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Mazda Millenia



  • I am thinking buying a 2002 Millenia P and the first quote through email that I got from one of the 3 local dealers is $22,575 plus tax and license (after rebate/discount) for a pearl white tan interior with winter package model. Is that a pretty good price? I checked with and their price is $22,869 without the winter package and the pearl white mica paint options. The price that the local dealer quoted me seems to be pretty good from what I can see in some of the recent posting in this forum. I am not too familiar with the Millenia since I was not really looking at it until about two weeks ago. I was thinking about getting either the Acura TL or the A4q to replace my Audi 100 V6 but I really hated dealing with the sales and service departments of two local Audi dealers after owning two different Audis and also I read about the TLs and CLs auto transmission problems on the TL and CL forums. I have a rental Millenia P for a week while I was in CA about a year ago and I was presently surprised by how well it drove. It looks like a real good deal with current the rebate/discount. Since they quoted me the price of $22,575 right off the bat on my first casual inquiry through email so I wonder if I can talk the price down to $22,000 even plus tax and license?
  • fwatsonfwatson Posts: 639
    I think these guys are more into the type of information you are looking for than this discussion is. They are very into modifying their Millenias for performance and appearance. If there is anything available for that purpose, they probably know where you can find it.

    Click on "View All" in the Recent Messages gray band, and it will take you to the full discussion.

  • Eibach does not list an antiroll kit for the MM on their web site. Tirerack lists the kit as available 02/14/02 at $291.00. If this kit (and if it is actually produced) includes both front and rear bars, linkages and bushings w/clamps, it will be considerably cheaper than OEM.
    That said I beleive the bars on the 01-02 MMS
    might give a better compromise between ride and handling. The front bar has been increased in diameter to 25mm from 20mm (a considerable amount) and for the first time (in USA) a rear bar is available.
  • Anthonyc,
    If you go to and click on Mazda then Millenia you will see they are advertising the 2002P for 21890 with out the 4 seasons package so if you add the 600 for the package you get 22490. Not far from you're price. I'm not sure about 22000 though. Good luck.
    I paid 22580 last year for a 2001P w/4seasons with msmazda (P.S. A choice I am still very happy about).
  • Eibach does not list an antiroll kit for the MM on their web site. Tirerack lists the kit as available 02/14/02 at $291.00. If this kit (and if it is actually produced) includes both front and rear bars, linkages and bushings w/clamps, it will be considerably cheaper than OEM.
    That said I beleive the bars on the 01-02 MMS
    might give a better compromise between ride and handling. The front bar has been increased in diameter to 25mm from 20mm (a considerable amount) and for the first time (in USA) a rear bar is available.
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    A major newspaper is looking to interview folks who learned how to drive stick in their adulthood, and either fell in love or hated it. Also welcome is any input on why people love to drive stick, and any unusual anecdotes about how you learned etc.

    Hope to hear from you before Feb 22 via the Talk to the Press discussion or at [email protected] with your thoughts and contact information.

    Thanks as always,

    Jeannine Fallon
    PR Director,
  • I am reading your prices on a 2002...just bought mine Feb 2......paid $24,446.......the Millenia Premium not the S....mine has...White Pearl,,,,4 seasons pky,,,6 cd player ....Bose audio system...and they added a pinstriping and body moldings....MSRP was 31.113...with all the options.....b4 options it was 30,875.....and teh 24446 price includes the $5000 dealers incentive off..........oh well!!!!! Maybe the options brought it up???????
  • Think of it this way, what can $24446 get you:
    1. A Camry XLE V6 with no leather, no heated seat, no cd-changer,no Bose audio system, no optitron instrumentation (lexus like gauges), boring styling and ride, and eveybody got one.2. A Honda Accord EX V6 with no heated seat, only 15" rims, no Bose audio system, boring ride and styling, no optitron instrumentation, and again everybody seem to have one.
    BTW, the Millenia is a class above these two cars anyway and you can't get an Acura TL, Infinity I30, any BMWs, or Lexus for this price either. So I do think that you got one heck of a car for the price that you paid for it.

