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Audi A6



  • Hello everyone, I've enjoyed reading this message board and have a question.

    I am in market for a new or used car and absolutely think the A6 is the best looking car on the road. There is a black 2000 A6 2.8 Quattro with 25K miles for sale at a dealer for $24,450 and it is certified. Sounds like a good deal to me based on Edmunds, the car is in great shape and looks new. What has been the service record of this car? Any ideas and help is greatly appreciated.
  • I have a 2000 2.7T with app.32000 miles on it and it has been perfect except for replacing fuel sensors. 2000 was supposed to be the worst year for reliability on that car also. I am going to buy(lease) a 2003. Lease expires in March
  • The price isn't bad -- when does the original 100% Audi Advantage expire? It was 3 years or 50,000 miles initially and then AoA changed it to 4 years or 50,000 miles. If it is the latter, well then this may make some sense, since you would have 25K miles of 100% (not just the add on piece) warranty.

    However, I know personally that my dealer has an 01 A6 4.2 that would be perhaps "only" 20% to 25% more and also have the extended warranty. I know, cause it used to be mine. 37K

    Tis avail to be leased as well.

    The one you are looking at to BUY, I assume, will cost about as much as a 2002 or 2003 A6 quattro 3.0 would cost to lease -- brand new, based on what I have seen in terms of lease payments.

    Just another perspective. If you really like the one you posted here, do find out about the original warranty expiration and if it still looks good and it meets your price -- go for it.

    This may spoil it for you, but try testing an A6 3.0 (02 or 03) and you may find that that 2.8 just doesn't have enough grunt, tho. And, the 4.2 -- can you say zooooooom?!
  • Actually the car is Certified and comes with a 2 year / 100K miles warranty when the original warranty expires (100K total miles). Supposedly it also goes through a 300 point check to make sure everything is ok.

    I drive too many miles a year (20K to 23K) for a lease to make sense...been down that road before and won't do it again.
  • Which dealer are you looking at. I got my '01 2.7T from Advantage (formerly Don McGill) on the Katy Fwy. Was in there just before Thanksgiving for an oil change and they had quite a few used A-6's on the lot.

    Can't say enough about the service I have received there. Usually next day appt's and no wait longer than 3 days.

    Happy Holidays,

  • Advantage has 2 used A6's on the lot and Momementum has 1 according to their web sites. I'm talking to Boardwalk in Plano who has 59 used cars, with over 10 A6's on the lot. They also list them on Ebay.

    Thanks :)
  • I take a lot of sharp, fast canyon turns on my route to work, exclusively on dry pavement. I rarely ever drive in snow or in rain.

    How does the quattro system affect handling when taking sharp, fast turns on *dry* roads? My salesperson it would greatly enhance the "road holding" capability on tight turns over dry pavement, but I don't know if he was just trying to sell me extra options.

  • timcartimcar Posts: 363
    IMHO, quattro does nothing to improve "road-holding" as an absolute. Objective tests have proven the opposite: I.e., all other factors being equal, the mass added by quattro, or any other AWD system, reduces absolute cornering ability under perfect dry conditions.

    That granted, I'd rather drive quattro under almost any conditions rather than any other drive layout. The 50/50 torque split under dry conditions provides neutral handling with neither the tendency to under-steer of FWD, or the oversteer of RWD. But I can still tighten the line with either the application of brake or throttle. In the hands of really skilled driver, quattro will do things that can't be done with other drive layouts. I believe it was banned in racing for many years for just that reason.

    I also find that quattro makes the car more forgiving. Got Dumb? Don't panic, that's OK, point-and-shoot and you can manage the car really well with throttle. quattro can help pull you out of what you're headed into. Combine that with ESP and ABS, and you've really got to mess up badly to put it in the bushes.

    And while it may not rain too much, or ever snow, if you are driving quattro in less than dry conditions, you'll appreciate quattro compared to either FWD or RWD.

    While I've not spent time driving a BMW, I'd have to think the quattro will make the Audi more forgiving, though I have no doubt a RWD on perfectly dry pavement will offer the utmost in handling.
  • noshonosho Posts: 119

    I drive a 2.7T manual, it really comes down to how much brake you use in the turns. If you take turns very fast, thus needing almost all your brake power to negotiate the turn, then quattro will be a disadvantage. The AWD system uses the brakes to distribute power to the wheels. In sharp cornering the wheels spin at considerably different speeds, enough so to activate the ABS and cause unruly handling.

    This is my experience with a 2000 A6-2.7T compared to a 2000 Lincoln LS manual.
  • We're about to buy a 2003 A6, and I really like the idea of a nicely integrated phone - but the dealer knows next to nothing about it! (they assure me they're fully trained to install it, but have done no installs yet -- they're "waiting for someone to buy it"). I can't even get a straight answer about what the total cost would be.

