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Mazda Millenia



  • My 96 L has been a great machine. No problems at 63.5 K. However, the remote trunk release on the driver's door has failed. The gas cap release works fine and the trunk opens from the button on the remote. Fuses are good and continuity seems to be OK. Any ideas?
  • Check your valet lock in the glove may have accidently bumped something into it.
  • Not sure if any of ya'll knew or not...but they have added one more option for the 2002 Millenias. Now for $150 you can get an auto-dimming rearview mirror w/compass. Not sure if this can be added to 2001 & before Millenias...I'll probably just wait and get a 2002.
  • tomekktomekk Posts: 310
    Is this forum dead?
  • I'm in the market for a luxury sedan and came across the Millinia S. The current deal on the 2001 S is $6K off the MSRP price! Sounds good to me. The local dealer is quoting $26900 for a FULLY loaded S (chrome alloy tires, winter pkg, 6 disc changer, deflector) ie. MSRP - 6K = $26.9. I have two questions - why the Millinia selling so much lower than Invoice and more importantly, what price should I go back to him with? Anyone with recent purchanses? Please reply asap!
  • I would say that 6K off MSRP is always a good chunk of discount but consider the competition... Acura TL and Infiniti I30 or I35. I think that the TL's MSRP is actually lower (if you don't mind not getting chrome wheels) and I'm sure you could get a deal around 28K. If you could find an I30, you could probably get it for around 27K since the new I35 came out for '02. I don't know what the others in here would say, but I believe that the TL and the I30/I35 are superior in performance, quality, and reliability than the Millenia.
  • fwatsonfwatson Posts: 639
    I bought a 2001 P with a sticker of $29600 for $21680 (includes $150 free gasoline) three weeks ago. That sticker included their $945 wax job ad on. Never pay for that. The car itself stickered at just under $28600 including shipping. Invoice was about $25900. As you can see, I paid about $4000 under dealer invoice.

    The only reason I can see for Millenias not selling as well as Maxima's and others in the $30000 range is the smaller engine. But I now have 800 troublefree miles on it to break it in before taking it on a long interstate trip, and there is no lack of power for normal, or even somewhat spirited driving. The S model is far more powerful, but has a supercharged engine. Both models have impecable frequency of repair records by both Consumer Reports and Carpoint. CR rates by owner questionaires, and Carpoint does it by reports from automobile mechanics. The car is as flawless as one can possibly be, and to this point my milage has averaged about 24 mpg.

    For the price I paid for this near luxury cruiser, I would have had to settle for a basic stripper of any other brand.

    The interior is smaller than a Max or Camry, but feels very open and airy. Try one, I think you'll like it.
  • tomekktomekk Posts: 310
    I've had my 2001 S for 3 months now (3.8K miles) - so far, exactly 0 problems. Of course, time will tell...
    I've paid $26K for it (sticker was 32.5) - they deal was better on the P model, but I did want the extra power. I'd say get an S - after the engine brakes in a little the power really flows!
    I enjoy this car more and more every day.

    I've tested the Acura TL and was tempted by it, but...
    - I didn't like the base TL's seats (you are perched on the top of them, they aren't really proper buckets)
    - everybody drives one :-)
    - didn't like the looks, the dashboard and CHEAP interior bits and pieces straight from the previous generation Civic
    - they would not discount it AT ALL (tried 3 dealerships in MA)

    In the end, TL type S was well over 8K more expensive for me to buy than Millenia S (given my 95 Passat GLX trade-in etc.)

    I also tested a Maxima - and didn't like the steering nor the NOISE (I was relly surprised by how loud it was).
    I've considered another Passat - but the combination of options, price, waiting for 2002 models (with better warranty) didn't appeal to me. And now everybody drives one... :-)

    So, in the end I got the Millenia S - and so far, I'm glad I did.

  • Folks, thanks for the information so far. More the better. Here's the latest from my end. After reading a few message on this forum, it appears the chrome wheel are all look and no other real benefit. So the other car without chrome wheels msrps at 32,305. invoice at 25809. the dealer is asking for 26200. ofcourse, this includes the $6k off promotion going on. Apparently that changes this weekend. I don't know if it will go up or down? any ideas? also, shouldn't i be able to get this dealer to go below 26200? From some messages posted by folk in Florida, it appears they bought theirs for around 25K. I'm shooting for that price....thanks again.
  • smwls8smwls8 Posts: 103
    Have a co-worker who is interested in the Millenia. I know there is special rate on Protege's.
  • tomekktomekk Posts: 310
    I'd say 26K or just under is fair enough.

    No idea if incentives will go up or down, but I'm sure there will be no selection of 2001 models left.

  • 1.9% up to 36 months or
    4.9% 36 to 60 months finance.

    Very good rate, the best rate out there is about 7%.

