM4s I had driven on the car earlier in the day. I was able to deflect the tread block easily with my thumb, a function of the softer compound and extensive siping. Both of these attributes would be helpful in icy conditions, but not helpful when rounding curves on dry roads.

    About 10 days after I had them installed I was checking the Nokian web site and could no longer find reference to the Hakka Qs. I called my tire shop to make sure they had not been discontinued. They were surprised to hear the Qs were not listed and called their distributor on another line to make sure the Qs were still active, which they were.

    After I got off the phone I discovered the Qs were listed, just not where I checked. When you go you can make a choice of several languages. I of course selected English. But, you can also select geographic areas. If you select North America, the Qs come up as a choice.

    However, before I hung up the tire shop asked me what I thought of the Qs. I gave them my "squishy" comment and we talked about the trade-offs. He then suggested I might be happier swapping the Qs for NRWs. I told him I had used NRWs before on another car and considered getting them for my 2.7t but went with the Q for superior ice and snow performance. We had not had any snow during that time (and still haven't) so I did not think I had had ideal conditions for testing the Qs.

    I asked him what the cost would be to swap the Qs for the NRWs. He told me they wanted me (and all their customers) to be happy and the cost would just be whatever the difference in tire price was. We ended the conversation and he told me to call them if I wanted to try the NRWs.

    I hemmed and hawed for another day and decided to call them back and accept their offer. They called me back the day after that and told me they had my size in their shop now and to come by whenever was convenient for me. The NRWs were installed last Friday and I have put about 500 miles on them since then.

    The NRWs are clearly superior to the Qs when cornering on dry roads. Some of my miles were on wet roads and they performed well. I have not been able to test them on snow or ice yet. If they are anything like the NRWs I used a few years ago, they will be fine in those conditions.

    Since I live in the metro area rather than out-state Minnesota, most of my winter miles are on dry roads, or at least not ice and snow covered roads. I am comfortable with the decision to swap to the NRWs, and realize that several days a winter I would be better off with the Hakka Qs. The NRWs will be much better than the Michelin All Seasons on those days, and not much worse than the MXM4s on the best winter days.

    I am grateful my tire shop suggested the swap, and they did so for no cost, not even for the additional mounting and balancing. When I first checked into getting winter tires I was leaning toward buying the tires online and having them mounted locally. I ended up buying locally because the price premium was not significant. It is unlikely I could have ended up with the NRWs for the same financial terms had I bought them online. Guess which place will be at the top of my list for my next set of tires?
  • I would guess the local place - care to divulge the name? I'll need new tires in the spring, and would like to check them out. Thanks,

  • ajaymeajayme Posts: 74
    For anyone wanting info check out I bought a vag-com from them and have had no problems setting my own options on my A6 and will use it on my soon to be A4. Also, check out where you can search for info under "codes". The audiworld website has THE most knowedgable folks on Audi's around. (Even more than here:)) Hope this helps
  • max27tmax27t Posts: 35

    I would be happy to tell you the name of the tire shop I dealt with. It is Norm's Tire in Little Canada, so it is on the other side of town from you (just like Carousel is on the other side of town for me). I knew of them before, but didn't call them until I did a search for local shops with the Hunter GSP9700 balancer. They were the closest tire shop; the other locations were car dealers.

    Originally I was going to buy the tires online and then take the tires to them and have them mounted on my factory wheels. Then I saw their name listed on the Nokian tire web site and I called them back to ask for a quote. The price of the tires was a little higher than the best price I had gotten out of state, but the charge to mount and balance the tires was lower if I bought the tires through them. The net effect of tires, shipping, sales tax, mounting and balancing was probably a 2-3 % adder to get them at Norm's.

    At that time I had no expectations of swapping the tires for a different set, but I've learned from past experiences that a 2-3% adder can eliminate all sort of finger pointing and hassles when something pops up. Plus, I do like to keep local business - especially family owned businesses - going.