    I'd appreciate answers to any or all of the following from anyone who has the telematics option with a phone installed:

    (1) In addition to the telematics package, what did it cost for the phone & installation?

    (2) Is the phone "trivial" to insert/remove in the car? I.E. is it just a clip-in cradle, with no wires to plug-in or unplug?

    (3) What happens if you push the phone button and the phone is not in the cradle?

    (4) A picture the dealer has of the install shows the cradle is mounted in the center console, and flips out. I presume the cradle can be put back in the console (and the console closed) with the phone installed and everything still works fine. Is this correct? Is there any reason not to do this (since the phone is completely hands free)?

    (5) Does the stereo simply mute during a phone call -- or does it pause any cassette or CD that might be playing?

    (6) Does any information from the phone display in the driver information area in the dash (e.g. the phone number being called, caller ID info, etc.)?

    Thanks for any info you might be able to provide. We love our current A6 (2000) and are looking forward to getting a 2003, but I'm still trying to decide if the telematics system is ready for prime time.
  • timcartimcar Posts: 363
    John, your information regarding braking and quattro is something I haven't seen before:

    "The AWD system uses the brakes to distribute power to the wheels. In sharp cornering the wheels spin at considerably different speeds, enough so to activate the ABS and cause unruly handling."

    I thought quattro was a largely a product of the Torsen differential and electronics like EDL, unlike other AWD systems, such as Mercedes', which DO use the brakes to limit slippage at any given wheel.

    I've mostly had the ABS activate when more or less going straight in very slippery conditions like snow. Since my 2.7T is an '01, it also has ESP, and my understanding is that ESP works in combination with ABS. I do remember two notable occasions when ESP/ABS activated: The first was on dry pavement when I came into a sharp turn too hard. The ESP flashed briefly, and a slight thump when one of the rear wheels momentarily was braked. And the drama was over. I was back on course with perfect control of the car.

    The second situation was more entertaining: I was on snow after having a tire replaced. Somehow, I wound up with 10 PSI less in my rear tires. I was negotiating a gentle curve at moderate speed, and my rear end came loose and began to gradually drift to the outside of the curve. Apparently, the motion was too slight and gradual to exceed the thresholds of the yaw sensors. I counter-steered, and the rear end moved a little in the other direction. But since this was a very narrow road, and I had a car about to approach in the other direction, I panicked and lightly touched the brakes.

    Boy did I get lucky! Unlike other cars, where brake application in a skid is likely to accentuate the problem, from the moment I touched the brake pedal, the skid was eliminated. Undoubtedly this was a product of the ABS/ESP software working in combination to sense and correct the problem faster than I could even think about it.

    So, while I find your experience regarding ABS causing unruly handling when braking surprising, I can say from my own experience, that in post 2000 cars equipped with both ABS and ESP, the opposite is true. The combination of ABS/ESP greatly enhances stability when braking and cornering simultaneously, or under any other conditions.
  • I've forgotten what the postings have said in the past about turbo whine. Lately I have a high pitched whine when I start the car; it continues briefly after the car is parked. It's been very cold here - don't know if that's a factor. Otherwise nothing unusual with the car. Can someone comment? Thanks!
  • noshonosho Posts: 119
    If it consistently occurs, confirm the squeal is coming from only one side of the engine (it's unlikely that both turbos are whining). If this is the case, then it is indeed a turbo and it will only get worse and ultimately fail. Only cure is replacement.

    Temperature effects cold start oil characteristics but doesn't effect engine turn off. Low oil pressure could be a possible cause but a squealing turbo is a damaged turbo.

    Let us know what it is....
  • Hello all,

    Great discussion group!! I just bought a 1999 A6 Quattro for $19800, which includes a 36 month/36000 extended warranty. Mileage is at 49,300.
    Test drive for an hour or so and it seems to drive very well. Do you folks feel I made a wise choice? Any good tips that I should be aware of, besides the regular maintenance checkups and oil changes, etc.?
  • Local dealer says they don't have the codes for setting the automatic locking & remote control window rollup/rolldown for 2003 A6's. Said they would do this if I got the codes for them. I got the codes from this forum 3 years ago when we got our 2000, and thought perhaps someone could help with the 2003 codes.
  • Congratulations on your 1999 A6; The extended warranty is a good feature.

    I suggest that you verify that all recall work was accomplished. We had a 1999 A6 which had several important recalls, one of which was the fuel gauge sensor.

    Further, if you are contemplating keeping the vehicle beyond the warranty period, follow the suggested maintenance carefully. The service intervals, for the non-turbo 1999's, is 7,500 miles. Also, I would not hesitate to use a synthetic oil, such as Mobil 1.