    BTW, I think you should be able to get a Millenia S for around $25,500; be patient; I'm sure the dealer will give up and give you the car.

    Good Luck

    2000 Millenia S, 32000 troublefree miles.
  • tomekktomekk Posts: 310
    . . . drive a lot. 2000 S and 32K miles? Wow.

    Is there any oil consumption?
    Any leaks, especially around the supercharger?
    How are brakes holding up?
    Any little, annoying things went wrong?

    Tomek (2001 S)
  • Since I've been chatting with the dealers so much, here are some details on the current promotions on the Millenias. It's essentially $6K off the MSRP - no questions asked. $4K of it is from Mazda, and $2K is a discount. The apr promotion is 1.9 for 36 or 4.9 for 60. BUT you have to give up $2.5K of the Mazda discount to get the APR!

    I'm so close to wrap up a deal on a owner (dealer) demo, he used it only. 2.5K miles on it. It's a millenia S, LOADED. Chrome wheels, 6 disc in dash, 4 seasons, deflector, scruffs or whatever those are called. Plus, I'm getting a 6yr/72K bumper-to-bumper warranty, all in the range of $25K. I'm going to try to drop it below $25K. I'm excited as hell. I drove the S and P. From my perspective, having driven suvs before, I thought the P was weak. Climbing a slope, needed me to push hard on the gas to gain any speed. The S was incredibly smooth. What a great ride! I loved it! And what a car. Well made. Can't believe people are not buying it. I mean, at these prices people buy loaded accords and camrys. This is a way better deal. Specially if you are not looking to sell anytime soon since it does have bad depreciation. If you hold onto the car, this is perfect for you.
    I meant to ask 2 questions - does anyone know of or tried using less than 91 grade gas? engine damage? works well?
    And, the display that shows the time and climate control, in the manual shows that it can also display trip information average speed and mileage etc. Does anyone know anything about that, how to actually display that information?
  • tomekktomekk Posts: 310
    This is a high compression engine, has a supercharger... - knocking / detonation caused by low octane fuel could be DEVASTATING. I'd absolutely advise against using lower octane gas.

    You seem to be getting great warranty. Which company is it with? Covers everything? I'm thinking of extending my car's warranty before factory warranty expires. Any info will be greatly appreciated.

    I know nothing about a trip computer on Millenia S. Are you sure it's not one of those "if so equipped" deals?

    Good luck with your purchase.

  • I got to see their cost sheet for warranty.
    A 6yr/72K mile warranty sells for $1450. Their cost is always $300 less. A 5yr/50K (only extends time) was $1390. So I went with the 6yr (better value). But if you deal at <$1k for extending your warranty, you did real good. These are prices for the Millenia S for bumper2bumper. No deductible, with roadside assistance and replacement cars etc...The P *might* have a lower price bracket!
  • tomekk, to answer your question

    Is there any oil consumption?
    - No unsual oil consumption that I noticed.
    Any leaks, especially around the supercharger?
    - No leaks at all
    How are brakes holding up?
    - 32,300 miles, still using original brakes, maybe need replacing at around 38000miles.
    Any little, annoying things went wrong?
    - Small noise from the rear roof area, I believe it's the roof liner.
    - The auto-tilt steering wheel doesn't tilt up sometimes (about once a week), but I know the solution to it; it works fine if I take out the key from the ignition slowly.

    Other than that, it's been a real joy to own and drive. We drive about 64 miles a day (to work). If not for my wife giving birth to our first child, our Millenia would have about 5000 more miles on it (she took 2 1/2 months off from work). I put the millenia in the garage during that 2 1/2 months.

    The car is still using the original Dumlop SP4000 tires, maybe need change at about 36000miles. I've always use 91 gasoline for this car.

    BTW, congrats to skspgh on his New Millenia S. Welcome to The Club

  • Folks, new to the millenia, I have a couple of questions. What exactly is the chin spoiler? I have the 9 speaker bose, but I can only count 7 speaker. 4 in the front door, 3 in the back near the headrests. Remaining 2? And for those who have the 4 seasons package, do you feel the heated seats don't get much heated? I can barely feel the heat from them. Maybe as it gets colder...
    And BTW, I did look into the display that shows details on the climate control. Look deep into the screen where the time is displayed (left) and you can see the lcd's for displaying the words - "Current Average", or things to that effects. I haven't come across a package that give you a trip computer strangely!
  • tomekktomekk Posts: 310


    1. "but I can only count 7 speaker" - oh yes, I've had this question some time ago, I think when I'm in for an oil change I'll ask the service manager what the deal is with those speakers

    2. "the heated seats don't get much heated?" - exactly, that'll be my second question for the service manager, I just observed this a couple of days ago when I felt compelled to press the heat button for no reason at all...

    3. "trip computer" - I'll have to research that, one of the things that I miss from my Passat (other than the stickshift) is an excellent trip computer with very useful functions


    thaks for the info.

