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Mazda Millenia



  • fwatsonfwatson Posts: 639
    I agree on the size of the Altima. But I have checked them out, and the interior seems cheap and hard to me. The door panels are especially unappealing to me. I almost waited for them to come out before I bought my Millenia. Now, after checking them out I am glad I went ahead with the Millenia purchase.

    Another car that is very large inside, about 106.6 cu ft, is the Avalon. When I was looking at Toyota's at the '02 Camry introduction, I was offered a cloth seat Avalon for $24500 out the door. I couldn't get past the design of the instrument panel though, and saw no advantage to it other than interior size. Millenia's aren't the only ones with big discounts.
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    but I just want to point out that the way to get rid of a supposed troll is to ignore him. Posting angry responses just invites him to continue.

    The personal attacks need to stop right here. If any of you need to continue the conversation, you will have to do it off-line.

    If anyone has anything else to say about this situation, feel free to email me.

    Any further posts in that vein will necessarily be removed.

    Please carry on and pardon the interruption - I needed to make these points after all that ugliness occurred.

    Thank you.

    Sedans Message Board
  • Hello again fellow Millenia owners, I just want to share some info about the replacement light bulbs for my Millenia. Few months back I bought a pair of CATZ Galaxy White 9006 (this is for '97-'00 Model, not sure about the '95-'96 an '01'02, since it uses projector type). This bulb is rated at 4300K (kalvin, I think) and it cost me $59/pair. I have to tell you that this bulbs made a tremendeus improvement to the brightness of the lights. The beam coming out from the headliights is now almost a white beam instead of the yellowish color of the original bulbs; definitely I don't see any yellowish color at all. I'd say the improvement in brightness is about 60% compared to the original bulbs; that's according to my eyes. For $65/pair after shipping, this is a very cheap way to upgrade our beloved Millenias. It's very easy to install and during night time, you'll find a new enjoyment in driving your Millenias.

    There's an even brighter 5000K bulbs made by PIAA; called Super Plasma, but it cost about $30 more and I don't know exactly how it looks in terms of beam color and brightness. Check out this link for more info of the Millenia's bulb

    and here for bulbs 101

    If anyone wants to see the difference between the original bulb and the CATZ bulb, please let me know. I'll swap one out with the original bulb and will take a digital shot of it with my new Fuji Digital Cam :-).


  • adam68adam68 Posts: 59
    Have had a '95, '97 and ' is up
    in 2/03 and would love to be able to get another...
  • At the end of this year a new Mazda6 is coming out and the top of the line version will move upmarket to fill in for the departing MM. This one supposed to have 219HP 3.0V6 with Vvti, Navigation, Leather, Triptonic Auto or 6-speed manual, side curtain airbag, 17" wheels and best of all it's going to be fun to drive, just like any other Mazdas. Sedan is coming out in november, a hatchback 5-door six months later and a wagon version a year later. There might even be an MPS version of this car.
  • I came across a 95 millena and he is asking $4400. The car has 95000 miles, and the radio doesnt work the radio turns on and the antennae goes up but no sound to the speakers. The car got rear endend and got a salvage title. Do you think this is a good price, I think I can get him down to 3 grand or 3500. I hope i can get a millenia, I really like the design and the class. All I really have to spend is about six grand so this looks like a good deal. What do you guys think?
  • I assume that the car's been repaired right? How do you know for sure that it's been rear-ended, not a head/side collision. I guess rear-ended damage is better than front. How does it ride, especially at over 70mph, any rattles, how's the door/trunk closes. Off-course you can't expect the car to be perfect. For me, as long as it drives fine, no pulling to the side or vibrating, I would get it for $3K-$4K.
  • Yeah the car has been repaired, I havent driven the car yet, but what do you guys think about the radio, plus the tires are low he says. Do you think that I could get him down to 3 grand from 4400 he is asking? I would really like to get this car for the price, but I might just buy a used 95 altima or g20? What are your thoughts?
  • I have a 99 Millenia S and love it. But from what I heard from a number of 1995 owners, you could be buying yourself a money pit. If it is an 'S', make sure the supercharger is good (huge bucks!). O2 sensors and the tranny could be costly also. If the milage is low it might be a good deal. An aftermarket radio should fit, and wouldn't be so costly.

