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Mazda Millenia



  • rotarykidrotarykid Posts: 191
    that last post should have read "technician" instead of "techician". my apologies for any inconvenience this may have caused.
  • carguy5000carguy5000 Posts: 146 you are talking-maybe our friend "rotary kid" should forget about fixing these sleds and "link" to the Passat page!
  • rotarykidrotarykid Posts: 191
    does VW still use vacuum operated door locks? or did they sneak into the 21st century when i wasnt looking?
  • carguy5000carguy5000 Posts: 146
    Not only are they electric but how is this for a theory...a V6 engine mounted with cylinder banks aligned with the wheel wells!
  • rotarykidrotarykid Posts: 191
    Why dont you just save the $$$ and buy a BMW like you really want.
  • carguy5000carguy5000 Posts: 146
    Those are for those fools who like automatic transmissions, high lease payments and like to drink Starbucks coffee while talking on their cell phone in the left hand lane.

    At least that is my take on them!
  • rotarykidrotarykid Posts: 191
    so maybe you drink dunkin donuts coffee, and are holding up right lane traffic now in your passat, but someday you will get there.
  • rotarykidrotarykid Posts: 191
    Well at least I can say that I'm glad you drive a passat and not one of those oversized SUV's that are taking up two lanes.
  • carguy5000carguy5000 Posts: 146
    With that sharp keyboard of yours you sound as though you think that you invented the racing Civic or something. Whats up with that?
    You probably have one of thoose racing mini vans that are found so frequently on these sites.
    Let me guess, you figured a way to bypass the speed limiter in hopes to gather enough muster to pass one of those oversized utes that you are refering to.
  • jstandeferjstandefer Posts: 805
    Now see what you get for trying to help someone out?

    I have sold Mazda's for years and I have found that the Millenia has been very reliable and trouble-free for most owners. Many of them trade them in and buy/lease a new one.

    For those of you that have had problems, I am sorry to hear that. It seems most of the problems are related to higher-mileage first-year models. The Miller-Cycle engine is a great engine, but like any force-fed (super- or turbocharged) engine, maintenance must be performed meticulously. Remember, that Lysholm compressor is spinning six times the speed of the crankshaft.

    If any of you are so interested in replacing your Millenia with a different vehicle, THEN PLEASE DO SO. If not, then bite the bullet and have it fixed. But don't come in here and start attacking people who are trying to help out the owners. I have a lot of horror stories from when I was working at VW's West Coast Quality Assurance Center. Thus I will never buy a VW, and if you won't buy a Mazda, then that's great! Buy what you like and gives you peace-of-mind.
  • carguy5000carguy5000 Posts: 146
    Easy champ, just pokin a little fun at our rotary friend, need to lighten things up around here you know.
    His as any good advice is always well received around here.
  • rbrubakerrbrubaker Posts: 54
    Welcome. Do you have a rotary Mazda? I had a 1986 RX7 until the engine seals went. I sold it to help with the down payment on a house. I would have kept it if I didn't have to dump money into it. It's a shame they couldn't have put a rotary in the Millenia. I'm not sure, but wasn't the smog issue the reason the rotary engine died in the US?

    I currently have a 1999 Millenia S with almost 20K miles, and still very happy.

  • I still love my 99 Millenia and plan to replace it at the end of my lease with a 2002 Millenia S...don't know what everyone in here is complaining about. My parents use to have a 95 Millenia...they loved it...just couldn't afford to get another one when the lease ran I went out and got my own.
  • phatpatphatpat Posts: 22
    Hello all, first let me say I come in peace. I have a 95 S with 48,000 miles and have experienced no problems yet. One question though, this morning for the first time I noticed a crackiling sound when turning hard left. I must admit that I'm a car idiot and rely allot on those of you with more knowledge to post what you know. My guess would be the CV joints segwaying to my question. What's the best way to tell if that is in fact the problem? I don't hear it when turning the other direction and actually just had a service done with the Mazda mechanics blessing. Any info is appreciated in advance.
  • ecafecaf Posts: 44
    You'll never guess... I've got a Merlot Mica '95 S with 118,000 miles and I'm very happy with my car. In fact, I would consider replacing it with another Millenia. This (almost 7 year old) car has a level of fabrication that exceeds many new cars today. The occasional repairs have been quite reasonable for a car with this type of mileage and age. I am certainly not experiencing the same type/frequency of problems that other posters here are having. Yes, the CU reports represent most (but obviously not all) owner experiences. These people don't have many problems with their cars and thus don't feel the need to post in forums like this. Of course, there are exceptions; information-starved enthusiasts like us, for one. My main gripe is the cost of giving the car a tune-up!

    Emerald, since you're a leasing type of guy, the free maintenance for the VW (with what amounts to about a year and a half of b2b warranty) sounds great. Just be sure to get rid of the Passat right after the lease.
  • carguy5000carguy5000 Posts: 146
    Why are you trashing the new Passat? Do you have fact or heresay to support the reliability of the 2000+ Passat?
    Didn't anyone ever tell you to believe half of what you read?
    As the owner of a 2000 Silver Frost (my friends call it silver) V6 GLS, I am concerned that you are offering our friend advise based on fiction and rumor.
    Based on what I read on the Miller Cycle, I could easily tell anyone to stay away from it as well, but I am open minded enough to understand that nothing works perfectly forever, and ALL, including your maroon Mazda requires periodic service and repair.
  • Ecaf....astounding that you have 118k miles and virtually trouble free? I do agree that styling, fit and finish are among the most appealing (not to be confused with is the design of the outright rude Maxima. Gawd! What's with the new trend in optical tail lights? Be gone already). I'm off on a tangent. Anyway, I'm traveling to University Mazda and Carter VW to test the Passat and 2001 Millenia. I'm not the greatest expert on the VW so specifics about what you have learned about the later model Passats would be greatly appreciated. I realize this is Millenia talk but since the subject is fresh... I'll let you know how it went.
  • Any probs with your VW?
  • mantagmantag Posts: 47
    Ecaf, I have same car/color as you, but only 91K. As much as I enjoy the car, and get the looks. (sista's always want to talk with me at a stop light)! Anyway, I would consider a 2001, but after all these years still no optional v8. As good as the milller engine is, it is costly to replace if a any problems since it is a unique engine. Sorry - this kind of an engine for only 210 hp does not cut it anymore.

