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Mazda Millenia



  • acabral1acabral1 Posts: 122
    ABOWEN568, My previous post didn't post my response to your "Bose, Amplifier" question. The Amp on the Bose stereo is integrated into the head-unit; if you were to remove it, you should see the heat-sinks protruding from the back of it.
  • jstandeferjstandefer Posts: 805
    The base Millenia with no options and just the destination charge is:

    $28,505 MSRP + Destination

    There is a $4,000 rebate from Mazda on the Millenia:

    $28,505 MSRP + Destination
    -$4,000 Factory Rebate
    $24,505 Price After Rebate

    The dealer is then discounting the car by $2,510.

    $24,505 Price After Rebate
    -$2,510 Dealer "Discount"
    $21,995 Price After Rebate and "Discount"

    That puts the car at $376 below invoice after.

    $26,371 Invoice Price
    -$4,000 Rebate
    '$22,371 Invoice After Rebate
    -$21,995 "Selling" Price
    ....$376 Below Invoice

    The questions are: Does that $21,995 represent the price including the $480 destination charge? Does that price reflect the $400 factory college grade rebate?

    If that $21,995 price does not reflect the destination charge and includes the college grad rebate, then the dealer is making a $504 profit.

    '$880 combined college grad rebate and destination
    -$376 Price Below Invoice
    '$504 Net Profit

    It is pretty common for a dealer to throw in all available rebates to make a car's price appear lower. They sometimes will not include the destination charge to make the price appear even lower. This is definitely an "ad car" designed to bring people into the showroom. However, even if you don't qualify for the college grad rebate and pay for the destination charge, it is still a good deal.
  • acabral1acabral1 Posts: 122
    Emoney, a colleague of mine whom also owns a Mill-S said he was paying $315.00 per month for a 36/12k lease, if my memory serves me right, he stated that he simply paid the standarded inception fees associated with a lease. However, I do not know what his APR(money factor) is.

    Hope this bit of info gives you some parameters to work with. I personally think, leasing a Millenia is the better alternative due to its obscene depreciation rate. If you option to purchase a '00/01 Millenia S, I would recommend using no more that a 48 month finance term, in addition to obtaining a good interest rate, as well as putting down at least $5,000 to help offset some of the negative equity you will instantaneously acquire when/if you purchase a Millenia...........
  • jstandeferjstandefer Posts: 805
    My experience with selling Mazda's for two years is that the Millenia leases the worst of almost any vehicle on the road. The last time I saw the residual on the Millenia, it was 37% over three years. Just to compare, the Lexus ES300 has a three year residual of nearly 60%. Just in case you don't know the terminology, the residual is what the leasing company predicts the vehicle will be worth at the end of the lease. Therefore, even Mazda predicts the Millenia will lose 63% over three years, where the Lexus only loses 40% over the same period.

    Leases are based on how much of the value of the vehicle you are using over the lease period. A money factor (equivalent to an annual percentage rate (APR)) is then applied plus state sales tax to come up with the lease payment. An ex-coworker at the dealership leased a 2000 Millenia S Millenium Edition for $380/month for three years. She didn't put any money down, but she did get the E-Plan (Mazda's employee pricing plan).

    Inception fees are generally the first month's payment plus title, license, security deposit, and the lease inception fee. The lease inception fee is a charge by the leasing company at the beginning of the lease and usually ranges from $500-$700. Depending on your credit, the security deposit can be waived and the rest of the inception fees rolled into the lease payment.

    From time to time, Mazda will run a special lease on their vehicles. Sometimes they advertise it, but they usually don't. Either way, we always told customers that a lease on the Millenia was a bad decision and that a purchase would be more financially beneficial. And we made more money on leases!!
  • natevnatev Posts: 10
    in reference to acabral's previous email....this is what I know....I have a 2000 Mil S Mill. Edition, w/ 6 cd in dash,, the head unit is strictly a cd changer/ AM-FM tuner...the amplification for ALL speakers comes from a small black amplifier mounted in the trunk on the left side of the back or the rear seats....pull down the carpet material and it's right reagrds to other BOSE systems, they may be different....what I would like to know is how does one go about removing the rear 6x9's, I'd like to replace all speakers with ones from a previous vehicle to improve sound well as adding a 12" sub and dedicated amp for it...any suggestions??
  • mllmll Posts: 5
    Dealer sent a letter stating they would move me into a new mazda, without worrying about my remaining lease payments. The new lease payment would be close to the old one. The cap cost was 24K, residual value 49% on 15K miles year, and ARP of 4%. Bait and switch was then performed, we made a mistake, need to add reaining lease payments to cap cost. I already pay finance charge and taxes, now am going to pay finance charge and taxes on total 28K. The car is not worth that much. Would be with mazda until year 2004, but will switch to another car company in 2002 when current lease is over. Tired of playing games. Mazda needs all the loyal customers they can get. On my third mazda and parents also have one. This is last mazda my family will have.
  • acabral1acabral1 Posts: 122
    In response to the amplifier location (mounted in the trunk on the left side of the back or the rear seats....) This is the first time I've heard that; however will confirm tomorrow morning.

