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Mazda Millenia



  • Well
    The car is fixed. The culprit of the crappy idle was due to vacuum lines being hooked up incorrectly when the replacement engine was installed. After the valve cover gasket replacement, thermostat replacement and vacuum line fix, we are back to normal. I hope this is my last post on this forum. Good luck too all out there with Millenias! And thanks to all the responses!!!!

    Thank you.
  • I've seen several 95-96 Millenias with 99-00 grilles. They tail lights should work too.
  • banker74banker74 Posts: 26
    Hi there,
    It's time for me to replace both front axles - they're making a serious clicking noise and the boot/plastic cover cracked (I'm non-technical, so bear with me please). My car has 129K miles on it, so perhaps it's time.

    In any case, my shop told me that if it was built 10/94 or earlier (mine was 10/94) they don't make the axles anymore, and they'd need to be sent out and rebuilt. He said 11/94 and later are fine. Oh well. The prices he quoted were 294.20 (w/ labor) per side on the rebuilt, and 237.76 had I not needed the rebuilt ones. Has anybody had this done? Does this seem like a fair price?

    Secondly, I've got the annoying check-engine light problem that plagues so many of us. I've read through a number of posts, and got excited when I saw that something as simple as a gas cap that wasn't "clicked" three times could cause it. I ran down, clicked it 5 times, and the rat-[non-permissible content removed] still came on.

    In any case, I've read some posts where people say the 02 sensors could be bad, and this could cause occasional sluggishness (YES) and degraded mileage (I get about 300 miles before my gas light comes on - and I drive about 30 miles per day, most of it freeway). My question is about the aftermarket ones. The guy at the shop said that some of them don't fit correctly, or need to be rigged to fit - and may not be specific for the car. Anybody here have personal experience w/ them? Any thoughts/suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

  • mazda_nutmazda_nut Posts: 25
    Banker - sorry to hear about your woes - I was just in your boat with my 95. Front CV's are cheaper if rebuilt - they are like $800 new from Mazda. Obviously in your case, you need to go with rebuilt ones. We had ours done for about $350 in the front. Your price seems good to me. You can drive on them for awhile - but not too long.

    And yes, *if* is is the O2 sensors, you can go with aftermarket ones. They all /fit/ per se as they are usually the correct thread size - you just need to find out which wires go to which - super easy to do. Your mechanic should KNOW this. Two of them have 4 wires and the other two have 3 wires. I replaced one with a Mazda one for $120! Ouch - but I wanted a Mazda one for the back. I will be ordering my generics in a few days and post my results soon.
  • herndonsherndons Posts: 17
    I am getting ready to replace the rear rotors and pads on my Millenia. I had a question:

    -Do the rear calipers on this Mazda work like most rear calipers utilizing a parking brake? Meaning, in order to push the piston in, do I need the special tool with 2 teeth to spin the piston back into the caliper to get the clearance needed to get around the new rotor?

    I've done many brakes before in the past so I'll know as soon as I pop the caliper. I'm just trying to get an idea and gather up the correct tools before I jump in!

  • jean7of9jean7of9 Posts: 192
    I need to adjust the vertical and horizontal headlights levels on my 1995 MilleniaS. The maintenance book refers this job to dealers only, with no guidance. Have anybody done this job before hence knows exactly which knobs or screws to turn? Would appreciate some help and tips before getting myself into trouble. Thanks.
  • rzawarskirzawarski Posts: 47
    The Millenia uses a drum brake for parking and the drum is part of the disk a better setup then many cheaper cars. Pistons can be retracted with a simple clamp just as in the front.
  • I replaced the battery in my 2.5L 98 Millenia.
    In doing so, I had a heck of a time removing the battery cover,
    and was unable to replace it. I noticed that air from the grill is vented
    back to the cover...I assume to keep the battery cool. Since I have never seen
    such venting of air onto the battery in my previous cars, my questions for
    the group are:

    1) Is this indeed used to cool the battery? If so why?
    2) Am I risking serious trouble to the new battery/car without the plastic
    hood to divert the air?
    3) How the heck do I replace it? It seems a wiring harness from the fuse box is SO
    close to where the hood fits on the air channel that I can't get it back on. What is the
    standard procedure for replacing the battry in the 98 2.5 MILL?

