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Audi A6



  • mmcbride1mmcbride1 Posts: 861
    Made by the same people as Lexol, won't leave your dash all shiny.
  • I need some advice. I have a chance to either buy a 1998 Audi A6 (not quattro), it has 27K miles on it and is certified to 75K / 5 years. price $24K. It is in great condition.

    or ...

    I could do the new lease thing and get a 2001 Audi A6 quattro for about $10 a month more than my payment would be on the abvoce car.

    My problem is I have a 1999 328i that I will need to do something with. Obviously, if I lease, I won't get the tax credit from trading the car in.

    I am about break even on the car (or maybe have a little equity).

    Which way should I go?
  • jkendalljkendall Posts: 30

    Generally I like to own my vehicles, but your situation seems so easy, that I wouldn't hesitate to lease the 2001. The lease rate currently is shockingly low, and won't be so when the 2002's
    come out. So... ENJOY!

  • markcincinnatimarkcincinnati Posts: 5,343

    I agree completely with JK -- the lease on the brand new car is almost impossible to beat, and the car you will have will be significantly "better."
  • markcincinnatimarkcincinnati Posts: 5,343
    Pages 30/31Car Magazine (UK), July 2001 issue. Overall very positive and extremely positive about the new 2002 A4 as well.
  • jkendalljkendall Posts: 30
    One other thing I thought about was if you're upside down or almost in your Bimmer, while you're leasing the 2001, put some money aside in a money market account, so you can have the option of buying next time... i.e., more flexibility. (Does require a little discipline, but can be done)

  • lostwageslostwages Posts: 21
    There has been a lot of posts about the great lease rates being offered now. Is this in reference to the 2.8 only? or is the 2.7T being offered with good deals?

    I like the 2.8, but feel that it is underpowered (which has been the opinion of many here) and would love to consider a 2.7T, but thought that it was out of my range.

    Does anyone have any details on a 2.7T lease? Let me know! By the way - heading to Vegas this weekend - If everything goes well - I will buy a 2.7T for cash next week - if not I will drive my beater into the ground for another couple of years!
  • markcincinnatimarkcincinnati Posts: 5,343
    The 2.7T WAS avail for a super low rate -- don't know if that is still the case -- I'll do some digging and report, if someone doesn't beat me to the punch.

    In any case there are some really great deals on ALL Audis right now, between AFS subsidies, discounts and "packages," it is hard to get any Audi for anything less than a good deal, and it is possible to get many of them as a GREAT deal (the S4's when you can find them may be the exceptions as well as the S8's -- but these are pretty rare).
  • jkendalljkendall Posts: 30
    Careful out there!! They didn't build those big hotels from 'winners'. The rate I was quoted on July 4 was .00077, which comes out to less than 2% if I'm not mistaken.

  • Thanks guys for the input.

    The lease deal is for one of their cars listed in the $38,500 range (pretty fair amount of options).
    the lease goes like this.

    $469 + plus
    12K / year
    39 month lease

    They told me it was around a 3% apr (money factor wise).

    Does this sound about right?
  • dwpcdwpc Posts: 159
    I found that tucking one of those Swiffet wipes in the door pocket and using it frequently is both easy and very effective for keeping the interior virtually spotless.
  • lisamplslisampls Posts: 20
    Thanks everyone for your great advice on the care of the dash...I too agree that this is the best quality vinyl I've ever seen and I don't want to wreck it!

    Lostwages...As far as the lease on the A6 goes, I just picked up my A6 2.7T last Tuesday and they are carrying over the June special into July. I think they really want to move out the 2001's.
    My rate is about $580/mo and that's for 15,000 miles/year and with only $2200 down.
    The 12,000 mile/yr lease was $499 and the 2.8 lease was only $439.
    Check it out, I would bet they would still honor those rates if they still have some 2001's on the floor.
  • markcincinnatimarkcincinnati Posts: 5,343
    Not only are there good or great lease rates, there are even ON TOP OF THIS some very attractive discounts -- on ALL A6's and even allroads. I could probably get my car TODAY for hundreds less per month -- the fate of the early adopter.