    Besides that, lets answer your question, removal of the factory 6x9's should be relatively simple. Just remove the rear-decklid and all associated hardware, once you've accomplished that, everything else should be self-explainitory. Seems to me like you have a pair of 3 or 4 way 6x9's ready for install. I would just insure that its RMS handling capabilities are well-tuned witht the Bose headunit if you elect to continue use of it. Let me know if I should elaborate more on this topic..........

    In terms of adding a subwoofer, if it were up to me. I'd simply add 2 Bazooka 10" Tubes (amplified) to the existing system. You will need to purchase an RCA add on kit if you decide to continue use of the Bose headunit though.

    Now if you want to get a little more fancy, purchase a high-end 8" Free-Air Subwoofer and install it into the console between the to 6x9's and simply purchase a high-end 1-channel amp for dedicated powering. If you decide to go this route, Be sure to determine whether or not the rear-deck would require additional re-enforcement to avoid to much rattle and vibration!

    You may not neccessarily like my subwoofer ideas because you stated that you wanted to install a 12" speaker, for some serious thunder! Man, I remember when I was running a pair of 15" Earthquakes powered by two US AMP, amplifiers. Those were the days! I espcially liked sitting in traffic with my stereo, as I would say then, BUMP! I'd laugh to myself when the other motorist would roll up their windows.

    The best and cheapest mobile electronics shop I know of in Ma is called Cartronics, and they are located off of route 6 in Dartmouth. The guys there are accustomed to adding components to high-end factory equipment and can properly advise you on which route is most beneficial and cost-effective toward your goals and budget.

  • jim245jim245 Posts: 1
    I'm amazed to find out that the dulnop SP5000 in 215-50-17 is 179 per tire, yet the larger size 235-45-17 is only 128( 200 dollars savings for a set? Any one out there sucessfully running this larger size on stock wheels, I'd love to get a bigger tire for less.
  • herndonsherndons Posts: 17
    I own a 1995 Millenia 2.5L and have a transmission that is a little klunky. I am aware that most Millenias are like this and even confirmed it with a Mazda Service Manager. Says nothing to really worry about, it is inherent to Millenias. Is there anybody out there who can recommend an additive to smooth out the tranny at all? Trans-X. Slick 50? Any safe and tried ideas? Thanks!
  • wkb4447wkb4447 Posts: 14
    Have an opportunity to buy this car, loaded, but not "super-charged". Good buy? It has low miles for 6 years. One owner. Locally serviced. I've heard these cars have tranny problems, as post before me would suggest. Anyone else have any opinions? I drive mostly freeway, want nice care with high reliability for business. Thanks for your input. - wkb
  • mantagmantag Posts: 47
    I have a 95 S. No problems w/ trans/ect. Not sure if the 2.5 has a ect trans or not. Just make sure you change fluid every 2 yrs/20-30K I had the complete bg trans flush. It should be worth the approx $125 to do.

    I just bought yokohama 550 v's 225/55/16 Wow- these are really great. look good., got them at sears(yoko has special arrangement w/sears). initially ordered h's for 90/tire. Sears made a mistake and ordered V's. Got v's for the same price as the h's. saved $100.