    Enjoy the car and if you see any camcord on the road, just smile and be glad that you're the driver of those boring cars.

    just my 2c
  • No you didn't get ripped off. It really depends on where you are able to shop. I had to drive 45 minutes south, near Philadelphia to get the best price on my Millenia. The three dealers near where I live would not offer the car at anywhere near the price I paid in south jersey.
    The way it worked is the dealer offered the car at a discount of $2600 and the $4K (last year) rebate came off the discounted price.
    I'm pretty sure they make up profit on the options that do not get discounted and carry nice profit margins.
  • It seems that soon Mazda Millenia will bite the dust. Will that affect parts availabity????? Will they continue to be so expensive(parts)?????
    How will its demise affect used car prices????
    The future is bleak, so if you are thinking about buying MM think again. There are so many new models coming out that if you do spend $$$$$$, you will regret it very shortly. While Toyota Camry and Honda Accord are pricey they are so for a good reason. Their engines are simply better. It is not uncommon to see those two reach 200K, something that Millenia might be able to reach very rarely. Also if it is possible wait for the new 2003 Honda Accord. You will get all the technology that is now available (unlike Mazda Millenia which was produced first in 1995 and aside from cosmetic changes has not been seriously updated). Of course you may spend 2.000 or so more and go for Maxima with 255 HP Navi and host of other goodies it will smoke Millenia in any situation. Also you may opt for G35 which is it!
    Now if you are looking for a car that some old folk will mistake for Lexus and that is what makes you world go around then Millenia could be the one. Other than that seek alternatives Ciao SAxon II
  • fwatsonfwatson Posts: 639
    I seldom get upset, or respond to negative people, but I'll make an exception for you.

    Do you get paid to trash Millenia? Or is it just the way you get your jolly's? If you hate them so much, you could use your time better by avoiding the Millenia thread totally instead of your constant trolling and fishing expeditions to try to PO Millenia owners.

    You are wasting our time and yours too, as those of us who own them know what a line of nonsense you spit out. Try some other threads. Maybe you can get everyone upset with you, instead of just us. How about putting down BMW's for awhile (Whats wrong with BMW?), or Lexus (What's Wrong With Lexus???). Also, they are having a nice little Infinity bashing contest in a new thread (Why don't Infinitis sell?), you should enjoy that. Good luck.
  • Saxonii is just jealous he doesn't have a Millenia.

    I knew the Millenia was going to be discontinued when I bought mine...I still bought it. Who cares?'s not like Oldsmobile, where the entire company is being dropped!
  • If the info on your bio is correct, the car you are shopping for, the 2002 Maxima is about to be totally re-designed for 2003. So instead about worrying about the Millenia biting the dust. Worry about getting a huge depreciation hit when the current Maxima model is no longer made.

    Anyway, people buy cars cuz they like them, worrying about when the automaker is gonna pull the plug is not a concern for most people that love cars.

    Personally, I lease my cars so I couldn't give a hoot what automakers have in mind. I enjoy driving those cars till the lease is over and then turn them in. By the time the leases are over for my 2000 Maxima and 2001 Millenia these cars will be extint, meanwhile I am enjoying the heck out of them.

    Enjoy what you drive, and let others do the same...


  • Hello, I am new to this forum, despite some of the negative comments, I am still interested in getting a Millenia S, do you guys know what would be a fair asking price? I will appreciate any suggestions that you guys might have. Thanks, Grace.
  • Grace, I think if you can get it somewhere between $25K -$26K (depending on options)is a pretty good deal. Also, is a good place to see how much you can get a Millenia S for; they're selling Millenia S with 4-season package for about $25,720. I'm sure if you print this out and bring it to the dealer, they will match the price or even beat the price. Good luck and try not to deal with a car salesman; go straight to the fleet manager or dealer manager with the price.

    BTW, just passed 40,000 miles on our 2000 Millenia S. Loving every miles we put on it; only one minor problem so far; the auto-tilt steering wheel would not auto-tilt every now and then. Other than that, it's a joy to drive. After all these years, I still love the way this car looks, classy and sporty at the same time.

  • BTW, about those negative comments, don't worry too much about it. It came from a bitter, narrow minded person who has nothing better to do other than bashing cars that's not a nissan.