    One last thought: your performance will be somewhat superior if you utilize the reccomended premium fuel. Good luck with your purchase.
  • Has anyone drove an 2003 A6 3.0 AUTO with 17" tires? We were looking at 330 and MB C-320 AWD. I liked the handling of the BMW but it would be nice to get a larger car. My present car is 328Ci.
  • I'm seriously considering an A6 2.7T, and recently test drove one with the luxury package, winter package, Onstar telematics, sport seats, parktronic, and Bose. I informed the dealer that I considered the Onstar, parktronic, sport seats and Bose to be unimportant and would prefer instead the to simply have the Premium package and the winter package, saving almost $2k off the sticker. However, I can't recall ever seeing an Audi with anything but the luxury package and therefore the full leather interior. Any impressions out there about the "leather seating surfaces" versus the leather contained in the luxury package? Is it just quantity (surfaces v. full leather interior, including door inserts), or is there a difference in quality? Are there any pictures anywhere of an interior without the full leather coverage of the luxury package?
  • timcartimcar Posts: 363
    I don't have them Gary, but think you might want to check here -

    There are, or were, several posters who had VAG tools and reprogramed these and other codes themselves. My thinking is they're likely to know, or know how to obtain the '03 codes.

    I'm surprised your dealer doesn't know. They're not Pontiac dealers are they?


  • timcartimcar Posts: 363
    Haven't driven an A6 with the 17" wheels, but reports are it firms up handling a little, without too much harshness. FWIW, if you want to stretch a little, the '03 2.7T comes STANDARD with the sport suspension along with (I think it's still an option.) optional 17" wheels. The sport package alone should give you handling approximating your Beemer, and the 2.7T engine should provide more go than any of the cars you're looking at. I doubt your negotiated price would be more than you'd pay for either the Beemer or the Merc. I.e., you should be able to knock $2,500 - $3,000 of the A6 sticker.
  • ibmctibmct Posts: 1
    My lease on my S80 expires soon. While I enjoy it, I am not going to buy it. I'm looking for guidance in comparing the two models. Any opinions are welcome. Thanks.
  • I have a 2002A6 2.7T and lately I've noticed wind noise while driving at freeway speeds. It seems to be coming from either around the windows or the windshield. Has anyone had this type of problem?
  • Nice review - in the narrative you say you bought a 2003, yet down below it says 2002 (?) - presume it's a 2003 as you talk about the improved steering.
  • Thanks Tim - but I've already looked there. They have the codes for 2000 & 2001, but not yet for 2003. Our local dealer (San Antonio) does not have the codes for the 2003's - and yes, they are an Audi dealer. (although they also know virtually nothing about the telematics system - another thing I'm trying to get better info on as noted in my post #3485)

    Great car - we love our 2000 - but frustrating lack of info on the "toys." And having had the auto-lock and the remote window rollup/rolldown it would be frustrating to pay the $$$ for a 2003 and lose these features - minor things I admit, but you do get used to things (isn't that why we buy $40,000 cars instead of $15,000 cars??)
  • (1) In addition to the telematics package, what did it cost for the phone & installation?


    (2) Is the phone "trivial" to insert/remove in the car? I.E. is it just a clip-in cradle, with no wires to plug-in or unplug?

    It is very easy to plug and unplug the phone, can be done with one hand even while driving.

    (3) What happens if you push the phone button and the phone is not in the cradle?

    The phone works anyway -- but not the phone in your pocket. The On*star system has a phone too. If you push the button and the V60 phone is NOT in the cradle, you will hear a voice prompt say "READY" -- then, if you say "DIAL" it says "NUMBER PLEASE" -- then you say "five" and it repeats "FIVE" you say "one" and it repeats "ONE" and so on until you have recited the entire number -- then you say "dial" and it says "CALLING" the phone rings and your party answers and you talk. You can also program this feature to respond to your saying "call" -- if you have previously loaded a number with a NAME TAG on it it will call "MOM" -- it is very slick and seems to understand male, female and even accents, within limits.

    If this doesn't work, it is because you didn't purchase "units" -- easy to check, press phone button car says "READY" you say, "units" it says "ADD or VERIFY" you say "verify" and it says "YOU HAVE 54 UNITS REMAINING, GOODBYE!" Thats it -- it responds to dozens of voice commands -- and it will tell you if you say "HELP" when it says "READY."

    (4) A picture the dealer has of the install shows the cradle is mounted in the center console, and flips out. I presume the cradle can be put back in the console (and the console closed) with the phone installed and everything still works fine. Is this correct? Is there any reason not to do this (since the phone is completely hands free)?

    You are correct in your assumptions. The only reason to pop out the phone is when you are checking voice mail and you have to issue commands using the touch pad on the Motorola V60.

    (5) Does the stereo simply mute during a phone call -- or does it pause any cassette or CD that might be playing?

    The stereo mutes, the CD or tape pauses, the display on the head unit reads PHONE and the display between the tach and speedo tells you the number and name of the person you are talking to if you initiated the call and the word INCOMING CALL is displayed when the phone rings -- which can also pause the sound system CD or tape that might be playing.