    i have the dunlop sp 5000 on my wifes acura legend ls coupe. Again, what a great tire. i paid approx 125/each 225/55/16 thru sears.
  • sbertrandsbertrand Posts: 3
    Well the $21,995.00 was definitely an ad car, meaning I don't think this dealership ever sold a millenia for this price. The salesman quoted me a price of $24,300 for a base model which was rediculous! I did find another dealer in my area that quoted a price of $22,600.00 so I am going with that price. I figure that's a pretty good price for the car. Any input will be appreciated!
  • ar688ar688 Posts: 1
    I bought the Millenia two months ago and am still loving it. However the battery quit today and when a new battery is put on, the anti-theft on the audio unit asked for the code before it will operate. Just like a nightmare, after 3 attempts the audio unit is now permanently disabled and is flashing "ERR"
    Does anybody knows how to fix this problem or do I have to bring it to the dealer? If yes, how much do you think it will cost?
    Thanks for your input.
  • mllmll Posts: 5
    I believe the base millennia should be slightly under 21,000. Although not advertised there is a 4,000 rebate available and the dealers want to move the 2001 models for the 2002 models. In my previous post I was working on a deal for a Millennia I at approximately 24,000, with a lease buy out deal. Unfortunately the dealer could not make the deal sweet enough. Hence a millennia I is sitting in the lot loosing money for the dealer.
  • Well I bought the Millenia P package yesterday for $22,690. The only option I got was the two tone paint the black and gray. Its beautiful and it rides great. Even though it is the base model, its fully loaded, cd, leather, sunroof. Plus I got a $1,000 for my trade-in which was an old car. So the price was $21,690.00 I feel good about the deal. I am very pleased with the car.
  • mantagmantag Posts: 47
    sorry dude. once you receive the error code, you have to go to the dealer. it should cost around $30 for them to re-set. once they do, make sure you enter in your 4-digit code and keep in safe place.
  • csuftitanscsuftitans Posts: 215
    Sterling, congrats on the new Millenia. I'm sure you will enjoy driving the Millenia as most of us do, even more maybe since you have the newer and better Millenia. Keep us posted with your experience with the car. I haven't seen the black/grey color here in LA, i have a black/grey 2000 Millenia S. If you happen to have a picture of the car, please share it with us.

  • marak88marak88 Posts: 57
    I have been reading through some of the previous posts and I'm not sure what some of you mean when they say the millenia have a clunky transmission ( like in post #789), would someone please explain to me what was ment by a Clunky trasmission.

    your responses will be greatly appreciated.
  • I have a base 1999 Millenia...but I have been thinking about upgrading to a 2001 Millenia S. I was in Orlando over the weekend so I rented a 2001 Millenia to drive. I did like most of the changes to the new car...but there were some things I liked better about my car. One of the changes which I found to be very annoying was the auto-off lights. On my 99 Millenia I never turn off the lights since they are auto-off. On the new 2001 Millenia if you don't turn off the head lights (when you open the door to after turning off the car) there is an annoying warning buzzing sound until they automatically turn off. Does anyone know if there is anyway this can be disconnected??
  • rkchiourkchiou Posts: 8

    I bought a new 2001 White S two weeks ago. I really like the car except for the sluggish start. Often when I hit the gas from a stand still, I feel like I am driving a bus or truck and not a sedan with 210 horsepower. I also noticed that if I slow down to about 20 MPH and then put gas, the car often hesitates for a few seconds before it pickup the speed. Once the car gets to 40 MPH and above, it runs quietly and smoothly. I am getting only 17 MPG (mix of city/highway). I mentioned this to my dealer and he said it takes about 3,000 to "break" the car. I read most of the messages in this forum and noticed that some people had similar experience with their cars. I don't expect my Millenia to have a super fast pickup speed but it's slower than my old Subaru 92 with only 120 horsepower. Should I worry something is wrong with my car or should I wait a few more weeks to "break" the car? Any ideas/suggestions is greatly appreciated.

  • jstandeferjstandefer Posts: 805
    You really shouldn't push the car for the first 3,000-5,000 miles. This period is the "break-in" period for the engine, and it should be treated fairly gently. Hard acceleration is fine seldomly, but you should definitely take it easy. Driven hard during this period will seriously reduce the life of the engine.

    As far as acceleration... once the engine breaks in, acceleration will get better. Everything is very tight right now and will loosen up. Also, the traction control system on the Millenia S is a tad sensitive. The 210hp and 210lb-ft of torque from the supercharged 2.3L V6 can easily overcome the traction limits of the front tires. The traction control system will detect a hint of wheel spin and immediately retard engine timing to reduce power while maintaining rpm to keep the wheels from spinning. The computer will not allow full power until it has determined that full traction has been regained. The best acceleration method on the Millenia S with the traction control system engaged is smooth throttle from a stop and increasing throttle pressure as the vehicle speeds up. Otherwise, turn off the TCS button (dash should indicate "TCS OFF"). The acceleration of the Millenia S increases with speed. However, you do have to agree that the acceleration at freeway speeds is impressive.
  • tomekktomekk Posts: 310
    I've had my 2001 S for 5 weeks, 1500 miles.
    1. Mileage: 1st fillup - 20 mpg Last fillup (this morning) - 25 mpg
    2. Acceleration: I have not experienced TCS slowing me down. Of course, I don't race the engine either, but I've had it once or twice up to 5,000 rpm (AFTER first 1000 miles). What I've noticed is that 'flooring it' doesn't work very well. You have to kind of press the pedal 3/4 of the way, get the car moving and then - quickly - floor it. This way I get _really_ good takeoff.
    As jstafender mentions, acceleration from 70mph up is just mind-boggling.

