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Mazda Millenia



  • tomekktomekk Posts: 310
    I believe the shift patterns have been recalibrated in 2001 for quicker downshift and better accelleration. The only gripe I have with my S auto tranny is that when I leave my house in the morning I have to go up a small hill, and - when cold - the transmission won't shift into 3rd until past 3500 RPM. I think it lets the engine rev too high. So at 3000 rpm I just press the hold button (when in Drive) and it'll shift after 2 second or so delay...
    Other than that I'd say that my S shifts very well under medium to hard acceleration. It's not the best in stop-and-go 'indecisive' traffic, when you go from 0 to 20 to 5 to 40 to 10 to 0 and so on. It's not bad, it's just not Lexus (or Chevy Venture) smooth. Again, I've read that pre-2001 vere much worse, and actually I remember reading a review talking about much better calibration for 2001. I'm not sure if the P model got recalibrated for 2001...
    just my $0.02
  • fwatsonfwatson Posts: 639
    Quote:"It's not the best in stop-and-go 'indecisive' traffic, when you go from 0 to 20 to 5 to 40 to 10 to 0 and so on. It's not bad, it's just not Lexus (or Chevy Venture) smooth."

    This is where I experience the indecisiveness too. Under other conditions, the shifts are very good. It does have a tendency to downshift at highway speeds, when the "Resume" on the cruise control is engaged, but I figure that is to compensate for the relativly small engine. That causes me no problem. Highway passing is very good. I am getting the impression the shifting is normal for the Mazda's. And as both Carpoint and Consumer Reports show the Millenia transmissions to be top rated in reliability in all recent years, I can live with the slight quirkiness.

    Other than this one question, I have found my new "P" to be flawless, and after owning many cars in my 60 years, will say this is by far the most beautifully assembled and executed of them all.

    Thanks to both of you for your help and opinions on the subject.
  • tomekktomekk Posts: 310
    is probably disengagement of the torque converter and not shifting to 3rd. It happens with my Millenia S, it happens with Chevy Venture (my wife's van) which has incredibly smooth shifting tranny (like most of GM V6 egined vehicles).

    I have to say that I like my Millenia the best over 80mph (yesterday I had it up to 110 on an empty highway - smooooooth...)

  • juliziojulizio Posts: 18
    It's getting close to tire replacement time on my 2000 Millenia Edition and would like some comments on replacement tires.

    There is very little in the way of alternatives from the stock Michelins in the 215/50/17 size, lists 10.

    If I look at 225/45/17, there's a much larger selection, 51 to be exact.

    My question is this:
    Can a 225/45/17 tire fit on to the stock rims properly, I have the chrome 17"?

    Like I said, the selection at 225/45/17 is much greater and the prices are also better.

    Thanks in advance and I love the car.
  • fwatsonfwatson Posts: 639

    "I have to say that I like my Millenia the best over 80mph (yesterday I had it up to 110 on an empty highway - smooooooth...)


    While 100mph or so may seem crazy to some people here. There were several times on my recent vacation, that I found myself in that 100+ range. I agree with tomekk, that this car is incredibly smooth and happy at that speed. And the V rated Michelin's are rated at sustained 149, so obviously the car was designed for these speeds. On the other hand, my '95 Olds 88 gets nervous (slight vibration with tires recently balanced, and new brakes) at speeds of about 55, and anything above 75mph. The Millenia is totally smooth at high speed, but slightly jittery on a bumpy surface, at low speeds. Well damped, but noticable. They have totally different suspension tuning, and the Mazda's drivetrain is vastly superior in smoothness overall.
  • I recently became a member here, but the sad news is I will be leaving soon.The lease on my 99 millenia P will be up in a few months and I am not going to re-lease another Millenia.

    Guys/Gals don't get me wrong,there is nothing wrong with the Millenia,I am just stepping into a bigger car.Here are the few that I test drove-
    LEXUS-GS 300
    Audi-A6 2.7T
    Acura 3.5RL
    Jaguar S type 3.0 (jaguar went overboard on price)

    Please help me out with the choices here-(NO BIAS COMMENTS PLEASE).

    Coming back to the MILLENIA-personnally I think Mazda got left behind in terms of technology.When I was these dealerships and saw the Millenias competitons I really felt dissappointed that Mazda did not do anything to improve the car.
    Here is the list of some of the features that the Millienia is lacking because of its out of date platform-
    Navigation System
    More wood and leather:)
    power sunshades
    The list goes on, remember guys/gals I am not disrespecting the MILLENIA,the exterior looks will beat any of its competition,all I am saying is, Mazda has to get up to speed the Automotive World.
  • fwatsonfwatson Posts: 639

    Here is the list of some of the features that the Millienia is lacking because of its out of date platform-
    Navigation System
    More wood and leather:)
    power sunshades
    You ask "no bias", and none is intended.