    In the past I have bought my Nokia(n) tires from Twin City Tires. I met Jim Miller many years ago and liked dealing with him. Then they moved and I moved and they had the highest price so I decided to try out Norm's. Norm's Tires is full of helpful, friendly people and they were interested in my satisfaction. I was talking to my neighbor over the weekend and he had a similar good experience with Norm's a few years ago when he bought a set of tires online. He intends to buy through them next time he needs tires. Besides, they also sponsor Gopher hockey!

  • rayainswrayainsw Posts: 3,025
    From Mark C - "Pretty soon it will be more cost effective to put every option available on every Audi and only charge for them when and if they are activated. [ . . stuff deleted]

    IBM has started this with their computers, the CPU clock cycle is X when you buy the computer then if you need 2X you call them and they give you the secret code and you pay them -- but the extra horsepower was there all along."

    IBM has actually been doing something very similar since my IBM Mainframe days - in the 1970s.

    And I agree completely that manufacturers ought to initiate this for a vast number of selectable features. It seems reasonable to me to allow behaviors such as these to be driver selectable – and stored as profile(s) in case another driver (service tech.) changes them. A couple of Tip. items come immediately to mind:

    At engine red line: 1.) automatically upshift or 2.) bounce off rev. limiter.

    For forward motion of Tiptronic shift lever: 1.) upshift (current default) or 2.) downshift (like BMW and others)

    I suspect that this could become a selling point for the first manufacturer that implements it – and markets it!

    Just my $.03 worth – adjusted upward for years of inflation,
    - Ray
    Who was always impressed with IBM hardware - from a maintenance and reliability standpoint . . .
    2016 BMW 340i
  • I have a 2003 A6 3.0 and I've had the vehicle programmed for the auto locking and windows up/down feature 3 times now and it still doesn't work. Each time they program it with a different code, the feature would work for a few days and then stop. For some reason the module won't hold the codes and the service manager thinks it's a code problem, since he replaced the locking module. The dealer in Scottsdale, AZ says they don't have the codes for 2003 models yet and don't have any idea when they'll receive it from Audi. Audi advocates have been disappointing on this issue. It's pretty frustrating to say the least. Now, I'm having problems with the keyless entry. I tried resetting the master key, following the instructions in the manual, but to no avail...damn, thing still doesn't work. Well, gonna have to bring my car in for the fifth time now (I took delivery in October).
  • Thanks for the info on Norm's. Seems like a real good choice. Plus anybody that sponsors Gophers hockey (a longtime season ticket holder and fan here) is deserving of my future business.

    I'll be interested in knowing how you like the new Nokians when we get our first real snowstorm.
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    Check out Edmunds just published follow-up road test of the A6 3.0 -- you can get to it via the Helpful Links box on the left side of this page.
  • Norm's Tire is just down Rice St. from my office.I'm in the market for a new set of all-season radials. I haven't dealt with them before-do you like them compared to the major chain tire stores,etc?
  • max27tmax27t Posts: 35

    I don't have a lot of experience dealing with major chain tire stores. I've had a little tire work done at a Tires Plus store and did not care for their pushy style. I have also dealt with a Mr. Tire location near our office and they were fine. Most of my past tire purchases were at Twin City Tire, now in Bloomington and Eden Prairie.

    I stumbled into Norm Tires because they had a Hunter GSP9700 wheel balancer. I also noticed they were a local installer for Tire Rack, so you could buy your tires through Tire Rack and have them sent to Norm's Tires for installation. They told me they do 4 or 5 installations for Tire Rack in any week.

    The clincher for me to go with them was when I found out they carried Nokian tires. Now I think any store can get any tire, but presumably a store has better pricing relationships with certain brands of tires, I saw Michelin, Toyo, Yokohama, and other brands on display at Norm's.

    The entire staff is very friendly and they can handle several installations simultaneously. I did not do extensive price comparisons, but they seemed competitive on the Qs.

    What impressed me most was their interest in my satisfaction. While I was there another customer came in with tires he had bought from them a year or two ago. He had been living with some level of dissatisfaction for some time and finally came back. They mildly chided him for living with those tires as long as he did. I don't know what they ended up doing for him, but he seems happy when I left.

