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Mazda Millenia



  • jplymanjplyman Posts: 90
    I have to agree about a point with Saxon - that a vette corners better than the MM (I sure hope so) isn't that what it is design for?

    However, when people see me in my MM they don't think hey I wonder if he compenstating for a lack of man hood like they do when they see a guy in a vette.

    When people ask me who made my car they can't beleive its a Mazda, also the dealerships here in Atlanta don't have the MM on the show room floor.

    But I think all this guy is having car envy - He will probably end up buying a used Yugo!
  • I agree with fwatson. I'm just going to ignore all of his comments from now on; jerks.
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    I just made a post on another board that apparently needs to be said here as well:

    This board is for discussing the Mazda Millenia. Some comparisons are inevitable and welcomed, but extended discussion about the merits of one vehicle vs. another belong on our Comparisons - Sedans vs. Sedans board. If a suitable discussion does not already exist, anyone is free to create a new one.

    It really isn't necessary for anyone to repeatedly bash a vehicle in that vehicle's dedicated discussion. Everyone's opinion is welcome, of course, but once you've made your point and you've made it clear you are not interested in this vehicle, it probably is time to move on to other discussions.

    Meanwhile, everyone here needs to stay mindful of the Membership Agreement's requirement for respectful and civil discourse. If you are unable to respond to a post in a polite manner, then no response is the best course of action.


    Sedans Message Board
  • fwatsonfwatson Posts: 639
    "Ever read a review done by a major publication about the Millenia?"

    Yes I have. I researched the Millenia and several other cars thoroughly. I have printouts of many tests, as well as frequency of repair reports. The result of all of them is that the Millenia has been excellent, but a very well kept secret. After all the research, test drives of several brands, and dealer experiences, I made my choice a 2001 Millenia "P". Of all the cars I studied before buying, I found the least complaints about the Millenia by both owners and testers. The only repeated complaint is the result of many people that are looking for hot rods, not sport sedans.

    My only reason for rejecting the "S" is that I do not need the additional power of the supercharger, and therefore saw no reason to spend the extra $2000, or take on the extra maintenance of that engine. My "P" also runs happily on 87 octane fuel, a big no-no with the "S".

    I think if Mazda had promoted the Millenia with a good advertising campaign, and given it the up front floor space it deserves, it would have become a top selling car. On the other hand, we would not then have been able to get the fantastic deals we got on our cars.
  • 9sunset9sunset Posts: 23
    Finally the dealer replaced the alloy rim with no question ask under warranty. By the way NEVDRANI, responding to your message# 1119, it is alloy rim not chrome. After installing new rim, took for test drive, big different from before but still feel a bit pulling to the right. Took it to Dunlop tire dealer to check for radial pull, they swap front tires, it seems doing better. I will try it for a few more day to see if problem been solved. Hey TOMEKK, thank you for your input on "smoother transmission", my MM had 5300 miles so far, hopefully it will behave positively like yours when it reach 6300 miles.
  • 9sunset9sunset Posts: 23
    Test drive my car for 2 days, so far still pulling to the right especially at low speed;
    wonder why?
    It is not the tires, what else is wrong with this
    car? Alignment was done back on December 12,2001;
    would the wobble rim affect the adjustment or
    sent wrong data to the computer. or could it be cause by a defective caster, strut or spring? This wobble tire
    was mounted at rear when they were doing the alignment.
    Very frustrating experience, can anybody help?
  • acabral1acabral1 Posts: 122
    I have a '01 Millenia S, ownership experience has been lovely to date. The improvements in the '01/'02 Millenias were on key, the front & rear sway bars reduce body roll tremendosouly. The '01/'02 literally drive like an entirely different car when compared to its predecessors.

    On average, I have noticed new car consumers gripe about the following feature based "deficts" the Millenia has over its competing models:

    Xenon Lights
    Horsepower (this is biggest of the three gripes)
    4spd automatic transmission

    With the exception of the above, the Millenia's build quality and use of technology is up to par and even exceeds the standards of its competion. Believe me, my comments are based on actual inspections and several test drives.

    Performing a pound for pound comparison of the '01/'02 Millenia over cars in the likes of the: Acura 3.2TL, Nissan Maxima, Ifiniti I35, Cadillac Catera, BMW 3 Series and say VW Passat; will easily demonstrate that the Millenia is a prime contender.

    Now I will briefly address two of the "deficits" I listed above.

