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Mazda Millenia



  • fwatsonfwatson Posts: 639
    Quote protegenic:
    "Do you ever catch yourself just sitting back and looking at your Millenia from a little distance?"

    I've had my '01 Platinum Silver Millenia P since Sept '01. And to this day, everytime I go into my garage or see it on a parking lot when I come out of a store, I actually find myself verbalizing "Damn that thing's gorgeous". It is simply an involuntary reaction on my part.

    True, styling is subjective, but the Mazda stylists hit the nail on the head when thay did the Millenia, and improved it with the '01 update. I always admired the 929, and the Millenia ouclasses it IMO.

    I was running alongside a 530 BMW this morning, and thinking how mine looks better than his. When we stopped at a light, the BMW driver called his passenger's attention to my Millenia.

    I have gushed all over myself previously in this thread about my car. So I'll cut it out before someone thinks I'm a paid advocate for Mazda. :)
  • billyperksbillyperks Posts: 449
    I still think the 99-00 body stlye looks better than the 01-02.:)
    Guys please dont turn this into a long debate now:).
    I am going to check out the NYC auto show tomorrow,I will give those of you who cannot make it an update on the new Mazda products.
  • protegenicprotegenic Posts: 199
    Subjective comments are fine. Insinuating comments that I am a fool for buying a Millenia, or any other car for that matter, are just getting old.

    There. That is my Good Friday rant. Hope all have good weekend.
  • fwatsonfwatson Posts: 639
    Quote billyperks: "I still think the 99-00 body stlye looks better than the 01-02.:)"

    As I said, styling is subjective. There are probably even some who think the styling on all years of Millenia stink. I think they all look great except the older gold ones with gold badging. That combination just doesn't do it for me, and I don't care for gold badging on any color car of any make. Again, subjective. As long as we each like our own, that's what counts.
  • csuftitanscsuftitans Posts: 215
    I do agree that Millenia's body has a very nice beutiful lines unlike any other cars out there. I love my 2000 Mill's styling but, I like the taillights on the '01-'02 Mill's.

    Anyway, Have a Great Weekend to All ! I'm gonna go home now, driving my beautiful 2000 Millenia S :-)

  • csuftitanscsuftitans Posts: 215
    fredvh, you can get a 2002 Millenia P with 4-season pckg for no more than $22,200 after the rebate. I don't know how long this rebate's gonna last, but $22K for an entry'level luxury car is one heck of a deal. Go to and price the millenia P, then print it out and bring it to a dealer and have them price match it; I know most of them will match the price rather than losing sales to

    I don't know much about engine, I'm sure some other ppl on this forum knows more bout it.

    The 2.5l V6 engine also used in cars like Mazda 626ES, Mazda MX6, and Ford Probe, but their output is only 164Hp if I'm not mistaken , while the Millenia's is 170HP.

    Good Luck
  • fredvhfredvh Posts: 854
    I just went to carsdirect and for my area they gave a price of $950 over invoice for the base P. I cannot figure that.
    I have got my questions answered on the engine type from fwatson. Thanks.
    Thanks csuftitans for your help. I will have to see if the incentives will be continued after 4-1. It is too late to buy before 4-1 now(closed on Sundays).
  • fredvhfredvh Posts: 854
    I saw a post concerning $5000 dealer rebate but I cannot find that anywhere. It might end on April 1 but I wonder if they will continue it. I have been looking at the Acura TL, Lexus ES300, and the Infiniti I35 but recently heard about the Millenia. This vehicle might fit my needs if I can get it substantially under the price of the TL(28K). How much should I pay for a base P with 4-seasons package (MSRP 29,195)?
    Also, what is the RPM at exactly 70 mph?
  • csuftitanscsuftitans Posts: 215
    Don't worry, mazda or the dealership will bring back the rebate for the Millenia P and S. There's no way they expect to sell the car at close to retail price. Be patient or better yet, go to a dealer ship and ask for the fleet manager/sales manager and ask for their bottom line price. try not to deal with a salesperson who wants to start negotiating from MSRP price.
  • fwatsonfwatson Posts: 639
    "go to a dealership and ask for the fleet manager/sales manager"

    While I agree with what you are saying, I simply told the regular salesman I wanted their absolute lowest bottom line, no add ons to the contract when it came time to close the deal, or I would not sign it. He voluntarily took that to the sales manager, and within 10 minutes, they both came into the salesman's office and offered the car to me $7000 under MSRP, and eliminated the $995 stripe and wax add on sticker. That is almost $8000 below the window sticker price of $29545. My price was $21680 for a P without the 4 seasons. I live in central Florida where it seldom gets below 40 degrees, so 4 seasons is worthless to me.

    I was offered the 6 disk changer for an extra $200, but refused that. Out the door for less than $23000. Stick to your guns, and as csuftitans says. Walk away from any salesman who starts talking MSRP. Mine actually told me we both know the MSRP and dealer add on are a joke. That's the kind of salesman you want if you can find him. Good luck, you'll need it with some of the salesmen you find out there.
  • fwatsonfwatson Posts: 639
    OK you "it ain't got enough power" fanatics. Try this.

    Take a $22000 P, add $5000 for one of these kits including labor to have it installed.

    Now go Maxima hunting. Maybe even "vette" killing.

    $27000 will blow most everything else into the weeds. The V-6 Supercharger is an easy 6 to 8 hour installation. If that isn't enough, spring for a Farrari.