  • mb595mb595 Posts: 17
    I was considering buying either P or S model as they seem a good value. On a test drive I thought the car handled better than Accord EX-6 but even the S was slower, P was way slower but I both engines are more than adequate for routine driving. The comfort in the front was good but the back seat is very bad.

    Probably would have bought the P for about 21.4 except wife had an issue with the steering wheel. She is 5' 3" med. frame. The steering wheel on the MM is noticably larger than on other cars we tried. She found that it was nearly impossible to achieve a comfortable driving position because of the diameter. I guess this is the reason you have to actually try everything out before you buy.
  • Thanks for the information, I'll let you guys know how I do with my purchase. Thanks for keeping this forum so informative. Grace
  • Hey guys, do not hate me because I have a different opinion on MM. The last time I checked this is still a free country where people can express their views. I have yet to personally attack any member on this board so why the hot blood????? I said many times that MM is a pretty car and for what it costs it is an OK buy. Now to answer all those who bother posting regarding my last message:
    1. To fwatson: I do not understand why you keep on insistng that I trash MM. I only state facts - All I have said is true. Engine, design, tranny, interior, are from 1995, no matter how you slice it. Is this trashy??? Well a fact is a fact. I am only trying to inform potential buyers about the negative aspects of MM, knowing that the rest of you will surely fill in the other side that is the posite things of this car. As for BMW, Lexus, and Infinity, well one thing is for sure those three do not wait 7 years (1995 - 2002) to update their cars, ooops sorry as a matter of fact MM has not been seriously updated and will ot be at all. Be that as it may, none of those companies would try to sell a car tht is 7 years old in design with a straight face. So in that department there is nothing I could throw their way in terms of criticism. Moreover, I think it is unfair for BMW, Lexus and Infinity to be mentioned in the same post with MM. Not the same class by a long long shot. After all I have yet to see any owner of the above three brands getting super excited by having their car confused with Mazda Millenia. The opposite however, has happened according to posts on this board (by Tomekk if I am not mistaken) and as I said before If you really want people to think that you drive a Lexus then buy one. Getting all hot because some fellow confused you 22K MM for Lexus is ridiculus and just so sad.
    As for me spilling nonsense please be specific what nonsense? What parts of my numerous posting do you consider as such? I would be happy to show you the light.

    2. To milleniaman1: You accuse me of being jelous? Of what a 22K car, pleassssssee get a grip man. If you were driving somethign exciting like a Viper, Acura NSX, Porshe, Lexus (any), yes I probably would be a little jelous and would envy you that you are driving somethign that makes my pulse go up. As I said Millenia is a nice car but it is nothing extraordinary. Sorry to bring you down like that but I recently saw an ad for brand new 2001 MM-S for 22.5 hardly a great amount of $$$$$$$ specially here in New York.

    3. To Speedracer3: Yes I would like to have a Maxima and it is true that it will be changed for 2003, only three years after the introduction of the current model (Mazda M - 7 years and still counting). I also never said that Maxima was a perfect car, it has its shortcomings and I am aware of them. If you wish you can point them to me and trust me I will not call you names, get peronal, post your address on this board, insult you, or menton your m.....hood (all of it has happened to me on this board because of my postings). It is only cars and I can accept negative commnets on Maxima any day as a matter of fact I welcome it.
    4. To csuftitus: You call me narrow minded, and you have the right to your opinion, but it would be nicer to hear a more specific dare I say more sofisticated response from someone who call others narrow minded.I await your response.

    I do not post here to upset you people. I do it so that potential buyers know both negatie and positive aspects of Mazda Millenia and I do not work for any car company. I would give you my profession but I am a bit weary of that. You never know.
    Ciao Saxon II
  • fwatsonfwatson Posts: 639
    "To fwatson: I do not understand why you keep on insistng that I trash MM. I only state facts"


    "I do not post here to upset you people. I do it so that potential buyers know both negatie and positive aspects of Mazda Millenia and I do not work for any car company. I would give you my profession but I am a bit weary of that. You never know.
    Ciao Saxon II"


    You are the perfect example of a troll. Your only purpose is to argue and stir up negative feelings. As to debating point to point with you concerning your supposed truth and knowledge, that would be an endless process. Because by their very nature, a troll will always attempt to have the last word to prove his self proclaimed superiority. This comes through in your arrogant attitude of showing us lesser mortals the "negatie and positive aspects" of our choice.