    (6) Does any information from the phone display in the driver information area in the dash (e.g. the phone number being called, caller ID info, etc.)?

    Yes, all the above.


    My door locks in my 03 allroad are programmed to lock at 20km and unlock when I remove the key, the windows go down when I press and hold unlock and the windows and sunroof close when I press and hold the lock button -- or you can always do the same thing by inserting the key into the driver's door.

    The dealer did the programming, it took less than 5 minutes. Also did my wife's 2003 TT. As he says, it is not rocket surgery. Or Brain Science either for that matter.
  • timcartimcar Posts: 363
    Joel, I lifted the link from AudiWorld. He had written it, and posted the link there. I thought it might be particularly useful for Noel, who's thinking of coming out of a 3-series into an A6. My car is an '01 2.7T.

    Sorry Gary. :-( I thought someone at AW might have them. It's really frustrating when your dealer is or plays dumb. Especially after reading Mark's post, as his dealer evidently had no problem doing it. AoA evidently has frowned on the reprogramming of certain features, and I suspected the dealer might be playing dumb. Not long ago, Mark posted the name and a phone number for his dealer. Perhaps that dealer could be prevailed upon to divulge the codes to you to relate to YOUR dealer?
  • Thanks Mark & Joel.

    Mark - you're undoubtedly right about what happens when you press the phone button with no phone installed IF you live in an area where OnStar Personal Calling is available. Unfortunately, this is not available in San Antonio - and OnStar doesn't have any projected availability date. I called OnStar to get some of my questions answered, and I can't even buy personal calling for use elsewhere in the country. If you (or anyone else) were traveling in this area, personal calling would work for you, since you have it, but I'm out of luck until they sell it here! I would guess that in my situation pressing the phone button with no phone in the cradle would simply connect us to the OnStar system.

    I love the concept of the fully integrated phone, but with the problems you had getting it to work, the inexperience of our local dealer, the unavailability of OnStar personal calling (to me the most attractive feature of OnStar), and the $1600+ net cost, I'm inclined to skip telematics altogether and go with a professionally installed hands-free kit. While not invisible, these increase the phone options (Motorola or Nokia), still mute the radio and display "Phone" when the phone's in use (you do lose the number display), and if multiple people (e.g. me & my wife) have the same phone model we can both use the hands free without having to pay $625/phone.

    Mark - as I wrote the above I had a thought. Have you tried your installation with a non-Audi V60 phone plugged in? Just curious what it would do -- my guess is it would work fine but you wouldn't get the number displays (just like a "normal" Motorola V60 hands free kit).

    As for the codes, as you noted it's not rocket science to change the codes. Took perhaps 2 minutes when they did it to our 2000 3 years ago. I originally really wanted the auto-locking and just had the remote window up/down down for the "coolness" factor. But my wife ('tis her car) uses the remote rolldown all the time - it gets rather warm in San Antonio and it's nice to roll down the windows as you approach the car in the summer. You do get used the these features, and if we buy a new 2003 I definitely want them. The dealer in San Antonio has changed since we bought our 2003, and the new dealer either doesn't have the codes or is "playing dumb." I don't understand why they would do this, since it's a matter of plugging in a connector and changing a couple of numbers! On the other hand, I don't understand why Audi ships the cars with these features disabled, or why AoA would discourage using them.
  • I do not have any reason to believe that AoA discourages the full use of all of the features that the Audi central computer has that can be turned on or off -- if I led you to believe that, sorry.

    There are a couple of others, too -- turn on the wipers and the headlights come on low beams automatically. Defaults for the sonar can be changed too -- of course front sonar is not avail in NA only Euroland. I read about several other features that are available, but I can't recall them now. Perhaps someone has the "list" of the things that can be done with "feature codes" -- I can't remember them.

    Why these codes are not "user selected" from a menu beats me too. Some people may not want their cars to automatically relock if the remote is used to unlock, but no door is opened, for example.

    And, yes I had a few issues with my On*star and I did find them annoying -- but I assume my issues are very rare. I would still get the stuff!

    Now, the phone works to call On*star, but NOT to make an outbound call? HUH? Who thought of that idea.

    On the other hand, the calling feature of On*star is NOT to be used for normal talking time -- it is WAY WAY too expensive. The On*star calling feature could cost many multiples of my Verizon monthly airshare minutes. I share a minute pool with my wife and we still have separate phone #'s -- the On*star minutes are something like a buck a minute, I think. I'm still on my "free" 60 minutes.
  • It is a mystery why Audi doesn't make you aware of the features that can be accessed with changing codes. There is also no mention in the manual about the hidden equalizer that has seriously improved the sound system on my 2000 2.7T. I don't think you can do it on the '03 I'm about to order.
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