    Thanks in advance for your help,
  • banker74banker74 Posts: 26
    Just had my engine hooked up to the computer this morning. Has anybody ever gotten a 1525 and 1526 (Solenoid Valve?) code? In addition to that I got the O2 Sensors, Bank 1 and Bank 2.

    Any insights?

  • gtspecgtspec Posts: 55
    Derek: what's your codes for the O2 Sensors problems?

  • Can anyone recommend a do-it-yourself manual covering minor
    repair for 98 2.5L Millenia?
  • banker74banker74 Posts: 26
    First off, GT I don't remember what they were. Thanks for trying to help. All I know is that it was Bank one and two.

    I've actually decided to go another route and trade in my car rather than deal w/ all these repairs (another bigger reason is at the bottom of page).

    My question is what you all, being the knowlegeable owners you are, would accept as a trade in value? KBB blue book trade in, at "Good" condition, was $7,540. Fair condition is $6,250. So far the Mazda dealer offered me $5,000. Seems pretty low, and that I'm getting raped.

    BTW, the trade-in will not occur at a Mazda dealer.

    The car - here's the deal.

    Black Millenia S
    130,000 miles
    Everything except heated seats.
    Straight body - one minor door ding

    Antenna doesn't go down (they may not notice?).

    Front Axles (if they don't drive it and hear the clicking, they may not notice.) Otherwise I know that it's about a $580 repair (to the consumer)

    O2 Sensors (since two banks, at least two...but they don't know that)

    Otherwise the car runs great. Also, I feel that were I to do the repairs this would be it and it would run fine)

    Given this, is the car in Good or Fair condition? Also, what value might you shoot for?

    Thanks in advance - this forum and everybody has been great. I'm looking to buy this weekend, so the sooner the better. By the way, I'm in Southern California if that matters.


    P.S. I love the Millenia and will miss it a lot. Nonetheless, I'd really like a somewhat sportier car that I can do some performance modifications to. Hence I'm looking at the 2001 Audi A4 1.8T Quattro.
  • herndonsherndons Posts: 17
    I am considering upgrading my wheels/tires on my Millenia to an 18 inch combo. Are there any of you out there running 18s on your Millenia? The wheel is an 18x8 and the tire is a 235/40/18. Is there anybody running this combination? Are 8" wide tires too wide? Any suggestions? Thanks!!!
  • No one's talking about the 2001. What's up with that? Anyone own one?

    I did an extensive test drive of one versus a 2000, and posted a report a while back, but there was no response.

    Any word on how much longer the Millenia will last?
  • csuftitanscsuftitans Posts: 215
    Derek, I feel for you man. It's hard to get anything decent from dealership. I myself is trying to get rid of my wife's '95 BMW 325is. Dealer only offer $11K, while KBB trade-in is around $13K. I'm pretty sure if I sell it privately I can get about $15K, but needs to be patient, which I don't have right now. so if you have time, I'm pretty sure you can get much more than what the dealer's offering you. Good Luck.
  • csuftitanscsuftitans Posts: 215

    The wheel well of Millenia is very big, I'm pretty sure even a 19" would have no problem in it. As long as the offset is the correct one for your car, you should have no problem. 18x8 is a perfect size for this car, same goes for your tire size selection 235/40/18. If I have spare money, I would do the same to my Millenia. I used to own a '93 626ES, and fit a BBS RX 18"x8 rims with 225/40/18 tires, no problem.

    Check out this wheel called Axis Se7en, looks very cool and size up to 19".

  • csuftitanscsuftitans Posts: 215
    So what do you think about the 2001 Millenia? Which model did you test drove and how is it compare to the 2000 model.
    I saw a black S model when I serviced my car. I really like the front end design now, especially on dark colored Millenia. I don't really like the two tone color on the new model, it fits the '99-00 model very well, but not the 2001. I'm already saving my money to replace my 2000 Millenia S' rear tail lights with the 2001s. It will cost me about $1400 if I get it from this dealership, before discounts. I'm pretty sure I can get it somewhere else for less money. It shouldn't be hard to replace. and like I said before, I love the improvements they made to the interior, Optitron speedometer, leather covered center armrest, re-design armrest, two-tone steering wheel and the 9-speaker system audio system with 6 disc in-dash changer. I'm already trying to get my wife to trade in her car for a 2001 Millenia Premium, which I can get for about $23500. wish me luck.

  • csuftitanscsuftitans Posts: 215
    Are you guys getting this same 100 character limit on each post that I'm experiencing. I was going to put all that post in one, but couldn't.

