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Mazda Millenia



  • Thank you Pat. That would be an invaluable upgrade
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    Heh, you are absolutely right - and you know, the reason I put enhancement in quotes is because I CAN'T BELIEVE IT DOESN'T EXIST ALREADY!!

    Ahem... pardon me for yelling.


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  • Dgreenbu, I did not have the upgraded Bose stereo in my 96 L, but would suspect that you would need to match the receiver with a Bose changer. However, and other retailers do offer some changers to match factory components, so maybe you should consult with them too. As for an aftermarket in-dash changer, most single or double DIN units should fit into the opening. As for wiring a new receiver, some on this board have suggested that changing out the Bose stereo can be difficult (it was a breeze to connect an aftermarket unit with the "standard" wiring harness.
  • obioha1obioha1 Posts: 27
    i test drove the new millenia and it felt more solid than my '99 with 30,000miles on it. I was wondering if there were any aftermarket parts that may give my car this more solid feeling. Maybe a strut tower brace or something. They say that mazda reinforced the sidesills but what does that exactly mean?
  • tomekktomekk Posts: 310
    Well, I think they've 'stiffened' the car and increased torsional rigidity for 2001 by some significant percentage compared to previous model years. I wouldn't believe one can do much with after-market additions to stiffen the car's structure.
  • Congragulations the two of you have dual handidly managed to make this list into another Feel Good list. Spirited discussion NOT ALLOWED!!!!!
  • How the number of postings drops as the level of "spirited" conversation goes up. Sorry, but if I want spirit, I'll go elswhere or not go at all! We finally had our sunroof rattle corrected. They had to remove the roof liner to find the problem, but all is well now, and the new liner brought back that fabulous new car smell! All in all, our dealer experience was as good as can be expected for a hard to diagnose problem.
  • Any chance that these wheels will fit my 98 Millenia. I know that the Mustang is rear wheel drive but I really dig those rims. Look far better than most of the rims i have seen. Thanks in advance.
  • maltbmaltb Posts: 3,572
    I have never seen RWD rims with the proper ofset for FWD vehicles.

    Although, I have seen a few Sentras that didn't seem to understand this...hehehe.
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    Spirited conversation is fine, of course, and occurs throughout the Town Hall. The personal attacks that were taking place in here are not fine at all - this is a Town Hall principle that most of you already know and respect.

    If anyone wants to discuss this subject any further, please address me off-line. It is not on topic here.


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  • tomekktomekk Posts: 310

    can you please remind me how many stabilizer bars does a 2001 S have?
    Can you order one from Eibach?

    Off topic: I think you are confused as to what "spirited" means. Go spirit ... somewhere else, or at least be helpful, and not disseminate wrong information.

    Good luck-
    Tomek (censored a few times before...Pat can attest)
  • saxoniisaxonii Posts: 31
    Hey pal!

    You must understand something folks here are little touchy when it comes to constructive criticism. Some of them even wonder about vette owners ... hoods. So bear in mind that if you do not follow party line you will be personally attacked. On the other hand, I perfectly understand them If I were to spend 25 big ones on a car that has not been significantly modified since 1995 (which is btw its first year of production) I would be pretty upset if somebody would point out how old and out of date their car is. So do not take their comments to your heart.
    FEEL THEIR PAIN! Ciao Saxon II
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    Okay, now let's get back to discussing the car and stop talking about each other.


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  • I have posted on my website all of the differences I know about between the different model year Millenias...
  • mb595mb595 Posts: 17
    I am considering a 2002 Millenia P. It has been offered at 21,500 new. I am comparing to Honda Accord Sedan EX-6 at 23,200. Nobody I know drives the Millenia and the local Mazada dealer will not let me take it for more than a 5 minute spin. It seems like a very nice car for the money.

    Can any owners give me an opinion on whether this is a good car for a one car couple and how they think it compares to Honda? What options are worth considering? The base engine puts out 170hp is the acceleration acceptable with the auto transmission? I would not consider spending the extra 3k for the S, so if acceleration is not acceptable I would go with the Honda which has 200hp but seems to drive faster given the smoothness of it transmission. Appreciate any thoughts, thanks.
  • tomekktomekk Posts: 310

    1. Test drive
    I wouldn't buy from a dealer that won't let you really test drive it. I had my 01 S for half a day, ~40 miles test drive, including bringing it home so my wife could take a look at it / drive it without having to go to the dealer.