    My neighbor bought winter tires online a few years ago. He went to Norm's to have them installed because it was close to work. He was going to have them mounted on his factory rims, but they told him they had a set of steel wheels from someone who had upgraded. He bought the wheels and now has two complete set of wheels for not much more than one or two mounts and balances. He also was struck by how friendly they were.

    You might want to stop by there since they are so close to you. I dealt with Steve, but I suspect you will get the same service from any of them. Good luck.

  • Thanks Greg, I'll give them a call-sounds like you were quite satisfied with your experience at Norm's.

    '00 A6 2.7T w/tip
    [email protected]
  • My 2003 allroad 2.7T manual transmission, also has had the door locks reprogrammed many times. The cure so far has been to remove the window up/down feature. The reason supposedly has something to do with the safety feature that is connected to the airbags.

    When the airbags deploy the door locks are supposed to unlock. There is some conflict apparently when both the windows and locks are set together (in 2003's).

    More when I find out more and if you know more, please share.

  • Sounds like the 2003's have some new programming that wasn't quite done right. In HOT San Antonio the window roll-down is a really nice feature in the summer. And the auto door locking is a good safety feature - guess I'd choose this over the windows, but our 2000 does both and it seems like a step in the wrong direction to have to choose.

    In looking for various codes, I also came across a code change that adds Daytime Running Lights (change module #09, Electrical Control Module, from the US setting of 000x3 to the Canadian setting of 000x4 - where x is 0 if you have conventional lights, 1 if you have Xenons). Has anyone had this done? This seems like another good safety feature, and since it's in a different module perhaps there are no side effects like those that have caused programming to be "lost."
  • I posted this on the Audi problem site (not much action there - which is good). I'm hoping to hear some thoughts on the question about the whining when I start the car.

    Twice since in two years the fuel pump failed to shut off while filing my car - both times at full serve stations. My local station told me later that this had happened before and after afterwards they had their pump handles replaced. No problems since. (They only charged me for the amount I typically purchase - not the amount on the pump. Their idea - not mine.)

    When I picked up the car in February '01 ('01 2.7T w/6-speed) the salesman cautioned me about the low front end. In New England we have granite curbing in many places so most are careful anyway. I've had no problem.

    Question - lately when I start my car there is a loud whining coming from under the hood - turbo or turbo fan? Doesn't happen every time. Not always noticeable while driving but sometimes. Any ideas??? Should I call the service manager?
  • I would take it to the dealer for diagnosis and service. It is probably nothing, but who knows?

    My 1999 A6 2.8 did the same thing and there was a problem -- manifold, seal, fan belt, something not centered and tightened correctly -- heck I can't remember, but the service tech said it was a good thing I brought it is while it was merely annoying, before it did any damage.

    If I said any more I'd be making it up, so my suggestion is TAKE IT IN!
  • That's the turbo whining. Take it to the dealership to check out, and I am hoping you are still under warranty.
  • andys120andys120 Loudon NHPosts: 20,480
    it turned out to be a bad bearing in the elecrtic cooling fan. If you turn the ACC off and the sound stops that's it.

    2001 BMW 330ci/E46, 2008 BMW 335i conv/E93

  • Is there trouble in your set. . .hello hello over!

    Where's the chatter on this board?

    The new pike's peak should have our tongues a waggin'

    We've had such great warm weather here in Cincinnati and the Midwest (another 50 degree day) it has been fun to zoom around in my allroad -- stick shifts forever, tiptronics never!

  • timcartimcar Posts: 363
    When I have nothing to say, I say it best.

    Nope, NJ is having an old-fashioned winter, cold and snowy. Quattro and the alphabets are very welcome, and I like my Tip just fine, thank you.
  • How about the new 6-speed tiptronic slowly coming out on selected Audis? Will you accept it as equal to the 6-speed manual?
  • Personally, I'll vote for the stick anytime. The tip isn't much fun, I just found out. How exciting is moving up the lever up and down only? It may be close for some, though, but I'll take the stick until they're no longer available. Had a great time driving around last Christmas Day here when it snowed about a foot in NYC, watching the RWD bimmers stuck on the streets, desperately spinning their wheels in as little as 3 inches, even after the snow plow had passed. Of course, I didn't heckle them. It's not nice. Have a nice week-end, everyone. Let's get this discussion board back on the road.
  • Not having driven the new 6 speed tiptronic and only driving the CVT in an A6 3.0 a little bit when one is loaned to me. . .my answer is based on faith:

    Yes, reading what I have read, the 6 spd tip will be just fine with me. And if it is the same price as the manual and I can drive two otherwise identical cars back to back to make my final decision, I would certainly accept the new 6spd -- all things being "similar."