  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    There is indeed a word-length limit of 100 characters, which means you cannot post an unbroken string of characters longer than that. You sometimes will run into that issue when trying to post a link because in and of itself it has to be an unbroken string of characters.

    I can't imagine why you couldn't put your two messages into one post box, though. Could it have been that the link itself contained more characters in the message that wouldn't post than what you actually ended up posting?

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  • rbrubakerrbrubaker Posts: 54
    Try going to Enter the info for your car, and a picture of a millenia will appear in the color of your choice. You then select which wheels you want to appear on the car. Kind of nice way to see what the car will look like with the wheels on prior to buying them.

    You might have to replace the trunk lid a well as the lights. The 2001 lenses look like they have a sharper lower left corner than previous years.

    Good to see that Consumer Reports still recommends the Millenia as a trouble free used car. You wouldn't think it, from hearing the problems mentioned in this forum.
  • herndonsherndons Posts: 17
    Sounds like 18s will fit. Does anybody have any experience with 18" or larger rims with a 1.5" drop; with Eibach or H&R springs? Is there enough clearance in the wheel wells?
  • ddrake30ddrake30 Posts: 18

    Just as a counterpoint, I put 17 x 7.5" rims on my '96 millenia that I ordered through Discount Tire Direct ( They recommended that I not use greater than 7.5" wide rims, and to not go above 225 series tires, particularly if I wanted the tire to fit inside the wheel well. On the other hand, their information may not necessarily be correct, and wheel offset may make a difference.
  • I went the Atlanta Journal Auto Show yesterday. After looking at everything it looks like I will probably replace my 99 Millenia with a 2002 S model when my lease runs up. I was really excited about the new Mercedes-Benz C-Class...but it was just too small in person. I sell real I need a car that is not too cramped for my customers. I also don't think my real estate signs would fit in the trunk of the seemed too narrow. I also checked out the other competition...I30, 3.2TL, etc, etc...I just still like the Millenia better than all the other near-luxury cars.
  • mellodmellod Posts: 1
    Do most Millenia's make a fairly loud clank when the a/c engages and then make a rattle noise like an 82 Ford Escort? Kind of embarrassing at stop lights.
    I have a 2000 s w/ 9k miles and it has always made the noise.
    Havent taken it in yet, but just wanted to know if I am going to hear "its normal" from the dealer or if anyone else has had it fixed.
  • ecafecaf Posts: 44
    yo mellod. I've got a similar experience with my '95 S. All was quiet until last year at just over 100K miles when the climate control fan began to rattle a bit at low speeds. I'm very surprised to hear the same thing on your car with only 9K. Looks like we gotta replace the fan [non-permissible content removed]embly. Damn.
  • adam68adam68 Posts: 59
    Just purchased my 4th Millenia. For the price, there is nothing on the market that even comes close. Paid 27K for the S with chrome wheels.
    If you don't mind the lack of a fancy label, or showrooms with cappuccino bars, the Millenia should be on the top of your list.

    I spent the last two months looking at other cars in the 30-40K range..

    BMW 330 - Very small car.
    BMW 530 - Aging design, not enough car for the $$
    MercC320- MERC want to be....
    I30 - Cheap plastic is the theme
    ES300- I'm not dead yet
    Audi A6- People seem to love or hate the look...I find it very obese looking.

    I find the Millenia to have a nice classic look without attempting to be something it's not. It's a very tight, solid ride. I do recommend the S as the base millenia with 170hp is sluggish at best.
  • mantagmantag Posts: 47
    I have a 95 S w/ 90k, but I am have begun my search for a replacement. The 2001 is nice, alot of improvements, but... why no v8 option or a more powerful v6? The S is an amazing engine, but there are plenty of other of engines just as good and not as complicated to fix. Fortunatley, no problem with mine ,but will sell before it hits 120k to avoid the cost of the 60K service.

    I have looked at several models, I would have not considered the Acura TL before, but now with the 2002 TL-S version, 260hp really ups the bar.
  • adam68adam68 Posts: 59
    I have a 2000 TL and am very dissapointed with it. You do get a lot of car for your money...but this comes at a cost. The interior is filled with lots of plastic. The driver seating position is extremely awkward...I'm 5 10 and my head hits the ceiling. I think there are better choices out there in this price category..
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