    As a matter of fact, all the cars available today are based on the same mechanicals that are decades and even centuries old, varying only in how they are machined and assembled to be the particular vehicle they are. The Millenia is a highly sophisticated example of how these pieces are assembled. It can easily compare in every way with the exception of that (to some people) almighty horsepower, to any vehicle on the road today. And the power of even the P is more than sufficient for all normal conditions. As has been stated here and elsewhere, much of the engineering of the Millenia is still above it's so called competitors. Check the all independent, multilink suspension of the wonderful new G35 (no struts) that they are so proud of. Now check the suspension of the Millenia. Oops, now who is playing follow the leader?

    That is as far as I am going to carry this debate, as I know your only intent is to try to disprove anything any of us say, and there can be no end to that kind of argument. That is not what this forum is about, and we do not need a self appointed savior to show us how terrible our choice was in selecting a Millenia. As I said before, you are wasting both our time and yours with your self proclaimed "facts".

    Sorry Admin, I will drop this silly argument, and maybe saxon will manage to find something productive to do with his time.
  • I should not be responding to you but in any event here is the GOD living truth.I finally figured it out "YOU WANT THE MILLENIA BUT YOU JUST SIMPLY CAN'T AFFORD IT".

    Folks that is the bottom line, but wait- We can all get together and start a fund call the "SAXON MILLENIA FUND", get enough money for the car and donate it to him so he can shut the f..k up.
  • I can tell you the shortcomings of a Maxima. I have one (2000 Maxima SE)...and I also have a Millenia, so can tell you my dislikes about it too. I have ownership experience. Maxima and Millenia are both great cars, but they are for totally different people.

    Maxima (Cons)
    1) Paint-horrible
    2) Interior-materials are not the best.
    3) Ride can be rough (SE)

    Millenia (Cons)
    1) Auto tranny
    2) Crammed interior
    3)Steering is overboosted
  • fwatsonfwatson Posts: 639
    I haven't owned a Maxima. But back in August when I was test driving and comparing several cars, I did test drive 2001 Max SE, GXE and GLE. I was sure I wanted a Maxima from all I had read about it. If the sales manager had come down another $500, I would have ended up with a Maxima GLE. In my comparison, I found the Maxima to ride very hard, somewhat jerky. And there was far more noise intrusion from the tires than I would have expected. I liked the interior, except the clock looked out of place, and my wife's first reaction to the hardness of the driver seat in the SE was of astonishment. Otherwise, except for some styling quirks, I liked it and made a bid.

    To answer your "cons" on the Millenia. At first my transmission seemed to shift strangely. But now, with close to 4600 miles on the odometer, it is completely smooth. I am not sure of the reason for that, unless it electronically reprogrammed itself. As for the interior being cramped, it feels more open and airy to me from a driving position, than the other cars I tested. My only complaint there is the width of the opening between the brake pedal, and the console. I do not have especially wide feet, but when wearing my canvas walking shoes, the transition from brake to gas seems a little narrow. The back seat has less foot and leg room than my Olds 88, and for more than two passengers back there, it would be cramped. But the design of the seats, and fold down rear seat console make it appear to be designed for two from the beginning, with a third person in a pinch. Mostly I put a blanket back there to protect the leather, and it serves fine for my dog to travel with us. My kids are adults and gone from home now.

    The steering seems just right to me, but I have been acustomed to large American sedans, and they have highly boosted steering. Compared to Japanese and German cars it probably has a lighter feel, but compared to the American cars I have owned, it drives and handles much better. A lot of people are comparing the Millenia to higher powered cars and rejecting it on that basis. I find it more a highway cruiser than a hot rod, but very adequately powered under all driving conditions.

    You are right, they are very different cars, aimed at different types of people. The Millenia gives me the feeling of driving an elegant car, where the Maxima felt more common to me. You can see from all this that I am more the Millenia type than Maxima. But I would certainly consider the Max a very nice car, and for those who either need, or think they need more power, it would be an excellent choice.

    They also both have excellent reliability, so that was a moot point. I will keep the car until it is worn out, so depreciation is of no importance to me. And at more than $3000 less than the best cash deal I could get on the GLE, choosing it over the others was a no brainer.
  • Saxonni...I would love to know where the $22.5K Millenia S you talk about is at...