  • IMO I prefer the styling of the 99-00 Millenia...I wish I could just drop the interior of my 01 into my old 99...
  • tomekktomekk Posts: 310
    My '01 S turns exactly 3000 RPM ... at 80 MPH (if that helps).

  • speed33speed33 Posts: 17
    The stuff on the page looks impressive and if it works it does give the car extra push. The only problem remains will the engine be able to take this kind of abuse???? After all it's 2.5.
  • speed33speed33 Posts: 17
    However, as for being able to take on a corvette, well... I will never know, but it seems that for long term V8 will outlast V6 witha a turbo. Nevertheless, I pitty the fool who would try to race Millenia with the set up described on the site. Maybe and that is just maybe it would not win with the corvette but it would outgun all the Maximas, Acuras and Hondas... of course unless they did not have their own version of speed bullets. I once saw a Yugo, yes Yugo giving everybody a run for their money, lost few bucks on that one myself.
  • billyperksbillyperks Posts: 449
    Since this is a Millenia board I am only going to comment on the Mazda products.
    I went to the auto show on Saturday and checked out all the present and future models of all the car manufacturers.
    Mazda's RX 8 was awesome,I did not get to sit in the car because they had it up on a spinning platform.
    As for the Mazda 6,I came away a little disappointed,I think the inside needs improvement-looks too cheap.The interior space in my opinion is limited-I am 6'1" and I am not fat.
    But overall the exterior on the 6 is very unique,the hatch back I have to say looks very nice.
    Anyone else who is going to check out the show please post your opinion on the Mazda products.
  • protegenicprotegenic Posts: 199
    I was hoping the 6 would be a little more impressive than it sounds. I am a bit shorter than you, so maybe I could live with it more easily, but I am disappointed to hear about the interior not looking too good. It will be interesting to see the pricing on it when it comes out.
  • audia8qaudia8q Posts: 3,138
    don't sweat it....just like the millenia we all have different tastes and opinions. I found the mazda 6 to be almost exactly the opposite of the previous poster. The interior was great, roomy and above the typical norm for this class of car.... i'm only 6'0''. but we both agree the 5 door is the best of the bunch. I was thrilled with the mazda6. Too bad they couldnt come up with a new millenia that has as much thought and effort.
  • protegenicprotegenic Posts: 199
    Not that I am going to rush and I buy the first one off the boat, but I am definitely interested in this car as an eventual replacement for my Protege. The five door is my favorite of the bunch as well.
  • csuftitanscsuftitans Posts: 215
    I haven't seen the Mazda6 in person yet, but from all the pics that I've seen, I'm very impressed with the way the interior looks.

    audia8q took some pics of the new Mazda6 at the NY Auto Show, go to Mazda6 board to get the link.


  • fwatsonfwatson Posts: 639
    Here's the link to a new Millenia forum that looks very promising. It is just now starting to move after being started about 2 weeks ago.

  • et9et9 Posts: 2
    Hi All,

    The '99 Millennia S I've bought 2 weeks ago had catalitic converter replaced twice to eliminate egg smell in the car. Yesterday I had the same problem, but I don't think it was converter. It seems to me that that it's the A/C that stinks. My dealer's telling me that it's common problem with all Millenias. Did anyone else had the same problem? Is there a solution?

  • protegenicprotegenic Posts: 199
    I purchased my Millenia in August last year, and so far I can't say that I have experienced that smell.
  • fwatsonfwatson Posts: 639
    I have had my '01 since last Sept, and there has been no odor of any kind from it. Living in Florida, my A/C is on auto year 'round. If the A/C was emitting an odor, my wife would have for sure said so. She can smell anything.

    Egg smell is almost always from cat converter, unless someone lost a wet diaper under the seat.

  • billyperksbillyperks Posts: 449
    Does anyone know if the 99 Millenia 2.5L model comes with platinum spark plugs or just the regular plugs.
  • billyperksbillyperks Posts: 449
    Does anyone know if the base 99 Millenia comes with platinum spark plugs or just the regular plugs?
  • acabral1acabral1 Posts: 122
    Register and become a member of and show your support of this great vehicle.
  • csuftitanscsuftitans Posts: 215
    No smell in my car so far.

    As for spark plugs, I don't know what they use on the 2.5V6, but I did use platinum on my '93 626ES last time and it works fine. BTW, don't ever buy the platinum spark plugs from the dealership, they overchange wayyyyyy to much for it.
  • maltbmaltb Posts: 3,572
    Uses standard plugs.

    Cal state:
    Bosch platinum plugs are in no way comparable to NGK OE platinum plugs. The electrode size is totally different so that the change interval is a true 60k miles. I'm a big fan of sticking with OE parts unless you enjoy parts swapping.
  • fwatsonfwatson Posts: 639
    I checked Autozone's online shopping, and here are the plugs they list for the '99 2.5:


    SPARK PLUG for a

    BOSCH-PLATINUM+4 4418 $5.99

    BOSCH-PLATINUM 4230 $1.99

    BOSCH-SUPER 7562 $0.99

    SPLITFIRE SF522D $3.99

    CHAMPION 318 $1.29

    MOTORCRAFT 445 $1.39

    STANDARD PLUG 3132 $1.59

    STANDARD PLUG 3169 1 YR $1.59
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