  • skspghskspgh Posts: 28
    How come when you are in the 'auto' mode for climate control, the A/C icon is always on! Even when you set the temp to 85F, the A/C sign is always active in the display. Surely the A/C is not required at 85F? Also, the owners book seems to say, start with an initial temp of 77F and then set desired temp! Any idea why?
  • Even with the heat running, it's still beneficial to keep the a/c compressor cycling to remove moisture from the air (effectively keeping your windows from fogging up). As for your second question, I have no idea why Mazda would make that suggestion.
  • maltbmaltb Posts: 3,572
    The Millenia mixes hot and cold air for optimal temp control. Any vehicle with auto temp control does the same thing. Even though I'm not a fan of wasting energy, it's one of those things you live with. You can turn off the A/C and it will still run the heater, just not as accurately.
  • skspghskspgh Posts: 28
    Thanks for the auto climate control information. I was just concerned about energy/gas consumption with the A/C on, but if it's required, so be it. Being a new owner, you can understand the excitement/curiousity.
    So here's another question - I'm comparing the Millenia S to the Honda Accord, or Camry or something along those lines. In particular, I was listing the features of a V6, leather Honda Accord and the Millenia S loaded with wheel, 6disc and 4 weather pkg. Maybe others have already reached this insight, but here goes. The Honda Accord and the millenia are identical. 6cyl. 200+ hp. similar gas efficiency. leather. audio on steering wheel. moonroof. and everything else. The only diff is the heated seats, lumbar. Infact, the millenia CANNOT seat a 5th adult. the center rear seat is horrible! anyway, so to cut a long story short - in what way do others view their millenia in being better than camry/accords of the world? Personally, I think this might be what Mazda wants. Make you think this is a $30K car, sells it for the price of a loaded accord and makes you think it's a great deal. Ofcourse, I recognize the inside car quality is probably better on the Millenia. I'm still happy having my S since I'm drving something that looks sportier and cooler than the accord etc. But do others have thoughts on this?
  • maltbmaltb Posts: 3,572
    much smoother power and ride.
  • tomekktomekk Posts: 310
    I'd say Millenia S
    - has Optitronic gauges (seen these on a $43K Lexus lately)
    - very nice two-tone interior
    - has Lysholm compressor - VERY expensive, lately used on a $55K Mercedes Benz 32 AMG (not sure if I got its designation 100% right)
    - has looks, looks, looks (subjective, of course) - the WOW factor (my neighbour few houses down the street waved me down when I was biking just to tell me how fantastic my new car looks and what was it and so on)

    In the end it is more exclusive and just has different feel to it . . . I drove my friend's 2001 Camry, and it felt similarly plasticky to a 1989 Mitsubishi Colt I once had a long time ago. In the Millenia I get more of the feeling you get in Lexus GS300 - pampered and spoiled :-) if I want to seat 5 or more I'll take my Chevy Venture LS, but for that "personal" vehicle Millenia is just fine for me, thank you very much.

    So, what do the others think?

  • I'm a college student/real estate agent...I've had no problem fitting 5 people in my 99 Millenia...rather it be friends or clients. I'm planning on upgrading soon to a 2001 or 2002 Millenia S. I feel that the Millenia is far superior to the Accord or Camry. The auto-tilt steering wheel always impresses people who ride with me. People often mistake my car for a Lexus...most people usually guess that it cost $30K-$ one is gonna guess that about an Accord or Camry!
  • tomekktomekk Posts: 310
    your average, run of the mill sedan - like Camcords are. I used to be able to say that about my previous car, 95 Passat GLX, but now EVERYBODY drives one... there are at least 4 in the parking lot of the company I work for (100 cars or so). But there isn't even one Millenia except for mine (although my boss will be getting one for his wife after riding with me - she wants her Camry replaced!).

  • jawhnjawhn Posts: 15
    Anyone know what the amp rating is on the sound system in the 95 Millenia? I have the standard Panasonic system (not Bose) with the CD changer in the trunk.
  • I too had this same dilemma. As I mentioned earlier in this forum, the only thing that was much better on the Accord is the resale value. In the end, I liked the exclusivity of the Millenia much more than the percieved value of a Honda. Also, when you see an Accord drive by, it could be the 14K DX up to the 25K EX-V6. You really can't tell unless you look in it or at the trunk lid!

    I still think the Accord is a fine car, it just wasn't for me at this time.
  • skspghskspgh Posts: 28
    I'm surprised that you can fit 3 adults in the back? Has the design changed for the 2001 S Millenia? The center seat in the back row has the fold down armrest that protrudes out making it next to impossible for someone to sit comfortably, not to mention the bump in the car floor level near their feet that makes positioning your feet comfortably a problem. I'm 6ft and tried this, so maybe someone shorter will be more easy in that spot?!
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