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  • milindcmilindc Member Posts: 123
    I generally don't post on the camry forum..was brwowsing today. So...

    winterparkwill: Lease end vehicles are 100 times better than the rental units. Rental Units are abused to the extreme. They are NOT broken well as are put on the road directly, not taken care very well. All sort of experiments are carried out on these vehicles by renters.

    I drive rental units very carefully but don't expect the same from everybody.

    Wenyue: The VP3 seems to be to good to pass on.
    $369 seems to be nothing for such extras. It seems just a 'must have' if u r getting an LE.
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    See posting #75 Transmission. My 94 LE 4 cylinder camry's automatic transmission failed at 75K for a repair cost of $34,500. Although the owner's manual recommends 15K transmission fluid changes, my dealer in PA recommended 30K. I changed at 30K & 60K. At the time the transmission failed, I was living in MD. The MD Toyota dealer said I should have followed the schedule (15K). I was out of warranty but obviously disappointed...Who saves up for a new transmission? Anyhow, 15K seems extreme when you compare with other cars maintenance schedule, but if you don't want to void the warranty, you may have to sign up for the 15K service charges.
  • wenyuewenyue Member Posts: 558
    Fanncy meeting a Honda fan here. :) What brings you to this neck of the woods. ;)

    Anyway, yes, I totally agree. The VP3 is an absolute steal. The ABS they threw in alone is well worth $369 price. A dealer told me that Toyota builds just about every LE has at least VP3 on it. It's almost like standard equipment. And I can see why, it would almost be nuts for someone to pass up so much extras for just $369.
  • milindcmilindc Member Posts: 123
    It is always very good to read experience of happy Honda/Toyota owners. I guess these two companys have the most loyal & happy owners.

    Japanese quality which was used as a joke in early 70s is now benchmark !!

    I have a Townhall folder in my favourites section(in my browser) where I have all the topics for ease of use. I do browse Camry topic very frequently but hardly post here. Almost 99% of my friends want a midsize car they have to decide between camry/accord so it helps to read these posts too. SOme of them are also getting Passats after reading consumer guide/raod tests. Their experience helps me & my other friends to justify our purchase of Accord/Camry !!

    Somebody was talking about getting a rental unit that why I had to jump in -:)
    Guys, please for the God's sake don't buy rental cars. Leave those for auctions !!
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    Does anyone know how to get detailed information on technical service bulletins? I have gone to the NHTSA site and was able to get summaries but I would like to understand more of a few bulletins.

    The main problem I am having is when I go over a speed bump there is a rattling at the wheel on the passenger front side. I took my car to the dealer a couple of months ago and he told me it was a cracked/broken strut cap, but it was not an immediate concern. It doesn't sound right to me, but then again I am always skeptical. In reviewing some of the TSB's I noted that there were several on "front suspension support noise." I am wondering if this is the problem or if it is what the dealer told me.

    Any help would be appreciated.
  • milindcmilindc Member Posts: 123
    Got o & create ur won personalised page for ur car. It will also remind/notify any TSB/Recall on ur vehicle if u provide e-mail id. Also reminds u of oil-changes etc....

    Hope this helps
  • wenyuewenyue Member Posts: 558
    I seems to remember there were prior mention of the squeak over a speed bump problem. I heard one of the main cause of the squeak was due to the bushing. Not sure of the exact explaination, but I hard a lithium compound spray in the wheel well/strut joint was the quick and easy solution the problem.
  • black_tulipblack_tulip Member Posts: 435
    Go to for TSBs
  • daowendaowen Member Posts: 1
    Asha, I am also looking for a camry. I think you got a pretty good deal. Does that price include tax? Where did you get the deal. I live in Raleigh, NC. Thank you in advance for your info.

  • everydayeveryday Member Posts: 53
    Hi, I'm back! Just a quick long term update on my 2K LE...10 months and running great but the paint job still sucks, anything but air hitting my car will chip it. Hope my touch up paint holds up!

