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Mazda Millenia



  • natevnatev Posts: 10
    this question is aimed primarily at techies:
    I have the Millenium Edition with the chrome 17's, they are quite widely spaced and there is almost full view of the rotors and, would it be OK to paint the calipers with like,say Rustoleum high gloss and temperature paint with a small paintbrush..say red or black, whatever...but would there be any problems with this Autobhand installer, advised me that is what he was doing on his GS300....just a thopught...thanks for any advice
  • jean7of9jean7of9 Posts: 192
    In a casual conversation, my dealer told me that Mazda will be replacing the Millenia next year with a newly designed sedan and under a new name for 2003, to be released late 2002. Millenia production will be superseded by the new sedan. Present Millenia design is frozen and will not be updated. Had any one heard a similar statement yet?
  • jstandeferjstandefer Posts: 805
    I have not heard much about it, but I do know that the Miller Cycle engine will NOT pass 2003 emissions standards and there are no plans to produce the Miller Cycle beyond 2002. However, it sounds as if the dealer may be talking about the 626, which is slated for an entire redesign and a new name for 2003. Perhaps both vehicles will be replaced in the same year.

    The Millenia, as nice as it is, really needs to be dropped in favor of a larger vehicle with a larger engine and perhaps rear wheel drive. The Millenia has never made much of an impact on the entry-level luxury market and I don't think it ever will. The entry-level (and extremely competent) Protege has more interior room! And at $31k, the Millenia S cannot compare to other vehicles in the price range on paper. On the road, it is quite a nice vehicle, but most people look at its feature content in the brochure and/or online and immediately delete it from their list. :-(
  • bscbluebscblue Posts: 103
    I'm not a Millenia owner myself but a good friend of mine just purchased a '97 Millenia today with 46,000 miles for $13.9. I think he got an excellent deal on it. He was going to buy one that didn't have nearly the same amount of feaures for 2 grand more. With cloth seats for God's sake! But that's a different story!

    I though a pair of those faux HIDs they sell on Ebay might be a nice car warming gift but I'm not quite sure about them being safe for his car. I read about half of this forum and saw that someone bought them and they gave that look and seemed okay. He also stated that the driver's side didn't work after a time. I don't know what to do. Should I forgo the lights because they'll harm his car? Or are they safe gift that'll add a little pizzaz to his ride?

    Your comments would be greatly appreciated.
  • windowphobe6windowphobe6 Posts: 765
    Repeat after me: "RX-8".

    Everything you ever wanted in a $30,000-plus Mazda, unusual engine included.
  • jstandeferjstandefer Posts: 805
    at windowphobe6!!!!! ROTFL!!!

    I just can't believe how true your statement is!!
  • lyons4lyons4 Posts: 21
    Good evening everyone.I'm in the market for a L model 2001 Millenia and I just need a little help.I'm looking for a gray (platinum) color with gray interior and mag rims. What do you suggest would be an acceptable offer? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
  • csuftitanscsuftitans Posts: 215
    I don't know which Faux HID you're talking about, there's the $600/pair ones or $60/pair. The $600/pair is actually a real HID, but installation might be tricky; nice bright white bluish color.
    the $60 ones is just a higer wattage, brighter and whiter bulbs. Both shouldn't cause any problem with the headlight assembly. Either way it's a nice gift fr your friend.

    lyons4, I saw an add here in Los Angeles for a 2001 Millenia Premium, with Bose and 4 season-pckg for $23K before tax and lic. Rebates is about $5000 to $6000 depending on dealers.

  • bscbluebscblue Posts: 103
    No, Titan! LOL I did mean the $60 dollar value pair, like on Ebay. Although, I don't mean to say our friendship isn't worth a $600 pair; I just don't have that kind of money.