    I personally do not find the Millenia to be cramped...

    I'll admit...I never felt like the base engine had quite enough power...but that is why I traded in my 99 Base for the S. I have let a lot of my friends drive the car...they all love driving it...sometimes when I've had a few too many drinks...the sober ones fight over who will get to drive it.
  • Take yourself to the Maxima board where people actually might care about what you have to say. It's quite obvious NO ONE here does.
  • When you put a Maxima and a MM side to side, like I do in my garage everyday. You notice that the MM is a longer,narrow and short. While the Maxima is not quite as long but it is much wider and taller. The wider wheel base and taller roof in the Maxima makes for a lot of interior room. After I drive my Maxima and get into my wife's MM it feels crammed in there. That's because it is! compared to my car.
  • maltbmaltb Posts: 3,572
    I agree about the interior, but the funny thing is that I kind like it. It is not as spacious as many but it fits well.
  • and trying to get in there to buckle two kids into car seats is some feat. Because of the low roofline I have to literally get inside the car to buckle my kids in. Getting the car seats into the Maxima is much easier. But then again...with the MM you give up some practicality for some great styling.
  • fwatsonfwatson Posts: 639
    To help clear up the size comparison, I looked up the dimensions for both the Millenia and Maxima. They are as follows.



    Exterior dimensions (inches)
    Wheelbase 108.3
    Overall length 191.6
    Overall width 69.7
    Height 54.9
    Track front & rear 59.8

    Interior dimensions (inches)
    Front Headroom 37.9
    Rear headroom 36.5
    Front legroom 43.3
    Rear legroom 34.1
    Front Shoulder room 55.1
    Rear Shoulder room 54.2

    Capacities (cubic feet)
    Passenger volume 91
    Cargo Volume 13



    -Wheelbase ----------------------108.3
    -Overall Length ------------------190.5
    -Overall Width ---------------------70.3
    -Overall Height --------------------56.5
    -Head Room (front/rear) --------40.5/37.4
    -Leg Room (front/rear) ----------44.8/36.2
    -Hip Room (front/rear) ----------55.3/53.7
    -Shoulder Room (front/rear) --56.9/56.2

    -Passenger Capacity----102.5 Cubic Feet
    -Cargo Capacity ------------15.1 Cubic Feet


    It can be seen from those dimensions, that the Millenia is about one inch longer, one half inch narrower and one and one half inches lower than the Maxima. The only significant difference is in the height. The styling does make it appear smaller.

    On the inside, the only big difference again is in the height, with the Maxima having two and one half more inches of front headroom. The rear headroom only gives it a one inch advantage. It also has an additional one and a half inches of front legroom with the seat all the way back, for the super long legged folks. And two inches more rear leg room for the rear seat passengers assuming the front seats aren't pulhed all the way back.

    As for the interior width, the front seat passenger and more importantly the driver, would have less than one additional inch in the Maxima. The rear seat is two inches narrower in the Millenia (one inch per side). All of these but the front seat headroom are minimal. The large difference in interior capacity, from 91 cubic feet to 102.5 cubic feet is again largely due to the front seat headroom. The Millenia, due to it's beautiful styling also has considerably more tumblehome on the sides, and a sharply raked windshield which cut into the volume. The rounded rear styling probably accounts for the difference in trunk capacity, which is about equvilant to two gallon jugs of milk.

    Perception of size has a lot to do with the size of the person. I am 5' 11", 180 pounds, and the Millenia does not feel the least bit cramped for me as the driver, or front seat passenger. I have not ridden in the back seat, but it does feel more cozy than that of the Maxima. All in all I would sum up the difference, that the Millenia has an open, airy but personal feeling interior. While the Maxima feels like a nicely appointed family sedan. That is not a put down, I almost bought one. And if you buy a Maxima without a sunroof, that will make a big difference in headroom. You don't have that choice with the Millenia.
  • Go sit in a new Altima. That thing is HUGE inside. Bigger than the Maxima, and Millenia. It is the perfect size for a family car and in V6 form it will give a MM S a whipping. Although the interior of the Alty is filled with cheap plastic.
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