    BTW, "sooner or later you'll want to get rid of Generals"
  • aphanaphan Member Posts: 1
    I just bought a 96 Camry w/ 60K miles, no manuals. I notice the brake and power steering filler caps call for Dexron transmission fluid. The Chilton manual specifies DOT3 for brake fluid. Does anyone have a similar situation? Thanks.
  • edwardh1edwardh1 Member Posts: 88
    drop by the dealer and ask
    the caps are probably right
    I would not trust the Chiltons, too generic
  • aimanaiman Member Posts: 61
    Can someone tell me which 97 Camry is built in Japan? I know not all of them are US built. Thanks in advance.
  • canccanc Member Posts: 715
    Some of them are assembled in Japan, others in the US. I've read that you can tell by looking at the serial number of the car: some say that if it starts with a "J", it's Japanese. Others say that if it starts with a "0" it's Japanese.

    Please correct me here if I'm wrong, but this is what I've heard.
  • milindcmilindc Member Posts: 123
    There is very good article on VIN by edmunds.
    It deciphers each & every digit of a VIN.

    Yes, If VIN starts with J, the final assembly point is Japan. K for korea. 1 for US..etc
  • aimanaiman Member Posts: 61
    Thanks for the info. However, is there a grouping like certain trim models, engine, or whatever are built in Japan?
  • milindcmilindc Member Posts: 123
    about any specific trim/model etc though. U can just browse the dealer's inventory on a weekend or afterhours to locate a VIN starting from J !!

    Personally, I don't think it should matter though. The American Toyota/Honda build quality is as good as Japanese. except Corolla/Prism (to some extent) built by UAW !! (This is not my finding please don't hold me responsible for this)

    It is what I have found in many road tests about Corolla/prism being affected by this factory.
  • aimanaiman Member Posts: 61
    thanks milindc
  • canccanc Member Posts: 715
    K for Korea? Are you saying that Korea builds Toyotas?
  • canccanc Member Posts: 715
    Am I the only one here who would like to know what the 2002 Camry will look like? I read earlier posts that it would have a drastic exterior styling change, but I'm wondering if it will still be as big as it is now.

    If, by any chance, any of you might *happen* to just stumble on a spy shot, it would be kind of nice to share.... ;)
  • 210delray210delray Member Posts: 4,721
    I have a '97 Camry, and I assume the '96 will use the same fluids: for the power steering, use Dexron II or III; for the brakes, use DOT 3.
  • milindcmilindc Member Posts: 123
    K for cars built in Korea. Toyota doesn't make any car in Korea, I was just giving an example.

    1 for USA, J for Japan, 2 for canada(?), K for Korea etc etc.

    I think Toyota is smart enough not to build cars in Korea !!
  • george5george5 Member Posts: 23
    I have a new 2000 Camry LE V6, and my CD skips once in a while when I go over a bump or some rough road. It is happening about 2 - 3 times per week. Is this normal?

    I know it's not the CD because it is happening with a variety of different CDs that I put in the radio!

    Don't the CD players in cars have a memory to prevent this?

    Thanks in advance.
  • fiery1fiery1 Member Posts: 31
    You ought to know better than to let one idiot dealership with a salesperon's attitude turn you off for a car that is a decent, good car.

    Southern California dealers not only have 2002's in stock and available, there are dealers discounting some of the 2002 new models heavily for Labor Day holiday. It's an exciting time if you have the cars.

    I have seen SE's, XLE's and LEs at very good pricing. Don't let a crappy dealer color your world. You give the idiot too much power then.
  • milindcmilindc Member Posts: 123
    my CD also skips, I have 2000 Accord SE.
    I guess if u go over a bump with excess sped it happens.

    I observed this yesterda y for the fist time.
    But it was a very big bump:Speed braker (to protect children) in our apartment complex.

    Apart from that it never skipped before & it won't again I guess...
  • slavarslavar Member Posts: 7
    One Toyota sales man told me that 2002 Camry will be arriving in next March or April. Can anyone confirm that? Thanks
  • jmsimsjmsims Member Posts: 14
    The CD player in our 2000 Camry has never skipped, however the one in our 2000 Sienna van usually skips a few times per trip. Sometimes it skips even when the bump is not particularly bad. We are still debating whether to take the Sienna in for this single problem. That's the only problem we've seen with either vehicle. My worst fear is that we may get a refurbished CD player which was returned for skipping! Guess we have two more years to decide whether it's worth it to get a replacement.
  • wenyuewenyue Member Posts: 558
    Can someone confirm that? If it is, I will start preparing immediatly. But I'm little doubtful that it would arrive that early.

