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Mazda Millenia



  • jcthom4jcthom4 Posts: 24
    I was considering an 02 Camry but the Millenia seems like an incredible deal for $22k.
  • jstandeferjstandefer Posts: 805
    I don't know about Consumer Reports, but Carpoint (using a system where service departments and mechanics report problems on cars they work on) give the Millenia a 5 out of 5 rating for every year it has been produced (1995-present). They come up with one minor problem: the 1995 and 1996 models with the 2.5L engine experience spark plug wire failure. However, changed at the proper interval, I am sure they would be just fine.
  • protegenicprotegenic Posts: 199
    I had not checked out that source, but I am not too surprised. Took the car in today for a little detailing by the dealer as they had left some plastic in a lot of places. It looks marvelous! My wife and I really like this car.
  • Thanks for the tire input...

    A couple years ago I drove a 98 ES 300. What a plain car, it really lacked personality.
  • rkchiourkchiou Posts: 8

    One of the reasons I bought my 2001 Millenia S is that it got a very reliable rating from Consumer Reports. In the upscale cars category, it was placed as the third most reliable car, lower than Infinity I30 and Lexus ES300 but higher rating than Acura TL, BMW 3 series, Audi A4 and 6 other cars. Hope this helps!

  • I took my 99 base Millenia in for routine service on Wen...oil change, replaced fog lamp, fixed ding in windshield, and replaced wiper blades. Within an hour of picking up my car the check engine light came on. I assumed it was a loose gas cap...but the light didn't go away. Thurs afternoon I took the car back to the dealership...two error codes having to do with O2 sensors for the emissions and the other saying that the car has misfired at least twice. Now I'm in a loner car...hopefully I'll have my Millenia back tomorrow. Other than that annoying light the car has been driving great.
  • fwatsonfwatson Posts: 639
    I am in the process of breaking in my new P before taking off on a long trip the end of Sept. I now have 250 miles on it, and it is proving to be a wonderful car. I will take it out again today for another 100 or so miles, then my wife and I will put some more on it tomorrow. While no breakin is required, they recommend at least 1000km of varied driving before putting it on the freeway for long stretches.

    Reliability wise, everything I find gives it top rating, including Consumer Reports, with a red dot rating, (the very best), and red checkmarks(the best) for every year available, except '95 which is average (black check mark), because of the spark plug wire problem apparently, as pointed out by jstandefer above.

    It truly is a great car so far, and the styling startles you when you go to your garage and see it. It is that beautiful, mine is Platinum Silver Mica, with light gray leather interior.

    By the way, if you are in the Tampa area, check Courtesy Mazda on Hillsbourough. No luxury building, just a great dealership that sold me a great car at rock bottom price. Know your stuff when you go to any dealer. Right now there are $4000 in incentives, and they go way down from there. I mean WAY down. Happy car hunting.
  • protegenicprotegenic Posts: 199
    I am just a little shy of 600 miles on my "P", but I'm ready to test her a little sometime this weekend once I break that figure. I am not expecting too much, but it will be fun to drive the car with a little heavier foot just to see how it responds. Like I said before, the engine seems very willing so far. I also love the exhaust note. Get the Lexus if you never want to hear the engine, but to me, that is all part of the driving experience. I don't even have to be going that fast if the engine is making it sound like I am!
  • misty8misty8 Posts: 15
    I've had the same problem with my base 99 on two occasions. The first time the dealer "reset" the light. The second time the light went out on its own after about 2 days before I got it back to the dealer to have it checked. I have heard that a loose gas cap can create the problem and the light may stay on until after your next fill-up of gas. I just had a major problem with a brake fluid leak. Thank goodness the car is still under warranty. The part alone was $1600. The dealer indicated that they had not experienced this problem before. If your brake warning light ever comes on, don't listen to a dealer if they say it's because your pads are worn and therefore the system needs more fluid. That's what they told me about 5000 miles ago. I went elsewhere and was told that my pads were fine. I suspect that I have had this leak for quite a while.
  • It turns out that my O2 Sensor went bad. The part is on back order...until then I will just ignore the light.
  • For those of you who already have the car: How has the Millenia's reliability been compared to a Toyota or a Honda? Has anyone have any specific problems with the supercharged engine?

    For those of you who've shopped around for a Millenia S: What are some of the prices that you've gotten from dealers? I looked on and got about 25K+, but I think on some other message board someone got a Millenia S for about 23K (?). Seems like a real good deal for a car stickered around 31K.

    Some general topics of discussion: Why do you think Millenia hasn't sold well? Is it merely the price/prestige issue? Or is it a quality/performance issue?
  • Our black/grey 2000 Millenia S now has 31500 trouble-free miles. After almost two years owning it, we're still getting compliments here and there about the classy and sporty look of the car. I love the engine eventhough its not very quick off the line, but on the freeway it rocks.