    Maybe next time, I'll buy in the last 90 days of the model year -- maybe, but then I would probably have NEW MODEL YEAR envy which would be a bad thing. But the lease rates on a 2001 loaded 2.7T are approaching incredible. In spite of brisk sales, you can -- even in this marketplace -- smell the near-recession.
  • Hello all. I'm in the process of negotiating a lease on the 2.7T. All of the above is in line as far as the pricing I'm getting. I'm not putting any money down, my current quote is $619 - I told my salesman I wanted to pay less than $600 - I think he can do it since he gave me the famous "if I can get you that price will you do it today" line.

    Anyway, my question is can anyone can give me a ball park of what the cost of insurance is for this vehicle? Thanks!
  • mmcbride1mmcbride1 Posts: 861
    I think the only way you can really know is to call your present ins. co for a quote. They'll do it for free. Much better to know up front than to get a nasty surprise after the fact.
  • anyone have any clue as to why the A6 is on the IIHS top 10 stolen car list? it carries the highest payment out of all the cars, something like $22,000. even more than the 7 series and GS series. what anti theft devices, if any, were introduced to make it less of a target?
  • nszabonszabo Posts: 19
    The new 2002 A6 may be quieter but the human ear can't distinguish between 2db,so their is no difference in sound reduction.
  • automophileautomophile Posts: 780
    1) DASH - Vinylex is good, but I have been using Lemon Pledge (don't laugh!) on my cars' interiors for at least 20 years with great results. It is excellent on wood, plastic, vinyl, chrome and even leather (between Lexol treatments). It gives a nice sheen without being shiny, is self-cleaning, won't build up and is not sticky. Plus it has a nice fragrance for a while. You must try it. Spray a little on a soft cloth, rub on, then turn the cloth over and buff. It is really great!

    2) LEASE RATES - I ALMOST bought a 2.7T end of last month.The lease rates were incredibly low, even for the 4.2! Now that the end of the quarter has passed, the money factor (interest rate) is up again. End of September, they will probably be running the special again on the '01s, but stock should be low by that time.

    3) SOUND - nszabo is right - 2dB is the minimum difference that is detectable by the human ear, it probably doesn't matter. 6dB would be terrific (it is a logarithmic scale).
  • rambo7rambo7 Posts: 4
    I leased an '01 2.7T about a month ago. It stickered at about $45K and the "selling" price was about $42K...the money factor was the real deal closer -- it was equivalent to a 1.9% finance rate....

    Your deal sounds pretty darn good, given that the factory special I got seems to have expired for now.

    I got the sense from talking with the sales staff that Audi is offering these deals to get a bigger share of market... compete with the bimmers. Get us hooked now and get us on the comeback.

    I had really wanted a 330ci, but the sales people wouldn't budge much on prices. I think I'm happier with the's a bit bigger and just as quick. I'm just old enough and big enough to not like having to practice Yoga positions getting in and out of BMW's.

    Plus, there's so many bimmers in So Cal, they seem like taxis in Manhattan.
  • The current lease specials ARE incredible. I just picked up my new A6 last night. THe current deal for a 2.7T is:
    $499 per month, 10k miles per year, no deposit, no acquisition fee. Ths is based on a car with MSRP of $43k. The money factor is 0.00122, which works out to 2.9% APR.

    I got a slightly better deal as a "loyalty program" customer, as my other car is an A4. If you're currently leasing or own an Audi, AFS sweetens the deal by making your first payment at the time of signing.