    Cliffy1, any words on that?
  • hughp1hughp1 Member Posts: 9
    A female friend of mine has a 1997 Camry with black paint. This car has not been abused but it seems that the paint is fading. I was wondering if anyone had a similar problem with black or any dark color paint in that model year.
  • 210delray210delray Member Posts: 4,721
    I have a '97 in "blue dusk pearl," which looks more like charcoal -- no fading at all, but the car is garaged.

    I seriously doubt the '02 Camry will show up as early as March or April next year.
  • cliffy1cliffy1 Member Posts: 3,581
    I have not heard of a release date on the 2002 yet. I would be surprised if they came out in March or April. I think May is as early as they would do it but September is much more likely. If I find out otherwise, I'll post it here.
  • joeopticsjoeoptics Member Posts: 4
    I am going to buy a new Camry LE and am looking for advice on options. I am getting the A/C and power door locks and an automatic transmission

    1. Any suggestions on 4 vs 6 cylinder engine? I like milage and price on the 4, but am worried about engine life and pickup compared w/the 6 cylinder.

    2. ABS vs ordinary brakes. A Toyota dealer claims the ABS brakes cost around $1200 to service vs $300 for conventional brakes. Is he correct? My worry is that the one black mark in Consumers Reports is that the older camrys have brake problems.

    Thanks in advance.

    David Lees
    [email protected]
  • rubicon52rubicon52 Member Posts: 191
    I have owned both 4 cylinder and 6 cylinder Camrys. The 4 is very good and entirely satisfactory, but the 6 changes the whole character of the car. I believe the 6 was originally developed for the small Lexus and is a great engine. Both engines will be durable with the 6 MAYBE a little more durable because of lower revs. I like the 4 very much, but after test driving a 6, I couldn't go back to the 4. At the time I bought my 6 the price difference was 2K and for that you got not only the 6, but disc brakes on the rear wheels and larger tires - this has to be the best bargain available in car options. Test drive both - if you're not impressed with the smoothness and power of the 6, get the 4.
  • cliffy1cliffy1 Member Posts: 3,581
    Most people will be satisfied with the 4. When I get a customer who has not driven either, I try to keep them in a 4 because of cost and availability. The 4 will do everything most people need. The 6 will do it while throwing you into the back of your seat. If that is the driving you want to do, by all means, get the 6, otherwise, stick with the 4.

    The 4 cylinder LE now comes with the 15" wheels but you do get rear disc brakes. The ABS issue really is not an issue of maintenance but of cost and usefulness. ABS has not reduced either the frequency nor severity of accidents because many people don't use them correctly. If you don't need ABS, you can get a CE and save about $1200 (but you also give up the 15" wheels, 2 speakers, power seat and keyless entry).
  • canccanc Member Posts: 715
    Do you think the Camry will still be a popular car, with the gas prices rising every day? I'm wondering if my next car will be a Camry or a Prius.

    Your comments would be appreciated.
  • everydayeveryday Member Posts: 53
    My Camry LE has only rear drum brakes with ABS, what's the deal?
  • leigh8leigh8 Member Posts: 14
    I will be going to the dealership tomorrow to deal on a 2000 LE V-6 w/ mudgards, V3 pkg and moonroof. This is my first new car purchase and I'm sooooo nervous! I live in the midwest - can anyone tell me how much under or over Invoice I should offer? I have also noticed that there is a $400 dealer incentive. I apologize if this post is in the wrong place. . . first time poster.

    One other question, as a female, should I ask a lot of questions of the dealer or will this give them the impression that I'll pay anything?
    Thanks so much!
  • wenyuewenyue Member Posts: 558
    A 2000 model? And if there is a $400 dealer incentive, you should be able to get the car at Invoice if not a little lower.