    4spd trans:
    A five speed automatic (manumatic) is purely a selling gimmick; less than 10% of purchaser rely on using the manumatic feature or gears other than "D" for daily driving.

    The Millenia S use what is called a Centrifugal Supercharger, which is not designed to be a rev-happy engine at low RPMs. However, its 210hp will out-run cars like the TL, I35, MAX, etc when the tach reachs 3000RPMs with ease. (been there, done that) This is what performance enthusiasts really like about the Centrifugal Supercharger. Power delivery on a Centrifugal S/C doesn't display power-output exhaustion either, a common deficit with normally aspired engines. (TL, MAX, PASSAT etc)

    Cars like the TL SType, and Maxima SE have like 250-260 HP but aren't hardly fast & furious! Take one for a test drive if you haven't; I was taken by surprise to experience how poorly thier engine delivers all "that" horsepower. All this, "let's see how much, non-deliverable horsepower we can make" game that auto manufactures are playing is a sad joke folks! Here's prime example on how horsepower numbers can be miss leading, the Subaru WRX with only 226hp and a 6000RPM fuel cut-off will run circles around 260hp Max SE 6spd any time of the day.

    Bottom line up front, if you recently purchased a Millenia, you made economically sound decision and have also purchased a really reliable vehicle.

    Oh yeah, if resale value is a major issue to you, just lease a Millenia.
  • tomekktomekk Posts: 310
    I love those GPS systems... until I have to pay for them. I just have a fundamental problem paying $2000 for replacement for $10 worth of maps. It only makes sense if you're gadget addict AND money is no object.

    Resale value on Millenia should be measured from actual purchase price ($26K in my case), and not from sicker ($32.5K in my case) as all the car magazines and web sites (including Edmunds) seem to do.

    acabral1, what the heck is the "power-output exhaustion"?


    P.S. To Pat, our all-powerfull host: is the word "heck" considered an obscenity by Edmunds? BTW, could you please publish a list of words we shouldn't use :-) I'm asking so that I know what is and is not allowed - and for practical reasons, I presume list of all allowed words would be rather long...
  • jplymanjplyman Posts: 90
    Per Pat's sugestion I have setup a discussion topic comparing the MM to anything.

    What can I say - unlike most we are passionte about our cars.
  • Since I wanted to get the free Palm 100 that Infiniti was giving away I went to drive the new I35. I was VERY impressed with the "I" (my wife kept eyeing the Q45...told her to dream on), the car is comfortable, roomy, luxurious and a rocket, even the Millenia S is no match. The tranny is smooth as silk and the ride is much smoother than the Millenia (I drove the sport setup). We are VERY happy with our MM, but I just gained some respect for the Infiniti.

    So many cars, so little time

  • saxoniisaxonii Posts: 31
    I cannot believe that you are saying that I35 is better than MM base or S. HERESY!!!!!!!! I think you are pushing the envelope. I35 isn't it built by the same folks who put together Nissan Maxima??? Just my 2 c Saxon II
  • tomekktomekk Posts: 310
    I didn't drive it, but sure, it can be better. It is also $8-$10K more expensive than MM S in the real world. BMW 330i is also better - but one will set you back $40K+.
    For me it's all about value for you buck.
  • In the real world, thanks to the deep discounts by Mazda, but a if you are going by MSRPs alone the Millenia is more expensive.

    Millenia S $31,505 MSRP
    Infinti I35 $29,295 MSRP

    Again, the MM is an awesome deal for the buck and that's why I am here.
  • tomekktomekk Posts: 310
    Yep, you're right - I35 with sunroof and heated seats is


    I thought it was more... A lot of car for the money!
  • I saw an ad on LA Times today for a 2002 Millenia S, white/sand two tone color for $25,888, which is a $7007 discount. This one is at Alhambra Mazda.
  • saxoniisaxonii Posts: 31
    Hey folks let's not go there. You cannot compare those two cars and not sound illogical. FRD v RWD, horspower, engine, the list go on and on and on. Granted the car is not available yet but on the paper it is a rocket. As for the price, eventually it will be discounted and the price will be within range of Millenia S. On the other note, to dispell any forthcoming criticism toward me, my wife spotted the new 2002 Millenia and heresy !!!!! she liked it. Thank heavens it is not up to her to purchase our next vehicle or I would be in trouble. Ciao SAXON II
  • "Alas, in the Infiniti only a four-speed automatic transmission is available, transferring power to the front wheels."!! This is a quote from Edmunds. You obviously have absolutely NO IDEA that the Infiniti engine is anything different than the Maxima engine (exact replica!!)... You REALLY REALLY need to brush up on your car bashing stats before you make a fool of yourself AGAIN, and learn that the Q45 is "REAR WHEEL DRIVE" not the I35. Besides, anyone who drives a 1986 Mercury should definitely NOT be posting in any Edmunds forum......also, while driving that, how could you claim to know ANYTHING about a real car let alone be allowed to test drive one????
  • Saxon is talking about the G35, not the I35. They are going to be two totally different cars. Saxon is right about not being able to compare the cars because of the FWD/RWD issue.