    My current anti tip sentiment is based on my 97 A8 4.2, 99 A6 2.8, 2000 A6 4.2, 2001 A6 4.2, and my 2003 allroad 2.7T 6spd. The tiptronics don't even come close to the 6spd in several areas -- but, for me, fun is near or at the top of the list.

    I never could get into using the tip in manumatic mode -- and I tried, oh how I tried. Also the performance reduction that is so evident is transformational -- I drove a tip allroad and a 6spd allroad (otherwise virtually identical) back to back. Both were very nice (both were 2002's). The tip version performed "adequately" -- the 6spd, well it darned near screamed "pick me picke me" the accelerative differences were so different.

    Now at over 3,500 miles on my 2.7T engine -- I just got it to run on all 6 cylinders -- or so it would seem -- the thing just opened up and the acceration in 2,3,4th gears is rocket-like.

    And, I haven't even chipped the thing yet.

    Finally, the reluctance of the tips to downshift causes what some describe as tip-lag -- my 4.2's in hindsight had it (and with the 4.2 engine, you only have tip mode in 2 - 5th gear, it has a mind of its own when it comes to first gear -- funny my 99 2.8 engined A6 quattro did have driver control in tip mode of ALL 5 gears).

    So bring on the 6spd tip -- I will not simply out of principle reject it without a long long test drive.
  • ajaymeajayme Posts: 74
    After having all three. The CVT in my A4 3.0 is head and shoulders above the Tip that was in my '99 A6 Q. Of course the engine/gearing didn't help but I guess after putting on about 500 miles in the CVT I am really impressed with the gas mleage and performance. The performance times closely mirror the stick so the only thing left for Audi to do is get CVT on the Quattro and I'm there next time. I will say that the 6 speed tip in the TT roadster that I was loaned was very good. (It should work out well in the new beetle convertible as it is the same tranny).
  • The difference you describe between the tip and 6-speed manual Allroad is amazing! I'm assuming the dif between the A6 2.7T manual and tip 0-60 experience would be similar?
  • andys120andys120 Loudon NHPosts: 20,480
    One guy compared it to a big Hyundai. It lacks the styling grace of current Audis and it's just too damn big.

    2001 BMW 330ci/E46, 2008 BMW 335i conv/E93

  • Today the 2.7T equipped Audis all are quicker when they are mated to the 6spds than when mated to the 5spd tips. Generally the acceleration difference (factory specs of course) show the 6spd to be .6 quicker 0 - 100 kph. This is a big deal!

    The A6 (sedan) 2.7T with a 6spd is rated @ 6.0seconds 0-60 mph. The same car with tip is 6.6 seconds -- and, IMHO, the 6spd is more fun.

    Now, drive an A8, S8 or S6 avant and you will notice that something IS different -- the transmissions in the S cars, specifically, seems much crisper than in the "lesser" Audis.

    My 03 allroad at approximately 4K miles keeps getting stronger every day -- the thing must be awesome squared with a chip and BPV's!

    I wonder what one of these cars would be like with a 4.2 V8 and a stick.

    Or, for that matter the new 6spd tiptronic -- or if they ever get it out, a CVT mated with quattro and a higher output engine!
  • nairb2nairb2 Posts: 9
    I store coins in the storage tray (the one on the dash next to the cup holder.) Unfortunately, some coins got stuck underneath the tray and now they are rattling around. Anyone have any suggestions on how to get these coins out? I can't figure out how to take out the tray.
  • I have pretty good vision, but the font size on edmunds must have gone down to 4 point. Bring back the old web site, I can't read this one!
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