    With the Millenia, would you have to buy just one pair or do you need two pair? I would also assume that on the '97 Millenia you have the reflection necessary to pull off a good little act. Right?
  • stragfstragf Posts: 15
    Hi All,

    I just purchased a '98 Millenia S. I love the car, and in spite of only having had 14000 miles, I mady need new skins. It currently has the stock (I believe) Michelin 215/55-16's. What is anyones experience with tires? What has really impressed you? If I run with a new set of 4 skins (no pun intended!!), I want to ensure I'm making a good decision. Has anyone run with different tire or wheel sizes? Thanks for assistance.
    Grant in Alberta Canada
  • spridledogspridledog Posts: 63
    stragf - I have a 1996 Millenia S, which also came with those Michelins. My original set lasted about 25,000 miles. I now have 53,000 miles on the car, and am on my third set of those same tires. The last time I was ready to replace them, I tried to find something else, because those Michelins are really expensive! According to the Tire Rack, there are only three other manufacturers that make this relatively rare size, and they are Michelin, Yokohama, and Bridgestone. The Yokohama tire is less expensive, but it less of a performance tire, and would compromise the handling a bit. Whether you car about that enough to pay for more expensive tires, is up to you. The Bridgestone tire is about the same price as the Michelin, so I stuck with the Michelin. Apparently, Michelin actually worked with Mazda and designed this tire specifically for the Millenia. Very few other cars (if any) use this same size/speed rating. Thus, they are expensive. If ultimate handling is not critical for you, go with the Yoko's. They will last much longer - about 40-45,000 miles! Good luck...
  • stragfstragf Posts: 15
    Can I change from 215's to 225's? More selection in this size.
  • ddrake30ddrake30 Posts: 18
    My understanding is that 225 series tires fit just fine on the 16" factory rim. I have 225/45-17 tires on aftermarket rims on my car.
  • natevnatev Posts: 10
    I have read numerous posts that suggest using the Dunlop DS5000 235/45 R17....all have said this a "zero-fit" package for the 17's on a 2000 Mill with that in mind I would assume it's OK also to use a 225/50 on a 16" wheel.....have you looked in to Dunlop cause those are the factory rims that now come with Millenia S's...oh yeah...forgot, I used to use 225/50 on 16's ( they were Goodyear Eagle 1's I believe)...but there are many more than that to choose from...
  • acabral1acabral1 Posts: 122
    I am using the Dunlop SP Sport 5000 (215/50/17) and they are phenomenal, a definate improvement over the factory installed SP Sport 4000's total price came out to $718.00 Consider them for your Mill-S; they're an excellent Ultra Performance All-Season tire and significantly cheaper than the other higher-end brands tire too!

  • acabral1acabral1 Posts: 122
    The Mill-S is truly a 3000+ RPM performer; it's greatest attribute is that its supercharger is centrifugally based, which enables it to out perform many comparable vehicles with 10 to 25 more horse power while running at high RPMS.

    A prime yet, controversial example of this is that, yesterday I raced a Mitsu 3000 GT "SL" from a standstill, (manual) and spanked the hell out of him. He was approximatley 4.5 car lengths behind me. My speedometer was reading 140mph; and my Mill-S was handling with ease! It is truly amazing to actually experience how well this vehicle can handle and accelerate with such ease at these suicidal speeds!

    During my brief "NASCAR" episode there was a slight curve in the road, so all I did was hit the "Hold" button, and holy $hit, it was like my Millenia was running on rail road tracks! This was a completely phenomenal first and last time event!

    Hey, guys/gals...... no hazardous driving lectures please! I know, I know..............

  • eddie1337eddie1337 Posts: 8
    Hello everyone. I have been very attentive on this site since I have been considering buying a 2001 *ignore* P. Now the price I was quoted here in Virginia Beach is at about 24,500. Does that sound reasonable? I fell in love with that car the minute I walked on the lot. I was looking at a Maxima and ended up with the Millennia on my mind. The S-series I just a little too steep for my wallet right now. I would very much appreciate your input on this car. Thank You.
  • bscbluebscblue Posts: 103
    Hi Eddie. You know, if you'd really like the S edition you could go with the 2000 model, which some feel looks better than the 2001 models. But if you must have a 2001, wait a little bit. They will be discounting them because a lot of 2002s are coming out now. You could even stalwart with the dealer.