    2. Power
    Base P didn't have enough "oomph" for me in city traffic (was OK at speed on the highway) but its all very relative and there is a guy here on this forum (fwatson) who is really happy with the power of his '01 P. On the other hand, 21.5 for P and 24.5 for S sound like good deals (especially the one on S - I paid 26K for my S in July 01).

    Hope this helps -
  • I got my 98 Base Millenia lowered (Eibach Pro Kit)last May and it looks great. About to put on some Chrome 16' inch wheels. It really bottoms out now when I go over bumpy surfaces other than that it is fine. Any place to shop for aftermarket struts or whatever to help reduce the "bottoming out". I would really like to keep it lowered but it is a bit too much on bumpy roads.
  • I bought my Milleniaum Edition new and love it, except for the HVAC seems to have none. Most of the time the automatic control heats the cabin up too much. When on automatic, it only puts out to the feet, and they quickly bake. Selecting defrost only bakes your forehead. Selecting windshield and feet, or vent positon, gives thermostatic control.. sometimes.
    Many trips to dealer haven't fixed it; he says there are others with this problem, and Mazda can't, or won't, help. I called Mazda Canada, and basically they said the same thing. I find this unbelievable for a car just half-way through the warranty period. Has anyone else had this problem? How did you deal with it?
  • jean7of9jean7of9 Posts: 192
    I visited your web site and found the comparison very informative. However I have one question pertaining to "revised steering for the 1997". Is it the steering wheel or the actual steering radius of the car. I always considered the mammoth turning radius of my 95S as Achille's heel. Did they improve on that for the 97+.
  • It was not the steering wheel...they did something to the actual steering. What exactly they did I'm not sure...I just remember reading it on a website somewhere when I had gathered all of this information. The steering radius on the newer Millenias is still I don't think that was changed.
  • fwatsonfwatson Posts: 639
    tomekk is correct in saying that I am very satisfied with the power of my '01 P. If others want, or for some reason "need" more than the power this car provides, all I can say, is get something else.

    But if you are comparing it to a Honda Accord at $21500, which is $150 less than the terrific deal I got on mine, I think you are comparing getting an excellent but dirt common car in the Honda, as compared to an excellent and beautiful one with the Millenia. They are both outstanding in the reliability department. For anyone wanting to argue that point, go to Carpoint,

    or Consumer Reports and compare the charts.

    And you will not spend all day in the Walmart parking lot trying to tell your car from the others identical to it.

    Horsepower? "The Accord 2.3-liter 4-cylinder provides either 135 or 150 horsepower. That engine is small for a midsize car, so both versions provide just average acceleration above 65 mph. However, the 150-horsepower version allows easy cruising once up to speed."

    For the price you are talking for a NEW car, I do not think you are going to get a V-6 in an Accord. If you did, you would have an otherwise stripper car. The Millenia has almost no options to consider, as it is already a complete near luxury car including slide/tilt sun roof, leather interior and an excellent sound system. There is a Bose system available with a 6 changer. That is a personal decision. Other than that I see nothing the car lacks, especially at that price.

    The 170HP in my Millenia has never left me in a bind, and I am generally the first away at a traffic light. That is not to say it is a drag racer, because it is not, and was never intended to be one. All in all, I would say if you opt for the Accord over the Millenia for the same price, you have made a very unwise decision. Now for a question. Why would you pay more for an Accord to get the 200 HP engine, and refuse to pay more for the 210 HP engine in the Millenia? That seems like strange logic to me.

    As for depreciation, that depends on how long you keep the car. After about four years it is a totally moot point.

    Oh, one minor point. The first comment from my 39 year old son when he first saw it was, "wow, what a sweet ride, expecially for a 4 door sedan". I doubt he would have had that reaction to an Accord.