    Keep the peace,
  • Ah ha....I stand corrected. But who ever mentioned the "G35" previously in this Millenia forum??...We were talking about the I35 not the 2003 G35?? Anyways, what a gorgeous car the G35 is..(but too much like Max's rear). Saxonii that is the only valid argument you have poised here...congrats!!
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    Come on, people -- leave the personal comments and attacks out of this, please.


    Sedans Message Board
  • That should be an awesome ride...I am going to test drive one when they come out this summer.
  • saxoniisaxonii Posts: 31
    To envedrani: I ma going to be civilized here since Pat our King ups!!! moderator will once again wipe my response from this board ( and I had a nice one written, too bad Pat did not think so). Mercury is a nice car and it allows me to get to and from work. I drive it not because I cannot afford anything better, granted, recently, I had to fork a lot of $$$ for downpayment which in other parts of the country would probably be enough to buy a house outright(Boston included), but I still have some left,( enough to get Millenia S or base). Like I mentioned before, I once was a proud owner of a wonderful vette but life had pushed me to sell it. (no it was not the m... hood) I also used to be a yellow taxi cab driver here in NYC and trust me what I have been able to do in and to cars you will only see in the movies. If you have never been to NYC and see the cabs in action come down and check it for yourself. As for me not being able to post on yea right dream on buddy!!! I am here to stay! However, I must add that your statement sound very stalinist like, you would fit vey well in a country where Gulags are the norm (go check what gulag is before you make another mistake like the one with G35). Ciao SAXON II
  • On a long drive the other day in my 96 L (approx. 2 hrs at 80 mph) I noticed substantial heat developing around the gear shift area on the center console. It was right around where the gear numbers and letters are located, and was too hot to even touch it. I know that on manual transmissions the gear shifter itself can become quite hot, however, I've never noticed this in the two years I've owned the Millenia. Anybody noticed this before?
  • The improvements in the '01/'02 Millenias were on key, the front & rear sway bars reduce body roll tremendosouly. The '01/'02 literally drive like an entirely different car. FALSE
    There have been no changes since 95 intro, only Eunos and Xedos with four wheel steering have rear sway bars.

    A five speed automatic (manumatic) is purely a selling gimmick; Patently untrue; if this were so automatics would still be 2 speed.

    The Millenia S use what is called a Centrifugal Supercharger. Did you get this from, your car salesperson? False!
    The S uses a "Lysholm Compressor" which will give 14 PSI boost at WOT and all rpms, i.e. instant boost. The S Miller Cycle Engine was a horrible mistake by egotisticle Japanese engineers that instead of comitting Hari-Kari said "Look what we did".
  • maltbmaltb Posts: 3,572
    You might want to get under it or have a muffler shop check your exhaust system for a missing heat shield or an exhaust leak.

    2 hours at 80 should be nothing for almost any vehicle.
  • The Only important change to the Millenia since it's debut in 95 was the front brake change to ~1" larger disc's. This made a vast improvement in stopping distance (from 144' to 122' from 60mph). Aparently few people in this group consider better brakes important>
  • maltbmaltb Posts: 3,572
    ""...rear sway bars reduce body roll tremendosouly. The '01/'02 literally drive like an entirely different car." FALSE"

    The Millenia S does have a rear sway bar.

    There have been numerous suspension tweeks to the Mill over the years too.

    And why is the miller cycle such a bad engine?
  • jplymanjplyman Posts: 90
    I have noticed a couple of times when I pull out the key that my steering wheel does not move - is there something that will keep it in place or do I need to take it to the dealer -

  • 9sunset9sunset Posts: 23
    Time to say goodbye!
    Returned my 01 MMs to the dealer outlining all service had been performed on this car since
    Dec 18,01 to Jan 21, 02. In return I got my 99 maxima back; at the end of the day, I have lost $2000 Cdn.
    I appreciated all the feed backs from the member of this board.
    Good luck on your MM's
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