    You wouldn't believe the mark-up on cars; I promise you you could get out of there with an S at about that same price you're paying for your 2001 base. You have all the power. They want your money, not those cars. So, go in there and make it plain that you can go anywhere you want. You don't have to have a Millenia (even though that's a bald face lie). Good luck!
  • natevnatev Posts: 10
    just wonderin if you have any aftermarket parts on your S....thanx
  • I'm looking into buying 1998 milli s and seen a few in the range 14k - 16k dollars. with about 44,000 - 50,000 miles. What is a good target price for me to take to these dealers? Assuming the vehicle is clean. All advice helps... Also is there any truth that the Miller engine will be discontinued in the near future? Why?
  • acabral1acabral1 Posts: 122
    Unfortunatley not, due to the nil aftermarket availability. The only aftermarket equipment that I have is the Philips HID Conversion Kit.......

    If my memory serves me right H&R has lowering springs for the Mil-S, but I don't like lowering cars without complementary Performance Shocks....

    Weapon*R will fabricate a custom Cold Air Intake or Ram Air Intake for Millenia's but, the process and information they need to begin development is to time consuming to gather in my opinion.....

    If you are located in the Cal. area, go to their facility and let them obtain all the information needed for development/design themselves.

  • jstandeferjstandefer Posts: 805
    Aftermarket performance mods for the Miller Cycle are far and few between. However, there are plenty of performance mods for the 2.5L. Plus, there are some brake and suspension mods for all Millenia's...

    Check out the Millenia page at

  • mantagmantag Posts: 47
    I have to agree w/ you acabral1. I bought the Dunlop 5000's for for wifes car 93 acura legend coupe ls. they are great. 225-55-16. i stepped up from the crappy michelins 225-50-16. to harsh a ride. the 55 series smooths out the bumps. definately rec. them for price/value/all-season high perfromance.

    not sure if i want to get them for my 95 mill s. may go with original continentalch95 conti-touring. really enjoyed those tires for value/price/all weather. not sure i want to spend the extra $ for the dunlops since i will keep car maybe one more year.
  • csuftitanscsuftitans Posts: 215
    Again, I saw some ad here in LA for 2001 Millenia Premium, they ranges from $23K to $24K. I personally would love to trade in my 2000 Millenia S for a 2001 Millenia S. It looks a lot more modern and sleek, not to say that my 2000 Mill is not sleek. I just love the improvement they made on those 2001.

  • emeraldcityemeraldcity Posts: 19
    I own the Goodyear 265-40-20 inch rims on my 95 Millenia!!!! Only teasing. 225-55-16 with chrome. It's hot enough for me. I really want the 2001! It's time for a trade on my low resale value of a car. Millenias are hot but have worse residual value than most KIA's or "HYundais...." Check the Consumer Guides...more later.
  • kngmke1kngmke1 Posts: 14
    Agreed, but that is why late model used is the only way to go with this great car.
  • natevnatev Posts: 10
    I am searching for an exhaust system for a 2000 S....if anyone has had any experience finding these, I could really use some help....most companies don't make them for Millenia Ss only RX-7 and Miata....I would like a more tuned exhaust sound and also any HP it possible to use a Cat-back system with the Miller engine???? Thanks for any help.....
  • gtspecgtspec Posts: 55
    Hi natev, I had installed a custom made "Apexi N1" exhaust on my 95S the second week I got the car (back in Oct. 1999). It's great, not too loud on the idle, but DEEP sound when RAV-up! As far as HP gain goes, I only notice the gain on the highway when the rpm is high, since Apexi N1 has a straight through design which is meant for any forced induction vehicles (like the Millenia S). The exact model is "Apexi N1 Universal" exhaust, and it costed me $180 plus custom piping installation $70, so total is only $250 which is not bad for a "Made in Japan" exhaust. The installation work is just one easy straight pipe connecting the cat (or muffler, I'm not sure what's the THING that's before the end exhaust) and the Apexi N1. Hope this will help you!

    ***Does any one know if it's normal for the "CHECK ENGINE" light to come ON for 5~6 days and then goes Off for another 4~5 days, then comes back again...etc. Was it design to go On for a few days and went Off by itself? By the way my check engine light code is P0170 & 173 - Fuel trim malfunction Bank 1 & 2 (NO idea what that meant). Any help is appreciated!!!***
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    Actually, that is an unattributed page that discusses PIAA "Superwhites" - the page appears to have links to discussions on HIDs as well as other light types, but none of the links work.

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