    Good Luck,
  • I believe the car is not a s edition and what is the standard price for new tires? I really like this car, but if it cant make it to vegas or san francisco than maybe I should pass. Am I making a mistake if I can get this car for 3500 bucks. I only need it for some long distance trips and local driving? What are your experiences with this car getting 150000 or 200000 miles on the engine. Consumer reports recommends this car and for the price its not bad.
    I really need advice before I spend the money
  • The '95 Millenia uses a 15" wheels (I think 215/60R15), so tires that size with installation and balancing (for four of them), would run about $350 max. I do think that most Millenia (non-salvaged title) that's taken care off well, would reach 200,000miles with no problem. Off-course you'll have to shelf some big bucks for some of it's major services.
    $3500 for a salvaged titled Millenia, if it still drives fine is worth the money. Where else can you get something this nice for $3500? just my 2c
  • audia8qaudia8q Posts: 3,138
    After 20+ years experience in the auto business I would NOT buy a salvage car for anybody in my family to ride or drive. Forget about the possible mechanical issues. The safety related items built into the structure of the car (crumple zones, safety cell, etc) have been terribly life and my families life isnt worth saving a few thousand dollars.

    You get what you pay for...remember, if the car is being offered to you its because alot of experts passed on the car already.
  • I agree with audia8q, I wouldn't buy one for my family or for me, but everyon ehas different needs right. One of my co-worker has been driving his '96 Honda Civic coupe which he bought with salvaged title for a few years now with no major problems.
  • I know that there have been many heated debates on the comparison of these two cars but I am thinking of trading in my '99 pearl/sand mill s with 33,000 miles and was thinking on these two cars. I know that some on this board are familiar with both cars so their input is highly welcomed. At a local dealership I found a '01 millenia s that was blk/silver,chrome wheels and 4 seasons package,6 disc changer for 23,995. I also saw in a newspaper a beige '02 maxima se with leather and roof with 13,000 miles for 25,600. Which ever car I decide I plan on keeping for at least 5 years, which brings me to why this decision is a hard one for me. I checked at my local dealer and the cost for the the timing chain replacement on the mill s is $850.00 and the cost to replace the plugs are $250.00 plus tax. These amounts don't include the costs of the 60,000 service. Nissan recomends changing the timing belt on the maxima every 105,000 miles and their double tipped platinum spark plugs require changing every 100,000 miles. I haven't had any problems with my millenia thus far but a few drivers have noted a few problems when the mileage increases. The '01 mill s drove great with great brakes and the handling was quite impressive, but with the maxima (I haven't got around to test driving) for that price I get HID lights, 255hp, memory seats, one touch sunroof,auto up/down windows (with remote control), rear spoiler,and home link. The fit and finish in the mill was better than in the maxima and the mill's suspenison is more advanced, with the ride being a little more plush. Cost of ownership/reliability is what my main areas of deciding will be based upon. Any input or suggestions in this matter will be much appreciated.
  • On the Maxima:

    IMO a 02 Maxima SE with 13,000 miles for $ 25K is a rip-off. Go to your Nissan dealer, drive one first, and if you like it and know how to bargain, you can get a brand new Maxima SE for invoice or below around ~$25-26K. Nissan is literally giving away Maximas right now so there is a LOT of room for negotiation.

    Maxima vs. Millenia.

    It's really a matter of taste here. Both very reliable cars, maintenance/cost pf ownership favors the Maxima. As you know the MM is more luxo oriented, while the Maxima has a more sporty character.

    If I were you I'd drive them back to back and then pick.

    Good luck

  • Test
  • maltbmaltb Posts: 3,572
    Your microphone is a little loud...turn it down a notch.
  • CAUTION!!!! Higher wattage bulbs may cause a fire!!!!
  • I actually had a pair in the mine. The driver's didn't catch fire, but it did melt the connector. Mazda does not sell just the connector, so I had to go a junkyard & clip one to replace the bad one. The lights only lasted 8 months & within 1 day of the 1st one burning up the passenger side failed, however it didn't melt anything. If you are looking for color, I would sylvania cool blue at standard wattage.
  • I agree with speedracer3 ("IMO a 02 Maxima SE with 13,000 miles for $ 25K is
    a rip-off ") but I am certainly not an expert on "deals". Others on this
    list know much more
    about "deals" than I do.