    I've also talked just yesterday to somebody with 1996 S - he described it as flawless. I hope mine stays that way.

  • rkchiourkchiou Posts: 8
    Jstandefer andTomekk,

    Thanks for your recommendations/suggestions. I will try driving my car with the TCS button off and let you know if it improves the acceleration. No, I don't push the car. If anything, I probably drive slower than most people. And yes, I agree this car is great on highways, quick and smooth.

  • mojdodyrmojdodyr Posts: 23
    I have 2000 base millenia with only 7500 miles on it - sand mica with premium package and 4 season package. Unfortunately, I'll be trading it for a van soon - or could sell it now. Anyone interested - let me know at It is my wife's car - absolutely clean, garage kept -love it, but need something bigger.
  • rkchiourkchiou Posts: 8

    I've been driving with the TCS off and I've noticed a slight improvement with acceleration. Thanks for the tip! However, I still notice that when I press the gas pedal from a stand still, the transmission often hesitates for a second or two and I feel a small vibration from the gas pedal. The engine/transmission is also noisier than usual. If I press the pedal a little harder (maybe half way down, not flooring it), the car picks up the speed, and it becomes quieter and smoother. Is this normal for Millenia S engine/transmission?
  • tomekktomekk Posts: 310
    Rkchiou, today I actually chirped the tires pretty well from a still stand - makes me wonder if my TCS is working properly :-)
    No, I have not noticed what you're describing and since it hasn't been a problem I have not payed much attention to how my S accelerates from a still stand. Tomorrow I'll try to test it.
    Are you doing this on warm engine?
    Do you use 91+ pump octane (in my neck of the woods I use the common 93 octane)?
  • jstandeferjstandefer Posts: 805
    Good point on the fuel octane. The Millenia S REQUIRES premium fuel (91 octane or higher R+M/2 method). It does have a knock sensor but performance will decrease significantly without premium fuel.
  • rkchiourkchiou Posts: 8
    Hi Tomekk and Jstanfender,

    Yes, I only use 93 octane gas from Amoco. And yes, it usually happens when the engine is warm. Tomekk, try it with your A/C on. It appears to be more frequent when my A/C is on. I really love this car except for this. Hope it goes away with more mileage. I also read several comments in this forum regarding the "cranky" transmission with some Millenia S, could this be the problem with my car? If yes, is there anything I can do? BTW, I paid $26,500 for a white S (it had 66 miles) with four seasons, 17" chrome wheels, and 6 cd-changer. My MPG has improved slightly from 17 to 18. Again, thanks for your suggestions. This forum has been most helpful.

  • tomekktomekk Posts: 310

    I've tested it (with TCS off) and, so to say, it "goes like stink", shifting at ~5900 RPM. Of course, I've interrupted the test at 90mph... I had AC off, though. I'd recommend that you talk to your service department manager and invest some time in a test drive with him. What you're describing doesn't sound right. You could also "test-drive" another Millenia S to compare... :-) And remember, that for the first 12000 miles/1 year even "adjustments" are covered by the warranty, so use it.

    I've paid $26K for Sand Mica with 32.5 sticker. I went kayaking with my 5 year old son today - about 50 mile drive from my house, all highway. I was tremendously enjoying the car. Cruise at 80 is so effortless, much better than my previous car - 95 Passat GLX (5 speed wagon).

    Cranky transmission: Last week I bumped into my service manager when I was picking up wind deflector (for the sun roof) and I mentioned to him that in the morning, just after start, my tranny hesitates shifting from 2nd to 3rd. I press "Hold" in drive to force 3rd gear around 3000RPM. He said they get complaints about Millenia S trannys all the time, but the 2001s are by far the best. It's just not Lexus smooth, that's all.

  • rkchiourkchiou Posts: 8

    I did test drive a black S before I bought my white and don't remember it had this problem. Again, this problem usually happens only after 10-20 minutes of driving. Unfortunately, my dealer does not have any S in stock. I also check with a couple of dealers in my area and all of them are out of S. I guess I going to have to wait for a couple of weeks before I can test drive another Millenia S. And yes, I agree with you, my S is extremely quick, smooth, and quiet on highways.

    By the way, how much did it cost to install the wind deflector? Are you happy with it?

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