    I agree that 2001 Millenia S is a bargain at around $24K after rebates and discounts. For about the same price, you can also get an Accord EX V6 or pay an extra grand and you can get a Camry XLE V6, pick your rig.

    Mazda missed an opportunity by not having a luxury marquee in the US. Which is why people don't recognize a Millenia as a luxury car. If only the Amati brand that Mazda was going to launched in early 90's went through, we'd probably see more people driving Millenias. When I still lived in Australia, Mazda have a separate brand for Millenia and two other car ( MX-3 and a sedan the size of Mazda 626) which they called "eunos". This brand was very successful in Australia and people recognized this "eunos" brand as a luxury brand. Heck they probably sell more Eunos 800M (aka Mazda Millenia S) there than they do here in US; jk. Anwyay, Millenia has always been known as a high quality automobile and it's being built at Mazda's high-tech plant in Hofu, Japan. So quality is not an issue, well maybe the first year model ('95) have some problem, but other than that, no major problem.

  • If you want to see Eunos's lineup and pics of My 2000 Millenia S and 2002 Protege5, go to my photo album on yahoo

  • People,

    I have two issues that I would like some help with:
    1. I've had some problems with the sound system in my Eunos 800M / Millenia. Its a '95 model, and carries the Bose / Panasonic system - I wonder whether anyone else has had a problem where the sound cuts in and out, and what solutions are available, other than ripping out the cabling etc.

    2. In the process of getting the radio looked at, the repairer's cracked the fake wooden facade around the sound unit in the centre console. Anyone know where I can get one in the 'States. Either East Coast or West Coast locations / websites would be helpful. Oh, and if there are variations on the rather tacky fake wood, it'd be appreciated as well.


  • fwatsonfwatson Posts: 639
    My Milennia is a P, not an S. And is also brand new with only 520 miles so far. Therefore I can't speak from much experience, except to say the car seems flawless in every respect. I think this is the best kept automobile secret in the world.

    I did extensive research before buying the Mazda, and everything I find ranks it at the very top in reliability, fit and finish, and everything else I could find except engine power. As I am no hot rodder, I bought the un-supercharged version and saved $2000. As expected, the car is no drag racer, but it DOES NOT lack for power in everyday driving, and is great at highway speeds. 2750 RPM at 65 MPH, the car is loafing. My deal on a $29600+ stickered car, was $21680. That would have put the S at about $24000. This is in Tampa, Florida.

    I also drove a 2002 Camry stickered at $29500+, and they would only go down $200 from sticker. LOL. The other car I test drove was Maxima. It rode much stiffer, and had more tire noise reaching the passenger compartment. The best I could manage on a 2001 Maxima, a $28200+ car, was $23783, Or more than $2000 higher than I paid for the Millenia.

    Incidentally, the problem with the "95 engine, was not mechanical, but rather spark plug wires that are easily replaced. And the S engine also rates an almost perfect record for lack of problems.

    Happy car hunting.
  • I too did a ton of research on this car and found out the same thing as fwatson. The car has a great reliability record, but is cursed with Mazda's lack of marketing! The good news is you can get a great price. The bad news is that we will probably take a hit should we have to sell it anytime soon. I can live with that though. The car looks great, drives great and you don't see one every second. Most of the reviews I read pretty well agree with us that this car is a great secret.
  • Try these website: and, not only you can find replacement for the center console wood panel, you can also add wood trim to the door handle trim, etc, etc.

    Good Luck
  • jawhnjawhn Posts: 15
    I just bought a used 95 Millenia with 69,000 miles on it from a car lot. The car appears to have been kept up well but there were no maint records (BIG SHOCK). Are there any outward signs that would tell me weather it's had the 60,000 mile maint? I do have an extended warranty on the car, but I would like to know.
  • tomekktomekk Posts: 310

    I've had my 2001 S for 2 months now (3K miles) - so far, exactly 0 problems. Of course, time will tell...
    I've paid $26K for it (sticker was 32.5) - they deal was better on the P model, but I did want the extra power. I'd say get an S - after the engine brakes in a little the power really flows!
    I enjoy this car more and more every day.

  • I have a 95 Millenia and when i click the switch for the heated seats they dont seem to heat can anybody explain to me how there 95 heated seats work
  • maltbmaltb Posts: 3,572
    You press the switch, juice goes to the seat. heater wire in the cushion gets warm, you feel it in your butt. Any questions?

    If it doesn't do it, I'd check for continuity in the cushion coil. there is a small white connector that goes into the seat trim. check for continuity between the white and black wire. If it there is little or no resistance, the heater is fine and you need to look for a bad switch or relay. If the resistance is infinite, the coil is burnt and you have to replace the seat trim at a hefty price.

    Let us know what you find.

  • fwatson

    The price you reported for a 2001 Millenia P of $21680 sounds pretty good. I live north of Tampa.
    Did that include delivery? Who was the dealer and can you tell which sales person yu dealt with and how that went?