    I am seriously looking at the new Acura TL-S with 260 hp. Throw on the spoiler/ground effects and the gold pkg and your set...
  • jstandeferjstandefer Posts: 805
    I test drove a 2000 Passat GLS V6 5-spd about a year ago, and I have to say I was impressed with it. It was quiet, with a firm suspension that handled well, and the interior was absolutely gorgeous. I don't care that much for the exterior styling... a little bland and pudgy for my taste, but otherwise the car was amazing.

    I'm still a little wary of VW reliability, but I think I would consider the Passat since it is still built in Germany. The quality assurance center I worked at dealt with the VW's built in Mexico. I've also dealt with receiving Dodge Ram trucks built in Mexico. I will share this advice with everyone: If the final assembly point on the sticker says Mexico, DO NOT BUY IT. It was amazing the things they "forgot". Dashboards not bolted on, interior panels missing, entire repaints of vehicles... once, they sent a full ship-load (about 4,800 vehicles) and "forgot" to send the hubcaps, owner's manuals, spare tires, antennaes, etc. Those 4,800 vehicles sat basically untouched for 7 months exposed to the weather and ocean and seagulls. They did pretty good, I guess... only a 47% rejection rate on the shipped vehicles.
  • jstandeferjstandefer Posts: 805
    Are you looking for a warranty company for your current '95 S or for the '99 or '00 you are thinking about buying?

    If you are looking for an extended warranty on the '99 or '00, your best bet is to find one of those cars at a Mazda dealer's used lot that has been certified by Mazda. If it has been certified, you will get the remainder of the factory warranty (36mos/50k) plus an additional 12mos/12k on top of that. Also, I believe you can purchase additional Mazda coverage. See and click on Pre-Owned and then Mazda Certified Warranty. It gives a list of everything that's covered which is just about everything. It even states specifically "Lysholm Compressor" so you know for sure that that's covered.

  • Sounds like a CV joint indeed, and since there are two of them on each drive axle, it's entirely possible that it's bad only on one side. Once it starts making noise, it's ready for replacement. My local Mazda store routinely sends these out for rebuilding to a CV specialist, who normally has them back in half a day - it's cheaper than buying a new one.
  • Ngrecxt...I can't remember if you read my post or not but I had the same diagnosis as you. I have a 95S 89K, Cost for a new Supercharger is $ 3996.91 + Plugs +labor + HUGE STRESS. Good luck.
  • acabral1acabral1 Posts: 122
    This comment is kinda off the subject, however someone referenced to it ealier; but the 2001.5 Passat GLX V6 is HOT inside and out. All VW needs to do now is offer a more competive warranty similar to Mazda's!

    Anyhow, has anyone added a powered subwoofer to thier factory Bose Stereo? If yes, did doing so produce any negative sound quality effects?
  • cepheuuscepheuus Posts: 6
    Just found a 2000 Millenium Edition Millenia for about 23000 including tax & title. I did read about the 2000 Millenia here, but I've got mixed reports/road tests...ranging from OK to not so great. I still have to find a good report about the car, though most of the posts here have been favorable. And this has got me thinking again. Basically is it a good car for the price??? I have also been looking at the 2001 Nissan Maxima and the 2000 Lincoln LS. Any comments/comparisons/help would be greatly appreciated? Thanks.
  • cepheuuscepheuus Posts: 6
    Oops, forgot to mention that the Millenia has about 9800 miles on it. It's at the end of a company lease, pre-owned by a Ford/Mazda employee, in case you're wondering where I landed it!!!
  • mecca1mecca1 Posts: 1
    I have just found a 98 Millenia (approx 22k miles)for about $15000, is this a good deal and should I be buying this car?...F.Y.I. my old car is a 929 which I love dearly but gives me way too much headaches. So I am somewhat looking for assurances that I am not making a big mistake
  • rotarykidrotarykid Posts: 191
    Aside from the millenium edition badges which I personally find tacky, that model is a great car and they can be had rather cheap right now. The millenium edition didnt sell very well and many of them were put on the road with manufacturer plates as a result. We have had atleast 3 returned to us by company employees, and they each sold for less than 23k (had from 3k-7k on the clock). A friend of mine had just purchased a new car just before we got them in or else he would have snatched one up. The color silver and those 17" rims are quite nice looking.
  • ecafecaf Posts: 44
    Apart from the special badging, perhaps the most controversial feature of the ME is the Alcantara upholstery. This is because leather appeals to *most* folks who shop for these type of cars. If this is the case for you, get the S rather than the ME. In my opinion, Mazda should have used brushed aluminum trim rather than wood if they wanted to go for a cool, sporty interior. It complements that suede-y stuff on the seats a lot better. Heck, they should have bumped the engine's displacement to 3.3 liters and horsepower to 270 while they were at it!

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