    The only ones of your complaints that have to do with the platform, are the Tiptronic, and the HORSEPOWER. The platform itself is highly refined, with 4 wheel independent, coil spring suspension.

    I personally insisted on a car WITHOUT the items you listed as putting it behind the competition. Most would only ruin the beautiful elegance of the interior of my car. As I understand it, Millenia will be dropped after the 2002 Model, so obviously they are not going to make the changes you are suggesting. It all comes down to a matter of wants and needs. I drove '02 Camry, '01 and '02 Maxima and '01 Avalon, before buying the '01 Millenia P that I talk about in previous posts. They each have pro's and con's, but none had anything that could justify the huge difference in their prices as opposed to the great buy you can get on a Millenia. I keep my cars for at least 7 years, and do not trade them in, so depreciation is immaterial to me.

    This car is not a hot rod, and is not intended to be one. But I do not think you can find any of the cars you mentioned at anywhere remotely close to the $21680 I paid for my "P" with three miles on the odometer. After 3800 miles, I am convinced I made the right choice.

    You are apparently willing to take a very large jump in price, and that is fine if it is what you want. Enjoy your search, and most of all, enjoy whichever of those fine cars you ultimately choose.
  • tomekktomekk Posts: 310
    billyperks, you are in a different price universe - $40K+ or so. When I was shopping for a car (95 Passat GLX replacement) I was offered Acura TL S for sticker price, a 3-yer old GS300 for $33K, and so on. To me Millenia S (bought 6/30 for $26K, sticker $32.5) was more car for the money. With the trade-in situation it was 8-9K cheaper for me than TL-S. Is TL-S better than Millenia S by 8-9K? - I don't think so.
    Personally I'd test drive Audi and the Lexus and decide between the two - with my preference being the A6 2.7T; reliability won't be an issue for you if you're leasing for 3 years.
    Good luck - Tomek

    P.S. Today I was giving a ride to a business associate from Switzerland and for first 5 minutes he was complementing how nice my new car was, he was checking out the in-dash 6CD changer, the auto-tilt wheel etc. The he said "but those Lexus cars are awfully expensive, how much was it?" - ha ha ha, his jaw literally dropped when I told him it was a Mazda, waaaay cheaper than a Lexus.
  • I finally broke my lease on my 99 Millenia P and stepped up to a 2001 Millenia S. Went with the same colors again (two-tone...white/sand mica). It has the in dash cd-changer and the chrome wheels...which I'm having the dealer switch out with the regular wheels. There were no white 2001 Millenia S models left in Atlanta, so they had to drive one up from Macon. I love it!
  • I know how sad most of us Millenia owners knowing that Mazda is probably gonna drop the Millenia model after this one, but don't be too sad ppl; check this out. Mazda's replacement for the 626 is going upmarket a bit and it's gonna be called "Mazda 6". With 3.0V6 Duratec (mazda built I think, since it's gonna have VVT-i from mazda)and it'll have 219HP compared to Ford's 200HP). The base engine is 2.3L and it'll have 160HP imagine that.

    It's a totally awesome looking car in my opinion, aggressively mean and modern, check out these pics


    and from Edmunds review

    This car is definitely my first choice to replace my 2000 Millenia S or maybe to be alongside my 2000 Millenia S (hope I can have enough money to have both). I'm sure they'll show this car at LA Auto Show in january. I can't wait.

    BTW, julizio, yes a 225/45/17 will fit on Millenia's 17" wheel, but the ride is going to be a bit rougher, since the tire is thinner. If you don't mind that, it will look nice on your wheel, since the tire is wider and looks nicer.

  • Hey Fwatson to each is own,but remember I am on your side.When I was shopping around in late 1998 for a car, I test drove the Audi A4 2.8,Acura 3.2 TL and Maxima GLE.The outcome was the Millenia P,as stated in my previous post,I am definately not condeming the car,lets put it like this "been there done that".
    The Millenia is definately a superb car and I still get compliments on my 1999 PEARL WHITE.Sorry if I offended you in anyway,I am just strecting my budget to a bigger car.Tomkek thanks for the advice.And for all you Millenia lovers "God Bless The Millenia".
  • billyperks, I personally love the A6 2.7T. I test drove this car before I bought my 2000 Millenia and it's definitely a better car; much more expensive though and in a different class, so can't really compare the two together. It's quick, handles well, quiet and classy styling. Now that the 2002 is out, with the many improvements it got, it would be my choice compare to the other cars you mentioned. Besides, Audi in the world of Benzs, BMWs, Lexuss, Acuras is kinda like Mazda in a world of Hondas, Toyotas, Nissans, Fordss... both are the best kept secret in their own class.