  • mb595mb595 Posts: 17
    Features: The Accord EX-6 has an in dash CD changer standard, no Bose is availible, no heated seats / mirrors. TCS is standard. It is quite loaded for a family sedan lacking only driver memory. The lumbar support is a rather questionable system consisting of an inflatable bladder that releases when pumped too stiff passenger power seat is only 4 ways which would be find except the seat is low slung and can't be adjusted, kind of lounge postition for the passenger.

    The Millenia doesn't have a lot in extra features and lacks a fold down rear seat.

    As far as engines: Honda 4 on LX and EX models is 150hp, I didn't test it so I have no idea what the acceleration is like, several professional reviews have commented they prefer the 6. When I test drove Honda 6 it was smooth and quick, not a street racier by any means but it felt quicker than the much higher rated maxima/I35 engine. This could be do to the transmission on them which was not a smooth. Cost was a factor but it was a comparison between a 4 and a 6 rather than a choice between 6's with modifications.

    I have not had any experience comparing engines from the same manufacturer but have found that 6's give a nicer feel than 4's even if the hp to weight ratio is similar. In the Millenia the basic 6 is low HP but this seems to be because they choose to go with natural aspiration and didn't try to tweak it. Instead they decided to trick up the Miller, which while a fantastic technical feat leaves me a little skeptical as most turbo / supercharging tricks are prone to lag depending on RPM's and inconsistant performance depending on weather conditions heat, humidity etc. No doubt on a cool, dry day a properly adjusted turbo feels awesome.

    Deciding to go with a 6 over a 4 for a 33% increase in HP for about $1500 difference versus a 6 natural v a 6 tricked with 22% increase in HP for about $2000 is not equivelent. These prices are adjusted to roughly account for other increased features that come with the models for instance in the Honda the upgrade includes ABS, TCS and Leather for 3k. On the Mazada you add TCS, Bose and a rear anti-rollbar for 3k.

    The comparison is between 200hp Honda for 23,200, 170hp Mazada for 21,500 and 210 Mazada for 24,500.

    Over course this is moot if the 170hp provides enough zip to make merging, passing and steep uphills not a problem, this is the sort of functional analysis that only someone who has driven the car can attest too. The actual performance of a car varies a ton from what the stat books say even before after market tweaking and age are factored in. And the actual performance in traffic has as much to do with the driver.
  • We too were looking at the MP and Accord ES-V6. It is my wife's car so she did most of the test drives. Her opinion on the Accord V6 is that she really had to put her foot into it to get it to go to the more aggressive timing setting I guess. She actually likes the MP better in that regard. That said, I think the engine in the Honda is probably a better engine all around, especially on gas mileage, but the MP is just fine for us.
  • You made a really brilliant choice.
  • jplymanjplyman Posts: 90
    I own the MM - P and the basic accelaration is very good I have had no problems passing, starting or going up a hill. The power is fine for me (my other car now is a Jeep with V6).

    However, my understanding of the Miller Engine is that it does not suffer from the lag proplem nor being prone to change due to the weather -

    I would diffently find another dealer who will let you drive the car a little longer or if that is the only dealership - tell them that you want to take the car out for a while and if you like it your going to buy it - if they won't let you do this - you may need to drive a bit to find a better dealer -

    This is a great car and I think that by the posting you can see that the owners really like thier car - except for one person who doesn't even own the car.
  • tomekktomekk Posts: 310
    Pat is going back, removing a lot of messages (i.e. my message to SaxonII enumerating the changes in Millenia for 2001) very selectively and in general making this disussion overcensored and much useless. I don't think it is worth my time to continue visting this forum because of Pat (nedrani, not that your message to saxonii is gone, too).

    I'm moving to yahoo Mazda board - maybe we'll get some real discussion going there...:

    just search Yahoo for Mazda Millenia and go to community message boards for Mazda



  • jplymanjplyman Posts: 90
    Nice website - One thing the replacement for the Millenia will be the RX8 when it is introduced as either a 2003 or 2004 model (can't rember which).
  • I don't know what you meant by that. Explain further. Can you help me on the suspension??? Make suggestion or anything????
  • audia8qaudia8q Posts: 3,138
    As you all know this is the last year of Millenia as we know it...But Mazda has informed me that they have a team working on a possible Millenia replacement but don't expect anything for a few years.
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