    Any info will be appreciated.
  • fwatsonfwatson Posts: 639
    on N. DaleMabry. Out the door total was $23779, including tax, tag and everything else. The $21680, is $21830 minus $150 in free gasoline. Salesman was Ed Pushard. Excellent buying experience. I just told him I wanted rock bottom "out the door" price. He went to the manager who came back with that price. I bought it on the spot, cash, no trade-in.

    After a lousy two weekends of arguing with other sales people, at other dealers for Nissan and Toyota in Orlando, I was shocked at the friendly service I got at Courtesy.

    The car is Platinum Silver, and appears to be flawless. I have thoroughly inspected it, and now have the requested 600 break-in miles on it. So far uneventful, the car has performed perfectly. As I have said on this or other forums, this has to be the best kept auto secret on earth, especially at the price of a stripper '02 Camry, and $2000 less than an '01 Maxima GLE.

    Tell Ed that Frank Watson sent you. He said if I referred someone and they bought, they would send me $50. Thanks for that if you do. Happy car hunting.
  • csuftitans, commented by stating that the Millenia S was not very quick off the line. Csuftitans, I have found a "discovered" a method of maximizing the S models standstill acceleration, which I know for fact works; I have conducted several standstill runs against manual transmission vehicle of lesser weight, equivalent power and even vehicles with more ponies..... than the Millenia S.

    Here is a short list of vehicles so you have a clearer picture: Ford Probe GT (5spd) Lexus ES300, Maxima SE, BMW 330, Audi A4 (5spd) the list goes on.

    My method will/should increase standstill performance for any stock Millenia S; but for the record I own a 2000 with 30,000 miles on it.

    Now here's what I do, if you already haven't been doin so:

    (1). Downshift to L-1 or L-2, the engage the "HOLD" button. Most importantly disengage the TCS!

    (2). When the light turn greens "slam on the accelerater - floor it" then upshift to the next gear when your tach reads 5500 or 5800 RPMs

    (3). Now this is the critical stage.... the moment you upshifted, the tach should reset to approximatley 2800 RPMs - continue to accelerate during this entire process. Now when the tach reads between 4000 - 4500 RPMs disengage the "HOLD" button - do so while accelerating! This will cause the supercharger to unleash a rush of high end power.

    *NOTE - during this manumatic shifting process you should never remove your foot from the gas pedal! Alway provide full throttle during this entire process.

    Please note that these are the shift points that I like to use, I advise experimenting with this method a few times to determine which shift points are more effective for your situational needs.

    The biggest draw back about the Millenia S, is that its power peaks at a low 6000 RPM, so there is never really a chance to ride out the engine's natural power curve. The Millenia S, redline should be no less than 8000 RPM in my opinion.

  • Drive a Millenia around for three weeks while your Protege is being repaired and then start driving the Protege again! What I once thought was a pretty substantial little car now seems pretty paltry. Don't get me wrong, I still enjoy the Protege, but boy the doors feel light when you open them and the road noise is almost unbearable compared to my new Millenia. On the plus side, having a fairly responsive five speed again is a lot of fun!

    Still nothing but good things to say about the Millenia. The "P" seems fine for most normal driving. It can be a little slow going up hills from a stop, but that can be said for many cars. Normal stop and go acceleration is fine. I haven't had the opportunity to do highway passing yet, which is the other place I would probably enjoy more power, but I usually stick to interstates anyway where there is two lanes or more each way!
  • Greetings!

    I have a 97 S, which I've owned for around 7 months. I've enjoyed reading the posts here.

    I have the tilt-wheel set in "auto" mode which is great, but over the last few days has started to move slowly with a "tired" sound after the car sat overnight or for the afternoon. The first time it did this it was a little colder outside, but it's exhibiting this even when the weather turned hot again.

    Yesterday, I put the key in and started the car, but the wheel did not return to the preset position, and would not respond manually. After a few minutes it did respond manually. This seems to come and go now. When this happens, it makes the usual initial relay "click", but then won't move. There are no "tired" sounds in this case, just "click" but no movement.

    Anyone experienced something similar?

  • tomekktomekk Posts: 310
    Nothing like what you describe, but my S is 2001... sounds like a visit to the dealer.
    I hope you have some type of extended warranty, this could be expensive.
  • Looking for suggestions on what and where
    to purchase for my 1998 S that has the
    factory Michelins on it.


  • mllmll Posts: 5
    I recommend those in Broward County Florida visit the fleet manager Matt at Fairbanks Mazda.
    A pleasure to talk to, great deals to purchase
    under 23K. Lease deals however are terrible.
    Tell him you read this post from the heart guy who knows his financing.
  • check out either dunlop sp 5000 or yokohama as540. both are excellent all season/high performance. you may be only able to get the yoko's at sears. both are reasonable priced compared to michelin's i have both and they are great.
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