  • fwatsonfwatson Posts: 639
    "Hey Fwatson to each is own,but remember I am on your side."

    Sorry you got the feeling I was somehow offended. I am not. My point, although apparently not well stated, was that comparing the Millenia to the cars you are considering, is a stretch, because of real world pricing.

    While the Millenia is discounted very strongly, your choices will cost you multi-thousands of dollars more. They are all wonderful cars, but for those like me, who are looking for best value, the Mazda wins the battle. Given unlimited access to the big bucks, I would have chosen a 5 or 7 series BMW. But fact is, I paid less than half the price of the BMW, and still got a wonderful car.

    If you have the money, enjoy the hunt for that dream car. I have more practical considerations, like being retired with a fixed income. I did have a chance to look the A6 over at a Florida welcome station, and frankly, the styling leaves me cold. Everything is relative.
  • I have 215/45-17 Dunlop SP 9000's on my 1999 S with the stock chrome rims. They fit just fine, but are a little smaller in diameter than the stock 205/50-17's, which causes the odometer and speedometer to be a little "fast", as well as leaving a somewhat too large fender gap. If I had it do over again, I would go with 235/45-17's, which is what the limited edition Australian version used. Even a 225/45 would be better than the 215/45. It is possible to get the instruments recalibrated, but I do not know the cost or how easy it is to find a place to make the adjustment, or what effect it will have on the warranty.
  • tomekktomekk Posts: 310
    How's the ride with 215/45-17?
    Personally, I'd try to find something with the original aspect ratio of 50, but go a little wider - either 225 or 235 (didn't check availability/prices, as I have 35K miles or so before I have to worry about that), I wouldn't go with even lower profile like 45...
    Anyway, the Dunlops SP 5000 (I think) on my S are sooo much better than the Goodyear Eagles (205/50-15 if I remember correctly, also a rare and difficult to find size) which I had on my 95 Passat GLX. Those things had very greasy feeling in the wet, forget snow. Dunlops so far are much better in the rain, and when it comes to snow - well, I'll know in 2 or 3 months.

  • My wife is a proud new owner of a Millenia P. We got the white with the two tone paint and a spoiler. MSRP was $28,885 and we picked it up for $22,000. What can I say, for $22K this is an awesome car.
  • In the past people had complained on here about the Millenia's fuel gauge...apparently they have fixed it on the 2001 models. I almost ran out of gas the other day. In my 1999 Millenia I could drive another 60 miles when the light came on. Apparently not in the new Millenia. My car shutoff while I was driving. I pulled started back up...I turned off the a/c...drove straight to the nearest gas station. I had 0.25 usuable gallons of gas left...filled up 16.75 gallons...supposedly the car shuts off after using 17 gallons. When I started the car up after filling up...the gas guage immediatly showed a full tank...the old gauges took 5-10 mins to read full...I'm assuming they have changed them.
  • I have really been enjoying my new Millenia for the past month or two, but I now have it at the dealer for the second time in two weeks for the same problem, an annoying rattle in the moonroof. It is most apparent when the cover is back or the roof is opened or tilted. Has anybody else had a problem similar to this, because I would love to tell the service department how to fix it so I can get my car back!
  • tomekktomekk Posts: 310
    How far did you go from when the light came on?

    My reserve light comes on after about 300 miles.
    Yesterday it came on at 310 miles, and I got 14.514 gallons in. The thing is that the pump started to shut off after 13.5 gallons, and the last gallon was really squeezed in. So, if only 17 gallons are usable, I was left with 2.5 gallons in the tank - which would be 50 miles or so from when the light came on.

    I've noticed that some pumps shut off earlier with the Millenia - didn't have that problem with a Passat, don't have it with Chevy Venture...

    My gas mileage - commuting to work seems to be 21 - 22 mpg (17 miles one way, sometimes 85mph, sometimes stop-and-go, 50% highway, 50% town traffic, rather heavy foot), on a highway trip I had about 24 doing 80+.
  • Our '99 S with the chrome rims originally had the Dunlop 4000 I believe...but they were prone to sidewall failures. I replaced the set at about 29k miles, partly because they were getting a bit low in the tread, but mostly because 3 of 4 tires had at least 1 large bulge. Not very comforting.

    The replacement set is the Goodyear Eagles (stock size). So far, so good. It was odd that I was replacing the crappy Goodyears on my other car at almost the same time, but those 17" sets are still really expensive.
    One shop wanted to sell me Pirelli's at some $275 a pop. The Goodyears were the cheapest in that size at about $120 per.
    As explained to me by a trusted guy...all of the low profile tires are vulnerable to sidewall bubbles anytime a pothole comes into view. So I figure I'm just wasting money upgrading by spending any more than I have to.
    Since my wife isn't taking corners at 50mph, she doesn't know the difference anyway.
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