    I think everything has pretty much moved onto the 2001 model. Dealer would probably sell the remaining 2000 models cheap.
  • cliffy1cliffy1 Member Posts: 3,581
    ABS has nothing to do with disc versus drum brakes. In fact, older trucks had rear wheel ABS and none had discs. They are totally different issues.
  • everydayeveryday Member Posts: 53
    I know it's a matter of personal taste but I think the two tone paint scheme will cheapen Camry's classy image, giving it that gaudy "American car" look. Besides, they already achieved the two tone look with that slightly mismatched bumper paint on current models.
  • italstallionitalstallion Member Posts: 18
    Given the increasing proliferation of all-wheel-drive (i.e., Audi, BMW (3 series), Subaru, Mercedes stated intention to offer it on the new c-Class .... any chance that Toyota will offer it on the Camry???
  • wenyuewenyue Member Posts: 558
    I think Toyota sells a AWD version of the Camry in Japan. Heck, they even have a AWD version of the Corolla in Japan.

    But if the past history is anything, don't expect AWD Camry to show up in the U.S. We have a thing for something called SUV here. If you are looking for a AWD Camry, you can get the Camry based Toyota Highlander SUV coming out in just few months.
  • joeopticsjoeoptics Member Posts: 4
    I want to thank both cliffy1 and rubicon52 for advice on the 4 vs 6 cylinder Camry LE. I test drove both and kind of reluctantly bought the 4. The LE 6 is indeed really nice, but I could not justify the $2200 price increase plus the reduced milage. Looking foward to taking delivery.

  • lynxxlynxx Member Posts: 1
    My job keeps me on the road all day everyday, and the 2 cars I see broken down and being towed most often are the Toyota camry and Ford/Merc, Taurus/Sable. I have allways thought that Toyota built the most reliable cars in the world and am wondering if the breakdowns are all from the same thing, any comments???
    I am wondering since Camry and Taurus/Sable are probably the most popular cars in America and so numerous that's why you would see more broken down.
  • joeopticsjoeoptics Member Posts: 4
    I just drove away from the dealer in a new Camry LE4. First impressions. Engine/ride are really quiet. I almost turned the key again when the engine was running, because I did not hear it. I am taking it easy on acceleration during break-in, but it seemed adequate going up the ramps to a local Boston area highway. Given some of the negative comments about Toyota dealers (as opposed to the cars) I was impressed with the time spent by the salesman going over operation of the controls and making sure I left happy. Is it appropriate to name a specific dealer in this group or not?

    The only thing that has surprised me a bit, is the stiffness of the ride at highway speed (55-60 mph). I can really feel the roughness in the highway. My expectation was a cushy ride that damps out the road. Anyone else have experience/thoughts on this?

  • rickc5rickc5 Member Posts: 378
    Toyota offered AWD Camrys in the late 80s, under the name "AllTrac". An expensive option, which sucked up engine power like a vampire on drugs. I know a couple of folks who bought one and sold it after a year or two due to engine performance issues.

    At the same time, the AllTrac option was available on Celicas and Corolla wagons, but it seemed to be more acceptable in those vehicles. The Celica's turbo helped the performance immensely.

    We'll have to wait and see if Toyota is willing to step into that quagmire again. Somehow, I doubt it.
  • maneesh1maneesh1 Member Posts: 39

    I have a 92 camry where the antenna refuses to go down. I hear all this motor/gear noise. Does anyone know what could be the problem? For the time being, I want to remove the fuse from the power antenna so it does not get activiated. Can someone tell me where the fuse is for this? I lost the manual.

  • elgritonelgriton Member Posts: 67
    Has anyone experience alot of wind noise on the highways? I'm experiencing it thru the pillars that hold the front wind shield. Any suggestions or remedies?

    2000 XLE V6 ~2400 noisey highway miles
  • black_tulipblack_tulip Member Posts: 435
    We have a '99 Camry with 60K miles. Should the
    timing belt be changed now or at 90K? Manual
  • sinjin_dogsinjin_dog Member Posts: 84

    Yes, I also hear wind noise at 60 plus mph.
    Mine is only 1500 miles new (year 2000, LE), the noise comes from rear door (I think). Checked the door rubber/foam seal, looked fine and he door appears to be flush with the body.
    Not a major item but there's nothing I can do about it.
    Anyone else encounter this "quality problems"?

    Other than this, a great sedan for the money.
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