    My car has a sticker of $46.5K (selling price was just under $43k) and with $1500 down, I got the payment to $520 + tax. It took some pushing, and I saw the "final offer" more than once, but I got what I wanted. :-)
  • lease888lease888 Posts: 1
    I got my A6 2.7 just before the end of June.
    I got the Preferred luxury package, Bose,
    and Cold Weather package, Premium package
    with PPL, 12k miles a year. The MSRP was
    about $45k. The lease was based on $41k.
    It was 0 down (I had to paid about $600 for
    license and registration), $520 (+taxes) a
    month for 39 months. I think it was a pretty
    good deal.
  • varigvarig Posts: 99
    I have been considering buying an MB E320 4Matic. However, it appears as if I could get a good deal on an A6. Obviously savings would be more on a 2.8 than on a 2.7T, but even it would be several thousand less than the MB. I like that MB offers teleaid and I understand that Audi will be offering OnStar soon, but not until the next model. I don't think that the dealers would make any price concessions on those autos compared to the 2001s still on the lot. Is the 2002 worth waiting for? Is quattro superior to 4Matic????
    Any comments you have would be appreciated.
  • The 2.8 lease packages are similar to the 2.7T. I've seen the rates at $399-$429 per month, with 0 acquisition, 0 deposit, 10k miles per year. That package is based on a MSRP of around $38K and it doesn't have quattro. It's front wheel drive. To me, the 2.7T seemed like a better deal (at $499), as it included the same equipment, quattro and the biturbo.
  • I have a 2000 A6 Avant without Xenon. There are a number of bulbs out there are on the market that claim to be Xenon-like and yield Xenon benefits, without the added Xenon hardware. Do any of these bulbs actually yield meaningful improvement over the stock Audi OEM halogen bulbs?
    And can any of them wreck the lamp housings through overheating? Thanks.
  • tony107tony107 Posts: 15
    Is it true that audi's a6 tiptronic is basically useless. I have heard that it even shifts for you if you don't and you can't even shift to first gear. Is it really true??? and if it is, is there any way to modify it to work like BMW's tiptronic?
  • JBaumgartJBaumgart Posts: 890
    I have also heard that about the A6 Tips, but am not sure if it affects all year's/models. As I recall reading if will shift from first to second on its own under hard acceleration, and I think I also remember reading that you cannot downshift into first. On both my A4 2.8 and allroad, which of course is A6-based - the tip does NOT do that - the driver retains full control.
  • Last Saturday, I left the dealership with my third consecutive Audi (a loaded A6 2.7T) and second consecutive leased Audi.

    I leased a loaded (premium, luxury and cold weather packages and bose) with 12k miles/year for $1000 down and $540/month for 48 months. 48 months? Take a look at the Audi warantee. The warantee covers everything, and extending the term reduced the payment by about $40/month. (FYI: In Illinois, they have a stupid law that says you have to pay sales tax on the full purchase price of a leased car -- adding about $3000 to my total cost).

    The salesmen don't like the 48 month term because they don't understand it. For that matter, they generally don't understand leasing.

    There is a general formula for calculating a lease price:
    Monthly payment = Depreciation + Finance Charge

    Depreciation = (Sales Price - Residual)/Term

    Finance Charge = (Sales Price + Residual) * Money Factor

    FYI: If you multiply the money factor by 24, you'll get your interest rate (APR).

    Of the above variable, the only ones you can control are the purchase price and the term.

    By understanding the above formula, I was able to control negotiations just as I would for a car sale. I got my car for 2.25% over invoice. This, by the way, was a better deal than what Audi was offering in their ads. Audi is offering lease deals as the result of a reduced money factor. You, however, can still negotiate that purchase price.

    In my situation, I sat down with the sales mgr and my salesman, and asked them if they knew how to calculate a lease payment by hand. They said "no," so I showed them. "You see, this is how your payment works out. By my calculations, the deal you're offering me amounts to 5% over invoice, which is of course too much." I'll give you 2% over invoice which, as you can see, means that the payment will drop by $34/month." In the end, we settled at 2.25%.


    Regarding Insurance.

    Previous Audi was an A4 2.8. My Insurance came to about $685 per year. Insurance on the A6 went up to $910.
  • 1. Sorry for the really long message. I just wanted to make sure you all realize that negotiating a lease is no different from negotiating a purchase.

    2. If my lease deal seems rather high, keep in mind that (as I said), Illinois folks get hit for tax on the full price of the car -- including luxury tax. That can add another $70/month to the payment.

    3. Love my A6 2.7T. Earlier today, I dusted a BMW 540 off a stop light. I'll happily take on any member of the BMW family whose name does not start with an M (or cost more than $100K). The 2.7T is also slightly faster off the line than the 4.2 because of all that low-end torque (258 lbs at 1800 rpm).
  • Useless?

    I use the Tiptronic on my A6 2.7T similarly to the way I used the stick on my previous A4 2.8.

    Automatic is nice, but I'm able to get a much more satisfying response with the Tip.
  • akuma1akuma1 Posts: 37
    Hi we're considering the 2.7T because we looked at the invoice price vs MSRP and noticed an unusual gap. So we figured we can probably get a lot off if we buy the an in stock 2001. Now I'm hearing leasing is a great deal but I have no idea how money factor etc. works. Can anyone help? Is finance a bad idea?
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