    That said I urge you not to buy any car with a timing belt, especially a
    Most manufacturers have decided to eliminate timing belts by
    switching to chains, including Mazda. Old technology is better, in this

    The 60,000 mile timing belt change is a ripoff by Mazda!!! Read your
    "Owners Manual", "Scheduled Maintenance", "Timing belt". Specifys that
    California and Massachesettes cars the belt is warrented for 105,000 miles.
    Mazda does not have State specific belts, all cars use only one belt per
    application, regardless of the state it is sold in.

    Mazda has chosen the immoral way. Nissan has chosen the moral way and
    decided if they have to warrenty the belts in CA and MA they might as well
    warrent the belts in all states.
  • Everybody knows that Nissan Maxima has a much better engine than mazda millenia base or supercharged. Go with the Nissan. If you really want to get Maxima for cheap that is around 23k for brnad new 2002 Maxima Gle with everything, than go to the Nissna max forum there are guys who bought the car from Canada (brand new) and apparently the warranty and everything else is legit here in USA. The only problem is that your speedometer will show km. insted of miles - a minor inconvenience. Now you decide Mazda Millenia base with less than 18o hp and technology made circa 1994 and brand new maxima with all the goodies that will leave millenia so far back is not even funny. (unless you enjoy being beat by high school boys with their Honda Civic si's, get the Maxima). I have driven both, there is no comparison, and do not be fooled by mazda's attempts to push millenia as a luxury or even semi-luxury car - it is not. It doesn't compare with real luxury like Merc or Lexus, trust me no one under the age of 75 will confuse your new Millenia for those two brand mentioned above, and it does not have enough push and pull with its weak engine to compete with Maxima, Acura , Infinity not to mention anything that is coming from BMW.You do the math: 255 hp v. 210. Trust me, do not waste your precious dollars on the Millenia unless you enjoy being taken for a ride. Look Millenia is as luxurious as Buick, would you drive a Buick?????? OK, I ma sorry to those who drives Buicks, hey in 40 years when I am ready to move to Florida or Arizona it will probably be my choice too, but for now no buick or Millenia for me. Just my 2c Ciao! Saxon II
  • fwatsonfwatson Posts: 639
    Well, the anti Millenia, horsepower is the only thing that matters troll is back.
  • Please do come join us in:
    It would be quite something to have someone with your expertise involved in this other chat. LOL
  • mb595mb595 Posts: 17
    Brand New in USA Maxima SE with many options around 23k and GLE loaded for 26k are very possible. MM is good car but doesn't compare straight up with Maxima in terms of luxury, features, room and speed. Handling and front seat comfort are close. I think the MM has a better ride. You also get a better warranty with Maxima, higher CR reliability rating and more residual value. But why these two cars? Accord V6 only drawback is styling and small tires which hinder handling, they are selling at invoice. Or Altima very quick and inexpensive 4 or fast 6 which is less of a value. New Altima is more styling than the soon to be replaced Maxima.
  • 85 watt Solaris with fiberglass bulb base from Best warranty out there (90 days), & same responses to the FAQ as you outlined above. I believe the issue is wattage to wire size it was not a case of shorting out 1st. I also did a lot of driving with my lights on, but still they should last more than 8 months. I forgot to mention that my H3 55W fogs by the same company failed about 2 weeks later. So would check them on a routine basis. Awesome look while they lasted though. Good luck.
  • Pat, please go ahead and remove my other post.

    here's a link to the FAQ for aftermatker bulb from PIAA, CATZ and others

  • patpat Posts: 10,421
  • Ok, I managed to switched one of my car's CATZ lightbulbs with the orginal bulb and take a digital shot of it. One note though, these pics doesn't do justice of how much brighter and whiter the CATZ bulbs are compared to the original ones.

    I also post a pic of the Falken tires that I've been using for the past few months. These falkens are one of the cheapest replacement tires for Millenia S's 17" tires. So far I've been very happy with this set of tires. The noise level is about the same as the Dunlops and it looks good too.

    Here's the link. click "My Album" when you're there to see description of each album.

  • For those potential buyers who are still thinking of getting MM here is something interesting - G35.
    Unlike Mazda, Nissan was able to introduce Infinity and its newest creation: G35. What is not to like here????? Please those who still have not decided, look this one over, it beats Millenia both base and S in any category. Yes it is a little bit more expensive but from what the folks on both Maxima and infinity are saying you can get it for about 25 - 26K from Canada with all the goodies. Apparently Nissan has no problem when Americans buying their cars from Canada and they are much cheaper up there. Also it is perfectly legal and the warranty is valid in US. Do not buy a car that was created in 1995. Ciao Saxon II
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